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That Friend
I will be
that friend
to guide them
back on
each step
of the time
will be there
any need
for them
to recover
their pain
or struggles
isn’t alone
with the
same thing
they're going
No one
is alone
with the pain
Someone will
A friend
to be there
for them
in any need
no matter
what happens
There will be
that friend
their friends
in each
there will be
the true friend
behind the
i watch
my dear friends
be there
when they need
A friend
to be there
for them
I’m that person
That Friend
That Friend
Enjoy my poem ^^
My Scars
Little scars
that each
their own
and their
we didn’t
earn them
but we fought
our misery
of rains
it’s sad
I’m tough
to handle
been through it
and the
are real
Each scar
are from
my battles
from my
in my life
my darkest days
such a sad
I carry
the scars
on me
healing slowly
any wound
won’t bother
I have
the scars
and there marks
of my past
each of them
my scars
A story
from what I’ve
been through
they’ll be remind
My Scars
My Scars
Enjoy my poem ^^
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  • Reading: The school for good and evil
  • Watching: Broken podcast with pewds and ken
I was tag by :iconcirer-caelo: 

I'm really curious with your OTPs guys!

let's play it! XD

rules : Pick your 10 top OTPs without reading the questions, tag 5 (or more) friends. there's NO deadline! you can write it every times :3

ok! I'll start!

1. Noctis lucis caelum x Lightning claire farron
2.Sasuke and Sakura 
3.Sora and Kiari(kingdom hearts)  
4. Hajime Hinata and Chiaki Nanami (Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair) 
5. Zack and Areith 
6. Makoto and sayaka (Danganronpa: Trigger happy Havoc)  
7.Naruto and Hinata  
8. Cloud and Tifa (Final Fantasy) 
9.Byakuya and Kyoko (Danganronpa: Trigger happy Havoc)  
10. Mei and Minato (Say I love you)  


Do you remember the episode/scene/chapter that you first started shipping 6?
hmm I would say when Chiaki was starting to become friends with Hajime. I really like them being together all the time.

2. Have you ever read a FanFiction about 2?
~SasuXSaku~ I read a lot of that lol but my main one I found was The concert 

3. Has a picture of 4 ever been your screen saver/profile picture/tumblr?
Yup I have one in my computer with all the characters lol 

4. If 7 were to suddenly break-up today, what would your reaction be?
-Naruto and Hinata~
I would flip the table and yell at naruto for being an idiot XD so yeah lol 

5. Why is 1 so important?
-[Noctis x Lightning]
Because they belong together and they act the same way towards other people!!! I SHIP THEM!!!

6.  Is 9 a funny ship or a serious ship?
-[Byakuyax Kyoko}
 When shit was about to go crazy in the court room she was being so nice to him in a random way X'D 

7. Out of all of the ships listed, which ship has the most chemistry?
I always got Sweet chemistry for sausaku also Minoto and Mei from say I love you. I love them so much and they should just get married and have kids lol. Sasusauku, sasuke hardly shows emotion but whenever he's alone or near sakura he gets all shy lol it's too cute XD 

8. Out of all of your ships listed, which ship has the strongest bond?
-NoctisXLightning And 

9. How many times have you read/watched 10’s fandom?
-MeixMinato~(PFFFF!!!!!!!!! XD oh you have no idea lol)
I read a lot of stories also rewatch the anime as well including reading the manga lol I'm so crazy about my favorite pair OwO 

10. Which ship has lasted the longest?



2. :iconmayuralover:

3. :iconrexygal:

4. :iconsasusakumad:

5. :iconoblivion-time:
  • Listening to: Naruto soundtrack
  • Reading: The school for good and evil
  • Watching: Broken podcast with pewds and ken

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!




here's the article for it!!!…


I WOULD DIE HAPPY IF HE GOES TO ANIME EXPO!!!!!!! i would cry in tears of joy man. I would like to thank him in person for making such a wonderful anime and bringing us together with his wonderful work. I don't care what anyone thinks but I LOVE NARUTO TO DEATH!!!!!! that anime has been my all time favorite and still is. I would like to go on and on about it but I have to continue writing my other part to my stories and making a list of poems that are coming up soon.

So have a good cinco de mayo everyone ^^ 
A Chronicles Of Nick Story: The Dark Sisters

Long time ago, In the immortal world when the birth of a child name Nick Gautier was born. Three sisters were created and chosen to be guardians. The sisters were put to sleep in slumber for a lifetime until broke free until broke free in his 6th birthday. The three sisters escape to the humanity world to their task to guard the young boy Nick from any harm or danger. They were chosen by the Immortal Dark Hunters to do this task. Three sisters putting their lives to the next Dark Hunters without fail. Theses girls are related to the high council leader Dean Cross also married to Kimiko the  Dark Hunter’s training coach.

Their parents loved the girls dearly however a dark hunter can’t be married or have kids. They both put their lives at risk to protect their children.

One Day, In a cold night at the full moon  the assassin of immortal world were after the three girls. For their mysterious powers. They carried them both down to the boats.
One of Dean’s good friends.

Jim helped his daughters to escape as the other two deal with the immortal creatures. They took off fast into the night. The girls just turn seven this year but Rin was only six years old. The other two were twins but born different time. Linda was getting worried and wanted to cry then Rave took linda into a hug. As Kana was watching her parents chase off the creatures in the night along with the dark hunters and guards.

One of the guardians who is best friends of their mom said “It’s alright girls. There strong and you will see them again.”

Rin walked up to her and sat next to her

“You sure aunt Lucy?” without looking at her. Lucy sigh and gave her a hug

“I promise and you know how your mother is. Strong, bad temper and fights to protect.” smile small at her niece and Rin put her head against her arm.

All sisters dress in black with black coats with friends of their parents to protect them. One of the sisters tik off for not helping her parents to fight the creatures. That is Rave. She’s calm, reads books, likes to dress into Emo/Goth style and likes to train in order to fight.

Rave is sitting there quietly only staring at the sky then to the view of the night.

She mumble “This sucks I wanted to fight.” pause and turn to kana whose comforting her other sister

“But no!! Someone had to overprotective with this!!” yelled a bit mad and furious.

Kana sigh as turn to face her sister “Hey! I was only doing what I was told! ok? second mom and dad had a reason to save us instead of your idea of fighting or risking lives.” calms herself before saying anything then spoke

“Look were only seven years old and also rin is too little to fight and-” got cut  by Rave grabbing her collar shirt and made a tight squeeze with her hand into a fist.

She look at her

“It’s not fair!! also we could of at least help a little while escaping this crazy mess but no!! Someone had to be too concern of our safety.” whisper to her ear in a little loud pitch voice “I had enough of this!!”

she let go of her and went back to sit down next to her favorite uncle Sebastian. She sob in tears then hug her uncle.

Kana was surprise. She is right for one thing but never curious of how much their parents put up to keep them alive and safe. Also allowing them in the Dark hunters as their protection and home. Rin was shaking a little from the sense of her sisters fighting. She doesn’t like when her sisters fight and has to watch it happen.

She hates it a lot as her aunt lucy notice by what Rin keeps telling her about her sisters often fighting.

Lucy kept her niece close to her as mumble something to her that everything will settle down later on. And that made rin feel a little better as she was talking to about the days fill with peace not war.

~Normal Pov~        

All the sisters calm down from there little sense and sleeping in their new home with their aunt and two uncles Jen and Sebastian. The home is a huge mansion almost like the size of a castle but big. It has a fountain in middle of the drive like the movies but different. At the front of the house it has london style gates. A special design to make the house look fantasy and neat. They are many rooms for guest to stay also the girls have their own rooms.

Kana’s is all punk emo and little cute with a plushie animals. She likes cute things to add a little. Rave was all about the Emo and goth fashion stuff with the whole raven birds and dark stuff. She was pretty into it not like other girls with a pink room along princess stories on the wall.

Then Rin’s room is Emo with a little goth but Anime Style. She loves the whole Japan style and fashion. It looks pretty interesting for a room makeover.

In the living room, The Adults were talking among their sleeves as two Dark hunters walk in. They were tall, good looking, muscular body and strong. At the same ages of teens. Well actually both were ten also other eleven years old. The boy with an emo style was wearing a hoodie looked over to the adults

“Where are they?” Lucy was going to answer but Jean beat her to it “There sleeping in their rooms and just had a little fight before arriving here.” the other with blonde hair and green eyes cover with a mask across his eyes

“Oh I see... we just want to make sure that there alright.”

Sebastian look over to them “What your names? I know it’s a little late to introduce yourselves.”

The boy with the hood said “I’m Asheron but you can call me Ash for short.” calm and keeping his cool as the one with the mask said “I’m Kyrian Hunter.” without being shy or hesitating just plain calm.

Sudden, the door open with a crinkling sounds as  small girl holding a stuffed bunny with black pjs and a rope, walk up to sebastian and hug him as he pat her on the head

“What’s the matter little Rave?” the small one look up to her uncle “I had a bad dream about what happen today I regret causing the argument back on the boat and -” cut off by a hug and look up “uncle....?”

he said to her “Don’t let it bug you Rave, It wasn't meant to happen but it did. However, remember what I said?” look down at his niece and nod

“Don’t let the guiltiness bug you or it’ll burn to sorrow in torn papers?”

she smile small at him “Right except for the torn papers but good.”

he saw her yawn as eyes closing slowly but remain trying to stay awake

“Come on, I’ll tuck you in.”

He pick her up as he hug him and start to go to her room. Before they left, Rave look over to Ash “Hi Ash.” and left with her uncle out the door.

Lucy look over as she drank half of tea then place it down “My My my niece was right about you Ash. You worry sometimes about her when she has those nightmares so often.”

Ash look at Lucy “I know and She has the dream catcher skills when she feels guilty of something. A nightmare appears to her mind and fears it.” sits on the chair to relax a little from his worries.

Jean turn his head to them “Where are your parents at?” before Ash answer. Kyrian took over

“There still helping them out and told us to come check on you also the girls If you made it alright.” hands on his pockets. The adults got up “Well time to rest.” lucy said walking out of the room all tired and yawning.

Jen look to the boys “Follow me to your rooms.” he lead them up the stairs to the hall and came up to two rooms across from each other.

“Kyrian heres your room. Ash your is across the hall to the right next to the painting of the house.” looks at them as the boys nod and walk off to the rooms.

Jean went to his as he settled himself while all cozy and reading his book meanwhile his wife lucy was getting ready to go to bed. She came out of the bathroom, walk to the bed and dress in her sleeping clothes as cuddle with her husband.

“I hope the girls are alright I’m a bit worry.” her husband look over to her and put his book away as hug his wife close to him “It’s alright to worry but it was only a little fight. Rave was right at one point. However her worries were to her parents.” strokes his wife’s hair  

“Not to worry. The message came and there alright. They will be coming home later tonight.” he saw her smile. It’s like a beauty of angel from the heaven’s light.

He lean close to her and kissed her very smooth,soft,and gentle lips.

Broke the kiss, he saw her blushing and smiling

“Better?” he asked with a small smirk on his face. She nod her head as she giggle a bit. He smile

“Good.” saw her yawn then fell asleep in his arms as he give her a kiss on the forehead before turning off the lights.

Everyone asleep. The girls all safe and calm. Later that Night, There parents came home as went to bed from a long dangerous and hard battling night.

This wasn’t the night that was plan either. Why would assassins to attack the Dark Hunters and to get the girls? Was there a rival betrayal in the past? or Someone is after their power?

Maybe the girls.

The next following weeks Rin went to the park to walk her pet wolf dog Scar. This was cute too a little 6 year old walking her dog because she is a tiny little girl beside a big dog.

While walking her dog, she saw a boy about the age of 8 getting picked on by 11 year old boys. There was only 2 and just the boy alone. She walk up to where they were

“Excuse me, It’s not nice to pick on others.” the boy with mess up hair look at her

“Oh sorry.”sarcastically said “We don’t listen to little girly girls.”

Rin turn to the eight year kid who was beaten also about to get punch in the face

“You know that tick me off. Second I might be little but I know how to clean the messes.”
The two boys look at each other and laugh

“With what? A plastic wand or power fairy magic.”

Rin smirk a bit but hide it with a cute smile

“Nope. with my karate skills and my dog.” the boys stop laughing seeing a grayish white, light blue eyes but little hazel color and stare wolf dog

“Hehe meet my dog scar.” still smiling cute then let go of the leash as Scar chase them away then Rin help the boy up

“You ok?” the boy quietly nod and said “Thanks for the help.” dusting off the dirt off from his gothic dark clothing and fix his hair a bit before putting his hoodie back on. Rin smile

“You're welcome.” Rin saw her dog come back as tackle her down and lick her face. Rin laughing and chuckling  

“ok down boy hehehe that tickles.” her dog stop licking her face.

She clean her face with a napkin then turn to the boy “Hey aren’t you that kid that is quite and sits in the end of the corner in school?”

he nod “Yeah. The names Bubba.” he reach his hand to shake hers and Rin shook back “ Nice to meet you. I’m Rin.” smiles as letting her hand go from his hand.

She asked “So why were those guys picking on you?” walking along beside him while walking her dog. He took a deep breath as sigh

“Well first I didn't do anything. Second they thought I was stalking them which I wasn't only minding my own business until that happen. There a bunch of losers bugging people.” dust some dirt from his sweater.

Rin stood quiet for a bit then spoke out “Oh... I’m sorry and I always heard you get sometimes pick on.”

he turn his head while his glue to to hers as a worry rush on him. No one in school or anywhere was worry about him. Well expect his brother but mostly his little brother Mike worries for his brothers. He try to be speak without hesitation “y-you were worry about me?” he saw her nod

“I was.. I regret for not saving you when these guys beat you so bad as end up in the hospital...” stood quite then continue to talk “I was scared if that ever happen to me by trying to save you.”

her eyes move aside as her hand infront of her mouth into a fist. He tap her shoulder which made her turn to him “If you did save me. I won’t let that happen to you.” gave a small squeeze to her arm. she smile as nod her head

“ok, The next time I see someone picking on you. I’ll scare them or flip them over.” smiles. That made Bubba laugh imagining Rin as his own bodyguard to protect him. He look over to her “You do have a good sense of humor, you know.” smiling as Rin smile back at him

“Aww thanks. Sometimes my sisters will say the same thing but find it a bit annoying.” pout in disappointment. Rin’s sisters are strict on her because of training to be a DarkHunter/Guardian.

Bubba gaze at her “Well I think it’s cool. Your sisters need a sense of humor some other times. Don’t let that bring you down.” She smile at him then heard a voice calling bubba. They both turn around seeing a woman walking with another boy beside her as carrying the other in her arms.

Bubba’s mom look at him “Where have you been? We been looking for you and you worry me sick. Expectantly your little brother Mike.” stroking her son’s back from sobbing.

Then the other boy kinda same age as Rin and dress in casual clothing. He look over to his older brother’s side looking at Rin and her dog Scar. He spoke

“Hey, What’s your name?” talking to Rin. Rin look up “oh me? My name is Rin Cross. Nice to you meet you.” stand her shoulders straight as keeping her calm.

“I’m Erick, Bubba’s brother’s younger brother and this one is little mickey our little brother.” pointing his head to him then look back to his other brother. The mother of the three boys look at rin

“Wait, your Rin cross right?” curious as rin nod her head “why?” she asked her.

Then she reply “Because I know your mother kimiko Cross. We were best friends in highschool.” smile to Rin.

Rin look up “Ohh my mom talks about her good friends. I guess you're one of them?” saw her nod

“I am. The name is Marlene. I’m a Doctor of a company I own.”

The process past into Rin’s head then she finally remember her mom mentioning it to her.

“Ohh, you're that doctor who help my mom out when she was having her babies right?” the information surprise the two boys expect for the little one who was sleeping in his mother’s arms.

Erick and bubba look at each other then to their mom “You help Rin’s mom when she was having her sisters and her?” curious and knowing to get more information from their mother.

She smile and nod her head “I did. she had triplets but her older sisters are twins just born in different time as for rin, she was born a few minutes before midnight like about 11:55pm.”

Rin was chuckling as smile “it’s true. I’m the little one in the family too.”

Bubba turn to her “So that means you're the same age as my younger brother? Eight?”

Rin nod to him as a yes. Bubba smile to himself while listening to his mother talking to Rin. He is glad to meet her also a good friend’s daughter from his mom.

Rin question to Marlene “Hmm Can I ask you something?” she nod to her “Sure sweety.”

Rin thought for a bit then said “Is your son’s” pointing to Bubba “Name really Bubba?”

she heard the older brother laugh a bit but got his foot stomp on by his brother. Rin wondering

“Hmm Did I say something wrong?”

The mom shook her head and said “No No you didn’t. His real name is-” she got cut by her son

“No don’t tell her. She will laugh and mostly.....” he whisper to his mom “I will get embarrassed.” he pout as cross his arms around his chest.

Rin look over “No I won’t. I won’t laugh or whatever...” playing with her fingers being shy then he sigh and let his mother continue.

“Thankyou son. His real name is Michael Daniel Burdette.” Rin stood there and smile “That name is cool and sounds strong too.” then bubba’s reaction was shock but felt glad not to be laugh or embarrassed by.

Rin said “However, I will still call you bubba because it sounds like an interesting name.” smile at him and hear a car hock. She turn to see her uncle Jean waving at her “Well I gotta go. nice meeting you. bubba,mark and Mrs.Burdette.” ran off to her uncle’s car. Got in and look out the window seeing bubba ran where she is.

“Hey!!” panting as stop on his track before he spoke “Are you going to the BBQ this Saturday?”

She nod

“I am since me and my family will be there.” smile. Then they say goodbye as the car drove off. Rin was smiling while hugging her dog as her uncle notice

“What’s with the smile Rin?” curiously ask as his eyes on the road “I just meet a new friend today and found him being bullied. I stood up for him.”

She play with her hair to hide her embarrassed blush. She heard a chuckle coming from him and continue to drive home.

This Day was fun. It was good to meet them. Hope it can last longer. Not leave memories again.


~I’m gonna timeskip to 20 years later~  

A sound of the door as it sounds for customers coming in. She heard someone ranting with a bat in his hand. He look so old and buff up. The cloths are goth alike but more of combat.

He look like he haven’t slept yet or try to get some rest. “Wanna want?”

she look up with her hazel brow eyes “Is this how you talk to your childhood friend? After all these 20 years?” gave a smile.

His eyes wide in shock

“R-R-Rin...?” he stutter “Is that you?” the sound of a bat dropping, he ran to hug her

“You look different.” she said curious as pull away a bit

“You’ve grown yourself as well.” he chuckle and she smile “Thanks.”

she carefully gaze at him “What?” A chuckle escape from her “You’ve change bubba.” her hands cup to his cheeks

“Have you gotten my letters lately?” he nod to her

“Every single one except that you were coming back.”

he hug her more “I want it to be a surprise.”

he smile at her “Well I was surprise.”

she yawn a bit “You must be tired.” she nod “Yeah I just got back from my flight.” his strong arms wrap around her fragile body “Michael....” she whisper to him. He pick her up and carry her to the back

“Haven’t been call that name for years.” he look at her “I can tell.” smile tiredly while place on a king size bed.

“I didn’t know you had this kind of bed here.” amaze but yet tired from her trip.

“I sofa live here but I have a home.” she yawn again as lay on the bed

“You need to tell me something?” he look confuse “from your letter” she remind him

“Oh yeah I kinda forgot.” she look at him

“I have written the most to you and still do. I’ve face the toughest things also move on from it. However, I know she wants me to be happy again.”

she listen closely “Your confession sounds deep.” smiles as stroking his cheek “I accept.”

he smile and hug her


she hug back “We can take things slow.”

He look at her “It’s alright but I would like to do this.”

she was confused by what he meant as a pair of lips were press down on hers and the kiss deepen. She wrap her arms around him as he whisper

“This is better than writing it in a letter.” kiss her once more.

She chuckle through the kiss and kept kissing him then felt a tongue lick her bottom lip. Rin tease him a little but he won by noming her bottom jaw with kisses and slip his tongue inside. This kiss was long and sweet. Rin’s arms were wrapped around him pulling him close.

They wish to kiss longer but the need of oxygen broke their kiss. Rin panting for air as the same for Bubba. She smile up at him “That was some kiss.” bubba stroke her hair then kiss her lips again

“Same to you.” Rin look to bubba

“Hmmm bubba?” She got his attention

“What is it Rin?” she spoke “I never was in a relationship or kiss a guy.”

Bubba look down shock “I’m so sorry.”

She shook her head as cup her hands to his cheeks

“It’s ok Bubba.” she pause “I expect this to happen.”

she spoke with a smile as he did the same.

“Don’t worry as much.” he cup his hand into hers “I should of taken things slow. Don’t wanna hurt you.” she nod to agree.

Bubba cuddle with her then ask her “Where are your sisters?”

Rin’s eyes wide in shock

“Oh hmmmm” she look aside

“Rin.” he call on her again

“I ditch them at the airport and all my stuff is at the house also I came here to see you. Your mother wanted me to stay at your house.”

she heard him chuckle “Yeah my mother really likes you.” look at her “ A lot.”

she smiles “Yeah ever since I’ve told her who I was and whose mother I belong too.”  she stroke his cheek “but I’m glad to be home.” he snuggle close to her

“Good. Get some rest. You’ll need it.” looks up at him “Alright but what about the shop?”

he look to her “Don’t worry my brother Erick is here. He’s just napping.” And that said. They cuddle as the two nap. Finally united together.

Now to the sisters.

~At Kyrian Hunter’s Mansion~

The two young woman but girls walk to the door as they knock on the door. A maid open the door as eyes wide up to her surprise

“Oh my!! your back!!” she was indeed surprised to see the childhood friends of the two dark hunters. The twins smile

“It’s good to see you too.” Rave said as she drag her suitcases with her hand bag. Kana put her suitcase aside.

“They will be surprise of your visit. Well coming back.” the maid smile

“They sure will be. Even our little cousin Nick.” The maid’s mouth drop

“You are related to Nick?!!” They both nod “It’s a long story.” Kana said to the maid.

Then the maid yell out “Mr.Hunter and Mr.Asheron.”

smiles more as she carry their luggage to their rooms. Two tall men show up by the stairway.

“What is it-” Kyrian stop to see the girls who were standing in front of the door “No way...”

Then another voice came by “What do you-” he stop at his tracks looking at the girls.

Well mostly the one with shades and a french hat.

“Hmm we should go and sorry to bother you guys.” Rave said as she look away

“Rave don’t be rude.” her twin hit her arm

“You bloody bastard!!!” grab the collar of her shirt.

Before the sisters can beat the living crap outta of each other.

Kyrian and Asheron pull them apart as Rave was looking away blushing

“It’s good to see you too.” Rave try to get free but Asheron’s grip is too strong for her.

“After 20 years later, I almost forgot you're a vampire.” She said to asheron who chuckle to himself not letting them hear but Rave did. She heard it.

“Rave, you can take off your shades.” Rave look at her twin sister who was hugged by Kyrian

“No I can’t.”

Kana was curious of her sister

“Why not?” try to reach for the sunglasses but Rave back away

“Don’t take them off.”

she look down a bit then spoke

“My power isn’t in full control yet.”

Kana was confused “I thought uncle sebastian said-”

Rave cut her off “I know what he said!!” yell a bit then spoke “My powers are more dangerous. Well I could control it just that...”

Kana knew she was making excuses for Asheron not to look how she looks like.

“Rave.” she look at her “stop being a wuss and show how you look like.”

Rave blush and she sigh “Fine.” Kyrian chuckle “You saw through her lie.”

Kana nod and Rave took off her shades “There.” look at her sister “Freaken happy.” Rave’s eyes were hazel in brownish way but a little dark “And you too.”

Kana spoke “What are y-” Rave cut her off “Take off the sleep mask.”

Kana curse herself then took it off “How did you know?”

Rave grin a smile “Who makes the excuse to the taxi driver of “Make up” in the car.”

Rave shook her head

“Your worst than me.” The guys laugh and the girls smile. Rave spoke “I’m tired from my flight. I should rest.” try to break from Asheron’s grip.

“Hmm let go of me.” looks at him “Please?”

Asheron pick her up and carry her

“Tell me I’m sharing a room with you?” Asheron look aside “Maybe.”

Rave sigh and saw Kyrian do the same.

This will be interesting.

To be continued.....

Stay tune for the bonus Ending ^w^
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The Strange and The Uchiha:A Mysterious Love Cover by scareygirl15
The Strange and The Uchiha:A Mysterious Love Cover
Cover Story Of The Strange and The Uchiha: A mysterious Love. I'm gonna put this for the rest of the chapters and folder cover as well. Chapter fourteen will be out soon enough. I have some interesting stories to share with you in the meantime. 
A new Project Coming Soon... ^^ by scareygirl15
A new Project Coming Soon... ^^
A new project I'm working on lately and I can't wait to share it with you guys. And no peaking!! XD 
A Fresh Start
I’m healing
way faster
it’s like
that wound
meant nothing
to me
Rather move
than be
my problems
It’s good
move forward
Not stay
ever again
I’ve learn
can’t trust
too easily
when meeting
someone new
just be
and be good
at it
On guard
for anything
I rather
end this
move forward
not deal
with it
nor care
for it
A friendship
is to
always be
That friend
for the
Now I start
new again
A Fresh Start
A new chapter
for myself
and me
I have
other friends
who known
middle school
they tease me
in friendship way
not the
like others
It’s new
and Fresh
smells good
to break
Let it
A new thing
Another Chapter
of the
A new start
of a friendship
and move along
with my life
Not bother
by it
It’s good
to start new
and fresh
A Fresh Start
A Fresh Start
Enjoy my poem ^^ 


I have been pretty busy because of school but I did have time to play final fantasy type zero. I only play a little bit of the game but I will play it more due to ideas of making poems to every character of the game. Also FF15.

Another thing, I can't wait for E3 because of square enix!! FINALLY!!! i hope to see an update on my favorite two final fantasy 15 and Kingdom hearts 3. And other games as well. I mean it's been long since 2013 surprise I was like whoa!!! and screaming my head off I had a feeling that they'll surprise us at the playstation conference. The Square Enix Conference will be at 9am PST on youtube and Twtich Tv on June 16th. So Mark your calenders for the big day ^^. I'm so waking up early for this!!! 

Remain A Memory

It's been long

Since it


It stays

In the


Remains there

Like the


Of the memories

It's only


That has

To be remain

A memory

Not stuck



Through my


Either move

Or be destroy

I'm not

Going to be


Where it

Remains A Memory

And remember

How it occur

It's done

I'm free

Not letting it


Over me


Keep going

Be strong

On my guard

Not let it

Cross me


It's only

A memory

And it remains

Where the

Rest are


Laying in

Shadow memories

One by One

Each become

A remain


Of something

That has to

Be forgotten

Not worth

Remembering it

Waste of


To be

Remind me

Of this

I rather

Let it


Remain A Memory

Remain A Memory
Enjoy my poem ^^
  • Reading: The Chronicles Of Nick: Instinct
  • Watching: Smosh Games
  • Drinking: Water
Before reading this, This is nothing against the couple because i pair sasuke and sakura together. This is just my theory or saying or whatever you want it be. Here's the clues what I gather from the past naruto mangas not new but the old manga series. And no the daughter of sasuke and sakura isn't karin's daughter. I believe kinishmoto will explain himself through the next chapter next week also keep in mind that he has left us on huge or shocking cliffhangers before in the naruto manga series. Like I said you can agree or disagree with me but that's your choice. 
  • I know everyone is freaking out and all. Pulse read the manga as well. However here's the thing though. This will be my short theory or saying. However you put it.
  • A lot of kids when they are born there blood are always been taken out to see if the kid might have any issues. This means maybe the daughter needed glasses to see.
  • Remember when sasuke use the sharingan too much and he went blind?
  • Maybe that could be possible that their daughter had to wear glasses as she was growing up. I know everyone is piss off or whatever but kinishmoto will explain how she got glasses and sarada will meet her dad for the first time.
  • And for the photo part. Remember the times of how many years did sasuke left and was into the whole revenge? Well there wasn't much photos of them together because sasuke was away in a business trip by the hokage aka Naruto -w-.
  • And of course there daughter was born and sasuke did stop by to see them for awhile before he left again on a long term business trip.
  • That's all I have to say. If that happens and kinishmoto explains in way of how explain it but in a totally different then there you go.
  • Before ranting out and all go back also think of the clues of how sarada might gotten the glasses and the whole sharingan sense back at the time when sasuke went insane and kill danzo then think of the last chapter of the Naruto series when sasuke said he will return and see Sakura soon.
  • Reading: The Chronicles Of Nick: Instinct
  • Watching: Smosh Games
  • Drinking: Water
Before reading this, This is nothing against the couple because i pair sasuke and sakura together. This is just my theory or saying or whatever you want it be. Here's the clues what I gather from the past naruto mangas not new but the old manga series. And no the daughter of sasuke and sakura isn't karin's daughter. I believe kinishmoto will explain himself through the next chapter next week also keep in mind that he has left us on huge or shocking cliffhangers before in the naruto manga series. Like I said you can agree or disagree with me but that's your choice. 
  • I know everyone is freaking out and all. Pulse read the manga as well. However here's the thing though. This will be my short theory or saying. However you put it.
  • A lot of kids when they are born there blood are always been taken out to see if the kid might have any issues. This means maybe the daughter needed glasses to see.
  • Remember when sasuke use the sharingan too much and he went blind?
  • Maybe that could be possible that their daughter had to wear glasses as she was growing up. I know everyone is piss off or whatever but kinishmoto will explain how she got glasses and sarada will meet her dad for the first time.
  • And for the photo part. Remember the times of how many years did sasuke left and was into the whole revenge? Well there wasn't much photos of them together because sasuke was away in a business trip by the hokage aka Naruto -w-.
  • And of course there daughter was born and sasuke did stop by to see them for awhile before he left again on a long term business trip.
  • That's all I have to say. If that happens and kinishmoto explains in way of how explain it but in a totally different then there you go.
  • Before ranting out and all go back also think of the clues of how sarada might gotten the glasses and the whole sharingan sense back at the time when sasuke went insane and kill danzo then think of the last chapter of the Naruto series when sasuke said he will return and see Sakura soon.
Stuck Between
It is
so worth
to care
let it
which I
question this
why I’m stuck
in the middle
so between
on my
own thoughts
I rather
for this
My feelings
It hurts
way more
A broken heart
the trust
was broken
even worst
A piece
big piece
of the bond
was broken
it turns
to me
where I am
with this
not care
and let it
for my
own good
Let it
bug me
make me
so sad
I’m stuck
may affect
that may
I rather forget
move on
move forward
not let it
hurt me
as much
I rather move
from this
than rather be
Stuck Between
Stuck Between
Enjoy my poem ^^
Hero or Savior
May fallen
to my
but I can
through my battles
here and now
I shall
to get
to my escape
be free
from this
of my
own past
I won’t depend
Hero or Savior
to save me
from my
own battles
I have to
face them
won’t give in
Here’s a
little story
I’ve seen
my own
good memories
as mirrors
went down
to sad memories
my days
This moment
I will
break my own cycle
get back
to my feet
Not depend
waiting for
Hero or Savior
to break me
I rather fight
on my own
through my battles
Not a
Hero or Savior
Hero or Savior
Enjoy my poem ^^
Difficult Times
There will be
Where people Can
To their Defeat
and cry
Finish end
We have
Those moments
It can be
Hard on Others
But never
On the
Strongest ones
They always Find it
So easy
To get Through it
one Thing
In mind
Is hope
And faith
To be stronger
With those
They can
Get through Anything
It can be Possible
Just have to Try
And look Forward
To it
So much
In my thoughts
I wish
They can
Disappear Through
This difficult Time
I'm dealing with
Vanish all
The troubles
Move forward
To new Thing
A fresh start
Like I
Broke through
The breaking point
In these
Difficult times
At the end
Of this line
There is
Something Waiting for me
It's the light
Of my hope Answering
To my
Of help
Giving me
Through my
Difficult times
I'm going through
Dealing with
There will be Times
Where it
Can be
And tough
Also in
Bad times
At the wrong moments
It's how life
At times
To this Difficult Times
Difficult Times
Enjoy my poem ^^
Dream Alone
There I lay
in my
of dreams
to my
in my
where I
was taken
now here
on me
it seems
I came
A border
of two
not to
for good
I Am
dreaming alone
in the
Dream World
minding my own
no need
to bother
I’m here
all attack
in my
the sky
is night
stars around
A big tree
behind me
with traps
It seems
so nice
in this
to be
and dreaming
no one
Here thinkin
to my own
not sharing
the thoughts
just being
and dreaming
on my own
Me and my dreams
All Alone
In a part
of a dream
Dreaming Alone
stuck here
stab with arrows
as the dreams
keep going
My eyes close
in my body
wide awake
Dream Alone
In the
there’s moments
I dream
for anything
A dream
just being
Dream Alone
Dream Alone
Enjoy my poem. 

This poem was inspired by the song Dreaming Alone by against the current ft Taka from One Ok Rock. The song is very beautiful and amazing. I watch it yesterday then thought a poem of it. Now I wrote this. A poem of my own. Anyways, enjoy reading ^^ 
Trust Carefully
it’s not
so easy
put the trust
in others
is it
i don’t want
or others
around me?
No that’s
the real case
it’s to
make them
my trust
and be my
I may be
the shyest
they’ve known
i don’t let
my guard down
so easily
as others do
I have issues
in trust
what the person
to others
not just
around anyone
they come
across from
I look
after myself
and my surrounds
my prey
so I
pick my friends
just for me
not to
get my
let them
get hurt
I carefully
see what
kind of person
they really are
it’s like
others say
keep your
or enemies
to you
for me
A whole
lot different
I chose
who my friends
will be
so i’m
very careful
who i trust
the most
I have
my reasons
and the stories
On why
I trust carefully
with other
and new ones
I may be shy
but I exam
my prey
it’s only me
as others
might have
the trust issues
don’t show it
for others
there aware
who they are
the friends
one by one
who is
to trust
it’s also
I’m scare
to lose
as my friend
or close
and dear friends
best friends
A friendship
that’s ending
it’s worst
A broken Heart
that’s why
I chose
and trust
I trust carefully
for my sake
be aware
know your
how the person
not just
around you
but others
as well
also remember
don’t trust
so easily
nor let them
break your guard
Trust Carefully
Trust Carefully
Enjoy my poem ^^

This took awhile due to doing homework so I took a short break and decide to upload two poems for now before doing more of my homework.  

Spring Break With Levi

Plot: spring break is here. Everyone out of school as some are working throughout the day. A week of relaxing and taking a break from the studies. Expect for me. Yeah me as in Liz. I don't relax too much because of school and homework from the university. Ever since I started dating Levi Ackerman in Christmas holiday I mean his birthday. It's been over 4 months already since going out and it's in good status. As a study freak liz is to get everything done before the spring break starts. Nothing will stop levi for seeing his girl liz and doesn't like when she overwork herself too much in her studies and her job as an book author. So let's see what happens to smart girl Liz when she overwork herself with her studies as Levi pulls her away and makes herself relax with him. This will be an interesting spring break for the couple.

On to the story.

Normal Pov

Liz finishing up an essay that due in her English: creative writing class. She got the rest of her homework done before spring break started. She finish at last and put everything in her pile of homework. Then she took a drink of water from her water bottle then put it aside. She can’t wait for spring break and smile to herself. ‘I can’t wait for spring break and hang out with Levi more.’ Levi and Liz were going out for 5 months already and still going strong. Liz always enjoy Levi’s company and often hangs out at his dojo watching him train his students with the other masters. She wonder how it was like to spend a spring break week with Levi.

Liz look at the window as she pet her cat “Hmm I feel like going swimming today.” she look at the clock and it was only 11:15 am before Levi arrives with lunch and hanging out for the day. She got up from the couch as walk to her room and change into her swimsuit then got a towel as she head off to the pool at the backyard of her house. Liz loves to swim whenever she has the time from her studies and writing her books. Thank goodness she put out three books already from her series as well 2 books from a new series she has been working on for awhile. Liz jump into the pool as she swim across the huge pool. It was refreshing and cool. The water was press on her body she flow above the pool.

She smile to herself and swam more through the pool then dive down as came up for air.

“That was a good swim.” she smile more then after one hour and 15 mins she got out of the pool as she shower up and got dress into fresh clothing. She had a thick tank top shirt with another tank top under her shirt and some short pants down her knees. she let the towel dry her hair as watch some tv then heard the door being unlock and keys being place on the hanger.

“Hi Levi-” she got tackle into a hug and push down further to the couch as Levi cuddle up to her.

“I’m finally home and away from those idiot brats...” he breath down her neck and press his face there.

“Welcome home?” She stroke his hair as her cat cuddle on top of her head

“So what happen?” Levi grunt as a sign he didn’t want to bother talking about it.

“Did it end bad?” she took a guess at it. Levi look at her “The class was great but the newbies were a pain in my ass. I let jean train them today and took my students in for today.”

Liz look to him then spoke “Then why did it sound you were bother?” Levi sighs as he hug her close to him “Hanji annoyed me again and I forgotten to get us something for lunch.”

Liz pat his head softly “Don’t worry i took care of it. I order us the food already.” Levi kiss her cheek then look at her “You are a lifesaver. I’m sorry for not getting it this time.”

Liz smile to him “It’s alright. Jean told me you might come home late today due to the new students.”

Levi sigh to himself then look at her “I’ll at least pay for it this time.” Liz hug him then saw him sniff her hair

“You smell fresh and you use that shampoo I’ve got for you?” she nod with a smile “I did and smell beautiful. I really the the tropical shampoo mix with the fruit.” Levi sniff her hair more “It smells very tropical.”

she chuckle a bit “Oh I’m finally on spring break and got my homework done already. It was only one assignment this time.” Levi look at her “English this time?” she smile with a nod “I knew it. Your sucker for writing and good at it.”

Liz sat up with him “I know and what about you?” Levi look at her “I do have time off and don’t really want to go to the camp thing again. The cabins are disgusting.” Liz lay her head on his chest “I understand you work too hard. I’m glad you had fun at my family’s beach house last summer.”

Levi had meet Liz’s family and they were nice to him with respect towards him. however, Her dad was always on his guard whenever his daughter wasn’t looking. Levi was use to it. he understood her father being overprotective as he is himself overprotective with his girlfriend Liz. They gotten along well.

“Yeah I had a great time. Especially when I was alone with you at the campfire.” He brush his lips on her neck as send shivers down her spine “L-L-Levi.. we just made out and turn to a heated make out section.” she stutter which made Levi chuckle to himself and give kisses down her neck then went straight for her lips.

It cut her off guard of course but she manage to kiss him back. The kiss was long then it turn to a tongue war but Levi won by making it into a heated kissing moment. The two kept kissing for a long time until Liz’s cat meow and chuckle to herself

“Aww someone hungry?” look to her cat Tyru and pet it’s head “Good thing your cat is adorable.”

he pet tyru’s head with his hand gently.

“Yeah she is a friendly cat and very friendly to others.”

She got up from his lap and went to the kitchen to make her cat some lunch then put two bowls down. One for food and the other some water. “There. good thing I made it home made. Those classes pay off well.” She heard her cat meow happily as she giggle to herself

"aww so cute." smile to herself. "But you're more cuter." He press his face down her neck and sniff her scent once more.

"L-L-L-Le-Lev-Lev-Levi!!" She freak but remain calm as she can be.

"Yes my dear?" She felt a grin spread across his lips and knew he was teasing her. Oh he enjoy teasing her but it was cute for him. A least she can deal with it as she can in the meantime she makes the tea for him.

"Do you want your tea? The usual right?" He look up and nod "yeah the usual and thank you Liz." She smile to him "you're welcome Levi." She kiss his cheek and he pout at her "what?" She was confuse a bit "I want a kiss not on the cheek."

Liz blush as she look at him "oh hmm ok." a nervous nerve strikes again to her and she lean forward as her lips press down to his. The kiss was a like the battle of the dance.

Both lips glue together as each one try to win the battle but Levi won. Levi then lift Liz up from her feet and her legs wrapped around his waist. Levi is getting somewhere. The perfect moment to get his chance to make out with her once more. As one kiss was making her melt into his arms and them against each other. Their so in love with each other.

A sudden moment of gravity lead cause to floor on the carpet as still making out. His breath tickle her each time he kiss her everywhere of her body to her neck and shoulders to her soft spots. Then a soft moan escape from her and the grip was strong. he came on her of her as look down at her patting and face full with red blush. Levi was lost of breath as well and he kept going. There were kissing and making out in the living room floor. Kiss lips smash against each other, bodies glue in one spot from each other, and movements of searching their bodies together. Liz was sure to get some hickeys from this.She didn’t mind but only there not shown around her friends and family members. They will tease her to death. No mostly ask questions as well. Hanji won’t shut up about it.

That’s even worse too. Poor Levi, He will have to go through that when he’s at work at the dojo while Hanji is bugging the hell outta of him. The two finish their heavy breathing make out section. Levi help liz up and carry her to the bedroom upstairs. He notice her hair was a bit messy but wet at the same time.

“Did you swim today?” She look up as nod her head “I did. For awhile because you were going to come back anytime now so I took a swim to not get bored while sitting around all day at the house not doing nothing beside writing books or making short stories on my deviant art. Well mostly poems I write on my free time and read a book.”

He chuckle as he kiss her forehead “You're such a bookworm.” She pout at him “Hey!” she poke his cheek gently which cause him to chuckle even more “A cute loving book worm.”

he finally said to her and she blush a bit “Why thank you Levi. that was very sweet of you to say.” she smile at him. He made to the bedroom and open the door with his other free hand then enter as kick the door with his foot and made his way to the huge bed. He place her down and went beside her as he brought her close to cuddle.

“Mine.” he mumble to himself as she chuckle at him “I know. I’m all yours Levi-senesi.” chuckle more which the poker face not showing emotion to anyone but fear, A blush appear on his face as he look away trying to hide it from her

“Don’t push it you br-” he was cut off from a pair of lips pressing down on him and she was kissing him. Levi was totally off guard then let her kiss him. Liz pull away with a smile on her face.

“Hehehe” she giggle a small laugh. “Show off.” Liz laugh a bit from that “Aww come on Levi, Don’t like it when your girlfriend teases you as well?” she made a cute pout at him and he just sigh as brought her close to him. “I like it but that’s my job to do the teasing.”

A sound of a doorbell rang and Levi spoke up “I’ll go get it.” Liz smile at him “Yay food is here.” Levi went to the door as he pay the man for food and close the door as he carry the bag of lunch to the kitchen counter.

Liz walk there and smile “It smells good.” Levi grin a smile “Yeah. You did order the usual right?” she nod “I did like you always want it. I’m gonna make the tea before I eat my lunch.”

She starts on the tea as she gather two mugs and wait for the water to boil. Levi prepare the lunch on the table and look at her. He saw that she was hungry and tired from doing all the finishing work of her books lately.

Not to mention staying a bit late to finish an essay as well. Levi worries for her and doesn’t want to push her to the limit. The tea was done and brought the pot of tea to the table with two mugs in the tray. “There you go.” she pour his tea for him and hers at last. “Enjoy.”

She start eating her sandwich then look at levi. “What?” she gulp down her food. Levi spoke out “You seem tired and I feel bad for making you push yourself sometimes.” Liz was a bit confuse but she knew where he was getting at.

“I really don’t mind. I mean you’ve done so much for me at least let me return the favor to you.” Levi look at her with a straight face “I don’t need any favors Liz. A least you can relax yourself too. If you're tired or something I will do it myself no need to always do things for me.”

Liz look at him as she swallow down her sandwich then drink her ice tea. “Ok levi. I won’t push myself too hard. I promise.”she put her hand on his and gave it a squeeze.

“In my spring break, I would like to relax and spend time with you and my friends as well. Maybe we can go to Mikasa and Eren’s house for that cook out they invite us for.” Levi grunt a bit as his eyes look at her

“I don’t do well in social gatherings but if you're going to be there then I won’t mind. Hope that shitty glasses won’t bug the hell outta of me again. I mean why not bug Erwin? They seem like a cute couple or some shit.” he sip down his ice cold drink as Liz chuckle a bit “What?” Liz turn to him

“They don’t worry. I told Mikasa about Hanji. You both aren’t alone. Still can’t believe your cousins too and she’s my best friend.” Levi grin but one of his famous show off smirks “Well my family isn’t all that bad but Mikasa is different. and what did Hanji do to Mikasa?”

Liz thought for a bit “Oh that’s right you weren’t there because of your hospital appointment.” Levi look at her “So what happen?”

she pause for a bit to think before she answer to him “Ok I was with Sasha and everybody else even the masters were there. We were all talking about a get together and make it happen at Mikasa and Eren’s place because some have issues with Hanji being drunk these days.”

Levi chuckle as he let her continue on “So we plan a get together/ pool party cook out. Mikasa said she was going to get her bag out of lockers so she went and about 30 minutes later. We heard a yell coming from the locker room. We all gather around the locker room and saw Hanji kissing Erwin. Mikasa was hanging upside down from a trap that hanji set up.”

Levi finish half his drink then spoke

“How did hanji end up kissing Erwin?” Liz gulp her food as she answer “She came running in fast paced to ask Mikasa something about weird science stuff and of course mikasa dodge her and end up tripping onto Erwin. That’s when Hanji accidentally push Mikasa to her trap.”

Levi seem surprise but his face was in shock “Wow shitty glasses finally has someone to bother with. It’s not me. I’m glad.” He said that as he pull liz closer to him.

“And that means I can have some alone with you whenever you and I have lunch in my office. It’ll be great and no one to be bug with.” Liz blush a bit “Of course I mean I do enjoy spending time with you, Levi.” Levi slid his hand around to her waist and cuddle her

“You're all mine and No one elses.” Liz was glad that levi is happy with this. Now he can say something to hanji if she ever start to bug him again. It’s the secret weapon to make her go away.

Liz's Pov

I look at Levi with a curious look on my face. He look at me as he was having his way to have fun and not be bother by hanji anymore. I guess I can't do anything. Hanji is a good friend but can be very annoying at times. Not to mention to the point she annoys the senesi and Levi too. Does that girl have a hobby or no one to talk to because she is insane about her science and history? Oh well I will never know not bother to ask because it might be one of long forever stories and not getting to the point of the reason.

"I'm guessing your gonna have fun with this?" Levi turn his head towards me "Aren't you?" Levi had his poker face back on

"yup. I wont regret it either. It's time to take my chances to get her back on what she has done to me."

Sometimes I don't understand why he is so punk up with this kind of stuff. He never pays attention to the socializing around the group. Only if it's interesting to hear about. I bet he doesn't listen but looks like he is. Very carefully.

"Well I wish you luck and hope no one gets hurt." I took a sip of my ice tea and finish it all. Levi's grip went to soft to strong and not trying to hurt me but only agreeing with me. "I will make sure no one does. If they do then they will join Eren on cleaning duty on a hot Saturday afternoon."

He buried his face into my neck

"poor Eren.. Why do you torture him again?" Levi gave a look to him like he was annoyed by the question I ask him.

"Because if he ever wants to be a senesi like I did then he has to go through what I had to become one." I sigh to myself "Is that part of training or testing his limits?" He thought for a bit "To test his limits only. If I make him do anything else my cousin will kill me for sure. I don't like her temper. She reminds me of my aunt." I nod to agree with him. I've seen her temper before when she is focus on her training and rumbling into battle.

"So when is this get together of mikasa?" I thought for a bit and remembering what day did she say of when the party is. "She said on Saturday at 3pm." Levi nod at me "ok we will be there and leave a bit early as well."

I chuckle to myself. I love it how he knew I don't enjoy parties much only get togethers with friends or small hangouts. "You know me so well, Levi." I wrap my arms around him as A grin spread on his lips as took the chance to kiss me. It felt like he went straight for the kiss and smash his with mine. It was a long kiss. I felt like my breath will let out anytime soon. He broke the kiss as left me hanging with a blush red face.

"Gezz you seem WAY too happy about this." A sarcastic tone escape from me but it was the truth.

"Hmph.. I like to enjoy things my way. I don't give a shit what anyone else say." I shook my head as roll my eyes a bit." Sure you do and enjoy your little moment."

My arms cross around my chest and look down as petting my cat tyru as making soft purr sounds and snuggle close to me. "I will enjoy it." And with that I felt my ears get hot again and cut me off guard by his words. "No fair." I pout to myself then he chuckle "you're so cute when you blush and pout like that."

My head was still turn away from as he spoke to me

"It makes me want you even more." Whisper right down on my ear as I squeal from embarrassment

"Levi!!!" look up at him to see him laughing to himself

"stop teasing me so much!!!" In that moment I felt like my eye twice for a second of annoyance.

Looks like my nerves were going high as Levi was having his way of fun. Teasing me to the point my face is like a red tomato. "Hmmm No..." He said to me "No?" I got so lost this time, Now he lean close to me

"Who will I experience my love for? I prefer you the most than the other girls." I facepalm myself as feeling stupidly blind that he was flirting with me all this time. "You should've said that earlier instead of teasing me so much!!" I rant on and a pair of arms were wrapped around me with strong grip.

"I know but that's how much I love you." I narrow my eyes aside as said "hn." He chuckle more and kiss my forehead "relax Liz, you always seem workup." "Not my fault I had to bust my ass to work my way to spend my spring break with you and finally relax." finally said to him. It was the truth. These past couple of days I work nonstop to get everything done before my spring break started. I did it to spend time with my friends and family also more importantly with Levi.

"You did all this for me?" I nod with a shame look in my eyes "yes I did." admitting it to him "I work hard and finish my assignments just to spend time with my family and friends. Most importantly with you as well."

He pat my head gently "I'm glad to hear that." I smile at him "Don't push yourself too much brat. I don't want anything to happen to you." I promise I won't next time. I will be sure to take breaks now and then during my studies."

Levi gave her a look "Next time? Never again is the word." A small laugh escape from me as I hug him. "Ok never again. Happy?" Levi kiss my cheek "Good. I won't have to worry for the little shit you are. You can be so stubborn sometimes." He admit to me "what can I say? I like to do things on my own without anyone's else help. I feel like a bother to them."

Levi whack my head gently "hey!! What was that for?!!" Looking at him "Don't be such a scary cat for asking for help. If you need anything I'm here you. I will be there for your every need. Even if it's small but I will be the first person for you to help."

I smile grimly at him "alright I will." Levi grin a smile as he won victorious to be the first person I come too if I need any help. 'He such a little kid to get everyone's attention.' I thought to myself with a smile on my face.

"So what do you want to do now?" I thought for a bit and nothing came but I said "how about take a small nap together and make dinner then watch Hell's Kitchen together?" I suggest to him. He loves that show so much. Chef Ramsay and Levi are both alike but different. Only one thing they have in common is they both swear a lot. I may swear as well but not too much like Levi does.

"Hmm sure." He pick me up from my seat as carrying me to my room upstairs. We went inside my room and he lay me on my bed as he made his way to me the cuddle up to me. He looks so peaceful when he sleeps or naps with me. It's adorable.

I smile before I close my eyes to take a small nap with Levi holding me in his arms. I feel safe around Levi as not to worry a thing. It's like my problems had vanish out of me and only focus on my studies also social life with my friends. It seems so perfect I would say. It's great.

Normal Pov

The afternoon came by and it was 3 hours later it was only 5pm when The couple woken up from there nap. Liz was peacefully asleep as her hair was a bit mess up from napping too long. It was a good thing she had comfortable clothing whenever she takes naps. She yawn and stretch out her arms then look down to her cat sleeping on Levi's spot again. She always wonders why she likes that spot more than hers? Liz doesn't have a problem with it but only curious to why her cat will sleep or lay on Levi's spot than anyone else. She smile to herself while petting her cat gently not to wake it up.

A sound of a shower turning off then clothing being put on as a young man came out with a towel wrap around his neck and walk towards Liz who was sitting up on her bed.

"Oh you took a shower as well?" she said teasing him a bit. Levi gave her a look "Well I don't like to be covered in sweat and prefer to be fresh also smell clean." Liz smile as chuckle to herself. She gave her phone to look through her messages or emails she might of miss when taking her small naps.

"Hmm I answer all my emails..." talk to herself a bit as checking her phone "only got a text message from mikasa and that will be it."

She reply to mikasa and send it then put her phone on her night stand. A pair of arms wrap around her pulling her closer.

"Why can't they leave us alone for awhile?" he mumble to himself.

"Well mikasa was only the one who texted me and mainly some of my friends are doing other things in the meantime. As for you, I understand you can't text while in class but in breaks I get to see you which makes me happy."

She hug him back as he spoke out to her

"I would text you all the time if Erwin wasn't a total dick sometimes and my students teasing me about you while in class." he knows if he ever mentions her around he will beat the next guy who ever talks about her in any way or put them in cleaning duty like he always does to Eren.

"I can relate to that. I will only have eyes on you. No one else but you."smile towards him. "You better." That's all he said to her and cuddle with her. She lay her head on his shoulder as her nose sniff a bit of his hair.

"Did you use the shampoo you bought me?" she curiously ask but try not to make herself laugh neither show a sign of giggling. "Maybe..." he felt the heat come back up again and his ears were red as well.

"You smell good." stroking his hair gently with her fingers. Levi smile small at her "you're not mad?" She shook her head "No i'm not." move her legs on his lap and sat down "I won't mind sharing my favorite products with my boyfriend who lives with me now."

She saw him doing his show off smirks "Good because some of the men products suck these days but I have a few that are good."

Liz giggle to herself "I would agree because I have a confession to make." she look up at him "what is it?" Liz was nervous to say but she took her chance to breath before she spoke "The other day I use your men's conditioner for my hair."

He was listening as she kept going

"The one with the light blue."

Levi didn't react but only said "Why?" Now she was getting nervous around him but she got her courage and look up at him

"because that time Hanji did an experiment with my hair and try to make it look good. It turn out to be a huge mess and I had gum in my hair."

she explain to him "ok first off, why would shitty glasses do that? And second of all, your hair is fine just the way it is."

She shrugged "I don't know really. Maybe she wanted to try it out on someone and she pick me for it." She finish speaking.

"If she ever does this again, please let me know so I can protect what's important to me. I don't want that idiot to do anything else with you." Levi said to her as he grab his phone from the nightstand.

"What are you doing?" Levi was texting with his free hand as the other was wrapped around her waist. "Texting Erwin and I told him what happen. He said he will be on a look out and making sure nothing happens to you when hanjis around." put his phone back on the nightstand "And what else happen?" she spoke out to him

"Well once that happen, I ran out of the building and went home.Then once I've arrive, went straight to the shower and wash the gum off my hair then I randomly pick out your conditioner without knowing and put some on my hair. It turns out it had removeable gum liquids for any sticky stuff. So I use it and my hair turn out to be soft also strong." she finish her story as he look down at her "well a least your hair is ok now. I swear if that Shitty glasses anything stupid. It's off with her head."

She shook her head "wow now you're starting to sound like the queen of hearts from Alice in wonderland." Laugh and chuckle more

"it's so cute." smile more to herself. "S-S-Sh-Sh-Shut up." He stutter with a blush on his face.

"It's cute and sweet whenever your overprotective of me." hug him tightly like hugging a stuff animal she'll never let go of. "Yeah thanks hmm easy on the hugging." He hug her back "I'm still score from the exam we took today."

Liz ease the hug a little "oh sorry I kinda of forgot about that too." She smile nervously as her eyes wonder around while thinking to herself "it's alright." Lay his head on her neck "what should we do for dinner?"

Liz thought for a minute "maybe pasta with chicken or cheese?" suggested to him "sounds good. We'll do both then" she nod then stood up "ok I'll get everything re-" he cut her off by kissing her lips as he broke it "I'll do the cooking today. You just relax. I still wanna make it up to you for today."

She smile at him "ok." She kissed him back and follow him to the kitchen down stairs. Then went to the living room and watch some shows on Netflix before Hell's Kitchen starts. Liz cuddle up in the couch as her boyfriend levi was cooking up dinner. It was a peaceful evening on a friday afternoon.

The dark brown eyes look towards some greyish ones staring at her with two plates of food on each hand. He place them in front of her then went back to the kitchen to get their drinks “It smells good.” she grab her fork and taste out the paste then her eyes wide up with amazement. This food was actually delicious and tasty too. Short man came with two drinks then place them on the coffee table.

“This is amazing.” she gulp down her food “I’m still surprise as a guy like you can cook this good.” took another bite of her pasta with chicken and cheese. “Hmhp.. well we only dated for a year and half now. Still like to surprise you with my cooking.” Liz lean close to him and kiss him then look up “And I thankyou for that.”

Levi sat down next to her on the couch. “So did I miss anything?” She shook her head and turn the channel to the show. “No not really. you're just in time too.” took another fork full of pasta wrap around it then pop it into her mouth as chewing it. They both socialize together while watching the show. At times levi will rant as well with the chef in the tv show. Oh well let out all the stress in a healthy but weird way. Liz enjoy her dinner with Levi and the day went well.

After dinner was finish. The dishes were in the washer and everything all lights out. It was time to rest for the day and spend another for tomorrow. The couple were upstairs cuddling with each other as they sleep in their peaceful dreams. Liz never cuddle or hug anyone but Levi in her sleep or naps. She will mostly hug a body pillow of a anime character. Yeah that’s how lonely she is. Until she meet Levi and turn quite interesting for them both.

This spring break will be relaxing and fun. Just her and Levi also her friends as well but mostly with Levi. She is glad to spend her spring break with her boyfriend. The fearless tough scary looking but loveable senesi Levi Ackerman.

To Mikasa and Eren’s House

Everyone was at the gathering and the cookout is starting. The first main people were the group from Levi’s squad who came along with Levi and Liz. As the others who are Eren’s friends also some of Levi’s new students. There were all at the gathering now. Including Hanji and Erwin. Liz was talking to Mikasa along with the rest of girls while Levi is chatting with the boys. Armin look at Levi “So you actually came to the party?”

Levi wasn’t amuse but he seem nice to everyone so he cut the guy some lack since he is related to Liz as in a cousin way. “Yeah I mean we both don’t like the parties much but small gatherings with friends is nice once in awhile.”

Armin nod as he sip down his drink from his cup

“Yeah I know how Liz is. She isn’t the party person.” he look towards his cousin who was talking to the girls by the tables. “So Levi how it is like living her? You're glad your out of the apartment building due to Hanji bothering with random things.” Eren ask him as he chose his words carefully around his senesi

“Hmm It’s not bad Jaeger.” his eyes move to look at him “It’s quiet peaceful there.” he sip his tea carefully and saw his friends in shock. “Whoa really? It’s not other places you been living for so long?” Eld question to him “Yeah and no one to bug me expect her cat. The cat is very friendly and her other pets as well.”

Now all the guys were surprise that Levi enjoys living at his girlfriend’s house. “Wow Levi never knew you like to live with my cousin once you guys start dating.” Armin said to him as The fearless man sigh to himself but somehow grin a little to himself “Well yeah I’m glad to live with her now.”

then a voice spoke out “I see you like living with liz. I’m impress Levi.” Levi look to see his rivalry friend with the double dagger hair cut. Erwin Smith. he was in navy blue swim shorts with a towel and bag on him as he walk towards the rest of the guys.

“I never knew you would show up.” He glare to the short man but yet fearless of them all. “Well here I Am shit head with my lovely girlfriend Liz.”

A soft hold of his hand was grab and hold onto. Liz must of walk behind the guys without them noticing. ‘Wow she is smart and a ninja too.’ Levi thought to himself as looking to his girlfriend who was hugging his arm now. Levi already told her the stories between Erwin and him.

He was Levi’s master and senesi at the time before he join the survey corps martial arts. They both came a long way to being great senesi before joining the martial arts. Now when they see each other it’s either talks or picking a fight against each other.

“Levi...” he heard her voice and it was soft with sweetness inside. “Don’t start again...” she press her head against his shoulder “I don’t want to see you in the hospital again...” she reminded him but last time he won the match of the senesi and took the belt away from him.

“I know Liz...” she look up to him and hug him “Don’t do anything stupid..” Now Levi was trap in her arms and anger has him in a different place. However, he has to remain calm as possible.

He may won the senesi match against Erwin but the hate still spoils up inside him. He’ll never forget that moment. The day of his two friends gave up their dreams for his. To become a good senesi towards others. Levi sigh to himself but remind as tough as he can be.

“I won’t.” he hug her back “I promise.” his voice was firm but a bit shaky his anger.

“You know Ewrin...” Liz look towards him “This isn’t a place to fight but it’s to gather around friends and have a good time. However..”look at everyone then a smirk grew across her face “Will i have to remind you what happen in the locker room...”

Now that made his face bright red as a tomato “What do you mean?” liz walk up to him and whisper “The kiss.” then said once more “With shitty glasses.” she only said that part out loud and walk back to levi leaving an embarrassed Ewrin behind.

Levi was curious on what she did but he will ask her later on. They walk to the two long benches and sat down while eating their little cut fruit in the meantime as the food was being cook.

“So what did you do?” Liz chuckle to him and whisper in his ear then a smirk grin in lips. “Oh that... nice one.” she chuckle more “Yeah i didn’t say anything else nor mention that i talk about it with you.” Levi look up at her amuse of her actions “That’s my girl.” giggle to herself and watch the rest asking questions to Ewrin then came in mikasa with Eren and Armin.

“So you did remind him of that day huh?” Liz nod to mikasa “I did and it was priceless.” Eren and Armin bust out laughing as the others were talking. “Wow never knew Ewrin will be shut down by a girl like you.” Eren said to liz and Armin spoke out

“Yeah but you know my cousin, she has her ways to shut down people.” They all laugh except for levi he was laughing in the inside and enjoying his time with his girlfriend and his friends.

This spring break will be interesting for Liz. An interesting story to tell for others once back to the studies. Liz is enjoying the time of the gathering with everyone. Levi is now cuddle up with his girlfriend as they were both eating the food then heading home early due to not being in the party mood it turn into. A few moments later, the couple left home then shower up and all dress in comfort clothing while watching tv together.

“I had fun today and was interesting.” Levi chuckle a bit “Oh yeah it was interesting alright.” look at her “when my own girlfriend shut down the other senesi I hate so much.” he kiss her cheek lightly and leaving a blush on her cheek.

“uhh thankyou Levi.” shyly spoke to him and clear her throat “Well it will be an interesting spring break.”

he lean closer to her “Won’t be liz?” she blush on fire and nod to agree “Y-Y-Y-Yeah it’ll w-wi-will b-be.” stutter now and levi just cuddle up to her as brought her close “Your so adorable.”

Levi smile small then kiss her softly then went into the passion. This was surprising for Levi himself and liz as well. However they made out again while the Tv was still on. Liz was so much in love with him and couldn’t help to be with him.

Levi kept kissing her in every way and smash his tongue inside hers. Each breath was running out and soft moans escape in the air. A kiss with love and passion. It was with joy. They broke apart as panting out for air. Liz was a bit dizzy from the kiss but she enjoy it.

Levi lay down next to her while his arms wrapped around her.

“That was a good make out. Sorry if I went too deep with the kissing.” he look to her with a small grin in his face “It’s alright. really I enjoy it.” panting and trying to catch her breath. “Hmm I can’t wait to bring you to work with me tomorrow.” he said with amuse smile on his face.

“Why?” curious ask him but said “Are you planning something?” Levi didn’t say anything but kept quiet “Tell me Levi.”

Levi didn’t say a thing to her but only said “I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

Liz was now curious about it

“Ok fine. I understand.”

she turn her back on him and position herself to sleep since it was getting late anyways. Levi look at her “Something Wrong?” he lean close to her and found her fast asleep already.

“Hmm.” he was thinking something. He shook the thought away and hug her as she was asleep. Liz got him back by not hugging him and fall asleep in his arms this time. Levi now regrets it. However this spring break will be interesting for Liz.

Spending time with Levi in her spring break week.

It should be interesting.

The End                

Spring Break With Levi
Enjoy my story.

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The Strange and The Uchiha: A mysterious Love Chatper 13 Part2 

Naruto's Dinner Party, Sakura meets Sasuke's Parents 

~To where we left off~ 

~Time skip to the shopping. At the Mall. Starting with Angel and the girls.~

Angel wasn't the girl who likes shopping at malls. She only shops at the emo goth clothing stores, the book stores, game and comic book store. That's pretty much her shopping list. She already got her dress pick out but it wasn't much of her style.

"I think it'll be better for me to pick my own dress." looking at the pile of dresses that the girls give her. "I-I-I think she may be right because it-it might be the dresses we want her to wear not of her interest." Hinata said while stutter through her words.

Tenten look at the dress she pick out for Angel "Well I thought it'll look good on you." The dress was a see through from the top but the bottom was like a skirt dress on the bottom.

"No I rather pick that dress over there." she point out to the mix pattern dress that look like a Alice in wonderland dress. "My second choice was that one next to it."

A neon blue dress with waves of an ocean across down from it. All the girls gasp with joy and look to angel "You pick an amazing choice!!!" That was Ino who squeal in excitement. "It'll look great on you Angel." sakura smile as she hand the dress to angel.

"Thanks sakura and thank you for having hope in me. Sometimes You have to understand I'm not that type of person to go shopping."

All agree and Ino said "Not even a little bit?" Angel shook her head "Nope not even a little. I focus on my studies more and later play my games which gives me more time to catch up on the things I've miss."

Ino gave a pout look "Wow angel you're too smart and shopping is the only thing that keeps me going."

Sakura look at Ino "At Least she doesn't have her dad checking on everything she spends on whenever she wants. Even if their rich and wealthy."

Ino mad blush as she shout "Hey!! i can't live without shopping!!!" she turn her head away as all the girls laugh.

"Well you do know you're shopping around but at least be smart on saving money on the things you really NEED not just say you need everything." Tenten spoke as she took out a pocky from her purse and eat it.

"S-she's right you know. If you wanna be a fashionista you can use your simple clothing that you don't use so often." Hinata look away shyly and ino was left there thinking as sakura spoke out

"We'll find our dresses as for me I have to find something that will suite for meeting sasuke's parents." Tenten look to angel "Do you have a dress for sakura?" Angel nod as a lady of the store brought a cart full of dresses for sakura to look.

"She can look through here and find the one for her event on friday." Sakura look through each dress but something wasn't right. Each dress was pretty and all but it didn't catch her attend.

"Hmm I can't find the one." she sighs as she sat back down then a dress was thrown to her out of nowhere by Angel. "Try it on sakura. It's a one of a kind dress." Sakura went to the changing room then try on the dress as she came out the girls gasp with joy "Oh my god you look amazing sakura!" her best friend ino was the first to speak out of the 3 girls.

"Y-Y-You s-so b-beautiful sakura-chan." Hinata smile to her. Tenten smile at her friend "Sasuke will definitely be surprise of this. Now we have to get the shoes we order from the other store."

They all nod and gather their things to pay for as waiting for sakura to change back to her cloths. Once she was out, All the girls went to pay and went to the shoe store next door to pick up their order.

~To the Boys. Naruto with the gang including Gaara and Suigetsu.~

They were at the third floor of the mall checking out some suites to wear at the dinner event. Naruto's dad already pick the place to get his son a suite and made a custom order to it. The suite was orange shirt with a black suite along with the tie too. Naruto seem to like it a lot. His father did good on him.

"Wow never knew your dad had taste in fashion." Naruto look at to see his best friend sasuke who was in a dark blue suite with a black coat over him.

"Not bad yourself teme." Sasuke gave him his usual 'Hn' then he heard his phone ding as sasuke check his phone

"Sakura texted?"

Sasuke reply "Yup and she said that she got her dress along with the girls."

Naruto nod and suigetsu shout out "Yeah Angel texted me too. She was mostly dragged into the shopping thing. Poor Angel."
He chuckle then came out of the changing room with his suite

"Wow not bad for sharkboy." Suigetsu look at him "You're Lucky that were cousins and I won't beat you for the insult." he went back as he ask for the shoes of his size then went to the changing room.

"Tch... I wasn't insulting just saying." Neji came out of the changing room "Well tenten will be please by this. My uncle sure does pick outfits wisely... I thank my aunt for helping out."

Naruto look at Neji "Tenten will be please with your suite." Neji nod at Naruto "same goes for you. Hinata will be impress how you clean yourself up." Naruto did his famous smiles then return to look into the mirror

"hmm yeah I thank my mom for the request styles too." He went back to the changing room as Shikamaru, Gaara, Choji, shino, and kiba. All check out these suites also Gaara's brother Kankurō check his outfit.

"They seem to fit it pretty well." Gaara look at him then to the mirror. "It looks great." Naruto look at him "I bet Saiki will like seeing you in that outfit." Gaara look away blushing a bit "please don't bring her up."

Then a voice answer "Bring what up?" All the guys turn to see a girl with dark goth clothing and mix with steam punk. The girl was a bit tall but short height with a bit of messy hair around the bangs.

She smile as she walk to Gaara "You're looking sharp." She smile as she was looking at his outfit "it suites you."smile at him "thanks Saiki."

Saiki giggle then walk to her cousin Naruto "So what's the aconstion?" she asked Naruto as she was drinking her smoothie.

"I'm going to have a dinner party this Friday at Flower Blossom restaurant." Saiki look up at Naruto "wow that must be very expensive to get in at." Naruto smile at Saiki "I did plan it and spend my money for it to be organized by Friday."

Saiki nod as she was listening to him "that's good. Good luck at the dinner event."

Naruto smile "thanks and are you planning to go?" Saiki nod her head "You forgot I work there, you idiot."

Naruto scratch the back of his head "Sorry I forgot." Saiki chuckle at him "It's cool. I do work during the day but I'm free in the afternoon so I'll still be able to attend."

Naruto hug Saiki and said " Look forward to be seeing you." Saiki return the hug and let go of him. "Yeah I didn't mean to interrupt your shopping. I'll be heading out now."

Naruto nod as he look at her "Wait..." Saiki turn back "hmm?" He spoke "who did you came with?" Saiki took a minute to reply and said "by myself. I took the bus because my car is still at the shop and Angel is giving me a ride back home." Naruto was relief for his cousin not to worry too much of his youngest cousin in the family.

"Alright you be careful now, Saiki." She nod her head then look back at Gaara "It's good seeing you again Gaara." She smile and left the store. "Somebody has a huge crush on her." The blind boy tease the red head of the sand as he reply "Stop you're making it worst for me to ask her out man."

Naruto was surprise of what Gaara said but he reply "You been wanting to ask my cousin out all this time?" Gaara nod his head " I do but whenever I talk to her I always forget to because I get so nervous whenever I'm around her."

Kiba sighs then says "Just be you and ask her when the time is right." Shikamaru nod with agreement to kiba "Yeah. He's right. Maybe ask her at the dinner party this Friday. It'll at least give you some time to ask her out properly."

Sasuke nod his head and look back at Naruto "Will you give me your permission to ask Saiki out?" Naruto took a moment to think as he reply with a thumbs up and a smile "Yeah Go for it Gaara. I wish you luck on asking my cousin out and making her happy."

Gaara felt glad and his brother Kankurō smile "Don't worry me and Temari will be there when it happens." The guys all nod heads and went back to change out their suites as to go pay for them.

The guys had an interesting day and The girls had fun but Angel end up almost falling asleep due to boredom of the girls taking their time to shop. Oh Angel it's not her fault she doesn't like shopping. At All.

~To Angel~

Angel's Pov

Angel was finally home from that shopping day with the girls. She hates shopping so much it causes her to get bored so easily. Again she isn't your average teenage girl who likes to shop around a lot like other girls do. However, she admits she had fun today with her friends and drove her cousin home and arrive at home. This shopping day made her exhausted. She is now in her room. The music in low volume playing from her ihome MP3 player system and laying on her bed. She is ready to nap away for the day. The young girl slowly close her eyes as drift to a slumber of sleep. She rather nap with dreams than go shopping for the day. Angel is all relax and her body in sleep mode. All cuddle up in her blanket. Oh she will enjoy her nap. She hardly gets any rest from her studies lately always stay up so late to get her homework or projects done on time. Well she's a smart girl and top in her classes. Now she is resting for the day. While she was napping, the mattress went down for a bit due to a weight. Must be her mother checking up on her or her uncle Sebastian.

It was stroking her hair gently and kiss her cheek. That could be one person. Itachi Uchiha. He must of snuck in her room once she arrive.

"Itachi...?" Mumble in her sleep "sshhh I didn't mean to wake you up."

She open one eye to look at him "It's fine but why are you here?" she ask sleepily to him as she rest in his arms " I wanted to see you and how did your shopping went?" he cuddle her close to him.

Angel reply "It was alright and I had fun. The most part I was bored to death by their shopping time." She sighs as he chuckle to himself

"Yeah I know. Shopping is boring for you now a days."

he pet her head gently and she yawn a bit "Yeah and How did it go with the guys?" Itachi stroke her hair "It went well. I wasn't with sasuke but the akatsuki group. Your cousins can be a bit of show offs when it comes to clothing."
She chuckle at that "Well sasori likes to dress to be cool because he has a crush on one of my good friends. As for deidara... he thinks everything of fashion is an art."

She saw him smile then kiss her cheek "You're not sick are you?" he touch her forehead with his hand "No I'm not just tired. If I ever to be sick everyone of my family will panic and my uncle sebastian will volunteer to take care of me." Itachi smile to her "I can see that."
he look a bit confuse and look at her "The butler is your uncle?" she nod "Yeah he is. He married my aunt Ariki." she look to itachi who was a bit quiet

"What? You thought he was someone that'll steal me away from you?" Itachi hug her and buried his face to her chest

"Yes..." he mumble as look up to her "I thought he'll steal my dearly Angel but now I found out he is your uncle."

Angel chuckle and hug him close to her "No one will steal me away from you that easily. I know the girls have been mistaken that the butler is my boyfriend."

Itachi look up at her "Did they now? what happen when you told them that he's your uncle?" She chuckle of memory and look to itachi

"They flip out so badly and all at once ask if he was single or not. I told them that time he was dating my aunt Ariki." smile down at the uchiha as kiss his cheek and brought him up close to her.

"So they were in shock?" chuckle as well with his girlfriend. "To the point they were speechless." Itachi lost it there and laugh but not too loud so he won't be expose too soon that their daughter has a guy in the room.

"That is priceless." She stroke his hair and place her head against his chest "Yeah it is." she fallen asleep and Itachi watch her "rest easy Angel." She was all cuddle in his arms and smile in her sleep. It was pretty rare that Angel could ever show a smile once in awhile.

~Time skip to the dinner Party~

Normal Pov

Everything being set up for the party. All workers are in focus of preparing for the big day. The Uzumaki Party. It was the big day. Wonder how this will turn out? Who knows what will happen at the dinner party. Anything can happen. Saiki was gathering everything for the party tonight as helping the staff. She has been working since freshman year and had a head start with working throughout her school year. It was a good job she had. Her parents own the family restaurant along with her sister Aria as well. 

Saiki's sister Aria owns a bakery shop near the shopping center around the mall area. It's a good business too. Saiki doesn't mind working here or the bakery shop. She is just happy to spend time with her family as much as she can before heading to the university of Konoha after graduating high school this year. Saiki will miss high school because of all her friends. Of course she will stay in contact with them most of her friends are going to the same university as her. It's a good thing.

Saiki got done with her work and told her father that she's heading out early today to get her things done and get ready for the event tonight. Saiki went to the locker room then change out of her work clothes and gather all her stuff as she was dress to go. She put her bag over her shoulder and walk out then she notice someone with red messy hair and punk clothing but dark on the edge. It was Gaara. He had small handful of flowers in her favorite color of daisy and white roses then a card with her name. She was surprise then saw him walk up to her as nervous he was.

He gain the confidence to her "Hi Saiki." She look up to him "hmm hi Gaara. What's all this?" she said curiously as saw his cheeks flush red a bit as he try to speak but manage to anyways

"I came here to ask you something and here are some gifts I got for you." He hand her the gifts he got her and took them "What is it Gaara?" waiting for his reply as he said "Saiki will you be my date to the dinner party tonight?"

Saiki try not to blush but it was out already. "Sure. And pick me at 7. I'll text you my address." She smile then kiss his cheek "I'll see you later Gaara."

She smile more then walk off out of the restaurant as A cheerful loud voice interrupt Gaara's thoughts "YAY!!! He finally ask her out!!!" Yes Naruto and the guys were there helping naruto set up some things for the dinner party and saw Gaara ask Naruto's cousin Saiki out.

"Hmm thanks Naruto." He said as he try not to stutter much while he spoke. "Hehehe you did good Gaara. Better than sasuke who chicken out when he ask Sakura out."

He pointed out and Gaara chuckle to himself as he heard sasuke hit naruto on the back of his head. "OI!!! Teme!! Why?!!!" Naruto rub his head as the Uchiha stood silence without speaking to him.

Gaara look at down at his phone smiling. Before the guys have shown up to congrat him, Saiki and him exchange numbers and he reply to text to her just a few minutes ago. As the boys were bickering Gaara is in his own little world. He was glad that he finally ask saiki out. Now it's time for the dinner party. This should be fun.

~To Angel's house~

To Sebastian and Arki.

Ever since Sebastian heard of his wife that she is a expecting a child from him and she never had told him before until now. They were both in their room having tea together while talking to each other. Arki was please as she drank her husband's home made tea. She look up at him as smile towards him.
He smile back as he plant a kiss on her sweet gently soft lips then serve her some more tea before he sat down on his chair.

"Thankyou for the tea dear." She smile as drinking her tea again. "Your welcome my dear." he smile as he took his hand and place it on top of hers.

"So I guess you heard the news then.." Sebastian nod his head "I did and I didn't expect that but I'am happy for us." he smile to his wife as his other hand was place on her tummy "Awww I'm proud. More happy to carry your child." Sebastian smile more "I'm glad Arki." he said then spoke out "I'm happy that I'm having a child with you."

Arki was feeling glad that he accept the child and willing to be there as the father. "I'm touch. I'm happy to finally have a family of my own now." she rub her tummy gently as smile down to her unborn child "I can't wait to be a family with you as my wife. My lovely wife Arki."
She smile towards him as they both share a kiss then he pick her up as deepen the kiss more and carry her towards the bedroom. They both cuddle together. "I'm very happy and glad you're my wife." Arki felt touch as they spare the moment and being lovey dovey with each other. This was a good day for them. The news was spread and joy was filling the air. Their soon to be parents with their new born child.

To saiki

~At her house relaxing and eating lunch while watching Tv in her room as texting messaging on her phone~

Saiki had an interesting day at the shop today. The guy in her university english class ask her out and she's going to be his date for Naruto's Dinner Party event. It was rare for her. Most guys will ask the girls who are dress of their interest and will be ask out right off the bat but for saiki is pretty rare for a guy like him to ask her on a date. I mean she doesn't mind at all but no guy has ever notice her in dating martial only in friendships nothing more or less. The phone of her ding and she reply to the text that Gaara had scend her as the glow with his name on the screen.

"Hmm...." chewing on her food that she made. A chicken grilled sandwich with a salad on the side and ice tea of green tea. "That will be good." she reply to the text and put her phone aside then continue to eat. One thing for sure she showder and change her clothing she didn't wear a dress but more like a blouse with a skirt and leggings. Pulse a hat wear with a feather on the side. She did her hair a bit and mess it up crazy for a new look. She never does these things but she wants to be a fashion designer and a novelist like her cousin Liz.
She is a writer herself and started from below then now end up on top becoming best seller of new york times. Everyone likes her work of fantasy with anime and anything of her interest makes her whole series of books interesting for others. Liz is very creative with her work. She is dating Levi Ackerman from the survey corps martial arts academy. There a cute couple and Levi is a rare person who shows their emotion around others but he truly cares for her cousin liz very much to his heart. It's cute.

Saiki finish her food then the maid took her plate as gave her yogurt with fruit and another green tea ice tea. This was relaxing. Saiki smile to herself. She finish drinking her green tea then look at the time. It was nearly 5:30pm and Naruto send a group text to everyone to be there early before the actual time 7:00 clk.

Then the bell ring from the door and the maid answer it as saiki saw red hair boy with a nice suite for the event as she smile to him. "You look handsome." she blush to herself a bit. "Thank you Saiki." Gaara smile small as his cheeks also flush red and to be honest he look adorable when he blush like that all shyly around saiki. "You look beautiful saiki." he smile as he hand her some flowers. "I hope you like them."

Saiki smile as smell the roses. "It's beautiful." look up at him "Thank you Gaara." she smile at him and gave the maid the flowers to put them on a vase. "Should we get going? Naruto texted everyone to be there early before it gets crowded."

Saiki got her bag and sweater then close the door behind her "Sure." Gaara offer his arm to her and saiki took it "Lead the way." He lead her to his car. It was a darkish red lexus car with red cover seats. "Nice car you have." He start the car as he drove to the street "Thank you. I got it myself and I work hard for it."

Saiki relax herself "Your brother gave you the car didn't he?" Gaara stop at a red light then turn to her "How did you know?" Saiki point to the wooden puppet on the back of the seat "The wooden puppet. I'm glad he gave you the car. He has a new one does he?"
Gaara nod his head "Yeah he does. I thank him for letting it to me." Saiki smile then stare out the window glazing at the siting of the streets. "He is a good brother to you." look at him "You impress me Gaara."

she slip her hand on of his and hold it "I'm glad." he grip her hand as well. Saiki was please as she knew Gaara was trying to be those guys but She wanted him to be himself not someone else. Just be his Gaara self and the caring sibling he is with his brother and sister.
Saiki was happy to be finally going on a date with a guy she knows since middle school. They were heading to the event as the parking wasn't so full and valet parking took care of the cars so it was easy to get parking.

The place was well decorated and look like a movie premiere with red carpet and cameras. It felt very good to attend an event. An event of family not famous stuff. Saiki might come from a rich family but she doesn't like the spotlight much. She doesn't like to be spotted around wherever she goes. The workers were nice and friendly to each of the guest. Everything was going well. Then one of the valet workers ran to help open the limo door and out came the boys with naruto.

Naruto look like his dad that became famous from the company Uzumaki. Naruto had his smile as he wave at the crowd who was yelling for him. Everyone has a normal life but it's rare for rich families to throw big event parties at Saiki's family restaurant. It's one of the most popular areas in Konoha City. All the boys look very good and attractive for the ladies. Itachi was spotted as he walk towards a girl with neon blue hazel dress with lower high heels.

Naruto look towards his cousin as his three other cousins stood by him. Suigetsu,Sasori and Deidara. All four nod heads as sasuke and the rest too. 

They start to walk fashionly through the carpet to the entrance of the restaurant as the doors open wide. Sasuke went to his family as he greet them and the others were chatting among their families.

Then the doors open again with the girls walking in. Tenten had a fantasy leg dress with the other cover it was a kimoto style as her hair was up and made very well. Ino had a dress in lavender purple with a bit of sparkles then she made her way to kiba who was checking her out and keeping his calm to himself. Sakura and hinata came in as well. Sakura had a cherry blossom dress with light pink heels and walk down towards sasuke and his family.

"Hi sasuke.. and mr. and mrs. uchiha.. I'm sakura Haruno." she gave a smile and sasuke's mom greet her with a hug and smile then the dad look at her with a nod then smile to her. Sasuke smile towards her then give her a kiss on the cheek. Sakura hold on his hand "You look handsome sasuke.." smile with a flush red face. Sasuke smile to her "You look beautiful yourself, sakura." he took a lock of her hair and put it behind her ear. "Thank you sasuke." Then hinata came towards naruto and his family along with her family as well.

Hinata was in a purple light neon dress with tiny butterflies on her and her hair with hair clips shape in butterflies. "H-H-Hi N-Na-Nar-Naru-Naruto..." hinata stutter as she spoke to him but smile as she stood on her feet. Naruto was glad she didn't faint right on the spot. Naruto spoke out "You look amazing Hinata." Hinata blush as giggle nervously "Than-Thankyou Naruto.." she smile more and naruto hug her in his arms. Naruto look at her family "Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Hyuga." he reach out his hand to shake their hands. Hinata's mother shook his hand and greet him kindly as The father look at him with a glare but shook his hand as well. "Nice meeting you Naruto."

Naruto nod his head then a voice shout out "OH MY GOD!! ANGEL!!!" ino shouted as Angel walk through with neon light blue dress with a blue flower clip on her hair. It look like she came from a Hawaiian trip. The shoes were lower heels but manage to make her tall to her average height. A small plan of makeup on to her to make her look more out shine and not too much to cover her natural beauty. "Oh wow all eyes on me.. Great.." she mumble to herself as her cousins look at her with jaws wide open "Close your mouths before flies lay eggs in you."

They shut it as they said "Angel?? is that you?" She chuckle as nod to them "Yeah it's me the cousin you all care about." she tease them and look towards the uchiha family as her family was right behind her "Hello Mr. and Mrs. uchiha." she bow to them as she spoke "I'm Angel Tiku and I'm Itachi's girlfriend." she said confidently as others gasp and everyone was full on attention.

"Wow I guess I surprise too much today.." Mrs.Uchiha chuckle to herself as Angel's Mom smile "Aww just relax. It'll be fine dear. I'm glad to meet my very good friend Mikoto Uchiha again. it's been so long." Mikoto smile then hug her dear friend Luko "Aww thank you, Mikoto." Angel smile towards the two mothers and her dad was talking with mr.uchiha about things.

Then she felt a touch on her shoulder as she look up "Hi Itachi." smile slip across her lips then he chuckle as kiss her softly "You look so amazing today. I like the dress. It suites you." Angel smile to him "Thank you and I like your suite as well. The whole red and black matches your style." The two lovely couple were close to each other and hugging close.

"It's time to get this dinner started." Angel chuckle as intertwined her hand with his while walking towards their table up the stairs of the restaurant's balcony.

The view was breath taking and perfect for dates or party events. All city lights sparkle the city like hollywood in the states. This event was going well. Everyone was enjoying the party. The food was good. The gang had a table of their to chat while eating. A good day everyone.

Naruto look towards his cousin who was talking with itachi and the girls. 'I really need to talk him and apologize for my actions. I really don't want to have this grudge in me. This isn't like me.' he thought to himself as chewing down his food and sip down his drink. He sigh to himself while watch his girlfriend talk to the girls and smiling.

One thing he didn't know sasuke was watching him from a far while having a dinner with his family and girlfriend sakura. 'what is he up too?' sasuke look with the corner of his eye while chewing on his food but felt an elbow hit his shoulder. He turn to look at sakura as her eyes were wonder in concern

'It's nothing serious, Sakura just making sure naruto doesn't look like an idiot today.' he whisper to her ear as she giggle to herself then went back to chat with his mother. Sasuke was glad she bought the excuse. Sasuke turn back as he was listening on to the conversation his mother was having with Sakura.

Suigetsu was with his family and Angel's family as well. He was with his adoptive brothers Sasori and Deidara. They were enjoying their dinner while looking out carefully without being notice. It was easy but they knew sasuke was on a date with sakura so if he misses anything they will update him later about it.

Ino was having her dinner date with kiba's and her parents together. They all seem to get along as Ino was holding hands with him under the table while enjoying their talk and food. Neji was with his girlfriend Tenten along with the family as he was listening onto the conversations. Choji was hanging out with some girl he was going out during the summer and Shino was talking to one of Angel's cousins. Her name is Miki and she has a twin sister name Nikki as another sister name blake. They were both getting along well as the same for their families.

At last Shikamaru, His family was eating with Temari's Kankurō's and Gaara's parents. Shikamaru may look bored out of his mind but he was enjoying his time with his friends as watching his family have fun with theirs. He saw saiki sneaky kiss the red hair desert of the sand on the cheek as elbow his girlfriend "what?" he point with his eyes as his girlfriend follow and smile to herself

"Wow Gaara did ask her out huh?" Shikamaru nod "Yup. It took him long enough to gain the confidence that he needed." Temari chuckle with a smile to her face "I'm proud for my brother."

Shikamaru smile as well while he listen on to his friends talking. "Hey Shika?"

He look at her "hm?" Temari look at him "Is that Angel with itachi holding hands?" Shikamaru look to where she was pointing at "Yeah. They are actually dating now." A grin escape from her lips "Me and the girls are so gonna have a girls night these days to get the spills off from Angel." Shikamaru chuckle to himself "You got that right." He took a sip of his drink for a moment as put it aside from him. Things are smoothly now.

Let's see how angel is doing.

To Angel

She was at the other side of the table eating peacefully to herself. Itachi was staring at her quietly and admire her beauty. Angel knew Itachi has never seen her dress all fantasy like and freshen up for an event. She still had a piece of her hair covering half of her face.
The style makes her look more mysterious for others and the beauty of hers glows with it. Angel finish her meal as notice itachi lean closer to her then whisper "I've miss you these last couple of days."

A smile spread through her lips then reply back "I've also miss you as well." midnight blue eyes lock on with black Onyx eyes as a smile spread on his lips as well. They both lean close then gave a small kiss and embrace each other.

The girl with midnight blue eyes stroke the uchiha's hair gently with her small hand. Itachi smile down at her then kiss her forehead gently. Both foreheads were close together and smiles on their faces.

Something tap on Angel's shoulder then look up to see her cousin Naruto.

"Oh hey Naruto, what's up?" she greet him with a smile "I was wondering if I can speak with Itachi alone. Don't worry Jiraiya, kakaish and Sebastian will be there to keep an eye on us. We'll be talking in the lobby I promise."

Angel thought for a moment then nod her "Ok Naruto... I trust you on this. You gave me your word." Naruto nod as he left to give them a few minutes alone "I guess I will go talk to him."

She pull him close and kiss him "That's for good luck." she chuckle but he return the kiss to her however the kiss was deep and long. It almost made her give in and she pull away as catching her breath "Wow..." she blush as her eyes were surprise and the uchiha boyfriend of hers had a smirk on his face.

"There's more where that came from. I won't be long." he kiss her forehead and got up as he follow her uncle to the restaurant's lobby.
Angel smile then went on talking with hinata who was talking with tenten and the other girls. 'I hope everything goes well. I already told uncle to protect Itachi from any harm.'

Angel sigh as not showing her worries but her shoulders became a little intense due to wandering of Naruto talking to Itachi with her two uncles and her godfather Kakaish. She relax herself not to worry much. Everything will turn out ok and Naruto gave her his word to her. He keeps his promises wisely.

~To Naruto and the others~

~Restaurant's Lobby~

They all gather at the lobby as Sebastian stood beside itachi and Naruto with his god father Jiraiya and his good family friend Kakashi.
Naruto look towards itachi as he started "Itachi I'm glad you came and hope your enjoying the event."

Itachi nod as he spoke " I Am and thank you for inviting me and my family."

Naruto put his hands into his pockets

"I wanted to say apologize for my actions from 7 years ago. I've discover I was blackmail from a family memeber of mine." He handle itachi the folder and Itachi took it as his eyes wide up "No way... How could she do this after what happen?"

The uchiha look up with a surprise look but seem calm about it. He was keeping the panic inside not to worry himself too much.
"I don't know for sure but my uncle did some research on this and found out it was her all along. she even pose as me in that letter she wrote to you." Itachi look at him "Did you knew about this?"

Naruto nod "I just recently found out a couple days ago. I was in shock myself. My anger got to me and cause myself to hurt others. All because what happen to Angel... I regret all..." naruto voice trail as his head was looking down with shame.
"It's alright Naruto..." Naruto saw he put his hand on his shoulder and pat it a bit "Not your fault."

Naruto smile at him "Oh before I forget.." He nod to his uncle sebastian who open the door as to relieve Angel coming in as she walk into the room and went to naruto's side. "I wanted to say I approve of you dating my cousin Angel."
he grab her hand carefully and walk to her to Itachi as got his to intertwine with hers. "Make her happy, Itachi." Itachi smile at him "I will and I promise."
Angel smile towards her cousin "Thank you Naruto." He let the happy couple enjoy their moment as he watch them walk out in hand and hand. "I'm proud of you, Naruto."
He turn to Jiraiya who was smiling at him calmly "You've done good." Naruto chuckle then went back to his friends and enjoy the rest of the event. Sebastian and Kakashi nod their heads as they watch naruto talk to his friends.
"He has grown so much." Kakashi said as he took a sip of his drink. Sebastian drank his tea and said "Agree. He is learning bit by bit every day." Jiraiya smile with his eyes close then open them back again "He has and he will become a great success to the uzumaki company." All agree by nodding their heads.

Kakashi look to sebastian "How's your nephew by the way?" Sebastian smile calmly "He is doing well and he is now dating one of Angel's cousins." Jiraiya grin a bit "Is it Liz Uskie?" Kakashi almost spit out his drink when he heard that but he kept his cool "So he is dating my god daughter..." he said calmly " I see..."

he look ahead seeing his god daughter "I've heard many stories of your nephew not getting along with others so easily but with liz?" Sebastian look at him "Yes I know. Shocking isn't?" Jiraiya look up at him "We know your reason don't have to say it twice again."
Kakashi sighs to himself "I just hope she doesn't get heart broken..."

Sebastian gave him a look "Don't worry about my nephew so much. I've known him since he was small. if he ever plan to hurt her in anyway I will step in and protect Akiri's sister."

He told Kakashi as promise he would for his wife's sake and his cousin in laws as well. "Just be sure he learns his lesson well. So I won't be the one putting up with it." He finish his drink in one gulp and went to the restroom. "He is overprotective these days." Sebastian spoke while he pour more tea into his cup. "Yeah that's how he is when it comes to family." All agree and move on to another topic.

Suddenly, Saiki came running towards them along with Gaara behind her as she panting "I'm so glad I..." she panted again before speaking "I've found you guys..."

Sebastian and Jiraiya look at each other then said at the same time "What's wrong?" Saiki was about to speak but Gaara beat her to it and gave her water from the running. "She is here... I mean really she is here in the flesh..."

Gaara was handed a cup of water by Jiraiya as they took to a nearby table to talk as follow by Kakashi right behind them "Tell us from the start." Kakashi said as he pour two cups of water for them and Saiki start off first

"Well after we finish our dinner. We went to look around the restaurant's garden area and look at the decorations." she took a sip of her water as Gaara took his turn to speak

"Then we saw a familiar car that the valet took in and park it." Jiraiya spoke out "What color was the car?" Saiki thought for a bit and said

"It was a bright ruby red and the windows were tinted."

Sebastian took a moment to think before speaking "Go on and what else did you see after that?" Gaara took over "After that we saw her and her friends from the therapy group with a supervisor."

The three men let them continue on talking "Then they split apart as she was heading to the bar with her friends." saiki drank some more of her water then went on "Then the supervisor was drug and pass out. I'm guessing she plan to use the excuse of going to Naruto's Family dinner party to escape." They were all surprise then saw Naruto and his friends gather looking at the entrance of the restaurant. They saw angel walking to them.

The group all got up and rush to the scene. Kakashi,Sebastian and Jiraiya went ahead from saiki and Gaara but they stayed close incase of anything happens.

"Well Well what an interesting party my idiot cousin did. It's so 'interesting' and lots of fun I would say." she told a sip of her drink and smile but she had the hate inside of her

"I guess I've crash the party." Angel just stare at the girl and said "All these years of misery to my cousin and my friends now to the love of my life.." look serious at her "I can't believe I have to call you my 'cousin' in this family." she pointed out

"Not my fault we're related." she giggle as her friends were laughing. Not in a good way.

"I've heard that someone has stolen my sasuke from me." she look at the pink haired girl who was staring at her with hate even Sasuke as well. He was protecting her from her friends who were giving her weird looks

"So you're the one..." she snap her fingers as her girls pass her and walk towards them. Before the girls gotten any closer, Angel step in and gave them a glare they never wish to have seen.

"Back..."she took a step forward "away..." then another step "slowly..." the two girls got scared and ran off to their friend hiding behind their back "Still as serious as ever I would say..."

Angel look at her "I knew it was you all along..." The girl chuckle and grin a smile "Ohh so you found out about me? How wonderful." Angel look at her "You won't bring anyone to suffer anymore..." she said with a serious tone in her voice.

"Whatever... This family is such a pity anyways. I'm all better now.." she gulp down her drink and toss it away "That place was a pity to stay and no way out until I play out the guilty girl who wanted to come here and feel the taste of freedom." Angel stood her ground but made a fist with her right hand as she wanted to knock the lights out of her and drag her back where she came from. "Oh shut up and leave."

Naruto stood beside Angel and grab her arm "Don't waste your time with her. Guards take her away and send her back." Angel look at her cousin Naruto and to her other cousin "Leave now..." she said and then yell "KARIN!!!!" she punch her on the face hard and was grab by her uncles, naruto and itachi. "LEAVE YOU BITCH!!!"

The guards took karin and her friends away along with a body guard of the therapy group. The poor supervisor was carry to the hospital from the staff members. The hospital wasn't far from the restaurant.

After that little dramatic scene, Everything was back into place.

As for Angel, she was sobbing to herself while itachi was hugging her.

"Why...." she sob to herself "Why would she come... after she was kept watch and never escape out of site.... That monster..." she sob more and hiccup through her tears "Better rotten in hell..." Itachi hug her tighter as calming her down a little "It'll be alright angel. Now they know she has ways to escape and what she did of her actions. She will never escape where she is now. Everything will be alright. I promise."

Angel stop crying as she look up to him "Really?" she ask him as she wipe her tears away "Really." he lean down and brush his lips against hers as he kiss her more. He went in with the kiss as the kiss went deeper. A long passion lovely kiss. Angel was enjoying it all and her arms were wrapped around his neck. The night went from good to worst but turn to be good in the end. 

Angel is a strong girl and sometimes she can face things alone but with someone that deeply cares for her it makes her even stronger than ever. She has her family, friends and the love of her life standing right behind her. They will be there when she needs it.

The End

Chapter 14: The Dinner Event Aftermath and Approval of Acceptance. 

The Strange and The Uchiha:A mysterious Love 13pt2
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The Beginning:…

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I always got Sweet chemistry for sausaku also Minoto and Mei from say I love you. I love them so much and they should just get married and have kids lol. Sasusauku, sasuke hardly shows emotion but whenever he's alone or near sakura he gets all shy lol it's too cute XD 

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Anime Couples: Sasusaku,NaruHina,Cloud x tifa, soulMaka, Kiari and sora, Aqua x Terra, Roxas x Namie, Obito X Rin, PainKonan, IkutoXAmu, Yuna x Tidus, Zack & Aerith

Anime Guys i like: Zero ( vampire knight) itachi uchiha, Sebastion (Black Bulter) , soul,Axel,Reno, and vincent valentine,sephiroth, Ichiru ( Zero's twin Brother) , Riku ( Kingdom hearts) Cloud ( FFAC) Cecil ( Final Fantasy IV) Kain (Final Fantasy IV ) and Notics ( Final Fantasy Versus XIII).

My Friends I meet in Real Life
:iconrexygal: :iconraydaraartisabang: :icondragoonzia: :iconmayuralover: :iconstormdeathstar9: :iconcelebi9: :iconapikachua:

My Youtube:…

Levi stamp by Superpluplush Naruto stamp by Okami-Moony

I Love Anime Stamp by LiMT-Art Marshall Lee Stamp by leoncilo99 Sims 3 by EmmaL27 Tim Burton Stamp by iZgo Lance Fan Stamp by Saiya-STORY

Riku stamp by SitarPlayerIX Amuto Stamp by seashellskeeperObito x Rin stamp by Lesya7 sasusaku and naruhina stamp by jack29nightmareStamp - Terra and Aqua by fazzygrl Confidential- NOT ANYMORE! 2 by Lady-Autobot17 Serah and Snow Kiss by Paravenger Lightning x Noctis Stamp by LinaLeeL

SasuSaku Stamp by kathynorrisart Itachi Stamp by swingthisway Final Fantasy VII Stamp by Final-FantasyVIIClub Final Fantasy Stamp by winter-ame Kingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ame Naruto Stamp by Knuczema-the-Echidna STAMP -PeinKonan- DO NOT FAV by akatsukiXakatsuki Sora and Kairi Stamp by AngelShizuka CloTi STAMP by Iwonn Stamp-Can't live without books by Rittik SoulxMaka Stamp by AdryJustend Yuna x Tidus stamp by onebecamenone Zack x Aerith stamp by onebecamenone shingeki no kyojin: petra x levi (rivetra) by SakamakiJustine shingeki fan stamp by ilaaaria Zack Stamp by Xx-Syaoran-kun-xX
Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by hakutan Eren Stamp by RevivalSnK Non Support of Yaoi Yuri by TechouNoPenki
Hate the Watermark? Stamp by Aazari-Resources Anti-Hentai by HatakeMirukon Lemon fanfics... by epicwhamo99 D'espairsRay stamp by diabolikal-lily

(Pewdiepie and cry button supports as being both fans not yaoi)


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