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Ultimate Cat Captain
Looks compare
Guild master
Blue Pegasus
He is exceed
Kingdom of cats
Use to be
Kingdom’s captain
Charge guards
Cat Captain
Like master
In the guild
His name is
Different letter
First name
Right on
Perve man
Best friends
Exceed cat
Human wizard
Blue pegasus
3 young man
Charm and handsome
Just like \
Him and wizard master
Charms are weapon
Makes things
Heat up
Freaks more
Confuses them
Why there two
Alike guild masters
In blue pegasus
Nothing changes
Ever strange
Ultimate Exceed Captain
Ultimate Cat Captain
Ultimate Cat Captain
Enjoy my poem 

Another Fairy Tail Poem 

Blue Pegasus Guild 

Exceed Cat of Ichiya Kotobuki's Nichiya 

Ultimate Cat Captain 

Art of Nichiya belongs to :iconpanther-lily: 

Link artwork Nichiya by :iconpanther-lily:…

And that is the end of Blue Pegasus Guild. Now on to the next guild. Stay tune ^^
Ultimate Spatial Wizard
She use
To be
The wizard
For her
Celestial creatures
Magic talent power
Belong with
Blue pegasus
An old
Killed by
Old Angel
Celestial magic
Left alone
Lion loki
Blames himself
No one
Is at fault
Loki hurt
Saw his master
Get killed
In front
His own eyes
Desperate save her
Too late
Strong heart
Iron fist
Karen is
Machina Soul Wizard
Her spirits
Dearly bond
Love her
Everything of karen
Brought light
Behind them
Learn a lot
Wise person
Chosen wizard
Celestial Wizard
Karen Lilica
Ultimate Spatial Wizard
Ultimate Spatial Wizard
Enjoy my poem ^^

Another Fairy Tail Poem 

Blue Pegasus Guild 

Karen Lilica

Ultimate Spatial Wizard

Art Of Karen Lilica Belongs to :iconcarolinamgfidalgo:  

Link to artwork Karen Lilia by :iconcarolinamgfidalgo:      :carolinamgfidalgo.deviantart.c…
Ultimate Machina Soul Wizard
Toughest wizard
Charms everyone
Heart eyes
Heats up
Part blue pegasus
She is like
Turn into
Demon shapeshifter
This one turns
Into amor
Copies abilities
From anyone
Fights against
There opponents
Fighting ability
Magic too
Her strength
Makes them
Stronger than the original
Jenny Realight
Machina Soul wizard
Amor machine
Steel armor
Shine knight armor
Strong iron metal
Damages them
She amazes
Everyone in crowds
Looks and beauty
Level the charm
A lady beauty
Charm ever
All the girls
A woman in
The guild
Three young boys
Already one
Claim her heart
Hibiki Lates
Charm and beauty
Mix together
Makes it
Shines out
True colors
Jenny Realight’s power
Her magic
Because she’s machina soul wizard
Ultimate Machina Soul Wizard
Ultimate Machina Soul Wizard
Enjoy my poem 

Another fairy tail poem 

Blue Pegasus Guild 

There are two more poems left for Blue Pegasus Guild before I start on the next guild. then later the celestial spirits are coming soon. 

Art Of Jenny Realight belongs to :iconninjamia:

Link artwork of Jenny Realight by :iconninjamia:…
Ultimate Perfume Wizard
He’s the master
Of blue pegasus
Taught the boys
Charm beauty
Is key
Trick off
Who faces
Height short
Perve man
Good heart
Magic he has
Seems in smell
Wear smell good
In outings
Magic of perfume
Wizard smell
Perfume wizard
At his commanded
Could be any smell
He can bring
Best ones
Are his worst
Escape or defend himself
It’s different
From all wizards
Cast spells
Now to smell
Wizard magic
Use against others
So it’ll be
Is the
Ultimate scent wizard
Smell all perfumes
Ultimate Perfume Wizard
Ultimate Perfume Wizard
Enjoy my poem ^^

Another fairy tail poem 


Blue Pegasus Guild 

Art Of Master Ichiya Kotobuki Belongs to :iconlea33:

Link artwork of Ichiya Kotobuki by :iconlea33:…
Compare to a pro gamer if the score has beaten pass him that didn't cause Angel to be tackle down by a childish Itachi tickling her sides as tries to stop him all her might meanwhile laughing too hard let eyes tear up from effects then got kissed down her lips. Sweet and gentle soft lips press on cold ice pale lips enjoy sweet moment between Itachi and Herself. Just them.

Itachi enjoy playing video games with his girlfriend Angel. Angel smile look at her boyfriend play Mario Kart 8. 'He's like a little kid again.' Angel smiles the thought more pay attention to screen. 'It's adorable.' Itachi always calm expression serious look on his face.

He's like this around his family and father. They always given look or glares at each other whenever come across another. Mikoto told her not to worry. Angel is concern if itachi and his father get along well. It killed her inside. A son and father should have a bond together. Shook the thought continue on playing.

"You're good at this." Tease Itachi with a grin smile while sitting on his lap playing "says the one who tackle and kiss me." Shot back at him "You enjoy it."

Grin more in a teasing way cause her face flush red then stutter through speaking "N-Not F-Fair."

She said half red face blush all tomato red

"Now I know that you're good at video games to my surprise." He tells her then heard a whistle sound by Angel has won the race.

"And that shows you were distracted by me."

Itachi turn to the screen a calm look on his face "Impressive." His own girlfriend beat him in Mario Kart 8. Uchiha has been beaten in this game ever to be played by anyone else than his younger brother to his recent girlfriend Angel Tiku. Angel felt good about herself. A girl can win her ways through video gaming.

Not always so hardcore to others. She knows the limit only does it for fun. That's how she is. Shy kind girl but friendly with a good heart. Itachi move in close to her

"So what do you want as an award?" she look at him "To play another round of Mario Kart before the pizza arrives then sasuke eats it." Smile at her "Your on."

They play another round of Mario Kart before playing Super Smash Bros with sasuke and Sakura after dinner. This wasn't a hang out or get together. A double date because both of them plan along sasuke and Sakura. At First sasuke wanted to be alone with Sakura until Angel suggest her and itachi will be upstairs in his room playing video games. Sasuke agree took living room to have the date with Sakura. Deal has set. Sasuke is glad to have the living room all to himself with Sakura.

Everything is going well. Their parents out to the shops. Itachi upstairs with his girlfriend Angel aka Naruto's younger cousin family bloodline of Tiku. No to be disturbed. All Alone. In the living room all lights are out pitch dark makes environment feel creepy unexpected whatever pops up out nowhere. Always on guard for anything in these moments.

One single scream can lead a jump scare screams echo through hall horror has arrived inside Uchiha Family Mansion House. Lovely couples watching a horror film as girl next to male cuddle up cover herself some near pillow not watch scary parts at TV. Sakura hanging onto sasuke can barely keep his breath going anymore. It's his own fault. For making Sakura watch horror film. He's been with her 7 months now? Time passes by quickly. He was so distracted by working on the relationship with Sakura and spending time as much as he can.

There was a time when he and Sakura were making out in her room. Bodies glue together as mouths passionately kiss the love. They didn't know the time but it was on a Sunday therefore, Sakura's parents came home early due to temper problem fuse in theatrical play with cast members. Sakura's dad is first one to enter Sakura's room. He found them almost topless but Sasuke had his shirt off then dad snap but rush away since his wife was intoxicated the uchiha got lucky. Now can manage to leave cherry blossom breathless tonight cause beauty face blush crazy red that color becomes bright red compare vegetable Tomato. Very red and good looking. All for little cherry blossom.

Onyx eyes follow carefully at beauty pink cherry blossom flower. Her body movement seen intense from Jump scares. The muscles were built up. Sasuke thought this is a good thing but in his other, wasn't so good thing but in his other end. She would soccer punch pretty boy in the face for it. Now he knows she isn't good into watching horror films. The Uchiha reach for remote stop the movie then lights turn back on. The living room is a build in theater more like a family room.

Sakura look up "I thought y-yo-you" stutter in her voice "w-wan-wanted t-to wa-watch-watch th-the mo-mov-movie?" whole body shook tremble gather fear frighten poor soul total massive fright dig right through her. Younger uchiha felt bad cruse his older brother for foolish idea mix up horror films with action ones below the shells where every movie is place to watch someday. He put all the good ones in family living room as put all horror in the main one.

"No." he looks at her "I already had seen this couple of times with my big brother's friends." He hugs her "And the others." Sakura ask him "How they react?" Sasuke stroke pink soft hair gently "They all scream even Naruto the loudest as ever." Sakura began chuckle a little "N-Nar-Naru-Naruto sc-scre-scream li-lik-like a-a g-gi-gir-girl?" her voice a little shaky from her screams.

Sasuke nod "he did." Hug her more to calm the situation "Everyone never notice it was him until we came out of the theater." Sakura laugh a little. Seem to cheer her up by a bit. Glad that help lighten mood up not feel scared anymore. "Thanks sasuke." Smile at him.

Sakura's voice isn't shaky anymore. Uchiha smile a little to the Cherry Blossom relieve from all the fear. He knew that will cheer her up. Anything funny or embarrassing about Naruto should cheer up little pink flower. Rather see Sakura happy than all scared and sad. Guilt will kill him. Maybe worse. Karma. Karma is a bitch. Sasuke might be that person not to Sakura at all. He'll blow his chance up isn't worth risk taker.

All his thoughts kept him busy thinking among his own didn't realize that Sakura fell asleep on him. "And she fell asleep." He chuckle quietly to himself as stood up carry her upstairs to his bedroom. The only place he thought of to put her also she's sleeping over for the night. Since Sakura told him her parents will be on vacation for awhile and doesn't like being alone. Sasuke could understand being alone is scary to Sakura. For a girl like her can take care of herself but he understands well. Loneliness isn't fun. He finally made it to room place Sakura on his bed. 'She looks cute when sleeping.' Smile to him looking down at her before grab a blanket nearby cover it over.

Meantime, he'll relax watching TV as sasuke's phone vibrates in his pocket took phone out look at the text message. From his big brother. Itachi. He's with Angel in the bedroom. They must want to know they still up for playing smash together. Supposedly can say is there still up for it but Sakura fell asleep. Barely 6:00clk. The afternoon began the sun fade away became quiet dark outside.

'Sasuke are you and Sakura still up for Super Smash Bros later?' the text message said as he read it.

He replies 'Yeah but Sakura fell asleep so as soon as she wakes up. I'll tell her.' Send the text to his brother. Place the phone on night stand turn focus to the TV.

A sound alert text got his attention read it as send the reply. The small movement of a body moving the stood up. Itachi look down at the screen "There still for smash later. Sasuke told me Sakura fell asleep." Angel smile small "Well I can understand." She grab her water from night stand took a sip before placing it back down.

"So" started "Whose idea was to scare Sakura in first place?" Itachi calm to be in his place stare "It was mine but I didn't see that it'll go that far beyond to get scare." Shook her head "Unbelievable." Disappointment ran her voice. "To cozy up with sasuke? I call that a plan of failure." She state how awful Itachi could put that act to scare Sakura like that wasn't so nice at all. Could have been a better idea to make the moment heat up a little but no it turn to a huge disaster. A disaster of failure into the plan.

"Then what do you suggest?" pause the game for a bit "Action comedy or comedy romance movies maybe the nerd movies as well." Put the controller aside before she move close to Itachi

"And they'll be all cozy up."

Their hairs nearly touch each other's until Angel back away a little from him to continue her game. Huge mistake for switching the good movies to horror films to scare Sasuke's girlfriend Sakura. Though the idea didn't go as plan for Itachi. All went downhill.

To have thought of without thinking twice about it. Now back to square one. Everything already has happens. Well his little brother went along with it to see if it works. No it did not. Instead their screams and yells echo through the house. He wasn't sure if the neighbors heard it from outside either.

"That would have been a good idea." Angel gave a laugh "Yeah should've thought of it." Some movement grabs her close to him. Tile her head back in order to face him "What?" the eyes stare right at him "I regret my mistake for what I did." Wasn't satisfied to the idea he suggest for sasuke only scare Sakura get cozy up against younger brother of Itachi.

"No worries." She said on "I bet Sasuke told her about it." Itachi seem a little concern "You do?" She nods "Yeah I mean wasn't meant to happen that way." He stops in his tracks from talking more.

"Itachi..." she spoke knows well he feels bad about this. "It's in the past." smile softly to the Uchiha with long pony tail.

Uchiha's pony tail looks like a horse's tail. In eyes of midnight blue spark little. Onyx eyes met hers. Gentle and soft with beauty. How can he claim this girl's heart since his heart is already trap within hers. All these questions keep asking him. Doesn't matter. Therefore, the gravity between start fade that cause them to collapse onto the bed. Both smile. Not a signal inch no one move. Both cuddle together. The game left pause then cut to the Television channels. Game device turn off. Nothing in the way of their moment together.

These times were precious. So right. Two teenagers no young teenage girl at age 18 going out with college student whose 21 dating a High school senior student at Konoha High Academy. Love is so young. It comes in many strange ways. It's been awhile no a long time since they both started dating. It happens out of nowhere. Love is so young. This happen out of nowhere. Love does work. A magical thing that randomly happens in awkward times. No way out of this. Everything surround all in love. Fallen in total love passion.

Slowly as ever they press their lips together move through for another kiss. Kiss felt glue never will stick to anything else only to one certain spot remain on. Not letting go. Arms wrap around their bodies are close. Each kiss must been taking there breath away. Little beauty girl look up at Uchiha up on top of her. A smile spread through the kiss.

"Itachi..." kiss broke apart whisper out his name through breathless response "You were into it." He grin a smirk "weren't you?" lean closer to her "M-May-Maybe?" blush stutter through her voice.

Itachi seem joy fill happiness watching his little adorable Angel blush from her cheeks.

'She's so cute.' Smile with a thought. Nobody moment his hand move on its own to her hair as began to stroke it. Angel seems ok with it. Not that is bad or anything. She is relaxed by his touch. Like a baby would enjoy being stroke on his or her head. Relaxing not to be worried about a single thing. The moment was soothing.

Almost like time froze for seconds. This time is so different. And felt so right. Again its Angel's first time ever at another person's place. It's a guy. Who is her boyfriend? Love of her life. Long time friend. Both lying on the bed. On top of one another. Being lovely dove to each other. Little Angel of his smile towards him

"You seem to enjoy yourself."

She like every minute of it being kiss by him. Doesn't matter its short or long. All she cares spending time with him as much as possible. Once summer ends, everyone through senior year and plans what colleges or universities to study. Now isn't the time to worry. She tries hiding the worry with one of her smiles. It kills her inside. To able to put such a fake smile. An awful mask fake smile not let the worries bother any moment.

"You're so beautiful." Smile down right at her "My beauty amazes the uchiha now?" tease him such a playful smile "It distracts me." She gave him the look "I'm please." Smile more claps her hands together close to her chin. "So amusing." He lean closer "I like it." Place a kiss on her cheek. "No Fair." Mumble out press her face against bare chest on the fabric shirt he's wearing. "Adorable."

All he could say for now. Angel looks like a small child being hug too tight. There it was. A small red blush on left cheek. So bright and pink mix with red.

"Aren't you going to play your game?" he said to her stroking fingers onto her hair. "I will later."

She looks up "You promise to play smash bros later on." Give a childish smile. Itachi can see the joy in her eyes. "Isn't Sakura still napping?" reminded itachi since moment distracted in his thoughts.

"Probably, however sasuke is in charge of ordering the pizza while he's at it." Angel smile more than she ever did "I don't mind both." Chuckle a little.

"Don't worry. I promise that your favorites will arrive soon." He felt a smile across her face. "Yay!" she cheer then a phone vibrate from night stand. Angel's phone. She lean across to get it but Itachi beat her to it. She saw him read the screen before handing her phone to her.

"What?" confuse the way he is acting all sudden now all relationship to green eye monster of jealously. Oh boy here we go again with the whole guess who is the guy that can turn out to be one of her uncle's no clue on whatsoever related or family long time relative.

"I was curious to know..." her eyes stood there stare at him "Curious? Of what?" he turn to her "Who's james?" straight forward mid serious calm face wonder how this will keep going until the green eye monster jealously can take over any second now.

"Wow" all she said "You didn't answer my question." She spoke out "James is my uncle."

Itachi felt dumb because reminds him about the time he ask who was Sebastian the random family butler in charge all servants around house hold no other chose her friends mistaken him for somebody else until the truth spoke out cause a huge surprise certain questions to be answer by only one person at a time. Not only realize the word 'uncle' next to the name on her phone.

"I'm sorry." She finishes typing the reply back to her uncle "its fine." Put her phone back into pockets of design mix match pants.

"He's Liz's dad."

Itachi listen "He thought my cousin is with me." Itachi finally calm down "That's good." grab her close once again "Forgive me on how I acted." Took her hand stroke his hair "That's ok. All my uncles text me to see how their daughters are doing. That goes for Lixe gets text messages from my dad when she's around."

Itachi starts finally understand bond between father and daughter also uncles look out for each other. Household of strong Family. Everything comes to together. An Uchiha like he is smart, wise, intelligent and brave. Yet strong. All Uchihas are a strong family.

"There's something I need to tell you." Angel tells him "What is it?" saw her eyes get serious. He wonders what she'll tell him. "My parents want to meet you this coming Saturday."

Itachi took time process the news from her. To meet her parents. He wants to say something no words have come out. Inside his throat suddenly felt dry up no water drinking in certain days or weeks pass.

"Itachi?" wonder if he's doing alright from what she has told him just seconds ago.

"You ok?"

Angel grew curious wonder took it well enough understand her parents want to meet the Uchiha as the boyfriend beloved guy gave a chance start things all over again suddenly grew a friendship to love bonds during the summer vacations.

"I'm ok." response to her "I'm going to meet your parents this coming Saturday?" she nod


"My parents want to meet you." Itachi felt a little strange put aside feeling worry later. "Is it just me alone?" she shook her head "No it's not. Your family is invited including Naruto's, Hinata's, and Sakura's as well." finish talking cause him feel relief at first because not he's going to meet her parent's along the family and his brother's friends attend this dinner.

A relieve left out heavy tense feeling. The nervous feeling is gone. Is the serious calm quiet good looking Itachi nervous to meet his own girlfriend's parents? He hopes isn't so nervous. Last time, he was nervous about going on a date with Angel. Things turn out well for the both of them.

Itachi is for sure nervous. Well a little not so much. He will face her parents and the family. No backing away. Time to be a real man. Not yet because his mother thinks he's still a child as acts like a child sometimes. Thinking meet the parents caught doze off realize Angel is stroking his hair.

"Itachi." soft voice spoke

"Are you ok?" concern for her boyfriend

"Yeah I'm fine."

He answers to his girlfriend

"Only not to be nervous once I meet your parents this Saturday."

Gave good hopes for her not to worry a single thing about him

"Just making sure, it's ok to be nervous."

Her eyes look up at him. Left the Uchiha surprise. How did she know he was nervous about meeting her parents over the weekend?


Angel stood there before answer back

"Your grip around my waste that you're holding."

Don't forget they were glue to each other holding another by arms around the neck and waist fragile girl looks strong remembers girls are fragile can hurt easily.

"It's strong."

He slowly let go of his arm wrap around her waist until a hand stop him

"It's alright." Smile small at him made sure she is ok not hurt by the tight grip press too hard nor leave a pain mark.

"You didn't hurt me."

Itachi relief worried sick if he had hurt her from tight grip hold with strong arm.

"Thank you."

Two hug it out in moment hugging each other a squeeze response coming from Angel give all her hugs only to Itachi best ever hugs received no other person in this planet.

"All is good." pull away a little to talk "What's wrong?" he asks concern why sudden pull almost away from the hug being broken apart.

"I forgot to tell you Sasuke came in awhile ago to tell you Sakura has awoken up and order the pizza already."

Itachi got off the bed as join Angel's side with his hand on hers. Connect together. Nothing will break their love. Their love is so strong nothing comes pass through them turns each tiny thing thrown at them into nothing. Walls have been built strong enough hold on any hard hits damage solid leaves it to dust. Plain old dust made all dirt. Little Angel is happy beside raven older Uchiha. S

he's only a senior to be eighteen pretty soon in September 23rd yet wishes could have the birthday also age already but time will tell through summer birthdays. Rather better celebrate in summer instead during school days where everyone busy getting their stuff together after graduating High School later this year. Whatever the time will came.

Little Angel's birthday will arrive shortly another 2 months left and 30 days to go for grand finally turning eighteen. Pretty soon enough her day will come. Uchiha raven older brother and his little Angel walk down through living room.

Uchiha brothers and their girls ready play some Super Smash Bros together have a great time in Brawl matches. It's time to brawl. Settle it in smash bros.

Sakura sat up sleepily hair messy a little around edges some bangs across forehead looks paste arts and crafts skill someone had done took a amount there time to do it. Felt proud about their works being complete from long minutes putting every piece together attach either one. Large piece hair on collar bone of her neck left hair marks.

Fix a little then spot Angel and Itachi arrive in the living room same for Sasuke who saw them arrive moments ago before Sakura woke up from long hour and half nap cuddle in his arms the whole entire time. Sasuke enjoy every cuddle received by lovely cherry blossom Sakura Haruno plus has most adorable sleepily face ever that couldn't resist take a photo later save it to show his girlfriend Sakura, He will definitely enjoy embarrassing her so badly cause pink cherry flower flush red tomato color.

Sasuke signal a look only they can understand simply got a nod in response from Older Uchiha brother Itachi who follow with his younger brother Sasuke. 'I need to speak with you.' No words said than done already know what will lead next. Sasuke place a glass of water that Sakura request on coffee table as took some sips then went back talking to Angel.

"Thanks sasuke." Sakura smile "Your welcome." He sat one seat away from Sakura but an inch to reach for her if ever needs sneaky steal a kiss upon those cherry pink soft lips out nowhere completely total surprise unexpected not to know his sneak attacks. Sasuke simply smirk cover under a calm face expression give no clue to wear bouts. Sakura slightly blush a little from what Angel is telling her.

little few minutes, got up went sit beside Itachi on other end large sofa. Navy Dark blue color shine whole room out comfortable sit relaxes from a long day's trips maybe work or school. Could be anything feel right at home relax.

"Did you order the pizza?" Sasuke nod "Yes I did and told Naruto is picking it up later."

Angel didn't expect her cousin to be coming by later at Uchiha's place. Did they invite him without informing Angel about this? And to think how others will react two cousins are still mad at each other unable bring awkward intension is not wanted here should be place outside surrounds neither disturb peace never bring intension problems anywhere else.

"No I didn't invite him." Answer at her "But he's with Hinata just finish their fifth date."

Angel glad hear everything gone well between Naruto and Hinata lately. Wonderful terms for lovely cute adorable couple of all Konoha, Japan.

"He has been with her since the beginning of Junior Year." Sakura said happy see her best friend found happiness by the boy she's crushed on since Kindergarten.

"I'm glad naruto is happy." His cousin couldn't agree more by what Sakura said "Agree and I like Hinata." Cross her arms around "She's like a sister to me."

The girls giggle among themselves.

"Hey Sakura." Cherry blossom got full attention towards Angel

"What is it?" being hug by Sasuke from behind

"Your invite to a dinner this Saturday along with your family."thought for a minute before given an answer "Sure I'll let them know."

Itachi look to her

'So she didn't tell that we were invited' he reach for her as brought into embrace hug.

'It'll be interesting to meet the parents.'

His nose seems tickle by her soft hair with that a small sniff smell the tropical ocean shampoo. He likes the shampoo she uses. It's one of his favorites. She smells like the ocean off a tropical island.

'I'm sure it will turn out well.'

Itachi seem calm in the outside however, trying keeping cool calm together not burst a nervous breakdown out nowhere.

"So when is my cousin coming?" Interrupt by Angel's voice.

"He's coming in 15 minutes. We set up the game in the meantime."

Angel got confirm how long her cousin will be arriving so went set up the game. Sakura went to the kitchen follow by sasuke set up the table. Itachi went to help Angel set up the game.

Everyone seems to get things done before Naruto arrives with the pizza. Angel got everything set including video games pile together on coffee table.

She glances to the table near the sofa. Table all set. However, Sakura making fresh drinks inside the kitchen while Sasuke stood besides watching pour the drinks in each glass cup mostly what fantasy restaurants do impress the costumers amaze how they do in food and drinks recommend anyone to go there in free time.

Uchiha stood study her close movements watch prey before striking them down felt like an animal ready eat hungry hunt search delicious meal finally feast. A prefect time.

"Sakura" the Sakura blossom lift her head face raven hair Uchiha young man listen what he has to say

"What is it, Sasuke?" finish pouring last third empty glass of fresh fruit drinks to other glass cup next to third one beside it.

"Don't forget the cherries on the sides."

She place each cherry on every glass turn out to be impressive hence creativity young cherry blossom blew minds out everyone here within this room.

"There all don-" cut off by sneaky kiss from Sasuke.

Sakura's face all red pink mix together.

"Sasuke!!" embarrassed now as Sasuke felt proud grin spread across expression face feature smooth Uchiha is in his own tricks attack a passion kiss upon lady pair pink light lips ready taken kisses all needs feels accomplish.

"Well someone let their guard down too easily." He teases at her "Huff."

Response she gave him a pout lead herself out the kitchen drinks in a hand tray.

"But you did like it huh?"

Sasuke whisper by the ear because body tense up through chills down her body didn't expect Sasuke had follow behind her. Well cleaver Sasuke Uchiha such a sneaky cat quietly watches from far all observers study close everyone surround areas. "There will be more." Now face her flush red behind ears.

"Sasuke!!" loudly call him out hopefully isn't too loud enough for Angel and Itachi to hear what's going on in next room. That will be so embarrassing.

"Not now Sasuke."

She walk pass to get the blows of snacks. This little cherry blossom girl knows Sasuke too well. Of course she enjoys their quiet alone times together. Oh the moments with him makes her melt all the time whenever there alone together.

Approximately this type of this often happens to Sakura the little cherry blossom with raven boy already claim her heart. Lends on the only mysterious love a strange couple faces weird complexes base love feeling emotions rises up all air focus one thing around them they are Angel and Itachi. Love is a mystery to them. She is happy for the two love birds.

Sakura place the drinks down on the table separate each glass to table mates slowly step back to view her process sight smile at herself then hear the door bell ring. About to go open the door right then there Sasuke beat her to it as open the door relieve A blonde hair guy wearing a goofy smile hands full pizza boxes beside him shy girl purple hair blush a little from shyness reason which is how she really is around people even friends.

"Oh dope is here."

Careless stare at Naruto who arrive with the pizza in hand and hinata right behind him. Naruto place the pizza on the table then gave his usual silly smiles to Sasuke. Finds those smiles quiet annoying. It's more complicated friendship between the two, an odd friendship bond they have unlike anybody else around Japan because these two were friends since kids and throughout the upcoming senior year. Naruto met Sasuke at same Kindergarten school of Konoha second day of School.

Sakura can't seem to explain it either about friendship or how they all met. Like everything took a turn until face the right direction. Naruto had his arm wrap on Hinata. Hinata as usual smiles shyly being her shy self little confidence.

Angel came by with Itachi behind her. All eyes went to the two. The cousins stand each side like a standoff battle in those movies expect other who is going shot first or surprise attack everyone surrounds witness battle go off. None move to each other but Angel broke the ice of long silence made her way towards Naruto.


No cold tones only calm normal tone.


Naruto stare at his cousin

"It's good to see you Naruto."

Slightly smile

"I'm glad to see you too Angel."

Cheerful smile gave off to his cousin made everyone feel relax relieve these two aren't fighting anymore. No arguments with each other. The ghost is clear. No more fighting between cousins. Sakura came back handful of plates place them on the table.

"Alright the plates are ready and make you at home." She said for everyone know food and table has been set ready to feast dinner time gather take seats where be seated during dinner all friends then turn to Angel

"I need to talk with Angel." Then went on saying "Mind helping me cut some fruit too?"

Angel nod "Sure I won't mind."

Her response full confidence always has been for this young who doesn't mind going on talks to a flow friend. Ready for anything type deal. The girls head to the kitchen as rest gather for pizza and dig in. Sasuke and Itachi notice them going inside through kitchen door, they both wonder what their girlfriends are talking about. Naruto seem to notice as chewing down cheese pizza.

"You two" through his food "should relax. They won't do anything wrong." Receive glares from Uchiha brothers

"How can you be sure?" Sasuke was the one who answer to both of them.

"I've seen Angel and Sakura talk among themselves before you were guys in relationships."

He point out to them. Naruto had a good point. Sasuke puts his full trust on Naruto in these types of situations.


That's all Sasuke said as went eating pizza.

'I hope it isn't too serious.'

Itachi thought chew small bits pieces into the pizza. He knows shouldn't be worrying about it but what happens there something she doesn't want to hear or listen too? Angel's feelings are at stake here. Hell of a risk taker for her to do this, by herself with Sakura in the kitchen.

'Hopefully there aren't arguing much.'

Took another bit. This thinking isn't quite healthy then breathes out slowly start clam himself down. In fact, Uchihas never express emotions or feelings much like female relatives in their families. Uchiha males always have to act tough, polite, honor, royal, and self its steam yet serious type's person who never let guards down at anybody.

To protect the female/soul mate dear heart away of any harm is closes every can be what's dear meaning to that person.

A man to be in early years on growing up through childhood to young teens. To learn the ways of what a man can learn from pass on family generations, normally all males in the Uchiha clan have to be strict at their wife or girlfriend around family. Not too strict. Nevertheless overprotective kind of way. How it works.

Fathers want what is best for their sons. Anything can be possible. Brothers hardly get along each other includes father due strict rule ways towards them not have time spend with his sons as all fathers do.

The bond together like son and father in good family moments. Neither of them had it. Itachi didn't because he is raise to be older sibling protect younger little sibling brother. First born raise by the father he wants to become while growing up so has a future decide not picking it out first by himself. Itachi let himself be away as thoughts fill in about Angel with awkward shyness to weird smiles but cute ones while being embarrassed.

The long soft black slick smooth feeling touch to his finger tips turn soft felt pillow hair tickle slightly whenever strokes slick hair edges parts which are soft enjoy feeling. It makes him feel at ease forgets everything there is around already happen before hand. Real close and all he stroke beautiful soft black hair. He hopes everything goes well.

Girls cutting fruit on wood broads put each piece to the bowls. Set neatly top each one like restaurants use set fantasy treatments cute fruit. Fruit slices perfectly match cuts evenly put on each bowls beside them.

Angel has finish hers once place knife to sink washing cut broad. She was taught whenever at a family or friends place do some of the dishes or clean so would not be such hassle later on. Leading a hand to the other. Girl raise to her family along three sisters Tiki,Aina,Luka, then following her cousins Liz,Tokie,and Lixe, finally male cousins Naruto,Suigetsu,Eren and Armin.

"Hey Angel."

Angel lifts her head up face Sakura got full attention

"Have you told your parents about Itachi?"

Angel took a small pause

"Yes I did."

Sakura spoke again

"Y-You d-did?"

amaze by her confidence tells her parents that she has a boyfriend now. Angel has gust. Sakura not terms. Gets all shy, nervous, and anxious well often over thinks too much. Right now isn't the point here. She ever wonders how her parents have token it.

"Are they going to meet him? I mean" took small breaths "Do they plan on meeting him?" correct her own words put the cut fruits in the bowl.

"Yes this following Saturday. At the family gathering. With my family, Naruto's, Hinata's, Sasuke's and Itachi's and finally yours."

Sakura lost at words "Your family invited them and me?" Angel nod once again confirm "Yeah and after they meet Itachi as have a dinner too. They're going to discuses family business stuff with our families."

Sakura steady process everything relaxes against the counter.

"Alright I guess everything has settled." Little calm manage her own together "You don't need to worry, Sakura." Face her in a straight face

"Everything will settle." Smile gathers all the small bowls to a tray.

"The cut fruit is ready for snacking later." Sakura confuse "Snacking?" she chuckle "I have been hanging out with Naruto WAY too much."

Admit it caught up some slang by Naruto himself says seems cool to say however annoying to point of views on others who don't find it cool at all. Angel had time to catch up with Naruto and rest of Uzumaki family. Entertain and excitement.

All joy in a family. Remembers the times when in Kindergarten sometimes Sasuke comes along with Naruto all the time, they go to Naruto's house play as well do homework that Angel always obeys her aunt and uncle like she does at home around the parents.

Naruto whines about doing homework instead of playing his action figures. Funny how naruto complains about his toys not much on homework. At the end of the day, he gets it done later continues to play with his best friend and cousin throughout the day. Angel felt at peace there not alone as normally is. Her sisters will be there at times seem busy through daily stuff.

Some siblings the brothers Reno, Vincent, and Joss hang out often but end having plans with their own friends. Angel was alone. She had her uncle Sebastian to keep her company at home. Probably these moments wishes she had friends.

All thanks to her cousin Naruto on helping out meet new people to friends he has. Glad to have met them. Anxiety destroys her inside to be social. Doesn't add up. Though were different ways dealt loneliness situations in life. Angel snap out from her thoughts as Sakura said "Hey Angel?"

she response to her "Hm?" Sakura told "Who have you told about you and itachi being together?" Angel stood quiet right before give a response

"My uncle Sebastian knows about me and Itachi."

Answer to Sakura went on saying "Including my cousin Liz and her boyfriend Levi."

Sakura smile in joy "Well at least someone knows." Turn to her tray in hand

"All knew where this is going. No one forgets the pain in few years, less than that she pains burn water tears before freshman year started high school met new friends by her cousin Naruto as got some friends of her own. Anti-social life struggle a difficult task careful yourself on picking the "friends".

Relate to all. Not alone facing theses capacities before Angel had left Japan for years to go to America and the UK for her dad's business company, she meet friends there also rescue a girl's broken heart right the moment not let things got messy become a scandal.

The friends she met were two girls with the same name but different last names. Other is in a band with her two band mates which are friends, she help them through struggles in therapy along forms in counseling leads drift roller coaster get to a better place crop these demons. Demons haunt past and fears break point. Lucky angel has met those right after leaving for America as other suffer a broken heart crop through therapy and help a lot.

Since process gain confidence, strength, learn her personality more and control emotions. As the rest seem hard never last until Angel broke ice by telling about her includes past struggles. Admits to be scare of opening up in front random people makes her afraid others will judge. All shock including young 15 year old boy who join their band as bass guitarist. The young teen told his past life each time will hold onto Angel's help for support that she can relate past life into his past. Angel did her part in therapy for the group. No matter much pain kills inside.

Didn't let these demons bother nor get in the way through messy roads. Knight break all walls nonstop until reaches the goal from there finishes it proudly. Therapy helps them all. All thanks to her. Continue to be the band she has meet who become close friends after leave Japan. The good news she heard was Hatchko is together with Nobu expects to have a baby together. Both will be great parents. Hatchko learn not over think things carefully. That's a good sign she work on herself more. Of course she does attend therapy now to talk about her more during pregnancy prepare for new born. The time she heard about ex he seem shock surprise the lost losing girl of his future for cheating on her. He's lost now. Anyways, today their touring through states in U.S also head in UK soon.

A debut tour new upcoming album release to all blast fans around whole world. This warm feeling made a smile inside appear heart warmth; spark releases emotions out on her. No one knows expect Naruto is a fan of blast plus friends to them.

'I'm glad you're doing ok.' Look down at the written letter place palm of her hands 'Hope to see you soon.' Smile more at end of the letter 'Blast.'

Across spread happy smile put letter on pile rest all letters gotten from them stack up. Angel already cut more fruit listen more lectures from Sakura Haruno's advice. What an episode had happen. Sakura does worry conditionally not give a clue found out by her.

Angel is smart knows times. Obvious know when ask questions to be curious because Sakura is wonder find answers need puzzle up a clue fits story together to be solve. None detective Sakura on cases solves anything to Nancy Drew cases that are like in the book series.

No mostly that is Naruto's job to be sneaky found out smallest things no matter what the cost is. Naruto ease dropping unexpectedly hear on gossip goes around whole city of Tokyo maybe all Japan. Let there be a family member who watches our backs carefully as have theirs watch over. Overall, we family keep whole pack on check help through struggle narrow path roads.

'Sakura knows all too well. That's our Sakura. Strong, innocent, confident, and smart girl.' went on

'Sometimes scary because Naruto messes around a lot being an idiot like he always is. Naruto the baka lunatic is love by everyone as his family, friends and his cousin Angel. They have a brother and sister bond together. Hinata is cool feels happy that Naruto shares a bond to Angel in the family.

When Hinata met Angel as Naruto's girlfriend in one of family dinners along Neji and tenten who is his girlfriend includes a surprise no one knew Naruto and Angel are related until that day. Entertaining family dinner.

'I can't wait to talk about it.'

Angel exit out of the kitchen deliver two full fruit trays with Sakura. Once girls arrive place tray of fruit onto the table. Itachi tap her shoulder turn saw he had save a seat for Angel. However, there were many seats around to sit but Itachi wants her sit next to him. Took her seat grabs a full plate of pizza that Naruto brought chows down right into heavenly Hawaiian pineapple add ham glue to cheese cover coat combine mix 3 flavors in one turns great heaven escape pizza paradise enjoy all to herself. Meanwhile Naruto spoke on how his date went with Hinata.

"Then we went to ramen shop and meet the rest of her family."

Happily chuckle gulp down cheesy pizza turn look to his cousin whose looking at him

"What is it Angel?" she chuckle slightly among her own.

"Well reminds me of the day I meet Hinata as your girlfriend and told them I'm related to you."

Took a bite Hawaiian ham pineapple pizza left Naruto trying remember the day introduce his family to Hinata plus Neji and Tenten who tag along with Hyuga Family. One of Hyuga Family members ask Angel if she was Naruto's family friend response seem a surprise by what answer was turn out she claim is related to Naruto which meant she and Naruto are cousins. Includes the Uzuamki family too.

"I remember that. Wasn't it obvious to them already? I thought Hyuga family is smart at figuring stuff out easily."

Took another bite to his pizza follow all eyes are on them since they never heard the story before nor did Sasuke was told by his good friend Naruto. Sasuke did hear the family dinner went well somehow interesting surprise at the end.

Sasuke already figure this out once walk by to practice that Neji spoke of Naruto's cousin being Angel.

'So the moment of relative being Angel cousins with Naruto surprise them all? Huh I see why the way they act and personality wise. I knew all along.'

Sasuke bit on pizza before grab a Hawaiian pizza slice for Sakura. Sakura knew well what's going on. The news hyuda family found that Naruto and Angel are related. They are cousins.

"Yeah I don't know why everyone seem so surprise about it"

Naruto bite down his second slice of pizza

"I mean" talk a little more chew down his food "When Hinata ask if I was your friend or some kind you answer back saying 'Oh Naruto and Me? No were not that close because I won't date him. Isn't the dating material only as a brother in my own fresh in blood?' Right?"

Angel nod

"Right to the point where it broke the ice by saying 'Oh me and Naruto are cousins.' "

All eyes land surprise moment if story would be more interesting to tell such an event Aftermath tale. No one knew of this until now includes Hinata too. She didn't know a thing about Naruto's and Angel's relationship lately they greet each other have lunch and rest thought they were a couple. Not even close to is a couple.

Most of the times treat each other like brother and sister shikamaru has mentioned it to everybody. The guy may be lazy on his ass call him couch potato head but a very smart guy figure out things quickly than others. Shikamaru knew Naruto and Angel were related.

Didn't tell anyone seem to let others guess everything out on their own will. Right but smack all head s back to spots they belong puzzles have fix small pieces fit. Sasuke did not deserve the smack on his head for Uchiha he is smart to his feet quick solve one shot.

Everyone finish eating pizza maids clean up as rest went living room lay super smash bros.

"Angel did they say anything else?" curious that Sasuke spoke between drinking his water. "No they did not. Only ask questions not personal ones." Cuddle near Itachi wrap his arm around her "Hinata seem relief of shock find out there's no special relationship other than me being family of Naruto."

Observe people around living room listen close. Since Naruto was there it made lots of since. Uzumaki and Tiku family are blood related. One big move if any family company is related huge deal because partnership has a great bond between families to business.

Any one tries mess other or partnership will be punish for their actions leads conduces come their way isn't a pretty site see others who have been through it.

"Nothing has happen after that. They hyuga family close the deal between our family business includes approval Naruto and Hinata dating."

Hug Itachi close worries have got to her not tell her parents instead of Uncle Sebastian about her and Itachi follow guilt kill inside bring down sadness from not speaking of her parents in daily basics. Reality her parents we

re always busy hardly talk to well expect mother mom she will always behind every step of the way. But father of hers hardly no attention to his children even his brother James whose father of her cousin Liz, Lurki, Saiki and sons danichi, Lexar, sniper as twins hiko and hiku as younger sibling Tiso in the family. He tells him take time off spend with his family includes his daughter Angel who seems randomly stop by the office show her dad drawings about lovely family.

Every day he had regret not spend time or moment with his daughter like to his sons Reno, Vincent, and Joss spend more time includes two daughters Haiky and Lurki not so much to Angel since she's oldest youngest in family of three daughters. One day while work at home, seeing the family during breaks as wrote down documents all siblings three boys and two sisters spend time with father then later plan to go out for dinner.

Everyone excited as Angel sick in bed that her Uncle Sebastian, aunt Ariki, and Mother were taking care of Angel. Her dad had no idea until saw them all dress nice and was getting a glass a water, All eyes went to her siblings got worried of her not only that Angel felt betrayed sick inside to stomach by seeing her dad has been doing.

A parent's worst nightmare let child think there not include into anything nor events neither belong in the family at all. Kick out family picture push away into total trash piles of nothingness.

"I can't believe you dad..." chock in her own tears "That I'm not worthy to be a daughter in this family give any attention by anyone else here unlike some people who care." Stood strong at grounds not given a signal cry out run away up to her room follow by three adults behind in case something happens.

Now siblings stayed with their sister meanwhile took turns taking care of her. Sebastian and her dad's brother James outside talking comfort tragic little thing had happen couple moments ago.


guilt scrim hate sees his dear brother sad for his own actions. Not pay attention towards own daughter Angel the fresh and blood in the tiku family.

"Why would you do this my dear brother Kou...?"

Sebastian understood his brother in law James speechless sat any words

"I feel like a bad parent.." turn to Sebastian smile sadly "She looks up to you like a father figure already..."

admit the butler has done the father part towards Angel the daughter of Kou and Hina.

"I may look father figure already..." mentions on "She's the only one who talks about most too."

Try making him feel better that Angel talks about her dad all the time wonders what he's doing or thinking about. Ramp son all father wish to spend time with her and catch up. Never too late to start all over. Kou devastated not pay attention own daughter because she has mention don't turn into those rich father's who do not give attention on their kids only care work and money have no time spend together. No father know him should avoid fresh and blood family behind.

There isn't an excuse horrible act cannot watch these kids give love know they are loved by parents who rise in house of Tiku Family.

"Daddy....?" Lay sick in her dad answer that family butler came along with her father.

"I thought you were out to dinner?" look at him

"I'm sorry for everything that I've done not include you in anything or activities." pat her head spread a smile upon tiny sick lips trying not to spread more germs onto anyone else in the room.

"It's ok dad-" cough under sheets cause throat hurt a little clear up so she can speak more clearly however, a hand stop her from making any words come out raise up high as a sign let them finish speaking hear what they have to say.

"Don't speak my little Angel you need rest." hug his hand pout at him "But I nap for four hours straight and feel bored." complain whine tiny bit that made her dad chuckle.

"Don't worry; I will bring in your favorite movies and shows, books including your cats' tyru and snowball that dearly miss you." hold up tyru and snowball also call snowy given nickname she name for snowball. "Yay!" cheer on smile appears to her.

The smile gift shines days out darkness let in light sunny bright days. Since the Angel and her father Kou bond together through time process to be little girl grew up become a young woman but still a teenager/ little girl in father's eyes.

That's why Angel hopes their families accept each other and forget the past. This Tiku has shine hidden darkness away from the family start fresh new chapter begin chance has approve the bond grow stronger than ever before.

She couldn't ask for anything else then bond to her dad father make them into father and daughter bonds remind old times little girl run around circles happily runs towards father of the house always stuck in office by piles work on desk.

Those are good memories remember by time passes. Everyone now is hanging out playing video games together Sasuke and Naruto being completive each other will win in smash bros. Angel got cut off guard when Naruto attack nowhere using toonlink knock off battle arena cute adorable pink ball Kirby. Gave look at Naruto kick ass to one favorite character. Adorable ones that his cousin likes so much she plays yarn Kirby addictive to cute game.

Ah Naruto had to go there for her addictive cuteness she has into cute adorable things. Knows well adore cute Kirby wills strike back after little battle with Sasuke as Marth kick some ass in smash. He did lost to his brother in first round eight man smash second follows Marth Vs Toonlink finish the game. Hinata and Sakura root for their boyfriends' battle off super smash bros while Angel watch Naruto battle off against Sasuke.

Loser has to eat jelly beans with mix flavors good and bad ones all in one box jelly beans. Same color flavors never know what flavor would to taste on. Every jelly bean is by luck get good flavor not bad one. It's a win victory for both of them.

"And it's..." the screen shown results to a tie equally match after all which Angel predicts end battle.

"Now you both have to try the jelly beans." hand box to Naruto who is sobbing took blue jelly bean slowly chew wonder what flavor he had pick out as Sasuke got green start chew slowly guess mystery flavor.

"I got blue berry." Reliefs not have got bad ones as Sasuke response "Hn... I got lime flavor..." grin look at Sakura who look away blushing. Hinata blush fast tomato bright red shine color out Christmas lights put in holidays.

"Oh Naruto." Hug him cuddle close to her. Now cuddle together. Sasuke hold Sakura onto his lap stroke her head "what? You wonder if I won against the dobe."

Sakura shook her head

"I wasn't sure from look on your guys' faces if Angel was about to beat you guys."

Narrow his eyes to her. "So all this time you were rooting for Angel to win?"

Sakura giggle nod admit

"Yeah I'm no good in video games at least put my best on it."

Sasuke lean close her ear "I can teach you how to play video games." Said a little loud enough Naruto can hear his way mess with his best friend put this to completion standard

"Eh show off"

not so amuse because already knows what his best friend is up to start on something not to involve yet again be fair what's going on rematch again as Itachi and Angel cuddle together watch rest play super smash bros. Angel did her part fool them around until piss off Sasuke hit Kirby out arena back at him with rocks and hammer attack swings.

Uchiha learn don't ever rang or piss off the girl who can play video games.

'Man a girl like her is good at playing video games.'

Under estimate her by skills gotten good ones.

"Keep yours on lock Sasuke." His brother spoke nods agree continue playing the game

"Are you guys staying over?" Itachi ask Angel took a look at the clock it was 10:30pm already.

"Mmm depends I told Naruto I was going to sleepover at his house unless we stay here."

Turn towards Naruto seem focus into the video game.

"I guess we can up to them." wasn't sure for Hinata response was

"I don't mi-mind as long I'm with Naruto." Agree on terms then Sakura said "I told my parents will be staying at Angel's house also Sasuke's in case."

Sudden voices outside coming from drive through. Sasuke's parents must of return and talking to neighbors probably next door usual. However, Naruto and Angel listen closely to voices people are talking because distance door where they are speaking from.

"I hear your parents Naruto."

Angel looks at him from couch cuddle next to Itachi. Continue on game play super smash bros battle distract away conversation outside going on. Nothing matter at the moment just their game play. Voices got closer towards the door keys inject locks crick approach inside guest along behind them.

"This is the house we live in."

Mrs.Uchiha detour of house among chat along guest who ask questions later answers to them. The footsteps got closer where everyone is. Angel left out part not only Naruto's parents are here as well in Uchiha household. Her parents are there too. Naruto quickly turn wide eyes

"There here too?!" recognize the voices on his uncle and aunt kou and Hina the aunt relate to his mother kushina Uzumaki. Two cousins thought how did they run into each other? It was a big dinner event at restaurant up north locates near Tokyo City.

They got ready to what's unexpected from them because Angel felt a little uncomfortable slightly nervous on what's about to come. Her parents might see her cuddle among Itachi holding hands.

She did say her parents want meet him this following Saturday. Angel try move away because they were on their way to living room drum up moment heart pounds fast nervous heck trouble on something. Wait she didn't do any wrong doings expect hang out with her friends, cousin Naruto and boy friend Itachi. '

Why am I so nervous for? Nothing wrong has happen made me think I did something bad.'

This body took their own actions escape out Itachi's comfort and arms to be stop mid way whispers to her ears

"I know already." Stood quiet "Don't be afraid to show them we are together in a fresh new start of me being by your side."

Pull her back in his arms cuddle once again together.

"I do care about you Angel very much." Said confident to her

"I will be right beside you through every step of the way."

Finish saying built up bravery face her parents together be stronger into anything.

"All I care is being with you and have you at my side."

Give his point straight out heartwarming speech fill joy happiness inside more courage into confidence. He holds on her hand tightly made her face him

"I'll fight for us."

His forehead now against hers


eyes got teary eye felt emotional by this

"I also want the same and my dad to accept you too."

They both lean in close space between seal words in a kiss. Kiss went on enter tongue slid in make the moment heat up more lose off air breath made it difficult ever take a breath again. Dizzy fog each kiss hazel version repair itself see better than usual what's going on around aware themselves carefully not scene much lovely couple has done just few minutes ago. All eyes focus to screen play video games try win who's better at defeating themselves at super smash bros.

"Angel..." pull away saw everyone includes Angel's parents

"Hey dad" trap in arms older Uchiha Itachi face her dad

"How was the dinner event?" spot her other cousin Suigetsu behind them who wave Hi to as rest did the same.

"It went well thanks..." try pick up words place stood shock see what her daughter little Angel is pair up Itachi Uchiha there long friend's son dating their own daughter.

"So you have been dating my daughter Itachi?" Itachi nod confirm the two are dating one another seeing each other these last couple days following summer vacation trip.

"Yes I have and we forgive each other move on from the past events includes Naruto as well. I'm happy to have this opportunity second chance date your daughter Angel."

Angel's dad stood quiet by his swords face his nephew Naruto nod at him approval that he had change his ways towards Angel.

"Well I'm glad to have finally meet Itachi."

Two shook hands then left with the rest see tour around the house. Angel stood there stare where her father is stand in front door way living room.

"I think it went well."

Gave thumbs up for Angel.

"I'm pretty sure of what he saw was not usual."

Angel knows her dad all too well once it comes these situations doesn't know what to do nor say a word until gather thoughts need to be spoken right moments doesn't bring conflict into this family. Take calm and neutral confront people different situations nothing will work out well as plan person wanted become better handle well these problems not real problems only simple understandings of life goes on for others experience. Difficult topic discuss on dating talks had through educate well teenager.

"You ok Angel?" space out thinking "You were thinking again Angel."

Naruto knew way stay her place being quiet whole time seem worry him not much the others will be concern is she's ok or doing alright wait there response by her say it's fine I'm alright nothing to worry about. That use back up cover words behind no one notices well through her.

Naruto knows all too well about his cousin's actions since growing up getting know the rest of his mother's side family. Remain silence still no spoken a word back to Naruto wait answer wants to hear.

"Don't over think too much."

Concern of her

"It isn't healthy because let your mind ease itself not let control positive side on this."

He's right should not beat positive away don't enter negative in her good place what will come near future for Angel.

"I promise everything will be ok once your dad settles down."

All agree resume back on game play in large TV screen.

"I'm sleepily..."

escape a yawn cherry blossom lean on Sasuke's shoulder rest her head on felt sleep take over eyes close already go to bed now. Little angel fallen asleep in the arms cuddle up to a ball compare that babies do whenever fallen asleep find a good spot relax let drift sleepiness take over enter dream world at peace. Itachi carry her up the stairs head towards his room.

"You should not worry Angel." Talk to her feel at ease the situation better.

"I did spoke to your father."

Broke silence away from her "he seem genuine kind man at his word." Kept going on "worries for you that are why nervous act he put up back there when those happen."

Angel look at him half asleep "I hope he can accept you and move on from the past."

Itachi scoot over close himself space between her and the bed cuddle in each other's arms "I hope so too."

A knock on the door Itachi answer back door approach half way smile at Angel

"Sorry if I interrupt something but tomorrow your father wants to speak with you first thing in the morning at his study once you arrive home."

Angel agree at her mother

"I will attend be right there in the morning. Sebastian is picking me up right first thing in the morning, mother." mid-smile rights after left the room. Sudden certain feeling deep down sicken her stomach must eaten bad left over takeout food.

Uncomfortable anxious grip pile heavy objects start built up heavy bricks to cinder blocks hard cement liquid pour more weight press on top of her. Not a good feeling. No trouble scents her because fears dig crawl beast destroys guard walls blast second meant nothing towards the monster.

Thing is weak not strong. So this is how feels to be nervous out of blue got busted caught in mess. All worries left behind until early morning. The rest sleep took over body drift slumber next day to come save energy later.

Right now, problems solve not stay there forever has to be handle proper matter no conflict actions will be no harm other. We wait until tomorrow morning see what happens next for Little Angel and relationship to Itachi Uchiha. Wish them the best.

To be continued.....

Angel's Journal...

Act 1

'I'm really nervous to tell my father. I never have been this anxious in my whole entire life. Is that normal? Is it just me being over thinking person quiet as not healthy is suppose to be. Huh the questions leave me clueless right now. Sitting in my room with two pets my cousin's cat Tyru and snowball then orange cat Brooke that my older cousin Zarachian gave me as a gift 3 years ago last Christmas. I have no idea why Liz's cat Tyru doesn't like to stay at home sometimes. However, Liz is with her boyfriend Levi he gets along with her cat Tyru I mean Cherish the cat she adopt reminds me a whole lot of cat from Alice in Wonderland. He teases Levi often but is a lovely cat at heart. Cat's way to show affection aww how sweet of him ^^ so adorable!! OwO!!!... Hmm back to the topic, hope my dad accepts it we can all move on start a fresh new chapter unlike Naruto who I had to remind him the struggle to Hyuga's approval date Hinata Hyuga Neji's cousin more brother role model. Whatever happens will be prepare myself be strong at it. Give myself confidence check courage check self talk hmm check...? Babysitting Liz's cat for the day because of volleyball practice check.... A butler smiling at me weirdly is trying to get my attention check. Wait what?!! UNCLE!!! This is my privacy moment!! But my dear niece you know I worry for you see the writing is good things not too bad at all. Hmm.... Fine –w- I understand uncle... is uncle Mangus coming by today? Yes why? Hide my journal away from him please.... Consider it done my little Angel niece ^^ you know I'm one hell of a butler. Yes I know uncle with obsession of cats too >w> what? Don't like cats at my niece? QwQ? I do Uncle Sebastian its adorable just compare my interest to cuteness adorable things includes cats too OwO. Now do hide my journal so he won't find it. You got it ^w^.'

Ps. Cats and dogs are adorable too.

"Is this your new journal? The color looks lovely."

"Uncle!! Plan B!!! No Plan C!!!!"

"I'm on it my niece! Mangus how many times do we have to tell you not to read her Journals?"

What? I was thinking there were diaries not journals. I mean care not what a girl thinks all the time?

"No –w- respect the ladies wish Mangus" calm smile

"Got it..." frighten yet pouts "No fair..."  
The Strange andThe Uchiha:A mysterious LoveCh14pt2
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The Strange and the Uchiha: A mysterious Love Chapter 14

Approval of Acceptance and Set the date to meet the Daughter's Boyfriend

To where we left off...

The Next day. To Naruto's Penthouse apartment complex.

It wasn't like any nights or events plan. She's back from the undead. Naruto offer his friends a place to stay but they had their own near the areas. So it's just Naruto, hinata, Sasuke and Sakura, and lastly itachi and Angel. However the Uchiha boys had their own complex apartments so it was next to naruto's. Naruto check on angel if she was doing alright but was sleeping however woke up early for breakfast. She eats with the rest of them not bother to bring the topic that just happens the other night. Hinata stayed there as well with her cousin neji and his girlfriend Tenten.

This situation is getting out of hand and Angel doesn't want any of the drama. However, Angel is in her own place relaxing and Naruto is next door of the house. Their parents build an apartment complex but separated from each other as they live in one house of the same.

Angel went to Naruto's side of the house to have breakfast with him meanwhile the others were sleeping in more.

Angel enjoying her bacon to finish up her pancakes with French toast and eggs. Naruto cook everything while help mix ingredients and Hinata set the table. Naruto was taught by Angel how to cook in his middle school years.

It took time for Naruto to cook but Angel made it fun for him to learn quickly. However, when the day comes for Naruto to live on his own or someday gets married to Hinata. Hinata Hyuga is his girlfriend.

'That will be a sweet moment to see.'

Thought angel as walk back to her side of the house and enter inside back door of background yard went through kitchen area. Angel had maids set up breakfast for her. She would cook if didn't feel so inform parents to send some servants.

They did and along Sebastian the family butler who is her new uncle in the family unexpectedly show without notice. Already use to random appearances and surprise visits. Angel sat down began eating her breakfast.

The house is quiet like being in a library focus on studying for exams or finals coming maybe read books are zone out into a good wonderful book quiet smoothing than Naruto's side of the house loud and enjoying with friends.

Angel wishes she had many friends like he does. Whenever she is upset attends to be alone not allow others bother can become anti-social around everyone unlike spoken any word. They attend cheer her up make forget the worries that been bugging her. Angel has her time to be by herself before hanging out with friends.

A homesick miss the friends back in England and America do keep in touch by social media, also wants hang with them in person too. Naruto's friends are good, kind towards her and different in their own way. A smile across her in eating breakfast then sips down on some orange juice. Too busy in thought as familiar smell caught attention young girl aside the table.

The servant smile down at her place a full plate of pancakes fill in strawberry jam along real fruit strawberries.

"You sure do know how to get my attention when I'm in thoughts." gulp down her food upon a smile form the lips at family butler who she calls Uncle Sebastian. "Ah! Yes the old tricks in book or so I would say watch you grow from my eyes." kind smile form his lips feeling cheerily today.

Though the uncle butler is always busy keeping an eye on every servant in the house make sure everything is in full task and in order no mistakes around If Sebastian is here. A smart yet mysterious man appear out of the blue became the family butler in the house then reunited with long time best friend Ariki from Konoha High School Academy from there fell in love went on dates and sometime over the four years got married. Now he works with the Tiku Family as the head butler of the house.

"Of course, I'm sure my aunt told you so much of me as little me is small such a child with adorable looks in her charm affection." smile more with her hands together under chin rest arms on the table.

"Right, I do say she spoke of a little trouble maker at the age of 3?" curiously ask that made Angel chuckle a bit "well just a child then later grew up more. Not did a thing only Naruto did." point out sip more the glass of orange juice.

Sebastian looks at his niece "I would agree on that." he pour her more orange juice in glass cup. "Thank you, uncle." smile chew down gulp food swallow careful not to choke on her breakfast made by servants. "This breakfast is tasty." Finish pancakes stood up from stool chair thank the maids for helping out includes her uncle.

Everything was being clean up as Angel walk off with her Uncle Sebastian catch up on things. He already knew of the tragic events happen last night at the restaurant conflict of Karin surprisingly show out nowhere at event family dinners. Sebastian desperately ways figure small bit problems by others spread the word around of course gossip servants say whispers inside break room where everyone takes breaks relax awhile manage work rest order by family household. To head servants, check everything makes clear through duties assign them. When it comes to family or his wife will be able keep an eye out on them to protect anything away from single harmful way strike down. For the sake of his own. Rise own life to keep those who try harm what he dears most. Angel is like the father to her. A second father but more family relative uncle towards his niece who is aunt Ariki the love of life married to him 9 years ago.

If anything happens, will not hesitate speak his mind out defend beloved dearly niece in the family of Tiku. Angel talk about daily life topics to him while walking along backyard garden outside Naruto's apartment home connected with Angel's. The cousins siblings treat each other brother and sister every time spend or around company gatherings.

"Yeah, naruto gave me a small breakfast. He woke me up early." He chuckle thinking naruto find a way woke his cousin some idiotic ideas best thing wake up someone who won't care get mad or punch fly across the room crash onto the door. Naruto is the person to wake up others in anything or type of day. No matter what. That wouldn't stop dragging someone across the whole room because a scene everyone is staring right at you then person drag your feet along the way. It depends on the person.

Don't want to wake up an angry Sakura early in the morning. Lessons learn. Never wake her up or else face anger monstrous strength punches ever to be pawn by inner strength from a human being. Train by lady Tusande herself. The principle of Konoha High School Academy. "Well you know Naruto, doesn't like it when you're upset. This worries him." They continue their chat saw Naruto walk to them.

"Hi." Smile blonde hair with ocean blue eyes "How are you, Naruto?" Sebastian asks finish water the plants. "Oh I'm doing well. I finish eating breakfast and my friends went back to their apartments to get ready for a movie day." finish saying let angel know about the get together today.

"What movie you're watching?" wonder what film is to be watch for everyone at gathering. Naruto surprise angel who spoke to him "Some films from glibi studios then the guys want to see some horror movie." Angel nod "I'll be there but you know I don't do well with horror movies." Naruto snider a smile "Aw come  just a movie." Try convincing his cousin watch the horror scary film everybody else. "The guys want see a movie isn't so scary." Angel huff at his words not believe a single bit. "It's not my fault I don't like horror films." give a glare "A movie just an alien? No wait the girl who leaves pages behind?" shook her head bring shame on him. "I don't care. Silent hill game is more interesting than the movie." admit truth because the movie rip off the game badly doesn't like Hollywood back in America for messing up her two favorite shows Dragon Ball Z and Avatar: the last air bender. Regrets seeing the film so badly are curious on ratings in reviews towards film movie.

Naruto pout "but you Jumpscare when you watch Pewdiepie walk through let's plays." Complain part has seen her watch him play horror games or indie games type horrors with stories behind them made it more interesting for everyone try out on their own. Includes class during breaks and lunch hour, seeing her either a book to phone watching pewdiepie scream his ass off from an unexpected surprise scare in horror video games play for world to see him react too.

"That's different Naruto." Slightly sigh place her hand on forehead block hair bangs in front not see view well. "It's interesting to see others react to horror games. He admits he screams like a girl. Unlike someone I know." Tease at him fire back a strike bullet catch him off guard all nervous looking. "Not my fault I don't know how to express my fear." Looks away embarrass shot back a comeback.

"You guys still fight like children?"

A female voice spoke as all heads turn to a casual dress in boots and cut out sweater of totoro leggings for her skirt. Black short hair jack skeleton beanie and dark brown eyes. "Liz!? I can't believe you're actually here!!" blonde sea blue eyes smile "And you're still loud as ever fox face." A guy double deck hair grayish eyes no smile at all. Plain poker face seriousness down its soul. "Hey!! Don't start again little short." The two walk forward each grab collars shirts ready to fight. "Stop!!" shout both girls ran to them

"Levi... don't you dare hurt my cousin..." look up at him. "

Naruto stop being an idiot."

Eye to eye then slowly let go and did their hand shake

"You moron!!" whack Levi on the head "Oi!! What the hell-"Liz cross her arms around the chest "You almost gave me a heart attack you shit head." Levi never once heard her swear but he is afraid when female gets mad.

"Look, I'm sorry. Did you forget that Naruto and I fool around sometimes? Just for fun." Liz looks up at him. Levi hugs her as spoke "I'm sorry that I scare you." She smiles small. "It's ok. Next, let me know before trying to kill one another." Pitch his arms a bit hard "Yes Ma'ma." Manage through grunt his teeth in pain. "Good." She kiss him quickly walk over to her cousin. "The same goes for you, Naruto..." Angel said being hug by her uncle Sebastian whose keeping her calm. "If wasn't for uncle keeping me in place, I would tackle you both down!" Naruto squirm in fear. "I'm-I'm-I'm-so-sor-sorry!!!" hold onto his head for cover. "Don't hurt me!!" cry out in fear

"I won't Naruto." Smile down on him "I promise." She meant it to him. "Hm ok." He went close hug her in his arms "I'm sorry." He softly said to her "It's alright Naruto." Hug back "I almost forgot you and Levi fool around at times." let him go face her cousin "It's good to see you again." Smile at seeing her cousin Liz again since a long time has pass between them.

Last time, took place at a sleepover party on Liz's 15th birthday had movie nights with friends and family relatives around celebrating 15th age of Liz's big day, Oh so much fun such a blast around family relatives also among friends. "My cousin Liz." She smile hold hands with Levi "It's alright. You got back from America and UK." Levi stood there "Don't worry. Naruto and I are cool, my hate is towards Erwin."

Naruto smile small nod at him "still have a grudge on him?" Levi straight forward answer "You bet I do." the voice tone seem sharp as a knife prepare stab the prey launch down right at it all mighty strength dig within anger boil hot water left turn into steam like hot springs relax people from distress. "I'll defeat him one day." Naruto pat him on shoulder "Don't give up." Smile wide "You can take him." Levi only nod remind close to his girlfriend whose cousins with Angel, the family relative gets along no so rude at times. It isn't fault being anti-social around because has hard time trusting people these days includes the past life of him living off the streets as a thug and getting into street fights all the time. Everything turns up side down when an old man defeated him in a fight turn out to be a senise from a karate martial arts teacher at survey corps karate Academy.

Therefore, Levi turn his life into using this skill get through life breaking out the past replace good ones feel at ease. Right now everything is good to go still chase one piece into the past over a person who treats him like shit always ahead in the game. Then look at the butler who is looking towards him

"Uncle..." Sebastian look at his nephew "It's good to see you Levi." smile softly like he always does to everyone but this smile is different because it's always good to see his nephew once in awhile not so busy in charge taking care Survey Corps Martial Arts Academy Dojo in Titan University. "I heard the news." Liz smile with Liz "Congrats uncle." Sebastian felt please hearing those words from his nephew warm inside of heart burst fill happiness. Oh the joyful day celebrate news of new soon to be family member. "Thank you, Levi." Liz hand a bag to Levi to give it to his uncle Sebastian. "What's this?" Liz smiles in response "It's a gift for the child. I hope you like it."

He looks inside then reaches out clothing. "Its beautiful." admire clothing gifts one is an onesie animal and the other kitty bath rope attach cat ears for the child. "I help pick it out." answer to him "It was all my idea." She admits on giving the gift to him. "Yeah All her idea." Sarcastically responses Levi straight face neither reaction nor emotion whatsoever. "I thank you both." a glad feeling overwhelm thankful receive gifts for his first expected child coming in another 9 months from now since its first week of Ariki's pregnancy trimester.

"I have to go now." Look at his niece and nephews "need to check on my wife and run errands." Angel excuses his uncle to leave but knows he doesn't have to do that since position Sebastian is place in charge of head servant family butler, basically make sure everything runs smoothly right way sure everything correct jobs get done up to task. The job is a tough one however manages through works together with the family in schedule.

Now the middle of the day, almost time for brunch. Everyone has returned home. The Tiku family talking to their daughter on things make sure everything is alright from tragic events that had happen recently unexpected return from a family relative escape rehab center get revenge on angel for what she has done to her. Now the nightmare just began; it only has calm down storm's uprising not cause any more chaos. Which is a good thing because no one wants to deal drama right now or problems after everything has cooled down. And that is best thing to Tiku parents doing keep their daughter safe away danger. She is thinking as talking to her parents of meeting Itachi. It was surprise news for them once there were in Milan, Italy for Fashion Week. Lixe told them before she could ever do. Angel always told everything to her parents even her mother. If something came up for Angel to tell her parents. They would understand and give her time to tell them.

Thanks to Lixe's actions, it made everything a bit difficult to bring up this topic. Lixe is her cousin. She apologize what has been done and promise not blur out anything that she hears. However, Angel did remind about secret Love life between Childhood friend Vladimir Todd and her never told a soul about them to anyone else until ready tell anybody else. Aunt Akira and step dad Magnus Bane. That must have been a wonderful story to tell them.

Angel knows uncle Magnus all too well that is overprotective around his daughters, this made her grin a inside because of what she heard events had happen in family dinner where the boyfriend meets parent's lovely girlfriend includes sisters Rosa and the twins Emilia and Emiko, following brothers Ace and Haru turns went quiet well until very end entrainment lecture for Lixe as boyfriend Vladimir got talk one on one with the step dad Magnus Bane. Naruto did say quiet a surprising dinner on meeting daughter's boyfriend for first time ever, hence little fact Angel did told whole story to her uncle and aunt actions Lixe has done tell gossip around that Angel and Itachi are a couple since day they all left to vacation home up north of Tokyo where people go visit in summer breaks. Everything all turn out alright even those who watch closely eyes wonder towards Angel feelings gather relationship between friendship bond with Older brother Uchiha sibling Itachi. Such a mystery between the two. I guess we will never know how it happen only time can tell true story behind scenes.

Angel smile as sip up glass cup of water thinking among herself connect dots together see where makes everything come easier instead the hard way through situation is happening now. Kina her mother saw it. The smile on her lips, she ask her "What's with the smile, Angel?" got her off guard because that's her mother. Born and Rise in their roof. "I was thinking about something." Look at her parents serious "I need to tell you." Eyes show a little fear hidden behind serious brave face.

'Get ready to tell them Angel you can do this.'

Gave advice gain confidence in her not be so nervous such little things but it's ok just hope turns out ok no matter have hope that everything goes well. The Family Butler saw this coming a mile away near double couch where parents face daughter behind beautiful garden outside bloom flowers by the wind.

He stood in the room fixing curtains pretend to be busy not be rude to conversation between family personal life even though mysterious butler listen close anyways in case things got out of hand. Young girl stood before speak words out couldn't right away seem stuck against throat area beside voice box. Isn't easy spill out what needs to be said and get it over with? No some people find this nerve racking starts shaking entire body blood rushes through pathway every vein during rush hour to get to where needs to go.

Her father, Kou spoke "Is about Itachi?" confirms what is trying to them of the neighbor's oldest son Itachi Uchiha. "Let's see what she has to say, dear." smile turn to her daughter "Go on dear." Allow mother to daughter continue what she has to tell them which surprise news or something really important. Send confidence towards youngest daughter put on a brave face speak up in front of her parents. Not be afraid open up a little to them in anything.

"Thank you, Mother." She said to her, start speak

"You guys wanted to meet Itachi..." took a deep breath before saying a word. "As my boyfriend and would like to plan a dinner gathering with the harunos and the Uchihas." Went on mentioning "Along Uzumaki and Hyuga Family too." Her mother response "That sounds fascinating dear." Angel's father said finishes his drink. The mother smile claps her hands together "its settle."

Face family butler "Let's set the date to meet daughter's boyfriend." Mrs. Tiku excited as the dad nervous yet covers it being overprotective. That is what every father does feels jealous boil it with overprotective daughter mode parent not only Angel for sisters Tiki, Hina, and Yuffila then Luki.

"Yes my lady. I should average everything by this upcoming week." Finish listing on a note pad as slip in a coat pocket clap his hands as maids came to clean up. "If you excuse me, I'll be in my room taking my naps." Angel stood up walk out of the room.

The Midnight blue eyes ravenish hair yawn softly being carried up to her by Family butler Sebastian Michaels.

"You don't need to carry me..." look up at her uncle "Nonsense my niece, seem pretty tired from your trip back home." Carefully open the door by his foot enter bedroom place her on the bed. Sebastian's niece yawn cuddles into blankets more. He smiles down at her

"Nap well my niece." Call out left out the room close doors without making any sound. Angel smile in her sleep tuck in nicely to bed so peacefully dreams all she as comfortable is getting and feels cuddle press against bed sheets.

"You sneak in......." mumble lips move through words mouth out rest against human figure hugging her "You shouldn't leave your balcony door unlock." Deep voice said to her "Isn't my fault." press onto his chest "And I don't leave my door unlock." She look up to him "You find your way inside." remind him from sneaking his way in as guide by family butler Sebastian who is call uncle around Tiku family relatives.

Angel's parents have met itachi once they've move in Neighborhood with Uchiha's being their neighbor while not knowing that itachi has been seeing their daughter lately. No one knows expect her uncle Sebastian. Ok maybe a few know. Naruto and her cousins Lixe, Liz, Luki and Tokie that know so well that surprise them the most of her dating Older sibling in the whole Uchiha Family.

"I missed you." Quietly mumble to him as smile in her sleep, the uchiha smile playfully at her "Oh do you know?" chuckle to her "I'm sorry I didn't show up this morning." Feels disappointed

"Sasuke and I were having breakfast with the family in that time we try to sneak out away but my mom was on watch." A small smile spread on her lips seems an interesting story.

"I guess she is worried about what happen that night." Angel will never forget the look in Mikoto's eyes. All fear in curious as felt bad for her. She saw everything that happens. Including when Angel was drag away to another room by her family. Itachi must of told her the reason why Karin suddenly show out nowhere unexpectedly at the dinner event. She doesn't blame him. A mother worries for her children. It may have shock them. She is glad she meets his family along with Sakura. They were kind and the father of course strict yet so friendly to the girls. Meeting the Uchihas is interesting. The whole family is kind, friendly, smart and passionate. Some were surprising to meet. One of her mother's good friends is dating Obito. She is Rin.

They are both childhood friends. Madara pair up with Luna's sister Luz. They've told Madara use to be a bad influence until he met Luna's sister Luz. Something changes him to be a good person as learn for all his family to forgive him also gains their respect. Everything seems good now. Angel spoke "I understand. Everything is good." She tried to speak but Itachi cut her off press his lips down to hers.

"You worry too much." Angel smile snuggle close to him "You really know how to shut me up." Angel finally went to her nap zone still wrap in his arms. She knows when it's time to wake up he'll be gone by then. Isn't no shame on him because this is like a secretly relationship compare to Romeo and Juliet the two young lovers who died together forever conquer the love claim to be there's for all eternally.

No one will understand how loves work until the love has come to them chosen who to be with no matter make it work somehow through difficult obstacles ups and downs challenge love can last longer than others have speak off who read those types of stories in fairy tales.

Live happily ever after the end? There is more to this story solve mysteries seek these loves types witness true spark passion love blows up in fireworks boom up skies with colors all the colors to the rainbow. Angel had her afternoon nap then later went to hang out at his house.

Their parents were out shopping groceries. Sasuke is on a date with Sakura downstairs watching a movie. Angel is playing video games with him. It was Mario Kart 8 on the Nintendo Wii U. Itachi seem amaze by her skills.
The Strange and The Uchiha: A mysterious Love Ch14
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Ultimate Snow Wizard
Little one
Element wizard
Snow cold winter
Baby child
In the guild
Everyone's eyes
His name is
Blonde cute
Crushes on
S-class hero
Ezra Scarlet
Tough heroine
Strongest of all
No fear
Looks up
To her
Nice kind
Good heart
He wishes
To be
Now result
Grows up
Becomes strong
Trains himself
Master magic
Cold winter
White buff ice
Falls in winter
Makes it
Winter wonderland
Every attack
Snow appears
Flies out
In seconds
Traps enemy
Defeats it
Protects himself
Two oldest
Young wizard
Feels emotional
See him
Grow up
That is life
Let Snow wizard
Winter snow
Shine cold out
Eevee is
Ultimate Snow Wizard
Ultimate Snow Wizard
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Another Fairy Tail Poem 

Blue Pegasus Guild 

Eve Tearm 

Ultimate Snow Wizard 

Art of Eve Tearm belongs to :iconnikatail: 

Link to artwork of Eve Tearm by :iconnikatail:…
Ultimate Archive Wizard
Younger look
Good at heart
His name is
Skill at his
Own brian
Uses his
Archive magic
Defend himself
From others
The enemy
Because he is
Ultimate Archive Wizard
Smart genius wizard
Take on anything
Outta his way
sees this
As a
Get through
Better than
Who have
Good magic
He has the
Of the
Genius mind  
Next move
Strikes from there
Without them
Knowing a thing
It’s his wizard magic
Archive magic
Hibiki Lates
Archive wizard
Magic wizard
Base on
Blue pegasus Guild
Young oldest wizard
Ultimate Archive Wizard
Ultimate Archive Wizard
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Another Fairy Tail Poem 

Hibiki Lates

Blue Pegasus Guild 

Art Of Hibiki Lates belongs to :iconshynii: 

Link to artwork of Hibiki Lates by :iconshynii:…
Ultimate Air Wizard
Breathes in
Element wizard
Different from
Dragon wind wizard
Wendy marvel
Part guild
Blue Pegasus
His name is
Oldest one
In the guild
Following another
Who is same
As him
Younger look
Looks out for
Older sibling
In this guild
Keeps emotions
To him
So well
In fact
His heart
Belongs to
Someone else
Another wizard
In a guild
Couple life
His heart
Towards her
If someone mess
With anyone
The guild
Blow them away
All air
In the skies
Bash them out
Ren is
Air Wizard
Sneaky blows
Right at them
He's blue pegasus
Element wizard
Ultimate Air Wizard
Ultimate Air Wizard
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Another Fairy Tail Poem 

Blue Pegasus Guild 

Ren Akatsuki 

Ultimate Air Wizard 

Art Of Ren Akatsuki Belongs to :iconsugarkitten2287: 

Link to artwork of Ren Akatsuki by :iconsugarkitten2287:…
Blue Pegasus Guild
To another guild
Four young boys
For all the ladies
Can catch the
All eyes
On them
Charms them
Shines through
All places
They are
There master is
Ichya kotobuki
Charm to all
Among less
However a
Good master
At heart
Part of
Blue Pegasus Guild
Blue horse mythical
Represents them
A whole
There knights
3 handsome
Blue Pegasus knights
There wizards
Of this
One for
One for all
They are
Blue Pegasus knight wizards
Handsome knights
3 young man
This is
Blue Pegasus Guild
Blue Pegasus Guild
Enjoy my poem ^^

Another Fairy Tail Poem 

Blue Pegasus Guild 


Master Ichya kotobuki 

Art of Blue Pegasus Guild belongs to :iconluna-nalu: 

Link of artwork to Blue Pegasus Guild by :iconluna-nalu:…
Fairy Tail Guild
All fairy wizard
Huge family
To one
Brother and sisters
Friendly environment
Rules them all
The master
Of this
Where he train
As a rookie wizard
To be
Where he is today
Guiding the guild
In right place
Spending time
With his grandson
Part of
Thunder legion
Fairy tail wizard
Thunder wizard
Is his name
Good heart
Brave soul
These wizards
Dragon wizards
Element wizards
S-class heros
Top wizards
Strongest wizards
All in one
Strong whole guild
There all
Fairy tail
Not so
High mighty
Trust another
On anything
Have hope
Whatever struggle
Get through it
As a
Whole guild
True wizard
Each other
One by one
All wizards
In fairy tail guild
They are all
Fairy Tail Wizards
Belong to
Fairy Tail Guild
Fairy Tail Guild
Enjoy my poem ^^

Another Fairy Tail Poem 

Fairy Tail Guild 

Art Of Fairy Tail Guild belongs to :iconfuturetabs:

Link to artwork of Fairy tail guild by :iconfuturetabs:…
Team Thunder Legion
Stops them
Top team
All fairy tail
Guild itself
Amaze others
Right path
Better team
Like they are
Not before
That was different
No good
Bad part
Take on
Every team
In guild
Stay up top
Not move
A second space
Wasn't their place
Be in
That is not
A team
Bashes on
Fight hardest
Taken down
Favor return
Never mess
Who look
Has that
Weak point
No matter
How strong
Team stands
Change of
Team Thunder Legion
Finally learns
Don't underestimate
Team Natsu
Of fairy tail
Or the guild
The four are
Thunder legion
Team Thunder Legion
Team Thunder Legion
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Another Fairy Tail Poem 

Team Thunder Legion 

Laxus, Bisklow, Evergreen, Freed

Art of Team Thunder Legion belongs to :iconwitherfeather: 

Link to artwork of Team Thunder Legion by:iconwitherfeather:…
Team Shadow Gear
Levy Mcgarden
Are team
Shadow gear
Gear up
All times
Combat ready
Where strike
Either will
Levy scriptwriter
Jet quick speed
Droy use nature
On anything
Approach by
Any movement
Nature his magic
Expectedly attacks
Tough wizards
Gear up
Fight on
Three teammates
Team Shadow Gear
Writer reader
Nature plants
Each magic
Cast spells
With words
Fast runs
Sends a surprise
Nature strikes
Plants attack
Part fairy tail
Three are
A team
Best team
Of their team
Handle things
Their way
The shadow gear
Levy script writer
A council leader
Magic council
Part fairy wizard
Team member
Shadow Gear
Speed and nature wizards
Fast speed wizard
Nature plants wizard
Then scriptwriter wizard
Spell cast words
There are
Team Shadow Gear
Team Shadow Gear
Enjoy my poem ^^

Another Fairy Tail Poem 

Team Shadow Gear 

Levy Mcgarden, Jet and Droy 

Art of Team Shadow Gear belongs to :iconshamalayah: 

Link artwork of Team Shadow by :iconshamalayah:…
Team Natsu
Those tough
Mix in
S-class hero
Mid-class Wizards
Training to
The top
Become above
All wizards
Bonds grow
Through time
Friendships are form
Stories behind
Tell all
know best
Assign jobs
Collect the money
Help out
As much as they can
Whatever the task
Sure may difficult
Some ease
Fire wizard
Pump up
Thrown his way
Shine personality
good heart
On comrades
Get anything done
Loves tough challenges
Makes him stronger
Fire sparks
Burns enemies
Then there is
Cold winter
Icy snow
Never bother
Of the chills
Cold wind air
Gray Fullbuster
Ice wizard
element winter ice
Runs through
His magic
shows who
He really is
cool style
Calm as cold winter
Never bug
Better wizard
In his book
Rivals with fire
Yeah that wizard
Natsu Dragneel
Fire wizard
two rivals
Brothers at bond
fresh new start
Cool wizard
Admires his
Old teacher
An old rival friend
Who has same
Friendship is there
Rivals in combat
And there is
The knight
Shine armor
Good heart
Loves her childhood friend
No matter what
They face together
Stronger she is
Fighter wizard knight
Will do anything
One another
There's love
Between them
Here's the wind element
Dragon air
Strong strength
Windy airs
Heavy air
Increase stronger
She is
Wendy Marvel
tough young girl
With her cat
travels with her
Treated like a mother
Between the two
Good heart
Wendy the wind dragon
And there's
Lucy heartfilia
Kind hearted
Celeste Wizard
Good bonds
Her magic
Celeste magic
rich family
Past life
Difficult her
Still made this
Young girl
Be herself
Iron metal rebel
May look bad
In appearance
bad attitude
Plays the bad guy
Scares others
Fear him
Has a good heart
Already has
Capture one
Script wizard
Levy Mcgraden
Perfect for each other
He is
Gajeel Redfox
Iron metal wizard
These six young wizards
Team Natsu
All fairy tail
Whole Guild
Everyone rises up
Heads held high
Proud them
Honor and respect
To them all
Each one
Whole team
They are
Team Natsu
Team Natsu
Enjoy my poem ^^

Another fairy tail Poem 

Team Natsu 

Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Ezra Scarlet, Wendy Marvel, Juviva, Gajeel Red fox and Gray fullbuster. 

Art of Team Natsu Belongs to :icongenniieeee: 

Artwork Team Natsu by :icongenniieeee:…
  • Reading: Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare (new novel series
  • Watching: Durarara Season 3
  • Playing: Platinum Demo of FFXV
Well I'm going to avoid this day because one I have dark memories of April Fools Day. My trust issue is where it lands here. 

In the past I've dealt with many things to learn how to take a Joke lightly...

Never happen to me....

I never learn how to take a joke so lightly 

and never trusted anyone in this specific day... 

so I will be writing my poems as usual including my story and essay for my english class. 

That goes for my new book too. I got a new book to read. 

Until then everyone hope you have a good day today. 

Fairy tail poems are still going on and will post 3 poems of the teams later on. One is done but two more to go before I post them here. 
  • Reading: Assassination Classroom
  • Watching: Final Fantasy XV brotherhood episode 1
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! 


IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!







HOLY COW MAN!!!!!!!!!

i meet new friends there as well owo 

including BLACK NERD COMEDY!!!!!! :D :happybounce: :happybounce: 

I took lots of pictures and meet cosplayers too owo



i wanted to update on something...

As speaking right now I'm through like 47 pages of typing my story base on The Strange and The Uchiha: A mysterious Love chapter 14. 

I have the feeling it's going to end up more than the limits pages that I hopefully won't be such a problem like chapter 13 but whatever you know you write what is already been written through the notebook. 

I would say it's either going to be a two part chapter all in once or three. I have to see once I'm done writing these. Glad how is coming out too. I can't wait to post this thing already and work on a bonus chapter to chapter 14, type on another series chapter 2 and 3 secret stories coming your way.

Hint: it is base off a series ^^.

that is all for now :) and still writing the fairy tail poems.

The next one will be teams then Pegasus Guild. ^^

see ya :) 
Ultimate Animal Possession Wizard
Good heart
To anyone
Goes for animals
Treats for animals
Like a family
Gets along
Pretty well
Makes him
Feel happy
All get along
Cares about
The most
If danger
He takes action
Calls all
Get ready
Wizard himself
Magic turns
Animal more
Bad guys
Scare them
Wizard’s name
He’s the
Animal Possession Wizard
All animals
In trouble
Need a hand
Lead help
Good with
Any animal
Talent master
Well skilled
Nab himself
Every animal
Fairy Tail Guild
Has there
Second army
The animals
By Nab
Animal Possession Wizard
Nab lasaro
Ultimate Animal Possession Wizard
Ultimate Animal Possession Wizard
Enjoy my poem ^^

Another Fairy Tail poem 

Nab Lasaro 

Ultimate Animal Possession Wizard 

Art of Nab Lasaro belongs to :iconnadalien: 

Link to artwork of Nab Lasaro by :iconnadalien:…

Ps. This is the end of the fist section of Fairy Tail Poems. I finish the fairy tail guild. Now soon to start Pegasus Guild. stay tune :) :la: :la: :happybounce:  
Ultimate Dancer Wizard
All around
Where every
He goes
True talent
Well master
Can dance
Not a wizard
He’s both
A wizard dancer
His talent
A good weapon
In heavy
The case
He’ll dance
Face to face
All attacks
He’s quick
To his feet
Well balance
Young wizard
Any wizard
Can have
A skill
With magic
Makes something
Fair use
No shame
Either way
This wizard
Shall dance
All the way
Stop any
Bad guy
In his way
He’s the
The wizard dance
Uses movements
As ultimate
Greatest weapon
Vijeeter Ecor
Ultimate Dancer Wizard
Ultimate Dancer Wizard
Enjoy my poem ^^

Another fairy Tail poem 

Vijeeter Ecor 

Ultimate Dancer Wizard 

Art of Vijeeter Ecor Belongs to :iconnadalien: 

Link to artwork of Vijeeter Ecor by :iconnadalien:…
  • Reading: Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare (new novel series
  • Watching: Durarara Season 3
  • Playing: Platinum Demo of FFXV
Well I'm going to avoid this day because one I have dark memories of April Fools Day. My trust issue is where it lands here. 

In the past I've dealt with many things to learn how to take a Joke lightly...

Never happen to me....

I never learn how to take a joke so lightly 

and never trusted anyone in this specific day... 

so I will be writing my poems as usual including my story and essay for my english class. 

That goes for my new book too. I got a new book to read. 

Until then everyone hope you have a good day today. 

Fairy tail poems are still going on and will post 3 poems of the teams later on. One is done but two more to go before I post them here. 


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liz estrada
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United States
i write poems and write stories also even draw i'll upload soon some and i love anime alot ^^ big fan of naruto and naruto shippudden my favorite anime couple is sasusaku :) and my crush is itachi uchiha because i think hes cute and hot ^^ ^///^

Favourite genre of music: metal rock,Kpop (Korean pop),techno, Krock (Korean rock) and JPop also Jrock (Japan rock and Japan pop)

interest: anime,cosplay,roll playing writting and reading novels,playing video games :)

Likes: Anime,cosplay,roll play and manga

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