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Journal History


Ultimate Death
She’s like
the grim reaper
of everyone’s
she has the
and rebirth
A fear
can strike
to the sailor
but she is
A sailor Soldier
from the
outer galaxy
of her planet
she is
well fine
she is serious looking
when she’s in
sailor form
when she’s not
she is a shy
to others
That’s her
she is
the ultimate
of death
as well
her weapon
is like
ready to
or murder
that crosses
her way
blocking her
she makes her
pure with darkness
and the thinkable
of death
to her mind
such despair
she has
That makes her
Ultimate Death
The sailor soldier
is the
grim reaper
A nightmare
to all
she isn't a
she is different
from the
it’s her style
She’s a soldier
like the
three sailor scouts
she is
like death
by appearance
Ultimate Death  
Ultimate Death
Enjoy my poem

Sailor Saturn 

I don't really know much about her as i can remember from the first anime of the sailor moon series. So forgive me qwq. It's been forever man since i saw that original anime of sailor moon qwq. so i hope in the remake they will show more about her. 

Art of Sailor Saturn belongs to :iconathena-chan: 
Ultimate Time
Her power
is pure
of space
it’s unbelievable
what her power
can do
she’ll make
on time
to stop
she is
the sailor
of time
and space
All her power
is darkness
A soldier
Sailor Pluto
she’s from
the outer space
like the others
Sailor uranus
and sailor neptune
All three girls
Sailor Soldier guardians
From outer galaxy
Her planet
is like the
of her power
she is
the ultimate
space and time
Ultimate Time
due to
her revolution
of power
she has
Pure darkness
but uses it
for the good
she has
the time
for it
She’s the
ultimate of time
in space
A power
of the dark
from the
planet pluto
Her power
with darkness
and time
she is powerful
she is
Ultimate Time
Ultimate Time
enjoy my poem

This one is sailor Pluto as ultimate Time. I know i can hardly remember much about her since the original sailor moon anime back in the 90s. 

Art of sailor Pluto belongs to :iconathena-chan:
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)

A CreepyPasta story: Laughing Jack does Math

Plot: What happens when laughing jack tries to help out William  grossman with his math homework? Will he get it done by the next day for will? or Does he ask his “friends” jeff the killer,Nikki,ChibiLiz,Eyeless Jack or the slender family for help? Who knows what will happen when laughing jack does the math homework for will. This may make laughing jack flip out and wanting to murder someone. I mean by someone that will be the math homework of wills.

On to the story.

On a typical day like an other, William grossman was doing his homework from the institution school he was going at. He has to get his education somewhere or he isn’t going nowhere. Pulse he has to get a job soon because the manager of the apartment building he’s staying at is keeping him up with his rent dues.

He does pay for his rent like another other creep in the underworld. I mean he has to have a place to stay at. However will is a pretty smart kid as staying out of trouble will do good for him. For now.

As to right now, He has to keep up with his studies. The only subject he is good at his every subject but math is not really. He can do the problems and get them right. However, it drives him so nuts that he might want to destroy his own place apart. Which is how he feels about when doing his math homework at times.

The grossman thought of going over to the slender mansion place where the others are. Mostly they live there because slender man’s brother trendy offer them all a place to live. One of them stops by here and visits him by that his friend stays at his place. That person is Laughing Jack. Laughing Jack is a monochrome clown with black and white colors. He likes to murder people also give out lollipops to little kids. His special lollipops that taste like salt. Mostly his own cum with it too. It gets people high. Maybe he has drugs in them.

He got his phone out of his pocket then made a call

“Hey can I come over there? I might need some help with my math homework again. Well your not so good with math laughing jack. Then how did you pass the institution?” He wait for his answer but laughing jack was stuttering through the phone to make an excuse.

“Yeah i will be over there soon. Hope the girls are there to help as well.”

He hang up and pack his things then head to the slender mansion house. He then got to his car then drove. Yeah Nikki help him how to learn to drive. An easy  lesson with her instead of Jeff the killer. He was like silence ninja but watching his every move. Ah the memories haunt him.

It was like the an episode of hell’s kitchen. Yeah he brought the knife with him. The lesson wasn’t... so much of a teaching lesson. It was so horrible. Everything of it was like a lesson from hell. More of a nightmare to put it. Will drove to the directions to the slender house. He thank the girls nikki and chibiliz to give him the address. Everyone of that house knows he is grossman’s great great great grandson. All in the underworld has their own stories of his great grandpa. Isaac grossman. Laughing jack’s best friend. That’s all he knows. Nothing much of the matter.

To slender’s Mansion House

Nikki was reading her books as always but distracted by jeff who was sharpening his knives on the other side of the couch. She smile to herself while reading her book but then a sound of knives being set on the coffee table. Jeff was done and wants to cuddle with his girl. That girl is nikki. A heavy blush muse across her face. Some forms of strong arms wrap around her and heavy breathing down her neck.

“Jeff...” she whisper to him but he start to kiss her neck smoothly

“come on.. all day i haven’t seen you since the mission...”

went deep into her neck causing her to moan out softly.

“Alright then.”

she finally gave in as her arms wrap around his neck and push down to make out with him. The kissing was great and dear god she miss those lips of his. So hungry and thirsty for her lips.

“hmmm....” nikki press herself onto him. Now they were making out. Jeff was getting somewhere with her. The two bodies moving rather down the sofa as there make out continue. A sound of a door creak open as olderself saw them

“Uhh i didn’t mean to really hmm william is here and I have no one to tutor him with math. Not finish with my literature homework with that professor. Eyeless jack is helping me with that and i have to fix dinner tonight.” Nikki sat up with jeff cuddle to her then spoke

“Well i’ll try to tutor him but i have to help jeff with cooking the steaks.”

Both girls sighs to each other “Poor william. he won’t get help with math homework today.”

Olderself look at eyeless jack

“maybe you can help him? i mean you're attending the university with me.”

Eyeless jack scratch his back head as he look at her

“I can’t either i have to finish my english homework still. Thank goodness we got through the other assignments.”

She nod to agree and nikki said “What about laughing jack? maybe he can help will-”

jeff cut her off

“Laughing jack can’t do shit! he can’t make it through tutoring will. I don’t know how he went through the institution.”

Nikki hug jeff then kiss his cheek

“Calm down. I was only saying. Otherwise if one of us tutors him while doing our assignments in the study room.” The girls stood their thinking as a laugh was echoing the room. Laughing jack came out of the shadows from the corner of the room. He had his creepy smile with him

“Ohh so you want me to help william with his homework?”

Nikki and Olderself look at each other then to him

“Yeah we do.”

Olderself said “Do you know math very well?” curiously look at him

“Of course i know math very well. I pass it in my time at that routon school he’s at.” he chuckle evilly like he does usually.

“Ok then. Your Wills new math tutor for the day.”

Eyeless jack left with olderself to her study room to do their homework together and jeff left with nikki to her study to finish her homework. Laughing jack was left there with wide eyes.

“I’m going to tutor william with math!!!!” he yell across the whole house. He realize what he did.

He was going to help william with his math homework. He mention it was only a few problems. It can’t be too hard. Can’t it? This was making him a bit nervous. He was thinking how to get himself out of it before it was too late.

The doorbell rang. It was too late for him to back out now. Slender trim answer the door as letting william inside. He heard the footsteps come closer and closer towards the door. It creak open and william came into the room with his backpack in hand. “Soo hmm I’m going to be your tutor for today william. The girls are busy doing their assignments.”

Will nod his head while wearing his mask on his face then sat down on the couch as he start to doing his math homework. Laughing jack look at the math homework.

‘Gezz that’s a lot of numbers. What do they did them hard questions to handle? it’ll make my own brain exploded!! This is insane!!'

he stare at the homework while he was yelling in his head. This will be interesting for him.

Laughing jack’s Pov

The time passes by and he was handling it pretty well. Most the question he was getting right at the time while will explain to him a little. Then came the last one of them all. It bother will so much that he threw the math homework aside and went to go calm himself down. He has bad tempers at times but he really seems like a pretty calm person.

Laughing jack stare at the papers and look through them. It was hurting his brain so badly that it almost cause to flip out. Maybe destroy the whole room in seconds. He was feeling furious inside. “I’ll get the answers off the internet.” he went to the near by computer in the room and went to twitter then type out the math problem in his tweet.

About a million answers and photos shown of the problem. He wrote the answers down also making it look like william did it. He pretty much copy his hand writing in no time. Laughing jack got all the questions done in no time before william got back.

“Here you go william I solve it for you.” William took the math homework papers and look through it.

“I’m impress. You do know your stuff. Thanks.” he look to laughing jack

“No problem kiddo. Now you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go murder someone.”

He left William there and went to Kentucky fried Chicken to eat murder children. It was so good for him. He took a bucket home for dinner to enjoy himself. And after that he went to go murder random people because he was furious of the math homework he did for will.

It took out his anger out of it. He made like a bloodshed area. He can care less about it.  He’s happy now.

The next following months

Everyone was busy doing their own stuff until william came by again. He needed help with his history homework and the girls were helping him as well eyeless jack and jeff. Then laughing jack came by to see the girls cooking dinner while the guys help william with his homework.

“Watchca doing their Will?”

he look back at laughing jack

“Oh just doing history homework thats all. Hey do you this answer to this question.”

Laughing jack look to the question and notice then his head start to hurt he grab the homework as threw it to the fire place

“Damit that made my head hurt!!!” he scream in pain from knowledge and Olderself shout

“Why did you burn his homework?!!!” Nikki came back holding his homework

“I got it just in time. It’s not burn but only a hot touch to the papers.”

she hand them back to will who sigh in relief.

“Why did you do that? I thought helping him with the math was easy for you.”

Nikki question to laughing jack

“Hmm you see uhhh” trying to come up with answer.

Olderself took out her phone as she look through it and eyeless jack looking too.

“Hmm you really did watch those math videos to help in the math homework.” look at him

“I’m impressed.” Laughing jack chuckle more and look at everyone “If i see more homework involved I’ll throw a fit and destroy it to shreds.” Laughing jack left angry from the kitchen. “Gezz he has issues.”

then a yell came across the room

“I heard that!!! Try to spend 6 fucken hours with that shit!! And not to tear out your head off!!!”

olderself was surprise by his behavior.

“I guess he didn’t handle school too well like the rest of us.” nikki said as she was helping will with his homework and look to jeff with a smile“You in the other hand are understandable.” she hug jeff in her arms and he didn’t need to say anything. Nikki knew his stories.

Not just from the website but from himself. “Hehehe I wonder how laughing jack went through history class.”

laughing to herself. Nikki turn to her cousin liz

“Hmm i wonder that too.” chuckle with laugh as return back to help will with some other problems.

“I thought laughing jack was good at school stuff.” will answer while writing down his answer on paper. “No he isn’t.” the girls shook their heads.

To laughing jack

Destroying and tearing up papers of knowledge possibly some directory books. He was so frustrated with this things.

All this school stuff was trying to get into his head. “AAHHH!!! I HAD ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT!!!!” he kick down a bookshelf full of books “The whole math was killing my brains!!!” he tear up papers of math when he use to be in school.

“AAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!” he scream more as slender trendy was watching him

“Are you feeling better laughing jack?” look at him

“Yes!!! your therapy is working with my anger problems!!!” he yell out with anger.

“That’s good.”

he respond as watching laughing jack destroy half of his therapy office.

“When your done smashing things, Go down stairs and I’ll repair my office for the 15 time.”

Laughing jack still was stress as he left the room. Slender trendy work on fixing his office up. Then he rule down a folder of his clients

“Rule to self: No math for laughing jack due to stress issues.” he wrote that down in his flies then put it back on the folder. Then a knock on the door cut him off guard.

“Come on in.” he said then the door wide as Olderself and Nikki came in with their boyfriends grabbing them both

“Can we smash the use vases you don’t use? We hmm had an argument because uhhh” liz try to finish but trim finish it “Was it laughing jack or offender man?”

They reply to him “Offender man.” he get up and hand them bats. “Let’s go outside to smash things. I can really use it myself because I help out laughing jack.”

They all went outside to smash use vases outside in the gardens. It felt good and trim was telling them about laughing jack’s problem with math. “Wow i didn’t know he had a big issue with it.” Liz smash another vase.

“Tsk... Laughing jack? That clown problems with simple math questions?” Eyeles jack said as his foot smash another vase with a bat. “Yeah he needs the help alright.” Jeff said and hit another vase with his knife.

“You have no idea. And after this I have to help Little sally with her nightmare problems.”

All nod heads and finish smashing the vases as they all help to clean up anyways. Everyone return back and eat dinner. Laughing jack was eating all the fried chicken by the minutes and chibiliz was getting piss off but eyeless jack held her down

“STOP EATING THE FRIED CHICKEN!!!!” dear god they know she loves the meat and chicken. A lot. including fish. She can’t live without the meat. She’s a meat eater.

“WHAT??!!! i’m hungry as well!!!” eating while talking with his mouth full of food.

This dinner turn out crazy and insane day. William was staying over for the night due to his homework being long. Let laughing jack be silly during dinner time rather than being a temper of a child from math homework.

The End     
A creepypasta story: Laughing jack Does Math
Enjoy my story 

I did this to cheer up my good friend :iconstormdeathstar9: and i was suppose to post this yesterday when i was writing but it took too long so yeah. 

I hope this can make her laugh and i try my best. I'm a scene of humor person but i really do try to write funny stories ^^" 

laughing jack belongs to his creator. 


Ps. I really try to make funny qwq I'M SORRY IF I DIDN'T!!!!!!! 
Little Brother
Little one
that i call
my little brother
by heart
he’s always been
there for me
not because he
wanted too
Because he had too
being that
little sibling
A wolf
from the pack
he is cute
for a little
A fluffy
his personality
His heart
is fill
with kindness
and nicest
he is
Before all that
he was lost
nothing to
look up too
I had to help him
reach his light
Find his light
learn for
putting my shoes
to his
he is my
little brother
he was a
little brother
Showing him
my life
risk the
I’ve done
that pain me
drove me
and made me
so strong
showing my
little brother
How a sister
her things
I may hide them
but he knows me
so well
it’s been 3 years
since he meet me
he’s a wonderful
Little brother
I have
to my heart
don’t want
to lose
what’s close
to me
it’ll pain me
make myself
I have to be
that sibling
to protect
My little one
My little brother
Little brother
Little Brother
Enjoy my poem 

This may be emotional for others. When it comes to my poetry I put it into the feels and very emotional. 

Hope you guys like it ^^
My BestFriend
Through my years
of being
so alone
any friends
from growing up
I didn't had
middle school
Those became
my friends
Great friends
The bonds
were being
All wrap
in red strings
tie to my hands
Bonds to
my memories
Then one came
to me
Out of nowhere
it scare me
A little
but something
I knew
of this person
Had something
great in there
and was kind
when it wanted
to be
around others
Friends were
to it
The bond
grew longer
and stronger
I honestly
had feelings
but these
turn the tables
I learn opticals
on my own
Learning to
and be stronger
Take a sacrifice
In smallest
It hurt me
so much
almost made me
tear inside
I grew out
of it
That person
became my best friend
I grew up
and gather to know
this person
For 8 years
of knowing
my dearly
who became
my best friend
I have many friends
and other best friends
but this
best friend
is special
to me
A bond
and friendship
that can’t be
it’s difficult
A wonderful
is still
I’m thankful
for that
The person
who became
My bestfriend
that is
Still remember
how we meet
brings a smile
to my face
and laughs
been through
shitty life
all dramas
broken hearts
still gone
we had our
laughs,arguments, the drama
shitty dramatic
from others
We are still
standing here
with this
wonderful friendship
I admire that
Since thing
we are bestfriends
and the person
became the
I meet
years ago
My bestfriend  
My BestFriend
Enjoy my poem 

I know it's been awhile since i written a poem of my own kind but here it is. 

The Scars: A itachi and Angel Story

Plot: Itachi Uchiha has been through a lot in his life. For starters, Through his younger times when he had to do certain things behind his clan and family including his little brother. Sasuke Uchiha. He regrets at times to never spend time with his little brother as much as possible. It hunts him for life. He never wants anyone to through what he had to go through. Spend time with your siblings as much as possible. He wishes this never had happen to him. But it did. He feels sorry for it. As an older brother himself he did it to protect his little brother. He couldn’t kill him. His little brother. Like he was order to do. Kill the whole clan and his family including his little brother. He never did kill him. He couldn’t do it. His brother meant everything to him. Now he has those scars for life. Nothing can heal them or take the pain away. Can his childhood friend Angel heal them for him? Who knows. Maybe she can claim his heart and heal every wound he has.

On to the story.

Normal Pov  

Angel Tiku. A childhood friend of itachi for years. She knows the events that have happen to the clan years ago. It hurts her to see her dearly friend in pain. Mostly she has gather feelings for him. She doesn’t show it to him whenever they're around each other or just talking to one another. She’s scare of being rejected but worst getting hurt. This fear hunts her inside. Why can’t the confidence take over and get it over with? People fear of these kind of things whenever they gather feelings for there dear friends or best friends. Worst of all. Breaking the bond of their friendship. Now that will hurt worse than a broken heart.

Either way both will hurt. She’s in her young 20’s and has dark blue eyes with short long thick hair. Her skin pale as the snow winter. Angel’s clan tiku was in the village of the snow. The symbol of the clan was a winter white raven. So beautiful and well blend with the snow in the winter time. In the spring is more glowing. An amaze of beauty. So her village was with the snow and spring. That was until it was destroy by the war going on. Madara Uchiha.

Planning to take over the world and be ruler hokage like never did when he was a young. His best friend. Hashirama Senju was chosen by the village to be hokage. Hashirama wanted marada to be hokage but the village worry for there safety and not wanting an uchiha to take charge of the leaf village. That hurt their friendship. Marada grew jealous for his best friend Hashirama. Now the tables have turn. A war has started because of this.

As for now, Angel was napping on the bed that she shares with itachi.It’s a pretty big bed for two people. A king size bed. She rescue him from the hideout of uchiha clan. It was a surprise she found him like this. Itachi already told her what happen between him and sasuke while she was healing and patching him up. Once she was finish with that, she let him rest as herself nap for the day. It’s only been 6 months since that had happen. Itachi is taking a shower after training with her and catching up.

There at Angel’s Inn. Her clan’s inn which only her clan knew and where it was.

The inn was well hidden with the hidden leaf forest village. It was a big inn for one person. Angel uses it as her home and she doesn’t like her old place. She has people working here also living her. Well half of her family lives here. The rest are back at the new clan location. Everyone here treats itachi with respect and helps him out.

When Angel brought him into the inn, Everyone fear for him and mistreated him but after angel ranting what happen also saying about the fight that the two uchiha brothers had. They all stop and jaws were hanging out. No one stop her to bring itachi to the recovery room. Everyone knew how angel feels about itachi. She dearly loves him with all her heart. If she only told her feelings towards him it’ll be good for her instead of worrying what will happen.

Wonder what will happen now.

she thought in her sleep and heard the shower stop also a towel being wrap around then the door open. Itachi was done with his shower. Angel didn’t want to wake up while he was dressing up. No sound of clothing was being drag in the dresser or closet.

She heard sobs and whispers. She woke up then stood there looking at him. He was hugging himself and his back cover in scars. The scars he had for the rest of his life. Each scar are his misery. A memory on how he got them. Some were healed but the others were slowly healing due to angel patching them up.

She got up and slowly walk to him then wrap her arms around him. A sound of sobs heard through the room then look up at him

“itachi...” she whisper to him enough for him to hear. He flinched at her hug at first but slowly ease himself. Now he might felt bad for waking her up.

“It’s ok...” start to talk to him “I’m here for you.” gently spoke to him. Trying to use her gentle and soft voice to ease him. It’s working but he kept mumbling things to himself that she couldn’t quite catch.

“And i...” she was stuck there. A struck of fear hit her from saying it. Itachi slowly turn his head as black onyx eyes lock on hers “You what?” he said to her.

she took a deep breath for self confidence then said it “I love you...” she slowly spoke to him “I gather feelings for you and....” try not to tear up while speaking “I was afrida you won’t accept.” her voice crack before she started to tear up.

Angel’s Pov

A feeling of body motion was moving and arms wrap around her. He was breathing down her neck so gently and softly. The grip was strong and firm. A good hug. “Angel...” calmly said to her with his serious tones but not too serious to make her more unease at the moment

“I’m afrida...” he started to speak more “I can’t accept...” Angel look up with her teary eyes

“but why?....” He slowly stroke her hair then took a lock of her and place it behind her ear

“Because it’s unfair That you took the words outta my mouth.” She seem lost but saw a smile on his face

“what do you mean?” he gave her a gentle poke on the forehead while he smile more “I accept you dummy.” she smile at him “You mean you wanted to confess first?” he nod his head to her and kiss her forehead then cheek also finally he press his lips to hers.

The kiss was gentle at first and softly with movement. It went to more deep passion kiss while wraps slowly start to be wrap around each other. Angel was press against him then slowly went down on his neck  and kisses his neck gentle. She was leaving her trail  of kisses on him.

Angel was covering his scars then stroke his back gently leaving her touch on the scars. She was covering his scars with her healing touch. No more pain or suffer. Not a scar on him. This is her healing him. They both took a step back to take a breather. She was smiling then look to the side. A grin smirk was spread to the uchiha’s lips then quickly kiss her cheek.

“You're so shy.” smirk lips to his face then her eyes look down to her feet “But we kiss...” blushing madly to herself with a smile on her face. He chuckle at her then kiss her before he went to get his clothing.

Angel look at him then ask him

“Why do you have so many scars?.. I mean” pause as she chose her words carefully

“Sasuke didn’t hurt you that badly...” she paused again before speaking anymore “did he?” he shook his head to her and came out of closet with his pants only with no shirt.

“No he didn’t cause them. Only some but not as bad as the others that you treated for me.”

he sat on the bed while he dry his hair. Angel took a sit next to him as she gaze at the scars on his back.

“They look so painful and horrible.” she said with a sad tone in her voice. The uchiha look to her as seeing her eyes sadden by minutes and watching her.

Itachi’s Pov     

he hates to see her get sad. Even by just looking at his scars like this. All those scars were from training and hard battles in his mission days with the anbu black ops also with the akatsuki. They were pretty bad scars. Some let him to death. He was scared to die. In that cold floor where sasuke had left him by and seeing him cry was the worst. It crush him down. He wish to be the older brother that he could ever be for his little brother in the past. That all change.

It’s a whole new game. While itachi was being distracted by his thoughts he felt his back being touch gently also a feeling of lips pressing on his upper back down to his lower back. Angel was kissing his scars to make feel better not let him suffer in pain. No more misery or sorrow for him. Each kiss was making him shiver but feeling better as well. She was healing him with her kisses. Moments go by and she was finish then smile up at him. “I hope they can heal slowly and not bother you with the pain.” he smile back at her while he was blushing then brought into a hug.

“Thankyou,Angel” he lock eyes with hers. “For everything.” he lean closer to her and kiss her long with passion. Filling the kiss with his love.

He was all heal up. His heart is all warm and loved inside. This was a great feeling for him. A new change for him and he likes it. So much better. He is happy where he is now. The two childhood friends now became lovers and confess their feelings for one another.

A happy ending for him and her. For the both of them. He smile through the kiss while tongues battle in dominance. He was winning of course. Each time he went deeper through the kiss, she will moan and he would smirk more because he had found the soft weak spots of her. He already left his marks on her neck. A trail of hickeys were forming on her. That will show that she is his and no one elses. He can’t wait for to see those marks and get embarrassed by it.

Oh the joy he had but he loves her so much. He couldn’t care less of people seeing the marks. He will make new ones in other places soon enough. Itachi loves angel very much. She is his light and his heart. He thanks her for it. For finding him and healing him. Mostly being alive also get to able to see her again. It’s so long that he lost count. It didn’t matter for him. All he care about was seeing her again and being with her. he would make up for lost times when he was in the akatsuki not showing up as much as he can. Due to the missions he was assign with kisame all the time.

It bother him so much with that. Gladly he didn’t show with the others or he will be doom. He didn’t want to put her in harms way. He did his very best not to mention her but to think of her. Most of the time. How he not forget about her? He keeps thinking of her all the time.  Non stop he would say. This kiss was so long they suddenly drop on the bed holding each other closely. All the love pouring out to each other.

A long passion kiss he was giving her while his tongue was playing with hers and earning moans out of her. He was getting somewhere with this. A make out session. It is only 7o’clk  am not everyone is up yet until 8 or 8:30 am. His hand slide under her shirt rubbing her back gently while caressing it. Her skin is soft like a pillow. No a body pillow while hugging it in your sleep. Then he broke the kiss as he lift her shirt up and lick her stomach all the up to her neck. He heard her moan twice more loudly. No one can hear them. This was the only room with sound proof walls. It made so much perfect for him. He rise up looking down at her. She was panting and her face blush red with her face all sweaty.

He was into the moment so much and wanted to do so much with her.

His heart was beating so fast and his breath was becoming heavy.

He slowly lift off her shirt then went back kissing her neck and felt her arms wrap around his neck. She brought him close to her. He couldn’t stop himself. This cut him off guard. He lick, kiss, bite, and made her moan lots of times. He had her nearly cover in hickeys by now. It shows more to neck than her shoulder blades. She gasp for air while he was doing what he was doing.

Normal Pov

Now he had her shirtless then went for her chest then gave them a squeeze as she moan more. Then started to lick and sucking them. she tilted her head back while she moan loudly. she had hold of him by his hair. Her grip was strong for him. He was use to it already. She already tug his hair hard when he was licking her stomach earlier.

After a while, they were kissing each other while holding each other closely. Angel could only go this far for him. She wasn’t ready for the next step. He understood not to rush things too far for her. His scars are now heal up. Thanks to her. They have healed up. It feels so much better. He was happy with her. She was the same for him.

They gave peck of kisses to each other then a knock to the door. They sat up and itachi hug her. Angel spoke out “Who is it?” itachi gave her shirt back including her bra. She put it on quickly as he put on a fresh shirt he place out from taking his shower.

“It’s aunt Luna. Your breakfast is ready now and you have your meeting with the princess of the hidden snow in 2 hours.”

Angel sigh then reply back “I’ll be right out there. I woke up from my nap earlier anyways. Barely had any sleep from your kids crying.” her aunt had two boys with her new step uncle Hashirama Senju. He treated her with respect and more like a father figure because her parents die in a mission.

And she only had her family and her aunt luna took her in. Her aunt was like a mother to her. She will always tell her stories of her mother and father. It made her feel at ease to know her parents will never be forgotten from her.

They both head out of angel’s room to the kitchen down stairs. All the food was set on the table. She sat on the chair face on front while itachi sat next to her.

She saw her aunt giving her curious eyes “I finally confess to itachi, Aunt luna.” she smile while eating her breakfast. On cue, A scream of joy and a rush of a hug brought to her.

Her aunt was happy and was desperately waiting for this moment to happen. For her niece to finally  confess to her childhood friend. She knew she had gather feelings for him ever since she was younger. Luna was glad for her niece. She has found her happiness.

“Aunt luna...” angel spoke up to her “hm?” clear her throat “you're hugging too tight and your breakfast is about to burn.”

Aunt luna let go as she hurry to turn off the stove. The breakfast was save and went to go feed her kids. Angel was busy reading the documents of today’s meeting  while itachi was helping her. Itachi became her personal assistant to cover him for the meantime. He can still go back to his ninja ways but for now he has to lay low for a good reason. Angel worries if word gets out that itachi is alive and at angel’s inn. Sasuke they will be on the hunt to kill him again.

Maybe worst. Marada wanting him dead. By using itachi’s brother against. As for now, Sasuke and naruto are busy getting ready for war. The last time they both heard of sasuke, he was heading down to the leaf village along with tobi. Tobi the one left in the akatsuki. Itachi knew who it was. He wasn’t sure if it was madara behind it all. However Angel did know but she wasn’t so sure if her answer was right. To know who tobi really is.

No one’s Pov

They finish breakfast and went to the meeting. It took 2 hours as it was exact. Angel try not to fall asleep in the meeting because often the princess likes to brag about her problems and that makes her want to fall asleep. She doesn’t mind the gossip but the princess can be annoying at times not stay with the topic of the meetings at times.

Angel left tired as itachi help up to her back the inn. It’s been like 10 months already. Time passes by so fast. This war is getting heavy and she already send back up for naruto and the others to help with the fight. And hope her cousin was doing alright. The inn and the village were working together to heal the wounded for now. She already send a message to the hokage if they needed any help they will be there including sending the wounded back to her inn while the war is still going. The offer was accepted and the worries ease for the hokage.

Later on the day,

It was still daylight and everyone at their places also the medic healing the wound. The guards said they brought in another wounded one.

It had a curly orange mask. Angel was shock of the news. They found tobi wounded somewhere of the leaf. She told the guards to tie him up and will be at the room as possible. Itachi grew with anger when he heard. The onyx black eyes turn to red sharingan with anger in them. Those eyes of revenge and murder kills. She comfort him for awhile before they both went to the hospital room down at the village.

Angel look at him with a worry concern look “Will you be ok?”

he nod at her as holding hands with her. She brought her step uncle Hashirama just incase things got out of hand. The guards open the door for them as they step inside. Slowly the door close quietly as only the sound of the fan was moving in the room. The window was open for a little. Angel slowly walk to the bedside of where tobi was. She look down at him with a serious look.

“I’ll pull off the mask..” The guys nod as to agree then watch her remove the mask. She drop it right away as she step back with wide eyes of shock.

“Obito is a live?!!” she yell out with panic and couldn’t believe he was the one under the mask of tobi. Itachi hug her and try to calm her down. Hashirama was surprise as well. It was his best friend’s brother. His younger brother. Obito Uchiha.

Obito’s squint as to museion he is waking up. All three of them look as he woken up. He realize he was tied up but the ropes were cut when anbu with a mask appear out of nowhere. Angel look at it. The body was female and long brown hair.

“Back away from him!!” spoke from her mask. Angel didn’t show emotion but look at her serious

“We didn’t do anything except take off his mask. We thought it’ll be madara.”

she stood there confuse as she turn to face obito. She was surprise as it cause her to drop her kurina to the floor.

“Take off the mask.” she order the anbu female “I know who you are.” cross her arms on her chest “And i wonder if obito will be surprise more to find out one of his dearly friends from years back is actually alive not dead.”

The female anbu froze on her feet. Angel cut her off guard. Anbu female step back from them as she remove her mask relieving herself. It was rin. Obito stood up and hug her. Seems like they need to catch up on things.

“Well i guess it’s settled then. Rin the medical tools are in the cabinet and i will tell the guard to contact a medic as well. I only did was get rid of zetjus side of it. He seems to be resting well. Your half of the body will back to normal soon. I’m sure tusande’s formula will work in no time.”

She bow down and start to walk off

“Angel...” she stop herself as her hand was place on the knob of the door. She heard a sound of breathing then letting it out.

‘I guess he’s nervous to speak to me...’ she thought to herself without turning back to look at him.

“Thanks for everything and not telling madara.”

Angel look at him

“You're welcome. I won’t even tell that bastard that you and itachi are here. Not even zetjsu. He needs angermenitment classes.”

That made them all chuckle even her uncle agrees as well.

“Gezz angel better watch out or he’ll come after you for saying that.” tease his niece and she chuckle as well

“If he does. he better be prepared for me because i won’t back down. Not without a fight.” she said confidently as she exit the room along with itachi following her.

“She has grown so much Hashirama.” he nod to agree on that.

“Yeah she has. It upsets that her parents were gone too soon from her. She often mistakes me for a dad. It’s not her to blame. She is like a daughter to me already.”

Obito nod as he kept talking to him while rin was patching him up and the medic helping out. Angel still has the scars buried within her. Itachi will heal them. With his love for her of course.

To Angel’s room.

The two were making out in the room. Itachi knew angel fake of being tired just to be with him alone and spare a moment together. He knows her so well. Especially after her meetings he would take her out on a small date or out to lunch. Just the two of them. All alone together. She has now heal his scars. Itachi feels better. He wonders about her. If she has her scars heal up. Sometimes he sees her sad or frown at some moments. They both kept kissing each other then itachi saw a row of scars on her back side then look at it carefully.

“Where did you get those scars?” he ask when he broke the kiss. Angel stood there thinking if she will him or not.

Then she sigh as she spoke “I got them when i was training and some are from rough battles.”

she was honest of what she said to him. Most of her scars look so deep and wound badly but their heal up. Those scars aren’t fully healed yet. He lowers his head to her back side then starts kissing each scar from there to the back of her body. She didn’t moan or anything but let him heal them for her. It was his turn to heal her scars. They both have suffer enough.

Now it’s time for them to heal. Make the scars vanish the pain out of them. By the touch of love and care with kindness. All they can do for now. Is to heal each other and protect one another. There are happy together. Ready to face anything. Those are the scars. Not just any scars. The pain and sorrow memories that haunt them for decades. It bother them so much wishing they stop hurting. And it did. No more pain or sadness nor sorrow. The scars are now healed.

It’s time for those battle scars to erase the pain for good. Each scar is a bad memory not a good one. Now it’s to heal. All the scars.

Even just one scar. It has to be.

The scars to heal now.

The end.           

The Scars: A Itachi and Angel Story
Enjoy my story 

Angel tiku is my OC charatcer. My own character that I created myself. I don't own itachi uchiha. He belongs to kinishmoto. 

I only own my OC character and my story. Not itachi uchiha. 

Art of itachi uchiha belongs to :iconroveaux:
Ultimate Author
She is
ultimate author
in books
that’s her
the master
she has gain
of writing
the love
that everyone likes
so much
she is good
at it
she write
and write
it’s fill
of the love
she pictures
in her head
she has
in love
with one of
the togami’s
young fine
Byakuya togami
she is love
by him
he doesn’t
like her
she only
in her head
and to herself
now this mess
has mess up
her head
because of that
stuff animal bear
she as an
will write
A murder romance
and will sell
like fire
she will do
even if
seeing dead bodies
of others
she will write
about it
she is the
and the author
A book author
to romance
which is
her specialty
she is the
ultimate author
of romance
and love novels
Ultimate Author
Ultimate Author
Enjoy my poem 

This is about fukawa Toko herself. Not her killer self side. I already post a poem of that earlier. 

Video game: Danganronpa trigger happy havoc 

Anime: Danganronpa: The animation 

Art of Fukawa Touko belongs to :iconseireiart: 
Ultimate Other
She is quite
nervous looking
always so
in her speaking
That’s just her
Her normal self
What about
the other
The other her
she has
a different
What personality
does she
That question us
A mystery of her
The novelist
she has
a different side
of herself
she has
a killer side
she has
Genocide jill
killer side
another person
of herself
But totally
This one
is insane
so crazy
thinks like
A killer
should be
in this mess
being trap
in a school
just to kill
each other
to escape
for freedom
That’s how
the jill
she is not
like her other
so nervous
and shy
so stutter
feeling useless
to the group
One little sneeze
she can turn
to her
killer side
Ultimate other
The Genocide Jill
Psycho killer
side she has
something one knew
she fainted
seeing blood
of a
murderer's body
she is the
Ultimate other
because of
She has
A murder thinker
A killer
A dangerous person
to be around
either think
or be killed
by her
has that side
the ultimate other side
of personality
she is the
Ultimate Other  
Ultimate Other
Enjoy my poem 

This one is about fukawa Toko's Genocide Jill side.

Fuwaka Toko from danganronpa trigger happy havoc the video game.

Anime: Danganronpa: The animation.

Art of Genocide Jill aka Fukawa toko belongs to :iconreniary: 
Ultimate Brains
he is
the brains
in this
his family
A company
he runs it
with them
studies all
he is
very smart
so wise
he isn’t
just a
smart genius
like others
he is good
at his work
byakuya Togami
is the
of the company
A huge brain
fill with
A genius
of smart man
like a businessman
he is
the ultimate brains
in the group
along with
who is like
A detective himself
Grown boy
A young man
He can help
solve things
he had
read before
this mess
Had started
made him
feel so trap
but makoto
encourage him
not to give up
or let the
take him over
he is smart
at heart
he’s the
Ultimate brains
To makoto’s group
A smart boy
and businessman
by talent
and skills
he is smarter
than others
masters all
the genius
smart brains
he has
that’s why
he is
Ultimate Brains
Ultimate Brains
Enjoy my poem 

Art of Byakuya Togami belongs to :iconpiritoo: 

Byakuya Togami from danganronpa trigger happy havoc and danganronpa 2: goodbye despair

Anime: Danganronpa: Animation. 

Since this character is like a genius and acts like a businessman but can solve mysterious with it along his friends with makoto and the gang. I really like this character a lot and mostly I would pair him with the ultimate detective. Kyouko Kirigiri. ^^ 

430 deviations
Ultimate Mask
he’s a prince
from the earth
whose heart
was stolen
by the
from the
Moon kingdom
her beauty
and eyes
shine like
the moonlight
it is
like the skies
with stars
he is
prince mamoru
earth prince
he is
tuxedo mask
A mysterious
with a mask
and roses
he watches
the sailor scouts
battle off
even his
trying to
defend herself
from harm
he protects her
the most
with his
dear heart
and soul
The feelings are
so strong
to him
he is
so in love
with her
Everything of her
his interest
to her
he is lucky
to have her
the princess
from the moon kingdom
he wears the
to hide
from the world
and be a hero
By the mask
he wears
he is call
Tuxedo mask
Ultimate mask
of disguises
to join
the fight
with the
of the
moon kingdom
silver crystal
and protecting
their princess
he is strong
at heart
even for
A prince
he cares for her
so dearly
loves her
so much
Nothing will stop
for seeing her
all to himself
And that’s why
he wears a mask
to go off
and see her
he is the
Ultimate Mask
Ultimate Mask
Enjoy my poem 

Sorry if this was late ^^" i was drawing something for hmm Valentines day. Well i don't celebrate much but i spend time with my family on that day so yeah. 

Ultimate Mask aka Tuxedo Mask. 

Anime: Sailor Moon 

Anime reboot: Sailor Moon Crystal. 

Earth prince from Earth kindgom. 

Sailor Moon's lover. 

Art of tuxedo Mask belongs to :iconk-bose: 
Ultimate Rebel
He was
the top
of his game
to becoming
Leader of
his gang
with his brother
by his side
All he care
was to
be stronger
and become
A leader
like his big brother
In the bike gang
That was his
role model
his brother
he was a
more than
A gangster
To be
A rebel
and top it
A rebel leader
to be
The Leader
he is the
Ultimate rebel
He is
A biker rebel
Now in this
is going nuts
because of this
whole despair
coming to him
showing off
his weakness
the weak point
Rebels don’t
have weak points
no weakness
he lost it
for a rebel
he is
This despair
is controlling him
He can’t lose
has to escape
from this
awful despair
his attitude
is cheerful
and encouragement
well sport
he’s a good person
but a rebel
At heart
An ultimate rebel
Ultimate Rebel
Ultimate Rebel
Enjoy my poem 

Mondo Oowada from danganronpa trigger happy havoc and from the anime of Danganronpa Animation.

I know he is a biker and gangster but he can behave like a rebel sometimes so i wrote this about him.

Art of Mondo Oowada belongs to :icontatsuomizushima: 

I really recommend anyone to play this game or watch the anime but rather play the game to understand it. And it's only for PSVita ^^". 
Ultimate Trap
From the start
of this
whole thing
A student
Someone else
not a thing
A person
it was
the secret
from the
and the friends
within the
huge mess
and scare
A female
it was
A guy
dressing as
A girl
to protect
The danger
everyone fear
it was
for his sake
not to be
so in danger
in everything
he fear
to be kill
or discover
which is worst
than being dead
It scare him
so badly
made him
so weak
he set up
a trap
to imposter
as a
A girl
Like no one
will know
he is
A guy
in disguise
As a girl
he is the
Ultimate trap
To save
trapping others
confusing them
for another
to get out
of this nightmare
he is in
He will get out
and live
to do that
he has to
trap everywhere
become the weapon
of his own
To make
The ultimate trap
to save
his life
and himself
with his friends
he is the
Ultimate Trap
Ultimate Trap
Enjoy my poem

A danganronpa Poem of Chihiro. If you haven't play the game or seen the anime of the first game. Then don't read it. 

Chihiro is the Ultimate Trap. Not in a bad way i would say but in a good way. Chihiro isn't exactly a hmm female. 

He is a guy cross dresser as a female to protect himself and that's why i pick this title for him. Ultimate Trap. 

Art of Chihiro Belongs to :iconseireiart: 

Sorry i took so long. I had my wisdom teeth taken out and had to recover first. Right i feel a lot better and no pain at all. My recovery is going well ^^.  I'm taking it easy on myself. 
Ultimate Neptune
She is scout
of the
outer galaxy
she is like
the blue star
of her planet
Everything of her
her main planet
Blue-green color
like water color
of a blue
Like a
with both
Blue and Green
she’s a guardian
of moon kingdom
the princess
and her planet
A fighter
with beauty
and strength
Shines her
with her
she is
the ultimate Neptune
sailor Neptune
and sailor scout
her lover
by her side
The prince
and the guardian
fight together
what’s dear
to them
Neptune stole
his heart
with her
Neon beauty
The eyes
of the ocean sea
combine together
Ocean sea planet
makes a beauty
Of her
being a guardian
Prince Uranus
Loves the sea
and the ocean
his heart
claims her
as well
she is guardian
of ocean sea
Ultimate Neptune
The sailor of
the sea
and the ocean
she’s Ultimate Neptune
Ultimate Neptune
Ultimate Neptune
Enjoy my poem 

Sailor Neptune as Ultimate Neptune. I couldn't think of a title for her because there wasn't much i know about her as i can remember by watching the original anime.

Art of Sailor Neptune belongs to :iconhugmedeadly:  
Ultimate Flight
the toughest
in the moon kingdom
the princess
sailor Moon
from darkness
and evil
A sailor Soldier
The warrior
of outer galaxy
she is well
blend in
the world
she’s actually
A guy
in disguises
as female
His lover
Sailor Neptune
A guardian
of sailor galaxy
part of
Sailor Guardians
He will
And protect
Even his
Of his heart
Sailor Neptune
He's the
Ultimate Flight
Flight soldier
Prince Uranus
Guard knight
Of outer Galaxy
Sailor Uranus
Is the
Ultimate Flight
Of guardian
Not knight
A young soldier
From moon kingdom
Chosen by
Galaxy guardians
To protect
And fight
The evil
And harm
He is the
Ultimate Flight
The soldier
And prince
Of the Galaxy
He is prince Uranus
And soldier
Of the
Outer Galaxy
Ultimate flight
Ultimate Flight
Enjoy my poem 

I'm recovering slowly and easy. Also resting. No pain at all which is good since taking the medicines they gave me for the pain and swelling. So here is a poem I wrote and This is sailor Uranus.

Sailor Uranus the ultimate Flight soldier of the outer galaxy. 

Anime: Sailor Moon (main anime) 

Art of Sailor Uranus belongs to :iconhugmedeadly: 

I hope japan can help with my answer if uranus is really a guy or a girl? because through my childhood i thought that character was a girl. Who knows really. Japan can trap our minds and blow it up big time. 

Japan is smart to fool the fans of sailor Moon to Sailor Moon crystal fans as well. 

>w> hmmm thanks for fooling my mind japan!!! 

We shall wait and see what happens. 

NEW ICON!!! Monomi Scareygirl15 By Shadowterra345
new icon!!! made by my closet good friend :iconshadowterra345: I'm cosplay as Monomi from danganronpa 2: Goodbye despair. She hasn't seen the anime or play the game but I have. I play both games of danganronpa. Danganronpa trigger happy havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. 

Monomi from danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. 

Anime: Danganronpa Animation 

Games: 1. Danganronpa trigger happy havoc. 2. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye despair. 

System Console: PSvita (Playstation Vita only) 
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Hey hmm I'm writing a poem for Salior Uranus. I'm really mind blown right now. The character I mean I didn't know it myself until I read some articles of it from th sailor Moon stuff. 

i didnt know sailor uranus was a guy!!! That transforms himself to a girl!!! 

What?!!! Japan!!! Let me get this straight...  So Uranus is a guy... But what the!!! 

Ok before anyone can rant at me. Here's what I read. 

In the sweden version of sailor moon the character of Uranus had a deep voice of a guy in the anime. I didn't know that!!! Even in the dub Version!!! If I remember correctly.... Hmm I need to do a lot of thinking... 

I'm mind blown!!! 

Wow... I didnt know that!!!! 

So... Please Japan.. Hmm a little help here... I'm so confuse and mind blown.... 

Update on myself. 

Im doing well and recovering slowly. I'm doing well and taking  it easy on  myself. I will a post a poem later and it's half way done. 

So I'm healing slowly and doing well.
Hey guys, sorry for not posting things for a while but I was working on another story again. It's all written on paper but I'm writing a bonus ending to it. 

My my poems will be up soon depending how I feel once I get all four of my wisdom teeth taken out. 

Just the the heads up I forgot to mention this earlier before the day came. Today I'm going to get my wisdom teeth remove. Depending how I feel I will try to post something. 

Sorry I didn't post anything lately qwq. 

I will try to post something later today. Depending how I feel keep that in mind if not then I will really really try qwq 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)

A CreepyPasta Story: Secret Lovers

Pairings: Jeff the killer and Nikki Luz (OC)
Eyeless Jack and ChibiLiz (OC)

Plot: Knowing OlderSelf knows that her cousin Nikki is pair with jeff but she doesn’t know that she and eyeless jack are now together. They both hardly show any of the relationship in fornt of others. That wasn’t until Laughing jack discover eyeless jack and OlderSelf were kissing each other in Eyeless jack’s room. Now The scary clown is trying to figure out if Nikki and Jeff the killer are either a couple or not. This should get interesting.

Normal Pov/Jeff the killer’s Pov

Nikki and jeff the killer were in jeff’s room making out and jeff can finally be alone with his girl. He forever dream this day. He was so busy with that movie of creeps with slender man. Oh how he hated his guts being the show off star in the film. He doesn’t mind the hollywood glory but all he wants his to be with his girl. Nikki Tiku. She’s ChibiLiz’s cousin. They known each other for 4 years now. He keeps thinking of her all the time. Everyone doesn’t know his life better than Nikki does. Well that’s the only person. No eyeless jack he trust.

Until he was kick out of the room they were sharing because ChibiLiz was being bug by offerender man. He doesn’t blame her for that. Eyeless jack could ask him to move out of the room but noo he threw his stuff to the room already. He thanks to Nikki. She fix  up his room. It wasn’t too bad. The room was like he always wanted it to be. His creepy style and curtains black with rip ends. The walls greyish white kinda like white mix with light grey. And the bed was a king size bed and it had memory forum. It was so comfy. Nikki wants to be a fashion designer not just for clothing but for decorating rooms too. She is very good at it. He is proud of her.  As for now, There was a day off for him because some of crew members got sick with the flu and need more shots of slender man’s scenes. He will spend time with nikki. And that’s what he’ll do.  

He was making out with nikki in his room and giving kisses to her neck as he heard her moan softly to herself. He adores her so much. He is glad he had meet her. He makes the kisses a little rough as he licks her neck leaving some hickeys. He didn’t kiss her neck that rough only gently. He knows to be careful. Then he felt her arms wrap around his neck and heard her panting. He’s getting somewhere.

Nikki’s Pov

Nikki was enjoying this so much. They barely do any of this. Jeff so busy with that movie of creeps and he feels bad for not spending much time with her. Nikki doesn’t mind. As long as she still sees him and give sweet kisses to each other. She’s good. Since jeff told her he had a day off today. All sudden, they were just talking while watching a film in his room then went straight to making out with him. She misses these moments. The kiss turn deep as he tease her to enter his tongue through her mouth. She tease him a bit but didn’t last too long when he grab her ass then she gasp and he got the chance to enter. A lovely french kissing. It was very lovely. She moan softly again as he grin through the kiss.

There lips smash together so hungrily with love. Nikki was happy now. She was in the moment then felt his hand go behind her shirt as they were moving further into the bed. The bed was pretty big and comfortable. She stare at his eyes as they broke for oxygen. He lean forward as he peek her lips with another sweet kiss. He gave a smile to her. It wasn’t creepy. A real smile.

She giggle to herself as they continue to kiss once more. She kept kissing him as she heard a laugh. It wasn’t Jeff. He hardly laughs but when he’s around her he does show emotion. It was a laugh full of evil. The only one who makes that laugh is....Laughing Jack. That Monochrome clown. she heard jeff growl through the kiss then look at her with his hand cup to her cheek.

‘I know jeff..’ whisper nikki to jeff. Jeff kiss her once more then continue on. Jeff spoke out

“get out of here, laughing Jack!” he almost yell but he was too busy kissing nikki.

Her sweet soft gently lips are like heaven to him. His drug. Nikki is jeff’s new drug. His lovely girlfriend. Then a growl sound interrupt the moment. Jeff pull away a bit and notice nikki was blushing. Nikki was hungry. Nikki sat up as jeff went to his mini fridge and took out an apple for her as he hand it to her. Nikki took a bit of the apple and was cuddle in jeff’s arms.

“Hmm jeff?” she ask him as he look towards her

“What is it, Nikki?” Nikki swallow the pieces of the apple she had before she spoke

“Why is there something black and white in your closet?” He look to his closet and said to her

“Oh thats my clothing. Oh.. it’s Laughing jack.” his eyes narrow a glare to towards the closet door.

Nikki finish her apple and saw jeff with a grin in his face.

“What?” said with curious eyes on him and threw the apple to the trash can near his desk.

“Let’s give him something that he’ll never forget.” grin more and had her trap in his arms as he lick her neck.

“B-b-but he’ll see me nude if we do that.” she doesn’t want laughing jack to see her naked body only to jeff. “Don’t worry, We’ll have the covers.”

She nod her head and look up to him


He look to her

“I never done this before.” Jeff cup his hand on her cheek and look at her “It’s alright, Nikki. We can go as far as you want. Let know when you're ready, ok?” she nod and kiss his cheek.

And that settles it. There going to have a blast and make laughing jack KO in the closet with a nosebleed and a boner.

To Eyeless Jack and OlderSelf

Normal Pov

To the kitchen

OlderSelf was in the kitchen making herself some lunch and eyeless jack came in seem bored but smile inside his mask because he finally confess to ChibiLiz well OlderSelf. Still the same person. She was finishing her lunch and turn to see eyeless jack. She smile at him. He walk towards her as she was stop the wall of the kitchen. She was blushing when he cup her cheeks with his hands. He adore her so much. And she looks cute when she blushes.

“Can I kiss you?” she ask him and he nod to her. She bit her lip before asking another question

“May I take off your mask.. i mean move it up a bit.”

He knew she was stuttering. It was cute. She began to move his mask a bit to his nose and fix it. She short for him and he was tall. She stood on her tippy toes and kiss him. Eyeless Jack wrap his arms around her. Her legs for dangling but she was a bit tall to chest level. To him she was short.

He didn’t mind. She swing her legs and wrap them around his waist while she was kissing him. The kiss was like fireworks for eyeless jack and OlderSelf. OlderSelf never had her first kiss but she does read novels were two of her book characters kiss. Eyeless jack never did kiss a girl until now. He reads the books as well but never actually kiss a girl. OlderSelf was holding his mask while she kissing eyeless jack then slip off her fingers.

“Oh i’m sorry.” broke the kiss and tires to pick up his mask. Eyeless look at her

“It’s ok.”smile as he pick up his mask before her. She stare at his face.

“Your face looks...” speechless but she spoke “Amazing and handsome...” blushing a lot.

He chuckle and look at her “Thanks,Liz.”

he press his lips towards hers and continue the kiss. He went to her neck slowly kiss it as licking it leaving a trail of kisses.He heard her moan softly as which has found a soft spot. He suck on her neck and gave a small bite. Marking her neck and showing that she is his. No one elses. Then went back to her lips as he smash his with hers. Eyeless jack lick her lips to ask for entry. She didn’t let him  of course. she tease him. For fun. He growl then grab her ass which cause her to jump into his arms. He got his chance when she catch her breath and french kiss her. She pull him close and kept kissing him.

She was enjoying herself. Lost in her own world with him. All to herself. She moan loudly when he went back kissing her neck and she tilted her head back. OlderSelf and eyeless jack were making out in the kitchen when something start to pull liz. Eyeless jack made his grip tighter with OlderLiz in his arms. This pull was a bit strong. OlderSelf turn her eyes to the corner and spot offender man grinning with smirk on his face.

She freak out and yell

“Leave me alone offenderman!!” she pull eyeless jack closer to her and eyeless jack cover his face with his hair. He shout out

“Get out of here offenderman!! she’s mine!!” offenderman chuckle and left the kitchen.

OlderSelf look down at eyeless jack

“he didn’t see your face? did he?” she ask with a worry look in her eyes. Eyeless jack look up and shook his head.

“No he didn’t.” she sigh in relief then smile and went to kissing him. He grab her close and  press her against the wall of the kitchen.

All sudden when they were about to make out some more, they heard whining noise coming from the kitchen door. Olderself was too busy kissing eyeless jack and heard a bark with a sound of an object being push through the kitchen floor.

Smiles was hungry and it was lunch time. Olderself spoke through the kiss

“Don’t worry smiles I’ll feed you later, Ok?”

then smiles whimper again and whine. Olderself sigh and told eyeless jack to put her down so she can go feed him. He did as he watch her pour a big pile of dog food for him. She fill up his bowl with water. She finish and follow eyeless jack to his room. She didn’t expect him to pinned her against the wall then kiss her sweetly.

“Your sneaky.” she said as she added “and surprising too.” that made eyeless jack chuckle and took off his mask then threw it to the night stand. He pick her up so she won’t fall as he let her wrap her legs around his waist. They continue their make out.

Eyeless kick the door with his foot then locket it. There so no one can interrupt them. Well only smiles because if he doesn’t let Olderself take care of him. She will avoid him for a week.

‘It’s cute that she likes dogs.’ eyeless jack thought while kissing olderself.

It’s sad she never had a pet until she meet smiles. She KO him in her chibi form because he was a cute dog for her. He brought her to the bed and still is kissing her. Slowly, they both took off their tops and kept going. He made her moan once again when he was kissing and sucking her neck.

Eyeless jack finally has a girl of his own. His own girlfriend. He’s happy. He may of been annoyed of her at first. That’s until he saw her in her grown up form. Her olderself. It took his breath away by her beauty. A little chibi girl to a grown up young girl. He regrets every word he said of her when she was a chibi. He didn’t know about her other form until he saw it when she was cooking dinner once. He was speechless at first then it took me a minute to realize it was her. ChibiLiz in her Olderself form. They both continue to make out and enjoy the moment together.

To Nikki and Jeff the killer

To jeff’s room.

The room was fill with moaning and groaning coming from Nikki. They were in the heat of the make out. They both slowly took a piece of clothing off from each other until there wasn’t anything left. Nikki was blushing as she was panting for air. Then nikki remember something. She is experiment but human with immortality inject in her.

Jeff is still human in some ways. Nikki thought it was best to use protection just incase. She does want to have kids someday. There already plan to get married as well since 4 years ago of being together.

Nikki look up at jeff “We should use protection. I mean i’m not sure if i’m able to have kids or not.”

she wasn’t sure due to her being an experiment but human wise at first.  Jeff nod his head “I was thinking the same thing.”

Nikki thought for a bit then spoke

“Did we did ever get some?” Jeff look at her “I got some.”

he went to his night stand and pull one out and put the condom on him. Then continue make out with Nikki.

“just let me know when you're ready. ok?” he said as he was kissing her neck then back to her lips. she nod for agreement. He lay her down the bed with the sheets on them. He slowly kiss her body then lick her stomach smoothly and soft. Leaving his trail of kisses on her. He went lower as separating her legs apart.

Then he enter her. He start to lick the inside of her womanhood. He was eating her out as his ears heard her moaning loudly than ever then groan. She tilted her head back as her arms wrap on jeff but holding to his hair. She felt him go faster with high speed.

She moan loudly once again then scream while trying to catch her breath.

“Jeff!!” she scream his name and felt his lips form a smirk while he kept going.

She reach her limit and gasp for air as she collapsed on the bed panting. It felt like forever he was going that to her but she love it so much. She felt a body movement crawling back to her and saw him panting as well. He went down to her lips and kiss her. Now he pick her up then slowly enter her as he heard her cry a bit but her tightness was hard. His member felt like it was going to burst out. He heard her whisper in his ear as she was panting

“Keep going.” catching her breath “I’ll be fine, jeff.” her arms tighten around him and her legs apart.

he worries for hurting her but he will be careful. He kept going and going. This was with high speed. he gave it his all. The room was fill with moaning and pleasure sounds coming from Nikki and jeff. Jeff felt her scratching his back as he pick up his speed.

He didn’t mind at all. They collapse on the bed as they kept going. Nikki was enjoying herself. she feels bad for scratching his back but he was ok with it. The moment came to when they have both reach their limit. Nikki scream jeff’s name as jeff scream nikki’s name too.

They collapse on the bed and nikki was sore. She had her way with jeff. she already ride him and enjoy tasting him. Jeff never seen her like this. After knowing her for four years. But she did ask if she can do something with him and she did it. She was cuddle in his arms and barely moving at all from that fun. “I can barely move.” she chuckle and rest her head against his chest.

“Really?” he respond a bit surprise. she nod her head. “It’s fine. I mean i never done it before other than you.” he blush at that and look away a bit “Oh that’s good.”

she chuckle at him “You're my first jeff.”

she saw him blush and kiss his cheek. Jeff smile down at her as he kiss her lips. Nikki blush while she return the kiss. Nikki heard a groan of someone passing out. she peek with her eyes and saw the monochrome clown pass out in the closet.

“I think we made laughing jack KO.”

Jeff chuckle at that and push a button to make the bed sit up. The bed that nikki got for jeff was one of those beds for good sleeping.

“Should I get rid of him?”

jeff spoke to her

“You can just throw him out and offender man will find him.” She nod her head then ask “Can I do it tomorrow?” she pout at him

“My legs are a little sore.” she roll her eyes in a teasing way and chuckle to herself. “Yeah. Let’s rest up.” she cuddle next to him and fell asleep. They had a blast.

Normal Pov

The next morning.

Nikki woke up and slowly walk to the bathroom then get a pair of clothing from her dresser that she shares with jeff. Their separate apart. She got her clothing and went to take a shower.

Minutes later after her shower, she was dress in her tomboy clothes. A black tank top with boy shorts. Jeff saw her in her clothing as he grin a smile

“You look cute.” she blush as she walks to his bed side “thanks jeff.” blushing more and he grabs her hand bringing her close to him.

He brought her up to the bed and hug her.

“Your so soft.” he kiss her forehead then spoke “And so gentle.” he kiss her lips passionately.

she kiss him back as she wrap her arms around him. The kiss was like magic and soft. It was fill with love.

“I love you,Jeff. I know I don’t say it often. sorry” jeff smiles to her “I love you too,Nikki.” they kiss again. Nikki went to throw laughing jack out of the room then went back to jeff. “Do you want anything for breakfast?”

Jeff thought for a moment “The usual.”

she nod her head and looks up

“I’ll be back.” she kiss him once again before she left out of his room.

She made the usual breakfast he likes pancakes and waffles with fruit oatmeal. Oh don’t forget the bacon he likes so much. Nikki loves bacon too. The one things they have in common. She put each breakfast plate on the breakfast tray as she put each food on there. She made his coffee with his favorite mug of a creepy smile. She got that mug for him as a gift in las vegas last year. Once she was done cooking, took the tray full of food to jeff’s room. She arrive there then set the food on the night stand.

“I’m done cooking breakfast.” smiles cutely at him and jeff looks at her

“Good.” he grabs her towards the bed then kiss her. They went into a makeout session. she chuckle through the kiss as she spoke “Is this your way of replacing “breakfast” with me?” jeff grin with a smrik in his face

“Maybe.” he said as he kiss her once more. Nikki broke the kiss to catch her breath “Well then let’s eat.” he nods his head and they both eat breakfast together.

To Laughing Jack

Laughing jack’s Pov

He was pass out in offenderman’s room. Offenderman was going to have his way with him but someone save laughing jack and took him to a room in the attic of the house. It was a young woman with black hair and greyish eyes. The style of clothing was punk style  but more of a goth type. It was Nikki’s older sister. Well step sister because the mother of Nikki remarried someone else and that was a good high school friend that was like a dad to nikki. His name was James Woodsman. He is an artist but works at a museum creativity of art and literature. Nikki’s stepsister is name Blake Neku.

Blake has known laughing jack for 20 years. They haven’t seen each other  since she was visiting the city of London for the summer the last 4 years. Blake and Laughing jack kept in touch by letters only due to blake’s parents being concern who she was seeing. Laughing jack woke up and saw Blake drinking her tea in the other side of her bed. Laughing jack’s eyes stare at her in a funny grin.

“Glad to see your ok.” Laughing jack knew what she was talking about but decide to play along.

“I don’t know what your talking about.” smirk the monochrome clown showing off his teeth. Blake knew he was teasing her as a way he misses her a lot.

“Same old, Laughing jack” took another sip of her tea. Laughing went towards her and stare. He lean close as she spoke

“what?” he just smirk at her then kiss her. She was in shock and wrap her arms around him. They start to make out as laughing jack lead them both to the bed. This will be interesting.

As what he saw today. Now he knows Nikki is with jeff now since 4 years and ChibiLiz is with Eyeless jack. Sure he didn’t had a chance with both girls but his little dark heart found blake. His long time best friend now maybe become his girlfriend? This interest laughing jack more since he likes surprises.

He guess he will be one of those secret couples like eyeless jack is with olderself and jeff with nikki. Now he’s one of them. Falling in love with a human like monster in secret. It’s not bad for liking or loving someone in secret. He thinks it’ll be fun and interesting.

They're all secretly in love and Secretly are couples.

To Eyeless jack and OlderSelf

They both were making out and heard all the screams from last night from jeff’s room. Well looks like jeff and nikki had fun together. As for eyeless jack with olderself, they were making out until they reach their limit to breathe. They love each other and olderself accept her feelings towards him. Olderself whispers to him

“I like you very much, Eyeless jack.” smiles in her sleep as rest in his arms.

Eyeless jack smiles back then whisper in his sleep as well “I like you very much too, Liz.” they cuddle together while sleeping close to each other.

The creeps secretly in love with monster like humans from the human world. Interesting pairings too. There all are secret couples with lovers. Secret Lovers.

The End  
A CreepyPasta Story: Secret Lovers
Enjoy my story 

This took awhile to write because i had to finish my other stories even danganronpa. I will keep posting poems until friday because i'm going to get all my 4 wisdom teeth taken out. I may not able to post anything for awhile because i have to recover from that first. 
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All you heard that the creator of RWBY was in the hospital a couple days ago. Well just today... We got sad news from rooster teeth in there twitter today. About the creator of RWBY

He has pass away. I thought this was fake or a lie but after reading the article in there website i burst out my tears. There was no way...

The announcement was made today and he pass yesterday at 4:34pm on February 1st. He will be miss.

Thanks for the wonderful memories of RWBY and Dead fantasy. You brought so much in your creativity. Bust your own butt to finish all the RWBY stuff making sure it's put out there for the fans to enjoy.

The link to the article of rooster teeth click here >>>…
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Hey hmm I'm writing a poem for Salior Uranus. I'm really mind blown right now. The character I mean I didn't know it myself until I read some articles of it from th sailor Moon stuff. 

i didnt know sailor uranus was a guy!!! That transforms himself to a girl!!! 

What?!!! Japan!!! Let me get this straight...  So Uranus is a guy... But what the!!! 

Ok before anyone can rant at me. Here's what I read. 

In the sweden version of sailor moon the character of Uranus had a deep voice of a guy in the anime. I didn't know that!!! Even in the dub Version!!! If I remember correctly.... Hmm I need to do a lot of thinking... 

I'm mind blown!!! 

Wow... I didnt know that!!!! 

So... Please Japan.. Hmm a little help here... I'm so confuse and mind blown.... 

Update on myself. 

Im doing well and recovering slowly. I'm doing well and taking  it easy on  myself. I will a post a poem later and it's half way done. 

So I'm healing slowly and doing well.


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