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it's very beauitful and amazing too. The background reminds me of final fantasy in a way but its amazing :). When i look at this art it ...

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They put alot of work into it. I'm a big fan of pewdiepie. Yes,I'm a girl who is a bro army ^^ and i'm a gamer as well. You should send...


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Kingdom Hearts: A journey to my friends

As our hero sora and his friends goofy and donald journey to look for their friends. They travel across the worlds looking for the king also sora’s friends. Now they come across the world Olympus. Where all the toughest heroes become to be real heroes.

Sora and his friends join the games to battle along with hercules. One thing the other’s don’t know that the mysterious blonde man is after hercules to restore his memories. Therefore he must battle off hercules and destroy him. Can sora save the young man with spiky hair on time before everything is too late? or will hades rule the world with pure darkness from underworld? Sora is our last hope.

The World of Olympus

The three heroes arrive to the next world after the encounter with Alice in wonderland and dealing with the queen of hearts. That was a terrible idea to go through but worth getting through the journey on finding sora’s friends also the king as well. Their journey hasn’t stop from there.

Search is still on. Keep going forward and onto the next worlds. Each world they visit, the more friends and more hopes on to finding what they are finding. That’s worth fighting for. To the world of Olympus were the heroes go train and become real heroes. A special type of training to all heroes. Maybe sora and his friends can join the tournament. The Olympic Hero Games. All three look high and mighty among themselves. Ready for battle or anything comes in the way.  

They now have sign up for the games. Ready to train as the heroes. Top heroes that people look up to like gods or goddess. True Warriors. As they were others. Just one that enter.

A spiky blond hair young man cover up around his neck area to his mouth. Didn’t seem bother to anyone. However he look mysterious to sora and got curious he may be part of the games or something. Whatever it is didn’t cross his mind about it much. Still question himself. Not that matters now, his focus is finding his friends and getting back home safely. Donald look around the area incase any heartless appear out of nowhere.

“hmm seems alright.” confirm himself to be sure nothing is out of the original. “Gosh, maybe we can go check out what’s over there.” he point out looking at a small human animal.

The must small creature might know how the games work around here. All three of them went to go ask and see how the games work. If Pass all stages and you get to face the top hero in olympus. Hercules. Son of Zeus from the great gods. Sora got hype up as felt excitement rush.

“Great when do I start the games?” ask the ringleader in charge. “The games aren’t for kids like you, kid.” sora seem a bit disappoint “Aw come on. You said anyone can enter the games.” small mythical creature satyr cross his arms. “Look kid, real heroes are allow to join the games. Not some snot nosed kid who calls himself a hero.” this satyr creature phil being tough on sora.

He’s always tough with the heroes. No matter how powerful or strong may look.  Phil is friendly, trust, but a good trainer for heroes. He puts the tough talk in training for them to become the heroes they want to be. In this moment, sora remembers his best friend riku saying something whenever they practice sword fighting with their wooden swords.

“Come on Phil let the kid give it a try.” in walk the hero of olympus. Hercules. “I don’t know herc. I call the shots around here.” Hercules smile to them “Let them join the games. I mean let them train the way you train me.”

he convince him to let sora join the games. They won’t be there for long. The two don’t know their outsiders from another world. Good thing they think their from this world. Sora cheer

“Yay! I get to join the games!” the hope felt of his excitement. “Don’t get your hopes up kid. Just because the hero show up and told me to let you join in.” Sora seem cut off “what is that suppose to mean?” cross his arms looking at him

“nothing kid.” straight himself up as gave a serious look to everyone.

“Alright the games are starting. That means your training kid.” Sora nod and he is going to battle with his friends in this tournament. Should be fun. Sora is ready to train like the heroes.      

Our heroes continue on training for the games as the spiky blonde young man battles in the games to get where he needs to be. Fight against the hero himself. Hercules. Young man has a goal. Settle things with the god hero. It’s not just a fight. A fight to the death. Nothing will stop him. Nor those pesky heroes. ‘They won’t get in my way..’ he look  at them from a far distance with his back press against the wall.

‘I have to do this. For my memories.’ he gave himself a straight answer before he enter into the stadium. Now on to the games. Victory shall be.  


3 heroes finished their last battle with some of heartless monsters. Now on to facing the real boss now. Once they enter, two people were fighting. Maybe it was part of training for the games? Wrong sora had a strange feeling deep inside him. Something wasn't right. In each movement seem like there own battle. Nevertheless the games won't allow any danger to the contestants.

"Better stop this or else it'll get real messy." Hercules warn young soldier with spiky blonde hair.

"Tch I don't care." he stood his grounds and pull out his weapon.

"I'm not through with you." started to get more serious. "I will defeat you...." look straight forward to the hero God " to get my memories back.." he finally said his reason.

Sora and his friends surprise "Memories?" the boy with the key asked. "Gosh why be so harsh to do such a thing? sure there is a way to get your memories back."

Goofy look to the young man with spiked up hair. Donald Duck said "yeah. There's got to be a way to get your memories back." They seem to agree on something. It's better than getting beat up for no reason.

"Well Well look who spread out our little secret." Dark finger with blue flames on his head and yellowish eyes. It was hades. He's the ruler of the underworld. The rival of Hercules. who he wants to destroy and rule more than the underworld.

"Hades.." surprise the young man with spiky blonde hair.

"I heard everything you said cloud." the look puzzle he gave them " how can I put this in short terms?" he look to cloud "the deal is off." cloud couldn't think but react  "what?! you promise me to help me get my memories back!" Hades didn't seem to care at all. besides his main goal is to destroy Hercules.

Instead things didn't went his way after all. The puppet he use didn't work. Everything came to a fail. A huge fail.

"it's too late now. No one is going to get in way once I destroy this god hero!!" he then burst out his flames which send everyone flying out. It felt like an explosion went off out of nowhere.

"No one will get in my way!!" he said again. Cloud was knock out and hercules got him as ran off to safety. Hades about to attack Hercules got block by the boy with the key. "Out of my way kid!!" threaten to him and his friends.

"No way You're dealing with me now." he stood on a fighting stance as well his companions. "Sora!!" shout out the hero God looking at him worried.  

"No it's too dangerous!!" Phil shout out as well "Hey kid! Leave it to the heroes!!" little mythical creature ran along with hero God Heracles to the main gates from the entrance of the games. "Do whatever you can kid!!" he encourage sora as him and Hercules made their escape with the unconscious cloud on Hercules shoulder.

"Sora!!" the wizard Donald Duck shout "Right."

Sora nod as he knew what to do. He won't let anyone get hurt. Not his friends. He didn’t say anything after charge forward to the ruler of the underworld hades. They Fought him. Sora watch his movements as dodge every attack thrown at him. He strikes with ice element blizzard in a slide attack. Clashes together then backs away to make his other move. Donald and goofy were distracting him as sora charge his power before he makes another move.  

Sora wonders to himself if that young spiky hair man is doing alright. There isn’t time to worry but have hopes he's doing ok with hercules. Sora shook the thought as continue on fighting against hades. He almost got thrown off but goofy took the attack and strike with his shield in a fast spin. The hit was a success. Wizard duck strike with blizzard. All three charge at once and did their last attack on hades.

The battle finish and sora won. He seem out of breath. However, he won also save everyone. They exit out the games to the entrance of the games. Hercules and Phil ran up to them.

“You guys ok?” hercules spoke out before Phil did. “That was some big fight kid. However you pull it off well.”

Sora smile “Does that mean were heroes now?” cheerly ask to phil. He put his arms on his hips “Not even close, Kid.”

Sora seem in shock “What?! I defeated hades and won the games right?” Hercules look down at phil “Come on, Phil. Don’t be too hard on him.” Phil got a little mad “Then it wouldn’t be fair! I’m in charge of the games! and you have to listen to what I have to say!!” his face turn a little red. More like a mad red color.

“Fine. You won the games.” sora and his friends cheer. “Ok ok Thanks to the big mess I have to clean it up. And the games are cancle at this moment.” Sora think a little “Hmm Oh how's cloud?”

“Oh Him? He’s doing well I think he’s about to wake up now.” he saw him wake up rub his head a little “What happen?” he seem out of memory from what happen earlier.  

“You defeated hades?” Sora nod his head “yeah I did.” he told him “I see..” didn’t seem disappointed or anything to this.

“So this deal was about getting your memories back?” he nod “Yeah.” he look serious to him “Hades promise to return my memories back.”

he turn away “And that’s why I made the deal with him.”

sora walk to him “You’ll find it.” cloud face him “Huh?” seem confused to what sora is telling. “Your memories.” he said feeling confident and hopeful he’ll find a way to get his memories back. “Right.” Sora brought his hands behind his head “And your light.” smile as his friends gave a smile too.

“You're looking for” he walk towards him “For your light?” Sora nod “Yeah. I’m looking for my friends as well.” Cloud walk pass him “Hey the next time we meet do you wanna battle?” he turn to him as flick his hair “I’ll pass.” continue walking away.  

“You will find your light.” sora gave a smile “ I promise.” felt wise and courage to encourage cloud to not give up on finding his light. “Yeah.” he turn around and left. He was long gone and probably returning home.

“Sora we gotta get goin.” Goofy told sora.

Donald nod “yeah we better get going now.”

Sora nod as well “Yeah.” the gang start to walk then goofy said “So what you gonna do when you find your friends sora?” Sora stop a bit on his tracks.

“I’m not sure but that will be a journey for me to find them and make sure they're safe not in danger.”

Doland lookup “Don’t forget the king too.” goofy smile “Yeah. We still need to find him too.”

Sora stood quiet as he start to remember something of his friends talking about journey themselves to another world. Sora smile slightly to himself. ‘Yeah when I get my friends back. I promise we will travel together from world to world.’ he added ‘It’ll be a long journey to get to my friends.’ Sora must take this journey to find his friends and save everyone from the darkness.

“Come on sora we gotta get going and find the king!” he shout out then donald yell out “And your friends too!!” Goofy copy donlad “And your friends too!!” he add on “HEY!! I ALREADY SAID THAT!!” he wack the goofy on the back of the head “hey what was that for?” he rub his head as sora walk towards them to the exit door chuckling “You guys are funny.” he chuckle more then they all laugh together.

Now it starts. A journey to my friends. To find them. ‘I hope cloud finds his light.’ Sora sitting in the gummyship ‘I will find my friends in this journey too.’ smile to himself ‘This journey will take me to my friends.’ turn to the window ‘Let’s start this journey.’ he look straight forward ‘A journey to my Friends.’ Goofy interrupt sora’s thinking

“Hey sora.” he turn to goofy “What are you thinking about?” Sora told him “Thinking about where this journey will take me.” Goofy tells him “You will see your friends again.” he add on “No matter how far or long distance always remember the bond you have in your heart. You will always be connected together.”

Sora felt relieved as donald drove the gummyship to the next world.

So this Journey Begins.

Sora and his friends journey to the worlds to defeat the heartless also find their friends.

A journey to my friends.

The End    
Trap In Thoughts
It seems
Who knows
Time can
Not touch
Can't let go
Like a
Hard grip
Doesn't want
To let go
A tiny thing
Into my mind
Stays there
On me
I either
Let it in
Trap it
In my hands
Let it
I trap
My thoughts
Which likes
Hold on
Too many
Have to
Push off
Not Again
No thoughts
Should be
Ever trap
With me
They could
Go free
Not return
Take a step
Not get caught
Or else
Traps you
Stays there
Only thing
I could do
Not over think
So the thoughts
Can't trap me
Trap in Thoughts
Trap In Thoughts
Enjoy my poem^^
Missing Person
War is still
To battle
Unexpected attack
To his end
But he will let it
Give in
Or keep himself
in anyway
The hero is down
Lost of charka
Fighting it all
Now his turn
But needs to be
Heal up
The blossom
Uses her power
To heal him
Now it starts
A voice
To his head
"It's not time yet"
Close to him
Not far off
he saw
His older brother
Helping him
That was his hope
Getting his head
Back together
Stop his revenge
After the truth
It crush him
Deep to his core
And hate
Was towards him
However it was
For the other
Story twisted
Around circles
to the truth
behind the murder
why leaving him
Light is there
For him
To cross
However he wants to
And see his brother
It kills him
finding the missing
Out of the picture
Now to a safe place
time is running
His life
In danger
Has to live
Voices call him
The blossom
Crying for him
His eyes
in worry
heart pounds
Feels warm
Of her touch
He will miss
His dear older brother
That was
His missing person
from the memory
and picture
to his mind
Carries him through
there's so much
Carries him
Down the path
may the wonder
Will he see him
Ever again?
His brother
And start a new bond
Memories gather
of his brother
As the missing person
He misses of
he miss his brother
Brother bond
Still lives
Forever now
In the arms
Of the pink flower
Still crying
He touches her cheek
Clam her down
Leans forward
A figure of light
With a smile
The person vanish
Felt his brother
Was there
To see the moment
Moving away
Of his awful
And killing the demons
Scaring him off
his brother
Is a missing person
As a missing memory
A left out memory
Of his brother
Missing person
Missing person
Enjoy my poem 
It's a uchiha brothers special 
No it's not yaoi -w- 
This about sasuke missing his older brother as A missing person of his memory.
Inspired art and art of the uchiha brothers by :iconitachinokami91: he move accounts so here  :icontwingamefactory: 
The Beast Returns
Time passes
so much
we don’t
get to see
our friendly
we know
he returns
as well
red XIII
with a
scar eye
ready to battle
along with
our beloved
in combat skills
this mission
all over again
ready to crawl
whatever gets
in the way
join in
their journey
helping them
this beast
in battle
with his
combat skills
in beast mode
crawls out
the battlefield
is ready
in action
for his
In this
long journey
It’s time
to shine
and join in
along the
same journey
like years ago
It’s been long
time to come back
for old times
here he is
The beast returns
The Beast Returns
Enjoy my poem ^^ 

My last poem for my final fantasy 7 remake poem series ^^. No worries There will be more. That will be type zero. Yes I will work on those two poems right away and post then later tonight or tomorrow so stay tune ^w^ 

REDXIII as The Beast Returns 

Art Of RedXIII belongs to :iconphoenix_84: 

Link to the art of :iconphoenix_84:…
Cait Returns
Little tricky
old friend
silth returns
As promise
for everyone
to see
all of them
in their return
all heroes
for one last
since forever
magic cat
friendly passion
good with
use to strength
A good cat
to be
friends with
where he’s
little sneaky
like he is
will power
let his power
in battle
to the
this journey
we waited
for years
the promise
is coming true
now it’s time
for him
Cait Sith
to return
as well
because he is
Cait Returns
Cait Returns
Enjoy my poem ^^

Another Final Fantasy 7 remake poem ^^ 

Caith returns 

Art of Caith sith belongs to :icondarkdaughter114: 

Link of :icondarkdaughter114:'s artwork…
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My reaction to dangronpa another episode ultra despair girls.


I feel so bad for them I just wanna hug them qwq and damnit you junko!!! I hate you!!! 

This is is just my reaction I'm not giving spoilers away. 

Man man this game is so interesting but yet so amazing and good too. 

So far I'm in chapter 5 and the game so far is amazing!! I love it and the storyline is great. Everything is a amazing. I rate a ten on this and wow they did there stuff well. I'm glad they took their time with this game and the results are amazing ^^. 

as soon as im finish with the game I'm going to replay it again because I miss it a few things in there ^^" yeah oops. 

Sorry for not posting ^^" 

i had some college assignments to do at the time then I went on playing my game of dangronpa another episode ultra despair girls ^^".
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September list 

1. Danaganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Poems (Not started until finish the game) 

2. Kingdom hearts short stories: 2 short stories (First one: In the works Second One: Not started)

3. New Story: My strongest Fighter Chapter 1 (In the works) 

Sneak peak of my story:  My Strongest Fighter ~Sneak Peak Story~
If I ever wonder..
Someone that is strong not scare of a thing?
A fighter through it's struggles 
Will he know me?
Remember me at all...? 
So many questions 
I need to woman myself up and just go in before my cousin Armin freaks out on another thing of his class. He told me his sensie is scary looking. Gives serious looks to other like going to murder them all. The strict ones. I understand. There like my professors from the university of titans.
Let's see what Armin is doing. 
Hope he isn't dead beat to the ground again. It isn't his fault that he is nice to others but is very smart too. 
I'm not sure why he join this class at all. 
I got out of the car then went into the building walking a little fast paced due to my worries for my cousin Armin. We both grew up together since kids. He didn't had an other siblings only family members. More like cousins. Related family members. This building is huge almost feels like I'm about to get lost. I stood

4. Danagronpa short stories (Not started yet but coming soon after finishing new game of dangaronpa.) 

5. The Shadow Knights Chapter 4 (Not Started) 

6. Kingdom hearts Short story: (Not started yet)

7. Final fantasy 13 and part 2: (Not Started Yet)

8. Final Fantasy Type Zero: (Not Started) 

9.Final Fantasy 7 remake: 2 poems to go (Almost done) 

10. Lightningreturns: Done lightning but not started on the rest (Work in progress) 

11. Kingdom hearts Poems: (Changes) Kingdom hearts 3 poems (Not started) 

12. Fairy Tail Short stories: (Not started yet)
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Updating the list again so expect the September stuff to come around ^^. Also I have updated more so I will post another journal for the fall and September list too. 

For June/July/August/September


1. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Poems (Done) 

2. Final fantasy poems: Final Fantasy 13 and part 2, lightning returns, type zero, Final Fantasy 7's return, (yes already have two poems listed for ff7's return) 

Final Fantasy 15 demo: I already did a set of ff15 poems. (Done) 

3. Work on The Strange and The Uchiha: A mysterious Love. (Work in progress) 

4. The Chronicles Of Nick Story: The Dark Sisters. Chapter 2 (Work in progress) 


1. Upload a lot of Pictures from Anime Expo 2015. (Done) 
(Including cosplays of my own) 

2. Work on a story on Levi and Myself. (Done)

3. Set a list of poems for the next danganronpa Game: Another Episode. (Will list poem titles as finish the game) 

5. Short Stories. (Done)

6. Attack on Titan Poems (Done) 

September list 

1. Danaganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Poems (Not started until finish the game) 

2. Kingdom hearts short stories: 2 short stories (First one: In the works Second One: Not started)

3. New Story: My strongest Fighter Chapter 1 (In the works)

Sneak peak of my story:  My Strongest Fighter ~Sneak Peak Story~
If I ever wonder..
Someone that is strong not scare of a thing?
A fighter through it's struggles 
Will he know me?
Remember me at all...? 
So many questions 
I need to woman myself up and just go in before my cousin Armin freaks out on another thing of his class. He told me his sensie is scary looking. Gives serious looks to other like going to murder them all. The strict ones. I understand. There like my professors from the university of titans.
Let's see what Armin is doing. 
Hope he isn't dead beat to the ground again. It isn't his fault that he is nice to others but is very smart too. 
I'm not sure why he join this class at all. 
I got out of the car then went into the building walking a little fast paced due to my worries for my cousin Armin. We both grew up together since kids. He didn't had an other siblings only family members. More like cousins. Related family members. This building is huge almost feels like I'm about to get lost. I stood

4. Danagronpa short stories (Not started yet but coming soon after finishing new game of dangaronpa.) 

5. The Shadow Knights Chapter 4 (Not Started) 

6. Kingdom hearts Short story: (Not started yet)

7. Final fantasy 13 and part 2: (Not Started Yet)

8. Final Fantasy Type Zero: (Not Started)

9.Final Fantasy 7 remake: 2 poems to go (Almost done) 

10. Lightningreturns: Done lightning but not started on the rest (Work in progress) 

11. Kingdom hearts Poems: (Changes) Kingdom hearts 3 poems (Not started) 

12. Fairy Tail Short stories: (Not started yet)

Expect these to pop up soon. I have return to college and it's going to be a busy handful for me but I will manage to keep these going. ^^ 
A Creepypasta Story: A Lazy Day 

At The Slender Man's Family Household. 

On a typical day at the slender family where everything is calmly nice at peace. Well however not all times. A house full of fiction killers came to the real world as no one knows their real. Some say their cosplayers at day. At the deck of night, there killers and the real deal. They rule the night by their fear for others. 

However, some can look at the good of them in a way. They have good eyes to see the fear of others as the rest of them in different ways. Those are experiment human monsters with powers. Nikki, Blake and ChibiLiz are one of them. Well ChibiLiz not really she has another issue in her hands. Nikki and Blake were experimented. Nikki use to be a human girl in school at the university and graduate until an incident happen at the campsite she was with her friends. An old friend appear that she remember when she was a kid. He was almost her age but say 10 years old she was 6 years old back then. he had a creepy smile on his face holding a bloodied knife. It's like they brought the joker back to life and insane crazy person.  

Everyone all murder as everyone runs for their lives. Nikki didn't do a thing and stare at her friend. It's been awhile for her. Since she has seen her friend. The time she ever saw him is during their high school days. Until three days later he disappear without a word. Nikki then was kidnapped and was experimented lab rat for her evil step dad. She escape by the help of her step sister Blake who help her broke out in time before matters worst. They both face matters worst. it was hell. Both the sisters now live where the mother is remarried to an old high school friend. 

He had a daughter name Blake and he got divorced a few years later also costly for his daughter Blake. Everything was settle for them. Nikki caught on catching up with her old friend Jeff. They became close and she now lives in the slender man family home along with her step sister Blake. Blake knows someone in this house. That will be laughing Jack. They have a history together back in London before after things went difficult for Laughing Jack. It was dark and lonely. She can understand that. both girls bonded and fell in love with them. ChibiLiz is pair up with laughing Jack. They meet randomly in the slender house once. The start is friendship then went to something more than friends. Everything turn to love. 

Wonder how everything is now. 

A Sunday morning at the slender home. 

The house quite expect trendy doing his fashion work in his office as usual. Splendor taking care of Sally and playing around in the gardens. Slender man enjoying his day off at the spa for day. 

ChibiLiz got him a coupon to the spa since he seem stress lately for taking care of his proxies. So he took the offer and went to the spa. he felt splendorman in charge if anything happens and keep an eye on his adoptive niece ChibiLiz. he will go mad if anything happens to her as he told his proxies not harm her or do anything she doesn't feel uncomfortable with. All agree on his word. Tiki tobi was only friends with ChibiLiz as seem to get along well. Masky and hoody seem dirty minded about her. Ben was minding his own business and playing his games. Eyeless Jack was sleeping for the day.  A day off suite him for the day. Laughing Jack was back from shopping with Blake and Nikki along with Jeff as well. They seen bored to death but the stores they went were interesting. 

Laughing Jack saw ChibiLiz playing with her games as he made his way to her. "Hello." She look up at him "hi clownly" she said which tick him off a bit "so whacha up too?" ChibiLiz thought a little " nothing playing video games." He took a banana from his pocket and began to eat it. "Banana." ChibiLiz said to him "yeah remember you use to call others banana?" ChibiLiz smile "banana!!" excitement ring in her tone. 

Now laughing Jack is annoyed. "Well you shut up." he said to her "no!! I shall not be silence!!" he got grouchy and pull out duct tape from his pocket then tie her arms behind her and put tape in her mouth "hmm!!!" she shout out behind the duct tape "that should shut you up." He walk away towards Blake and left upstairs to their room.

She began to hope on feet as trying to get help or find something to untie herself. Jeff saw her then smile creepy as ever like he does "what are you up to?" he ask "hmm!!!" she shout out again "hm?" he question as he look at her try to spell something on the wall "Lj tie me up" he read the message "I'll go get Nikki." he pick her up and place her on the couch "I will be right back. If anything happens" he hand hers a vase "just smash this vase as loud as  you can ok?" she nod at him and he left to go get Nikki. 

The meantime she waited for him to return, something grab her leg and drag her off. It was masky. He likes to mess around with people in the bedroom. Even hoody. She tried to kick the vase but it land on the rug instead. she tried to wiggle herself out of his grip as something came to mind. Her hands reach down to her pockets as found a nail filer. It was metal. Took the nail filer to the duct tape then rip herself free and kick masky in his nuts. 

ChibiLiz ran off as Jeff saw the whole thing along with Nikki. He would take care of it for her. ChibiLiz ran to Ej's room and hope 
on his bed.

"What?" He sound grouchy "it's two in the afternoon." ChibiLiz response "hmm!!" still with the duct tape on her mouth then he rip it off from her "!!!" she flop on the bed and scream in pain. "What happen?" she glomp his head "laughing Jack tie me up with duct tape then masky try to take me to his room so he can have his way with me!!" she freak out as shout a little "get off my face."

ChibiLiz said "noo!!" Eyeless Jack pass out from her glomp as she got off "sorry." she said to him as trying to catch his breath "ehhhh." he reply then she spoke "do you want me to leave?" look down at her feet. "No sleep with me." He grab her and took her in his arms. "What about the door?" he threw his shoe at the door which successfully close the door shut. "Done." he mumble out "do you want me to turn to my other form?" he didn't hesitate to respond to that "Yes."

ChibiLiz turn to her olderself as she hug him back. "There." eyeless Jack fell asleep with her in his arms. It's his way of saying sorry for being rude but that's him. Mr.grouchy pants. At two in the afternoon. It's been a lazy day here at home. 

ChibiLiz wonder how slender man was doing in his day off? She hopes he doesn't get surprise that she pay everything for him to go for the spa treatment. For some reason, the bad guys can be the good guys too. In a way but still the creeps don't seem bad at all for ChibiLiz, Nikki and Blake. They only see is people not creeps or murders. Olderself scout close to eyeless Jack as place her head on his chest and her arms wrap around him. She fell asleep. They often take naps together in days when there aren't working. It tires them all. Good thing slender man didn't had any missions for them today as he took his day off to the spa. Today was a lazy day for them. A way to call it a day off. 

Now to slender man 

At the Spa 

Slender man getting his massage as feeling relax. All the stress flew off. Didn't had to deal with anything. A day off was needed for everyone else. Not just to relax and all but from all the stress he has to deal with in daily bases. This spa day was a good idea for him. 

He wonders how his niece got this but she only said it'll be good for him because he stresses out too much. Which gave a good reason for him to come here. A massage was a great idea. He got a deep tissue massage. The best feeling ever. He felt like a feather already. All the heavy weight is gone off. he wonders who is massaging him like this? hmm who knows everyone in this spa has been nothing but nice and polite to him. That never happens to him. Everything is all rude and talking back to one another. Oh that makes him so mad. sometimes he has to explode himself. He has to be the calm one and remain as one not letting others see his temper problems. Or any emotion.

 'This is the life.' slender man thought as seem to enjoy his massage. He went to the sauna, mud bath, and now a deep tissue massage. Everything seem going alright. He enjoys it all. Responsibility this is a good idea to spend the day off perfectly. The lady had the skills to make him feel so relax as she said "You seem so intense sr." kept massage his back also muscle areas to make him feel relax "It's all work and stress." he admit it to the lady who is giving him the massage. "I work too hard in my job." he spoke from his face being flop on the pillow they had for guest to relax during the massage. 

"I think you'll need a massage therapy." she recommend to him "It'll help you with stress and relax more." Slender thought for a second then said "How much will that be?" The lady chuckle a little "Oh don't worry. That's free with the coupon you have and the payment being pay off." slender man straighten himself while relax himself "Oh i see." he's amuse that everything is pay off and the massage therapy is free. "To who is it pay off from?"

The spa lady  look at him "It was pay off by a name that goes by.." got the paper she had of the payment results "Oh It's chibiliz." slender man got surprise from that. Chibiliz pay everything for him to enjoy the spa day. Well it was a good reason too. He'll let it slide. "Oh thankyou." Lady nod her head to continue on with deep tissue massage. "Your welcome Mr.Slenderman." A few moments later the deep tissue massage was done and the therapy massage too.  

Slender man felt so relieved much of energy he has. A light feather he felt. He thank everyone in the spa as left out the building and got one of their business cards. This was a lovely treat for himself. A good deed. 

He yawn as he start to made his way home. All he wants to do is relax and not be bother for the whole day. And that's what he'll do once he arrives home.

To the slender house mansion. 

ChibiLiz woke up from her nap with eyeless Jack who won't let her go since prefers her than the pillows on the bed. His way of saying he rather cuddle with her than a pillow. she finds that adorable from him. He told her already not to say it to the others or he'll be hell of embarrassed by everyone. Even in the underworld. Poor Eyeless Jack. The mask boy slowly woke up with bed hair on him as turn to ChibiLiz but in her older form.

"Good afternoon Eyeless Jack." smile at him softly stroking his hair gently as he likes it. He relaxed against her on while his stroking is being stroke. ChibiLiz's fingers felt soft on his hair. So smooth and gentle. "Good afternoon to you too ChibiLiz." he face her with his blue mask on stain with black coral running down the eyes on the mask. "You slept well?" she ask him "Yes I did." respond to her as sat up and lean towards her "You look cute when you're napping with me."

ChibiLiz blush in no time on her face. "Th-thanks." trying to keep her cool not blushing more than usual. EJ chuckle quietly to himself enough for her to only hear not others around. "So adorable." He pinch her nose gently "hey!!" protest to him trying to stop him from messing around with her "hey!!" she began to giggle to being tickled by him that cut her by surprise. "Hehehehe." giggle some more then it turn to a laugh. He sightly move closer to her without her knowing then title his mask up to his head and kiss her by surprise. The kiss lasted for a very good fifteen minutes which took her breath away. "EJ..." whisper to him softly "I know I cut you off guard." he pat her head "there will be more later." he grin as move to her ear "When dinner is being made." whisper to her. ChibiLiz face went all red and hide herself with her pillow blushing like a madman. A mega blush of embarrassment.   

Eyeless Jack chuckle to himself then brought her close to him. "Let's head downstairs to see what the others are doing." she got off the bed with him while she walk beside him out the room. "I'm dying to watch some tv. I'm glad you guys had a day off today." ChibiLiz stretch out her arms before returning her hand to hold on to his like they usual do when their together. The two crossing down the hallway of the house to get down the stairs. They heard screams in one of the rooms. All the way of the corner to the hall at the end by the edge to stair case. 

"Offenderman again." Eyeless Jack said to himself which ChibiLiz heard. "There's another one too but that's Nikki and Jeff." she chuckle " what's so funny?" she gave a smile to him "I'm waiting for to be an aunt soon." Eyeless Jack behind his mask is blushing hard but laughing in the inside. "Good one."

she chuckle more to herself as continue to make their way to the stairs. Once they made it to the stairs they heard loud screaming. If someone is going to murder or kill someone but this is different. "That's laughing Jack." ChibiLiz cover her ear with her other hand as the other holding Eyeless Jack. "Yeah." he took the lead for her to follow him down the staircase towards living room. "Finally."  he sat down on the couch with her and relax. 

ChibiLiz turn on the tv and flip it to a channel for them to watch. peace and quiet so far in this slender family household. " nice and quiet huh?" she look at eyeless Jack "yeah. For now but I'm glad we made it out before anything else happen." she nod then the door open and step in slender man. "Oh he's back." slender man arrive into the living room sat on the couch seem tired. "How was the meeting?" Eyeless Jack said to slender man "he so so but it wasn't too important."

Eyeless Jack nod as turn his attention to the TV also holding hands with ChibiLiz under the pillow of the couches. Slender man doesn't know there actually together but only good friends. ChibiLiz face slender man with a smile "so how it go?" Slender man turn to his adoptive niece as kept his cool to himself. "It went well and thanks too." She nod to him then went back watching the tv. " did what?" Eyeless Jack answer "oh I was talking about the meeting he had." reply to EJ with a cute smile. 

ChibiLiz knew where slender man went for the day. He went to the spa. No one knows but her. She'll keep it that way.  For now, she'll not say a thing. This will be fun for her. "Is there going to be more days like this or just the one?" question ChibiLiz to slender man who is looking tired. "There's going to be more days like this. I believe the rest can use the days off from their jobs once in a while." Eyeless Jack felt glad and happy inside. He can spend more time with his girl also go on dates they never got to plan or go some places. "Ah so more days off huh?" there stood the monochrome clown grinning an evil smile with his arm around a girl.

That will be ChibiLiz's cousin. Blake. She's the step sister of Nikki. They now get along well since the past 2 weeks. There were tough to handle. " Yes that's what I said." he got up from the couch then went up the stairs and to his office. Laughing Jack look "what's gone in his pants?" ChibiLiz shrug her shoulders "I'm not sure. He must of been tired of going to his meeting today." Blake yawn a little then ask "so what will you want for dinner later?" ChibiLiz,Eyeless Jack, and laughing Jack all thought together. "Pasta,steak,fried children." All three respond differently "ok I will get on it once Nikki is here." All nod and watch tv together. 

To Nikki and Jeff 

After their fun together and spending time with each other. Nikki smile softly looking at Jeff "that was fun." stroking his hair gently "it was a blast of fun." he grin a smile to her. " yes it was." seductively reply to Jeff making him grin even more. "Keep talking like that I'm going to lose it and ride you again." Nikki look at him "if I do then we'll be making babies by now." She smile with a blush to him which cause him to blush too also almost lose his cool.

"Hmm well.. I don't mind being a dad... But..." he didn't finish "but what?" he look at her "what will they think about their dad being a killer?" Nikki stood thinking for a little before she brought him close to her "they will think there dad is cool and a nice person." Jeff amaze by her "really?" She nod at him "yes. Only you can change the stories to be a better person. That's all I can say."  

Jeff hug her back as he thought 'Only I can change the stories...?' he kept that in mind.

Nikki spoke "we should head down stairs." look at Jeff "why?" he seem doze off "I have to help Blake with dinner." they both were already shower and relax from their fun. Nikki hold on to his hand "come on I'll make your favorite dish." smile at him "hmm alright." they both head out of their room down the hall way to the stair case. They both heard cracking noises along with other noises too.

Nikki sigh "I'm guessing offender man is still on with that." Jeff wrap his arm around her "don't worry. He doesn't know what love really is. I already have a heart for someone." Nikki look at him "who?" curious with a smile "You." he whisper it to her. "Aww." She kiss his cheek then head downstairs with him to the living room.

 "Hey." Nikki look at everyone watching tv. ChibiLiz and eyeless Jack were cuddle together as for Laughing Jack and Blake were watching the tv. "Hey Nikki." Blake smile seeing her step sister finally arrive with her boyfriend Jeff the killer. "So what's new?" Jeff spoke out as sat next to Nikki on the sofa with ChibiLiz and eyeless Jack.

"Hmm slender man came back a few hours ago." ChibiLiz said to them "really?" she nod at Jeff "yeah he seem tired from his travels." Jeff only nod his way of listening. ChibiLiz took a  carrot slowly open her mouth as eat a piece of the carrot.

 "Slender man seems relax to me." Tiki tobi call from the entrance of living room "How so?" Laughing jack seem question by the guy with goggles. "Not stress not so cranky much." he took a sip of his coffee before saying "And seem relax too." he look at everyone. ChibiLiz stood quite among herself. Eyeless jack look at her "You ok?" she quickly look up with a smile "I'm fine Eyeless jack." Another good thing she didn't say Ej infront of the others. They will be curious of ChibiLiz mostly Eyeless Jack the most.

When he's around her not with the others, he seems different than his usual self. Cold,rude,careless and doesn't give a rats of about anything other than killing people for their kennedys. Olderself turn to her chibi form for a bit and look up at eyeless jack "Slendy is calling for me." Eyeless jack nod his head as let go of his arm from her waist. Little small girl hop off the couch on her feet walk out of the living towards the stairs going to slender man's office.

Little chibi human girl is quick to her feet not planning to stick around listening to offenderman messing around with other woman in his room. Got pass that part of the hallway and made it to the office. A gentle knock on the black wooden door using her hand. 

"Come in." she enter the room sees slender man flop on the sofa exhausted from his day. "You seem tired." Slender man answer her "That's because I took your offer to go to the spa." he look at her all tired "Well it did relieve all the stress you had." smile cutely like she always does. "Eh." talk back to her "I suppose." walk across the room and sat on a chair "Relax?" slender man nod "I Am but didn't seem to be this relax from all this stress." her head turn to him "Well at least no one knows about it." sip down her juice box "No one knows?" she nod her at him "Yup. Everyone is wonder why the slendly man is all tired and seem to relax." smiling to him

"What do you want?" swinging her legs happily as giggling to herself " Nothing at all." his face expression got him questioning about her. 

Something seems off here. He isn't sure if it's good or not. Slender man is aware of his surroundings carefully. Not the type of person to let his guard down. he always watches his back. "Why are you laughing?" ChibiLiz stop drinking her juice box and swinging her legs. This little girl stood their for a few seconds before looking at him. Her face is now a poker face look. "I'm not gonna do anything. I'm laughing because you never seem so stress free of anything." smile happily with her lips all smile up. 

All in a happy mood. "Hmm good call." he stood up looking down on his niece not leaving contact between her and him. "Anything else?" she says with the straw hang out of her mouth from drinking all her juice.

"Not at the moment." the small child hope off the sofa walk towards the door "Well I do want something." slender man waited for her answer "I want books." A surprise from other than shopping she prefers books? well that's something to keep her busy while she waits for new books to come out from her favorite authors. 

"Here's the list and the website to each author plus the website where I shop for the books." gave the list to him and left out of his office. Slender man open up the list and fell to the level of his feet. 'Hmm not bad of choices. she also likes the authors I read from their horror series.' He thought.

slender man went to his desk top and got right on to ChibiLiz's request of books. He's going to surprise her with a gift. Something for her books and private space of course. 

ChibiLiz humming happily to herself walking down the staircase comes to seeing eyeless jack standing by the staircase watching her arrive from upstairs. Once she got to the end of the step of stairs, he grab her arm,took her in his arms by moving in fast paced to the livingroom then place her on his lap. 

"What happen?" he look at her "He just talk to me." she told him the truth. His eye expression went concern to a little serious. "Talk? he didn't do anything else?" she shook her head "No he didn't." he sigh behind his mask just hug her "I'm glad." she blink in confusion. "Ej.." he pop his head from her neck "Hmm?" she ask the question to him 

" Why were you worry when I was call to slender man's office?" Eyeless jack stood quite for a second. A worry strike him. The memories took him there which makes him go mad and furious about it. "He doesn't treat others so kindly and I was worried even your cousins too." 

All she could do is hug him back then lift a little of his mask like in that spider man scene from the hero got kiss by the girl of his dreams. She kiss him softly for the start then he took over pressing his lips deeply into the kiss. Kissing makes her breath be taken. If was sucking all the air from her as leaving her breathless of each kiss he gives her.Magical for her. Arms wrap around each other, lips pressing against one another and bodies glue together. Already push down on the couch still being kiss by him. She could see his mask almost sliding off still in its place beside his face. 

"EJ" whisper between kisses as continue on kissing him. Quickly as eyeless Jack is went for her neck slowly start kissing it gently making her title her head backwards. "Relax." He said between kisses with a grin on his face "you worry me back there. This is what you get." kept kissing her along her neck to her jaw line then her collar bone. it made her feel so dizzy. Everything went spinning all sudden. So daze into the moment.

He pull from her neck just stare at her with his darkish grey eyes "so beautiful." Something red from across her face "Thankyou EJ." look up at him. Both hairs were touching as lean down to kiss her once more. He can hear the others coming to the living room. The two stood up from the couch and sat together while holding hands behind their backs.

 "Liz.." Nikki came in with Jeffalong with the others Blake with laughing Jack and tiki tobi. "I'm doing ok." inform her cousin Nikki that seem worried for her. Including Blake. May not show much of emotion around others. The look in her eyes give it away. "He only want to talk to me." tells them with a serious face.

"The tall freak didn't torture the small little girl after all." Laughing Jack saying that which got him smack on the head "what?" look at Blake "I was worried sick for her. Don't you care how I felt about her?" Blake's eyes from to tears. Monochrome clown knew he mess up and gave her a hug "I'm sorry Blake." Blake hug him like it is her dear life. "I'm just glad she's ok." A sudden sound interrupt them. "Hmm yeah when is dinner." look away from being embarrassed. 

"We'll get started on that and tobi." Tobi look at the Nikki "yeah?" Nikki gave him a basket "you go to the garden and get more vegetables." Tobi nod then left to the garden. "What about me?" Jeff seem bored out of his mind "help me chop the meat."

A grin smile as lick his knife in a creepy way of a hungry killer wanting to kill the prey. "Sounds good." Jeff follow Nikki to the kitchen to help her out. "You laughing Jack with the smash potatoes and chicken." They left to the kitchen and ChibiLiz with eyeless Jack cuddle up on the couch. 

"I have to tell you something." look at eyeless Jack "what is it?" she whisper into his ear then back away "what?!!" he freak out a little "he went there? as in today?"

she nod "yes like we did last time but we hmm had hmm fun." she remind him "oh.. yeah that one time at the hot springs at the spa hotel.." she cuddle close to him "I had fun." eyeless Jack blushing "we only made out not the other thing."

she nod at him "agree." smile to herself " It was a relaxing time." watching the tv as laughing to one of the jokes that the comedian told. "This day off is great." yawn a little and turn to her older self "yeah it's exhausting to be small sometimes but good thing I don't have limits anymore." 

Dinner Time 

All eating and gather at the table. Everyone was all there. The dining room is pretty huge for the small group but the slender family sometimes dines in all together during dinner. Sometimes they do. An interesting family they have all together. Different kinds of slenders. Now, it's the 3 slenders. Slender man, Offenderman, and splendor man at the dinner table. The fashionista is still in his room working on clothing. Pretty much everyone seem enjoying their dinner.

ChibiLiz of course sitting next to slender man and beside her eyeless Jack. She always sits next to slender man and splendor man because she seems safe around them also eyeless Jack too. They all know she doesn't get along with some people here. That is offenderman. Doesn't get along with him either. Not the best of friends too. All he wants is to have fun with her.  Maybe kill her too. who knows but isn't going to without a fight with slender man,splendor man and eyeless Jack. Along with her cousins too. Nikki and Blake. If anything happens to her, they will go insane and into kill mode. 

"Slendly" ChibiLiz broke the silence from the dining room table. "What is it?" A smile appear on her face "Where did you go to your lazy day off?" small chuckle tickle her lips across as not to burst to a laugh.

The Blue mask boy with black coral behind his mask stare at her. 'What are you up to ChibiLiz?' thought as chewing down his food. "I was at a meeting then they invite me to go to the hot springs and that was it." The small child nod her head with her cute smile still there. "Ok sounds good." went back eating her corn with her steak and mashed potatoes. 

Some of the food were on her face and eyeless Jack help her clean her face by using his napkin. The napkin of hers was on her lap. It was a cute design napkin by trendy man. All the fashion he does. She adores it but sometimes gets too carried away with it.

"Oh the hot springs huh?" Laughing Jack swallow down his food "how was it?" slender man look at the monochrome clown "it was fine. Nothing more." he said cutting another piece of steak for ChibiLiz since she lend her steak knife to EyelessJack. "here you go ChibiLiz." the small child giggle a smile when she dig into her dinner. 

"What was the hot springs like?" masky ask him curiously "Everything seem fine. Not so special." tiki Tobi look closely to his master slender man "you sure?" Slender man just nod his head to him. "I'm sure." he finish his dinner before going back to his room and do the last of the paper work. " Time for dessert." Splendor man announce with a smile as usual. 

All the maids took their plates and place all the tasty desserts on the table. Everything look like a wonderland of dessert. Kinda like candyland but different. A much better looking land. 

Slender man was in his room relaxing himself as a knock on the door cut him off "come in." it seem to bother him much since he didn't want to break the ice during dinner time. "I didn't say anything." A tiny voice spoke out with a concern in its tone. "I know you didn't." slender man respond. 

"Ok I shall go now and do you need more avocado for the mask?" Slender man cover in avocado with cucumbers on his eyes. "No I'm all good for now." eating chips then he ask "how's eyeless Jack?" the small footsteps stop in its tracks. "Oh he's good. He's relaxing in his room and I'm about to head to mine as well." She said to him after pouring water on a glass cup.

 "Ok that's enough water so I'm going now." made her way to the door and exit out. The sound of the door close shut. "Now to relax." he drift himself loose relief of stress off his system. Peace and relaxation. This lazy day was great for the group. Not only for them. Slender man too.

He needed to get away from the stress of this mad house not blow up the place with his temper problems. Well scare them on whatever he can think of doing. Good thing no one knows but ChibiLiz. He did go to the hot springs. Hot spa bath relax him from stress. It work well. 

Another lazy day to come. 

More spa days for slender man. 

The End
A CreepyPasta Story: A Lazy Day
Enjoy my story. 

Another creepypasta story. 

What happens when slender man goes to the spa for the day in the day off he gave to the rest of the creeps. 

Will anything of them find out that slender man. The fearless scary cold rude leader went to the spa for the day? In their day off? 

find end out what happens owo.
Returning Leader
We last
saw him
fighting with
the rest
the danger
the city
from harm
fighting all
his might
he will
do anything
to see
his daughter
so he fights
to get through
what he wants
for his daughter
while protecting
his style
see his daughter
for the win
still be there
as he can
always be
with his daughter
after tough
or anything
he has
A big heart
will risk
his life
protecting his own
for his friends
his daughter
those are
important to him
He fights
to see his
that’s his way
getting through
the battles
all that
just for his
he is the leader
in his way
Returning leader
Returning Leader
Enjoy my poem ^^

Another Final Fantasy 7 remake poem 

Barret Wallance 

Leader returning

Art Of Barret Wallance belongs to :iconshokokuphoenix:

Link to Barret Wallance by :iconshokokuphoenix:…
Engineer Returns
It’s been long
since we
saw him
ever build
A thing
or fight
with the gang
in battle
he is smart
to the
but A hell
of a
An engineer
A tech wiz
he’s everything
A genius
to fighter
and Engineer
he has
glad to see
back again
as promise
The next adventures
start here
with the rest
and him
his name
Cid highwind
the brains
of the group
he’s proud
of that
always will be
A bad ass genius
who fights
works with
A brain
here he is
at last
New adventures
feels like
we saw them
Now they're back
he has return
as well
Engineer returns
Engineer Returns
Enjoy poem ^^ 

Another Final Fantasy 7 remake 

Cid highwind as Engineer Returns 

Art Of Cid Highwind belongs to :iconblueflameskull489: 

Link to Cid Highwind artwork by :iconblueflameskull489: blueflameskull489.deviantart.c…
The Flower Returns
We last
saw her
was when
The hero
was alive
still there
smiling away
along with
felt so happy
they both
about to start
A date
it never happen
their hearts
each other
he’s up there
she’s still
always thinking
of him
True hero
Zack Fair
it crushes her
so much
that he is
he fought hard
to save
his friends
and her
risk his life
what is
to his
His heart
fill with
of his
Dear flower
that capture
his heart
and hers
as well
smiles away
taking care
each flower
reminds her
of him
each moment
she thinks of him
feels that
he is
still here
In her heart
Now she returns
to be tough
for herself
her strength
is him
will always
be him
she gives hers
and he returns it
protecting her
any fight
Nothing can harm
This dear flower
she’s here now
has return
as promise
The Flower Returns
The Flower Returns
Enjoy my poem 

Final Fantasy 7 remake poems 

Aerith as The Flower Returns 

Art Of Aerith Belongs to :iconrisachantag: 

Link to Aerith artwork by :iconrisachantag:…
Lovely Poet
His talent
his soul
with the flow
Goddess of poetry
Beautiful voice
for a
like himself
he’s got the
that they’ll
fall for
mysterious style
and the talent
of a writer
in poems
Being so poetic
is his
other than
in the fields
takes his time
read the poems
of others
repeats them
like he owns
the poetry
he was born
to tell
and write
let others
beautiful amazing
The poet
he is
deeply passion
in his work
is the
lovely poet
gift in poetry
amazing poems
he tells
all melt
by it
all ladies
crawl to him
by his
poetic voice
deep passion
Every poem
he speaks
or tells
it’s like
A spell
making them
all fall
for him
amaze them
Love it
dear it
all for him
he is a
in his
talent gift
to poems
he is
The poetic one
for the ladies
A lovely guy
Lovely Poet  
Lovely Poet
Enjoy my poem ^^

I know I'm suppose to be working on Final Fantasy 7 remake poems but I wanted to write this as well. 

Another poem of Genesis as the Lovely Poet. ^^ 

I'm working on the final fantasy 7 remake poems and final fantasy type zero as well. 

Art Of Genesis Belongs to :iconpunctualturtle: 

Link to Genesis Artwork by :iconpunctualturtle:…
The Strongest Breaksdown
There are
Battle through
As some
Can break
Fall down
Cry it out
Shed all tears
Leaving it behind
A river
of tears
Maybe Strong
But I
Do break
No matter
What strength
The strongest
They'll breakdown
All tears
Like the stars
Shine brightly
As our cries
There's nothing
I can do
I'll breakdown
Cry out
All my tears
From holding it
As a
Block wall
They can't break
But all
Can hold together
The wall
The strongest
Can breakdown
All of them
Fall down
Strongest have
The Strongest Breaksdown  
Broken all
Felt pain
Suffer my drowns
In my sorrow
Rain pours
Drowns me
Me as
Strongest one
broken down
I've breakdown
The Strongest Breaksdown
If I ever wonder..

Someone that is strong not scare of a thing?

A fighter through it's struggles 

Will he know me?


Remember me at all...? 

So many questions 

I need to woman myself up and just go in before my cousin Armin freaks out on another thing of his class. He told me his sensie is scary looking. Gives serious looks to other like going to murder them all. The strict ones. I understand. There like my professors from the university of titans.

Let's see what Armin is doing. 

Hope he isn't dead beat to the ground again. It isn't his fault that he is nice to others but is very smart too. 

I'm not sure why he join this class at all. 

I got out of the car then went into the building walking a little fast paced due to my worries for my cousin Armin. We both grew up together since kids. He didn't had an other siblings only family members. More like cousins. Related family members. This building is huge almost feels like I'm about to get lost. I stood thinking to myself.

 'he said at the end of the hall kinda then to the corner to double doors costume design.' 

This seems tricky. A drag even more. I sigh a little then let my eyes wonder off around the building. They found them. I walk straight towards the double doors then I push them open. 

"I'm sure to pick up someone by the name Armin Arlert." looking the students eyeing on me then saw some people I knew. 
Mikasa and Eren running towards me.

 "Hey g-" I was cut off by mikasa saying "Armin is getting pin again." 

She didn't had to say it again but the looks from Eren he seems worried for his best friend.

 "Let's go see what's happening." We all walk to the training room and saw a group a people surrounding two middle in the like a fight is about to start. "Let's beat this shrimp before he gets back." 

Then someone said "Hey don't pick on him!!" it was Jean as some of his friend were backing him away. I saw a random student with his cheek with a bruise. The one picking on Armin. I give credit to jean for standing up for my cousin. Now it's my turn. 

"Hey!!" I shout as the eyes turn to me. All them wide and some back away. The other half stood their in a fighting stance. They think they can take on a girl like me? Have they seem me or heard of me before? My father's brother taught MMA. Mix martial arts. At the age of 12. My aunt Luz taught me gymnastics. There all cream. 

"Leave my cousin Armin alone." I then said to them. "what are you gonna to about it" he added "girly." 

Now he has cross the line. "Do you even know who you just pissed off?" look up with my eyes serious to him "who-" someone cut him off. it was jean "That's Armin's cousin." he went on "Her name is Liz tiku." he told them. 

Half of the group stood away and afrida from the other student. "Let go of him." I said again to him.

"Tsk..." he grab Armin as he threw him towards me "why don't you catch him!!" he was on target but Mikasa was fast enough to get him as Eren right behind mikasa making their gravity less of easy then hard. 

I felt stomping and charging of running towards me. I jump up as grab one of the bangers which symbols the dojo of the martial arts class and began to climb up quickly as possible. Then use my legs to swing to the other banger. 

Suddenly, my leg was grab. It was a strong grip like it was going to tear me apart. I slowly look down and saw the student with a smirk on his face. This worry the hell out of me. A student can't do this to another person. That's against the rules.

 "Hey don't you dare..." Conny spoke out with his eyes in fear "That's against to rules." The student look to Reine look at him 

"Whoever gets in the way will pay." he grip more on my foot which I yeip a little from the grip becoming more stronger to shake off.
"Will pay the same thing I did to Armin." 

All the students start to charge at him to save me  but it was too late. He threw me across the room and I landed on my feet perfect however gravity didn't let me stand my ground so I fall back on the mates with my foot in pain. Everyone rush towards me but a scream of pain got their attention.

 "Dammit you shit!!" they saw a couple of bruises on his cheek then arms. He grouch on his knees in pain as well. 

"She did the ghost combat on him." Jean said as his eyes were amazed. The ghost combat is a skill that is only done by the speed and wind power of the person training. It's almost like 360 pulse spin attack but it's without seeing the movement with a good eyes on watch. 

Armin went to me as tired to help me up but he was in pain from the attack Rein threw at him. I was too busy in pain to notice that the crowd back up and something strong pick me up bridal style and holding onto my foot.

 "If you don't hang on to me" the voice was firm and serious tone. "You'll fall and get more pain." 

I look up seeing a double decker hair cut style, greyish eyes and a poker face look but a serious death glare in his eyes. However his look changed when he look down on me. He seem worry in his eyes even he didn't show the emotions in front of his students. 

"Who did this to her?" Everyone one by one told him what happen even Armin on his side of the story. He nod his head as someone came in with two people. It was the other sensie of the dojo. Erwin Smith. The guy who was carrying me start to walk away along with me in his arms.

 I didn't know where we were going but the last thing I saw before I past out was climbing some stairs as everything went all black. I pass out. I hit the guy too hard and worth out my energy. He hurt my cousin. That bastard deserve it. 

Then moments later I woke up in a room laying on a couch. It was soft and comfortable. A pillow was placed behind my head as my hand touch my forehead It sting a little. I must of hit my head as well and didn't realize the bleeding either.

My eyes wonder around analyzing the process that I was in a room and the area a bit dark but very clean as well. The door open which got my attention saw that guy again. He has the same look from before but calm this time. No death glare what Armin told me about.

 "What's with the look on your face?" he plainly said to me. What's this guy's problem? Is this his way of saving me from what happen to me? "Sorry I just woke up..." look at him "I can see that." I was thrown by back him. He seems a bit rude now. Something across my mind which slip out "Why did you save me then?" the confidence with me said to him. 

It seem to twice his eye a little as try to avoid my question. "That student of mine got his punishment and he is resigning from my dojo to another one." Like that was going to make me feel any better that the problem is already taken care of.

 "What? you gave him a list of things to clean? Tsk.. I bet he clean this office no wonder is a little dirty from the corners of the room." Now that made him shut up but piss off at me "Tsk.. I always clean my office no one else does." 

I gave him a look "really?" He got thrown off guard as look away with a blush cheek on his face. "Why is your cheek so red?" I question him that and they got reder with his ears. "Tch.." he reply to me. 

I chuckle a little then said "No seriously why did you save me?" He look at me "The students and your cousin told me what happen." He told me "That bastard doesn't know how to treat guest here or the girls here." then he punch the wall next to his desk 

"He's coward a for laying his hands on a girl like that." the tone of voice of his sounded he was going to kill or murder the guy in pieces. I don't blame him for that. "Then again" he starts "There was some bruising on him."

I quickly turn away and said "Oh" thought to myself a little.

 "Maybe he got hurt badly?" look at him "Funny." he didn't took my excuse. He crush it down like it was nothing to him. he can careless for it. "Now tell me" look at me serious "Why was he cover in bruises?" I took a deep breath then answer "I cause them." 

he seem not surprised by it. "I've seen those bruises before." he said me "And you must be Liz Tiku." went on " Train by your father's brother Jen Tiku." look at me " Who are you?" slip right out of me by looking at him 

"My name is Rivallive Ackerman." I sat up from the couch "Nice to meet you, Levi." then added "The strongest fighter in the survey corps martial arts Academy and Senesi too." Levi look at me "You know your stuff." I huff a little "Because my uncle told me about you when I was training MMA with him." he gave a look "MMA?" I told him "Mix martial Arts." 

he look down on me then up a again "A nerdy student knows how to defend herself? just what we need." I gave him a look "You have a problem with girls learning how to defend themselves?" I shot at him " I do." he answer "But you're different than the rest of the girls I've train in my class." 

He start to come towards me then sat beside me "You interest me." I was confused what he was saying as move a bit away from him. "What are you talking about?" gave the look at him "I said you interest m-" I stop him "I know that but are you saying you like me?" That got his attention and stood their thinking "Not really." 

I shook my head and stood from the couch then exit out the room. Armin made it to my side in no time as I walk out from the dojo class. "Your looking better." he said to me with a smile "Thanks." I heard running and an annoying girly scream. 

A girl with glasses and ponytail ran towards me "Hey move out of the way!!" she was rushing towards us and Armin move aside as I was too busy exiting my way out of the building that upon myself being push and fall back then landed on something soft as move myself up "Dammit." I mumble out then saw who I landed on. 

My face went red with eyes in shock. It was levi giving me an annoying look. "Get off of me." I nod "I'm sorr-" then something hit my head that cause me to fall back and the unexpected happen. 

My lips were press down on his. I freak out and ran along with Armin behind me. Levi stood there sitting up with a poker face and got up as walk back to his office then shut the door behind him. His face went completely red and cover his lips with his hand. 

'What just happen?' he thought and sat on his desk. 

He just save one of the toughest fighters from his class today. An eventful day happen and got kiss too. 

In the car with Armin and trying to keep my cool. I just got my ass save and got kiss too. What an eventful day happen. I hope this doesn't ever happen again. However I got save from the strongest fighter from survey corps sensei. Rivaille Ackerman. Aka Levi Ackerman. His lips were soft though. No I can't think about that now. I took a deep breath as calming myself down. Armin look at me worried 

"You ok?" I nod at him "yeah I'm fine just taking heavy breathing exercises." Armin nod then lay back on his seat as I drive us to his house. He seem like a caring person even if he's cold or tough looking. Ok a poker face too. 

Maybe just maybe.. 

I found my strongest fighter.. 

To be Continued...                                     

Chapter 1 coming soon.
My Strongest Fighter ~Sneak Peak Story~
Enjoy my story ^^ 

A new upcoming story base on the short stories of Christmas with Levi and spring break with Levi. 

Story description: 

This is the small short stories I did base of Christmas with Levi and spring break with levi. I decide to  make another story series with humanity's Strongest Levi Ackerman. 

Storyline: Levi ackerman is a sensie of the survey corps martial arts academy and teacher of his own students. he is top fighter in the survey corps and fearless one of all. thats until he meets her. liz tiku daughter Haruki tiku who is a famous book author and fashion designer and the father is james tiku a professional photographer. what happens when the strongest fearless fighter from the survey corps meets the girl liz tiku who is a writer in training herself. will the fearless strongest fall for this young writer?  or Hanji will play matchmaker with them both?

Art Cover drawn by :iconxXYukiko11Xx: The art drawing was a gift from :iconxXYukiko11Xx:
Inner Demons
Back in
My old days
of my
old self
I let my
inner demons
control me
during my
felt like
my soul
was being suck up
in sharp winds
leaving me
with no heart
or soul
A smile
just sadness
cover in
inside my
Light fade
lost hope
wanted to end
That wasn’t me
it was
My inner demons
they got
to me
controlling me
as their
Little helpless
Human puppet
I feel
so trap
it’ll last
shall that day
will make
my escape
not let
go through
to what I did
letting the
inner demons
take over
not be
who are
to others
hard to understand
pain to
go through
where it comes
I was there
I’m here still
light got me
the hope
i’ve been searching
in my darkest days
never alone
with the same
Everyone’s tears
are like
calling for help
being the voices
for them
I got hurt
in my eyes
A friend
let the
inner demons
hurt me
scratch the life
out of me
sharp pains
still hurts
Often burns
It’s alright
I’ve been
through it
willing to take
still stand
my grounds
effect me
hurts to see
A friend
go through
so much
all I want
is to help
be there
letting them learn
on their
as well
May the battle
the inner demons
guide my friend
to victory
search the light
have hope
the wounds
from the battle
We all have
Inner Demons
Inner Demons
Enjoy my poem ^^ 

everyone has their inner demons. We are scared. However we fight them. To get through our struggles. ~scareygirl15~ 

Happy reading ^^ 
Turks Returns
We seen them
The last time
When the soldier
Went missing
All of
Vanish out
Only little
For all
The help
With the
Ex soldier
He's the hope
For everyone
Being the light
in battles
Neither of them
Are not
Giving up
The hope
That is
They'll work
Up top
Make everything
Go as plan
A new future
For soldier
And the
New turks
their leader
hopes it
Years had pass
Time has come
It takes
The stand
A new hero
The light
Someone guide them
Where the strength
Is important
It's gonna
A long journey
To that
Has return
As promise
Final wish
New hope
Turks have return
looking for
their new hope
Of a hero
stop this
From spreading
Clean it up
for good
it starts
Here and now
The turks
Have arrived
it's time
For their
Turks Returns
Turks Returns
Enjoy my poem ^^ 

Final Fantasy 7 remake poems 

Turks returns 

Art Of The turks Belongs to :iconrisachantag: 

Link to The turks artwork by :iconrisachantag:…
The Warrior Returns
She has
A long way
To get here
She was young
Back then
She meet
The hero
Zack Fair
The only memory
She had
Of the
New hero
Now he's gone
Where's the hero?
The spiky blonde
Or will be
Up to her
Defend her
From becoming
What is
To be
Keeping away
Those who
Harm all
Step up
Being the
Of this
The city
In her own
Train hard
To the top
The mind
Whole weapon
Those who
Danger them
or try to
lead to harm
Best ninja
She is
In her
Shines out
Bust through
All struggles
It has been
For her
It's time
To shine
Let everyone know
She's back
For another
Round of
A battle
And fights
That's how
She is
Has return
Ninja Yuffie
With her friends
battling along
in dangerous
it's her
Fighting and missions
The battlefield
Is where
The fun
For her
Finally here
As promise
The warrior
The Warrior Returns
The Warrior Returns
Enjoy my poem ^^ 

Yuffie as the warrior 

Final Fantasy 7 remake poems 

Art Of Yuffie Belongs to :iconrisachantag: 

Link to :iconrisachantag: artwork of Yuffie :…
Not Myself
it’ll be
A trap
to be in
won’t ever escape
the demons will
take the souls
leave lifeless
change of personality
different behavior
effect everyone
worries around
same person
different inside
it hurts
see all
in the eyes
body motion
tells out
within inside
demons with
our souls
giving looks
like we are
no care
never see them
nor the light
they say
that’s not
it’s not
who am I
That isn’t me
A dark self
being me
echo laugh
still be heard
in the head
never stop
cries won’t
they like us
In misery
being miserable
about life
there isn’t
no chance
turn it better
tired of being
middle problem
done with this
carrying these
heavy bricks
crushing down
everything hurts
All scars
are a memory
of the
Been through
Tough time
This isn’t
It’s not myself
A different person
as myself
This isn’t myself
Not myself
Not Myself
Enjoy my poem ^^ 

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Meeting the Uchiha Family

Plot: Sarada’s Boyfriend Boruto

On to the story....

At the Uchiha’s Mansion House

Boruto seem nervous to be alone with sarada’s father and her uncles well great uncles and one is her uncle. Itachi Uchiha is sasuke’s older brother. Boruto seem very nervous meeting them. He thought sarada was home but she left out to shop with her mom at the store. Boruto was let inside by not other than his teacher and best friends with his father. Sasuke Uchiha. He doesn’t seem to like him much since he is friends with his daughter once they meet before. Now there a couple. This will be a new result for sarada’s father to react too.

Wonder what happens now.

To Sakura and Sarada.

They finish their shopping for the day and on their way home. Sarada’s phone ding as an alert she got a text from her boyfriend Boruto.

“Mama I received a message from Boruto. He said He’s at our house already.” she confirm her mother the news to her.

“Great when we are done buying the groceries too! by the way, Did you tell him about the other Guest? I think They’re already by now.” she reminded her daughter.

Sasuke’s brother itachi, his uncle obito and his other uncle madara were coming for a visit to see sarada for the day. Sarada was too excited to introduce her best friend boruto as her boyfriend. They gone close to each other ever since they meet as kids. Their fathers are best friends and mothers as well. They’ve known each other since they started to be ninjas together.

“Oh yeah! I forgot about that! I’ll just Text hi- Crap! my phone just died, forgot to charge it earlier before leaving” left her with disappointment and she curse technology these days.

She wishes her dad will teach her how to summon things but he saids she isn’t ready for that stuff yet. She can’t blame him for being an overprotective father to her. That’s her dad.

‘I’m sorry Boruto. I didn’t expect papa would have guests too in the same day as your visit. I hope your alright.’ she thought to herself for moment as her mother saw how disappoint her daughter was.

‘They better not do something stupid on that child...’ Oh sakura knows sasuke too well. Of course he’s just being a dad for their child but he can take things too far without realizing it before it’s too late.

“Unfortunately I can’t lend you mine since I left it at home. I think we should hurry now.” she inform her daughter “I hope he’s doing fine..”


To The uchiha House.

Boruto quite to himself as he thinks

‘Damn! I’m completely caught off guard!! I have prepared myself in facing sasuke-sensei I know he would not leave me off that easily now that he knows that I Am sarada’s boyfriend but this is worse than I expected...’ he sigh then thought

‘Sarada didn’t warn me about this and she is not replying to my messages...I hope she’s already on her way back here..’

Then a voice cut him from his thoughts.

“So Boruto, aren’t you going to introduce yourself to them? They don’t like waiting you know.” sasuke said as Boruto reply “Yes sir...”  

he took a big breath before speaking out

‘Well,here goes nothing!!!’ he yell in his head.

“Good afternoon! I am Boruto Uzumaki, 15 years old , son of 7th hokage..” then he yell out

“I’am sarada’s boyfriend and I love and treasure her just like you guys...” he kept going “I hope you’ll acknowledge me. It’s a pleasure to meet you all!!” he finish as the silence was killing him but it broke fast as he didn’t expected

“No I object! Our sarada is still very young to fall in love and you're not worthy to be her boyfriend.” Madara said coolily as keeping his cool all together then obito shout out

“You have to prove yourself to us first!!” he point out “ just because sasuke is you sensei Doesn’t mean you have the right to be sarada’s boyfriend! Don’t get too cocky you damn brat!”

Itachi spoke calmly as usual with a smile

“Sarada is our princess you know? If you hurt her and made her cry, You will experience hell from us even if you’re Hokage’s son.”

Sasuke said “Hn. I guess you have to beat us all first before we acknowledge you as My Daughter’s boyfriend.”

he change topic “Anyway, Why are you bowing like that?..” question him as Boruto thought to himself

‘Sarada ,please hurry up and save me! They’re all monsters!!’ he pleaded to himself as fear struck him.

Then something poof into the room as A figure stood between them. A white coat with a symbol of uchiha on it and a small baby on it’s back. It had black hair very long too and snow pale skin. It spoke

“What’s this little battle for him to prove himself that he’s worthy to be your daughter’s boyfriend?”

The smoke clear up and relieved the person. It was Angel Uchiha. She’s naruto’s cousin and married to itachi uchiha. They both recently had a baby girl with their two twin boys who are now 15 years old. Midnight blue eyes meet the ocean sea blue eyes

“Hi my nephew. Long time no see.”

she smile at him

“Aunty Angel!!” he ran to her and hug her “I’m so glad you return.”

he smile at his aunt “Thankyou. I wasn’t really away but I had a meeting with your father earlier this morning.”

He nod his head then Angel return her attention to the group of men.

“Really sasuke?” He look away and just ‘tch’ at her as his answer

“Is this how sakura will know if you mess up again? to scare boruto?” before she talk more. Her attention went to a person with a ponytail and long bangs

“Itachi..” look at him “An-Angel..” she walk towards him as holding the small baby in her arms.

“Our daughter misses their dad this morning.” she smile at him then he took their daughter into his arms.

“Oh hi obito and madara.” they both seem surprise of her unexpected appearance.

“What brings you here?” sasuke said to her

“A little bird told me that something wasn’t right here when I was on my way here.” place her hands on her hips

"and it was telling me you were talking to your daughter's boyfriend."

she look at him

"well if he did anything we will stop him from whatever he was about to do."

Itachi told her

"I understand that but don't scare him too much he's only 15 not a man yet." she reminded them

"And you weren't like when Sakura is piss off."

Now that got their attention. A silence of fear struck them then obito ask "You mean sasuke's wife?" Angel nod "yes. When sasuke was away for awhile. She destroy the house one time because she got mad of something."

All shock in fear "oh my god.." Obito freak out "who train her?" he ask once more.

"The 5th hokage. Lady Tsunade." Madara kept his cool but his fear was shown by him being nervous about sasuke's wife.

"She has one hell of a monster strength." she smile at them calmly as she attended her child by feeding her a bottle of milk.

"Did sarada master anything?" Madara was the one asking now since Obito is too busy freaking out a bit.

"She has. Naruto told me that when they were in battle she punch the ground and destroy the area. Orochimaru was quite surprised about it."

Madara gulp down a little and spoke "ok that will be enough for today."

Angel finished feeding her baby and Itachi help to burp the baby.

"You're not mad at Itachi for scaring your nephew either." Sasuke told angel. Angel look at him

“I would of done the same but a little different than that.” she look at her nephew “Oh don’t worry. I’m not gonna make you suffer like these days. Just putting in clean duty of the house.” Boruto flinch a little as he ask “You mean the house chores?” Angel nod her head at him “Do I have to remind you what you did to the hokage stone faces?”

Boruto shook his head quickly “No Ma'am.” Angel cross her arms together “Now what was I about to say...” she thought to herself then look at sasuke

“Oh sakura is on her way now. There coming in five minutes.” Sasuke stood his cool as usual but inside he knew he is swerved and wonder what Angel told her about.

“Don’t worry I didn’t tell her anything but she said to me that protect boruto while they head back here.” she sat on the couch with her husband itachi and hold on to her door.

“She’s here.” All men and boy eye at the door as A pink cherry hair came in and a girl with black short hair wearing glasses. “Papa were home.” Sarada said to her father sasuke. “Hello sarada.”

The pink cherry woman look at him “And sakura.” Sakura look at him “Hello darling.” she said with a smile on her face.

Everyone got curious if she was doing one of her creepy smiles at him. She isn’t. Maybe she knows that angel made it on time to save Boruto from sasuke’s family. Sakura hugging sasuke and cuddle in his arms. Angel smile at them both then got interrupted by sarada.

“Who are you miss?”

Angel smile at her

“I’m your aunt. My name is Angel uchiha. Well my last name was Tiku but related to Uzumaki family due to my mother being sisters with one.”

Sarada was amazed as she ask her “So your the Hokage’s cousin?” Angel nod “yes I’am.” smile at her “I’m happy to know I have another family member.”

It touch angel by heart and smile at her “We’ll get to know each other more. I’ll take you shopping one day if you want and we can bond or go through shops.” She suggest to her niece. Sarada stood thinking “Hmm not a bad idea.” sarada smile to her kindly.

“If you're related to the hokage...” sarada stated “does that mean boruto is your nephew?”Angel look at her “Yes he is.” Sarada stood there in surprise and eyes wide “Whoa...”

Angel chuckle “Do not worry. That doesn’t mean boruto is your cousin.” she sip down her tea then sat it down.

“Because he isn’t. So you're good.” The two love birds sigh at the same time and went to go greet one another.

“Treat her well boruto.” talking to her nephew “I promise Aunty Angel.” he smile at her “I know you may be goofy and foolish at times but you have a good heart and willing to do anything to keep her happy also out of harms way.”

Boruto got a little teary eyed as he ran to his aunt for a hug.

“It’s alright.” rub his back gently. “Are you staying or you're taking a few days off from traveling?” he ask his aunt.

“Hmm I’m back for good so I won’t be going anywhere unless for missions or anything like that.”

A smile grew on him “Because my father wants to invite the uchiha family for dinner this saturday and he wants you to come as well.”  

Angel took his hands “I accept the invitation.”

He cheer loudly just like his father would when he was his age but still they do look alike.

“Gezz keep it down boruto. You're going to wake up the baby.”

Angel chuckle a little

“No worries. My daughter is use to his yelling or loud of excitements.” looking at her daughter being pat on the back to burp out. She had the hair of her father's and the eyes mix in one together. Angel’s child has dark blue eyes. “Aww she’s grew little since she was born.” smile boruto at his little cousin being hold by his uncle itachi.

“what’s her name?” Sarada ask her aunt then respond to her “Her name is Anila.” She smile at her cousin “ That’s a beautiful name.”

Sakura smile at the site of them and spoke “Are you going to stay for dinner?” Angel look at sakura with a smile “I wish I can but I have to help naruto with his office work also I don’t know who will help me out with Anila. The boys are training today and won’t be back late.”

Itachi look at his wife then said “I will look after her in the meantime.” Angel smile at him “Thankyou itachi but aren’t you here to visit sasuke for the day?” Itachi stood thinking a bit “I can still look after my daughter.”

Sakura spoke out “I can look after her in the meantime if you want? I mean sarada and boruto can help as well.”

Angel thought “Hmm it depends on you. I mean today was suppose to be sarada’s day with boruto to introduce him as the boyfriend of hers.” then added “And sasuke’s guest as well.”

she remember correctly.

“It’ll be alright, Angel.” Sakura said to her.

“Alright then. please take care of her and if anything needed itachi is there.” Angel lean towards her daughter as place a kiss on her head and kiss itachi softly then smile more between their little kiss. “Alright I better go before the baka sends the anbu after me.”stood up and went to the door as itachi follow after her outside. Sakura got hold of the child Anila as smile “He needed to be alone with her.” giving the baby attention as sasuke was watching his wife take care of his brother’s child. Well it’s his niece.

Sarada walk towards her mother as giving attention to the baby as well. Boruto smile as a pat on his shoulder got his attention

“Seems you have something to look after.” Madara said to him looking calm as ever “Yeah I will protect my cousin Anila.” confidently smile “Even from boys.” That made madara chuckle a bit “You got your dad’s sense of humor and confidence.” look at him “Keep it, Kid” he call him that. “I’m not a kid.” he whine a little “I’m a teenager.”

Obito heard that as he burst out laughing almost but kept his cool together.

“Careful madara” obito told him “You never know he’s got what his father has.” Madara look at his brother “I understand but he doesn’t quite know that part yet.” Sasuke listen closely while he gives attention to his niece as sakura starts on making dinner with sarada’s help.

“He will know one day.” he tells them as walk to them with his niece in his arms “Hope he understands too.” They both nod heads as boruto rant about he isn’t a kid no more to madara. However, he was only teasing him which got a laugh out of that. The door open and came in itachi with his hair a little mess up as his neck cover a little in hickeys also lip stick marks.

“I’m guessing she almost took it too far?” sasuke look at his older brother “No she didn’t. We just made out and naruto had to send his bird to go get her. She was a bit piss about it. Naruto knows whenever he pushes his cousin buttons, he will be hell of scare from angel.”

Boruto chuckle a little “I know what you mean by there sasuke-sensei.” sasuke stare at him as listening closely “You should've seen her when she had lunch with my parents and my sister and I.” he put his hands behind his head “It was entertaining.” smile big but grin a little from not laughing of the memory. “Do tell Boruto.” Boruto smile more as told the story to them.

Hours pass by

Dinner was served and Sakura finish feeding Anila her dinner as itachi took care of the rest.

They all gather to have dinner and talk among themselves. All seem to enjoy as boruto was introduce as sarada’s boyfriend and got to him know better. The dinner was a success and sarada seem glad that everything is going well. She thought it’ll be a total nightmare for boruto to face hell from her uncle and great uncles. Thank goodness her aunt Angel save him from his misery from today. Glad everything went well today.

Sarada didn’t had to worry much but her father is still overprotective with her since she is the only child in the family. She can understand that. Sakura sat next to her husband sasuke as sarada next to her father. Boruto in the middle between madara and obito. He seem nervous a bit at first how they were all going to sit. It disappoint him that he wasn’t sitting next to his girlfriend. Guessing that her dad wants to know him more. he may be his best friend’s son but can still be protective to what’s his. That is his family. Also his daughter. Even his wife as well.

Everyone eating their dinner and talking then went to desert as they were hanging out in the living room. The doorbell rang as sakura went to answer it.

“Oh Angel you're back-” Angel was surprise of something and deep shock.

“Angel!!” sakura brought her in and try to calm her

“What happen?” Angel took a deep breath as try to relax herself

“Well..” she started as kept speaking “I went to go help naruto with his office stuff and we went out to eat with hinata. Afterwards, we were heading back and saw...” trying to catch her breath

“What did you see?” Angel was about to speak until itachi came running to her and brought her into a hug. “What happen, my angel?”

The nickname Itachi calls her oftenly around others.

“Nothing bad happen but” look at boruto “Did you painted the hokage face’s again?” Boruto stood up holding anila in his arms

“No I haven’t and I don’t do that since my dad grounded me for it.”

Angel was a little confuse “Then who did? because your father seems very mad and I’m trying to figure out who-”

sarada cut her off “It was sai’s son.” All the adults in the room turn to sarada “What?” sarada nod “It was him. A couple days ago before all this. Boruto and inojin were going to paint something for our assignment but I guess he didn’t listen to the teacher at all.” cross her arms and some yelling came from the outside

“BORUTO!!!” it was yell and high pitch too.

A cry broke out from Angel’s daughter.

“Crap she awoken up..” Angel was about to rush but sakura look at her “I’ll take it from here.” rush to her bedroom when anila was sleeping.

“Boruto..” Naruto came in out of breath “Did you do that?” Boruto shook his head “No Dad I haven’t.” he told the truth to him as well sarada did. Naruto blew a temper while hinata tries to calm him down “Naruto..” hugging him as tries to calm her husband “Calm down please.”

Naruto took a deep breath then look at the hokage faces “I see what you mean..” he finally saw it then turn to the children “I will inform sai and ino about this.” Naruto sees his cousin Angel holding her child and itachi beside her as walk outside “Well we better leave now. The boys are back and anila is tired.” Naruto smile “Yeah I’m sorry for today, Angel.” Angel look at him “It’s fine naruto.” she smile “Until tomorrow morning.” They both nod in agreement and left home with itachi.

Naruto smile then boruto head outside with his dad “Where’s my sister dad?” look at him “Oh she’s home sleeping already and shizune is taking care of her.” Boruto nod then walk to his mother.

“Well sorry for my rudeness and hope you guys have a great night.” Sakura shout out “Hey naruto!!” ran out in a hurry “Is dinner going to be next week or this weekend?” hinata answer before naruto did “This weekend sakura.” Sakura smile “Awesome. I can’t wait to be there.”

Naruto just averse them talking and saw sasuke looking at him “Teme...” he said to him as sasuke said “Dope..” he got tick off by that but that’s sasuke. Always so cool and calm.

“See you at the dinner this weekend.” naruto told him “Hn you too. tell your son I have my eyes on him. He better not hurt my daughter.”

Naruto look at him “I will and i won’t count on it either. Same goes for sarada as well.”

The two face to face as foreheads together and look like their were going to beat the living carp outta of each other. It brings back memories. Trying to show off who strongest than the other. There equally match. The last battle they had was were their arms both lost. It took a long recovery to get them back.

Hinata and sakura standing their watching their husbands rant again.

“They're at it again.” sakura said with a sigh then hinata nod her head “Yeah. Just like old times.” she smiles watching them. Madara and obito stood their watching “It reminds us how much we wanted to show off who is better ninja around here.” obito said to madara “I agree. it does bring back the memories.” All watch and had good laughs from them.

So the day went all. Sasuke as ever he will ever be still has his eyes on boruto never what and keeping his toes on him. The overprotective dad to his daughter sarada. A new beginning for the next generation. It starts there.

The End

Meeting the Uchiha Family
Enjoy my story ^^ 

Don't worry I'm still doing poems for final fantasy 7 remake ^w^ just waiting for the artwork to be approve If I use them or not. so yeah. 

This is my first sasusaku story and it's base on this artwork of :iconemorocklara:…

I got inspired by it and started writing this short story but it turn out to 15 pages long lol mostly I do more than 15 pages owo. 

Yes it's with their daughter and naruto's son as well. 

So hope you guys enjoy my story and happy reading ^^ 
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My reaction to dangronpa another episode ultra despair girls.


I feel so bad for them I just wanna hug them qwq and damnit you junko!!! I hate you!!! 

This is is just my reaction I'm not giving spoilers away. 

Man man this game is so interesting but yet so amazing and good too. 

So far I'm in chapter 5 and the game so far is amazing!! I love it and the storyline is great. Everything is a amazing. I rate a ten on this and wow they did there stuff well. I'm glad they took their time with this game and the results are amazing ^^. 

as soon as im finish with the game I'm going to replay it again because I miss it a few things in there ^^" yeah oops. 

Sorry for not posting ^^" 

i had some college assignments to do at the time then I went on playing my game of dangronpa another episode ultra despair girls ^^".


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