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Serah and Snow Kiss by Paravenger CloTi STAMP by Iwonn Lightning x Noctis Stamp by LinaLeeL

Stamp: Copyright by MarkVarley



SNK: Wings of Freedom by Arlequinne

it's very beauitful and amazing too. The background reminds me of final fantasy in a way but its amazing :). When i look at this art it ...

You expected this. STEHPANO in Saints Row 3 by TheOnePhun211

They put alot of work into it. I'm a big fan of pewdiepie. Yes,I'm a girl who is a bro army ^^ and i'm a gamer as well. You should send...


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Ultimate Horror
It’s halloween
feels like
it’s near
or now
is ready
to be scare
send the chills
horror laughs
It’s halloween
that his day
to scare
to enjoy fear
he is the king
The Pumpkin King
Jack skeleton
Ultimate Horror
Master talent
of horror
when halloween
comes by
that’s his
to shine
In the day
to test
his skills
flavor of horror
runs in his veins
the taste
is so sweet
full of horror
he is the master
of scares
pleases him
so inspired
by his talent
Today he rules
this day
Amazing talent
he has
nothing stops him
So now
The master
gives the scares
he is master
of horror
Ultimate Horror
Ultimate Horror
Enjoy my poem
Halloween special 
Jack the skeleton as Ultimate Horror 
Jack the skeleton from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas,Kingdom hearts and Kingdom hearts 2 
Art of Jack the skeleton belongs to :iconry-spirit:
i watch rbwy (not spoiling it) the action was amazing, the songs were EPIC AWESOME!!!!!!! and then here comes the surprise and my reaction is this "BBBLLLLLAAAAAKKKEEEEE!!!!!!!! HE- I mean that whatever-"stops herself and rants inside her head me: >w<!!!!
Ultimate Avenger
He grew
with cold heart
no emotions
like if they
were erase
from him
A terrible event
Happen that day
his family
and the clan
were killed
His betrayal
was his brother
older sibling
he look up to
so much
dearly love
it crush him
so badly
it tie up
in his heart
Now made
A promise
the deaths
of his beloved ones
Anger rushes
to veins
Boil blood
with flames
to his hate
All that anger
so furious
It makes everything
burn from
his path
Sad horror
rush as he
walks with
cold eyes
and anger
pulling him
It’s like
darkness calls
To bring him
where he wants
to be
Kill the ones
Who sorrow him
he will fight
and stain
to blood
With the killer
in his hands
his own brother
He will become
the Avenger
to pay back
sorrow to them
to hate him
not care
fear him
monster he is
with the darkness
surrounding him
his eyes red
cold and furious
anger out
he is the
to uchiha clan
he fights and trains
to his goal
To be
The Ultimate Avenger
to finally avenge
his clan
push the sorrow
back to it
that what he
was born
to become
Ultimate Avenger
Ultimate Avenger
Enjoy my poem
Naruto base 
character: Sasuke Uchiha 
him as Ultimate Avenger 

A little story: I thought long and hard of this since back then sasuke all he could think was revenge to go and kill his older brother itachi for what he did. I know i should have post it right away but i had other poems to write about other than this. So here you go.

Art Sasuke Uchiha belongs to :iconlas-t: 
Ultimate Half
He feels like
he’s another person
that isn’t him
but bad
he himself
is still good
doesn’t understand
what’s other person?
mostly his half
is it good?
or the bad
not himself
worries for it
like it’s serious
ven is strong
wise at words
wants to be
the best
in his battles
not fear
of anything
as long his friends
are there
or think of them
there his strenght
he is ready
to fight
he is a half
of someone else
but good
A good person
no one knows
who it is
He will awaken
to new world
once he wakes up
from a deep sleep
he was taken
to be protected
never find
the truth
of his half
it was a nightmare
for him
Now it’s over
he is safe
and asleep
far from danger
No matter
he feels like
he will be
as someone else
in a half
of himself
he is
the half of someone else
Ultimate Half
Ultimate Half
enjoy my poem
Another kingdom hearts poem
Game: Kingdom hearts birth by sleep
Character: Ven 
Art of Ven Belongs to :icondbads1jon:
Ultimate Fighter
he will fight
save his friends
do what’s right
just to keep them
from the darkness
He will be
the sacrifice
Let the darkness
help him
through his journey
fighting the heartless
from overcoming
Even the evil
behind there
he trust them
old master
with wise words
everything now
turn to twist
He was blind
by his
own darkness
now he must
get out
of that
time runs out
he was
since the start
now he must
he is free
be the fighter
to guide himself
to the light
where protects
those who
in the light
it won’t harm
if the light
shields them
from the darkness
he is a warrior
A fighter
that can
break out
of anything
he is the
Ultimate Fighter
he will fight
out of the darkness
to run
towards the light
He is strong
A fighter
Ultimate Fighter
Ultimate Fighter
Enjoy my poem
My first poem of terra from kingdom hearts birth by sleep. Again i'm still inspired by that all Ultimate thing because of the game/anime danganronpa. It's very good game and anime is interesting too. 

One thing i heard is the third game of it comes out soon in japan of this year. Lucky them. 

Art of terra belongs to :iconyobe-ninda:
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I FINALLY HANGOUT WITH :icondragoonzia:!!!! 

damit i miss my best friend so much and i was bored one day (which is today and yeah... XD)

we finally hangout and we talk then play some kingdom hearts on the 3ds. also shown me some fanart humor of rwby lol even watch the episodes i miss too lol. 

she was surprise i was a fan of rwby because she had plushies of them on her bed XD. 

anyways, yeah i had fun today wish i hang with her more earlier today but nooo the mother was too busy -w-. yeah i hope we hang out more often since were both busy with college also thanks for the books you gave me XD. i wish myself luck on reading them. i love reading books. i will promise to do your request of a story. Thanks for the theme of it too. Yes the dance and what kind of romance do you want?? lol holding hangs or kiss hmm maybe french kissing lol i'm kidding lol XD 

yes i will write it and send parts to you so it can and see how you want it. Maybe i can turn it into a series if i put an oc that i have a crush on a character even add wesis with Jaune, maybe blake with sun. ( i spell his name right if not then i'm sorry and i will fix it lol) 


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liz estrada
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
i write poems and write stories also even draw i'll upload soon some and i love anime alot ^^ big fan of naruto and naruto shippudden my favorite anime couple is sasusaku :) and my crush is itachi uchiha because i think hes cute and hot ^^ ^///^

Favourite genre of music: metal rock,Kpop (Korean pop),techno, Krock (Korean rock) and JPop also Jrock (Japan rock and Japan pop)

interest: anime,cosplay,roll playing writting and reading novels,playing video games :)

Likes: Anime,cosplay,roll play and manga

Anime Couples: Sasusaku,NaruHina,Cloud x tifa, soulMaka, Kiari and sora, Aqua x Terra, Roxas x Namie, Obito X Rin, PainKonan, IkutoXAmu, Yuna x Tidus, Zack & Aerith

Anime Guys i like: Zero ( vampire knight) itachi uchiha, Sebastion (Black Bulter) , soul,Axel,Reno, and vincent valentine,sephiroth, Ichiru ( Zero's twin Brother) , Riku ( Kingdom hearts) Cloud ( FFAC) Cecil ( Final Fantasy IV) Kain (Final Fantasy IV ) and Notics ( Final Fantasy Versus XIII).

My Youtube:…

I Love Anime Stamp by LiMT-Art Marshall Lee Stamp by leoncilo99 Sims 3 by EmmaL27 Tim Burton Stamp by iZgo Lance Fan Stamp by Saiya-STORY

Riku stamp by SitarPlayerIX Amuto Stamp by seashellskeeperObito x Rin stamp by Lesya7 sasusaku and naruhina stamp by jack29nightmareStamp - Terra and Aqua by fazzygrl Confidential- NOT ANYMORE! 2 by Lady-Autobot17 Serah and Snow Kiss by Paravenger Lightning x Noctis Stamp by LinaLeeL

SasuSaku Stamp by retoxthefreak Itachi Stamp by swingthisway Final Fantasy VII Stamp by Final-FantasyVIIClub Final Fantasy Stamp by winter-ame Kingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ame Naruto Stamp by Knuczema-the-Echidna STAMP -PeinKonan- DO NOT FAV by akatsukiXakatsuki Sora and Kairi Stamp by AngelShizuka CloTi STAMP by Iwonn Stamp-Can't live without books by Rittik SoulxMaka Stamp by AdryJustend Yuna x Tidus stamp by onebecamenone Zack x Aerith stamp by onebecamenone shingeki no kyojin: petra x levi (rivetra) by SakamakiJustine shingeki fan stamp by ilaaaria Zack Stamp by Xx-Syaoran-kun-xX
Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by hakutan Eren Stamp by RevivalSnK Non Support of Yaoi Yuri by TechouNoPenki
Hate the Watermark? Stamp by Aazari-Resources Anti-Hentai by HatakeMirukon Lemon fanfics... by epicwhamo99 D'espairsRay stamp by diabolikal-lily

(Pewdiepie and cry button supports as being both fans not yaoi)


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