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Journal History


Ultimate Imposter
He may
be someone
we know
from the
peaks hope academy
It’s strange
he became
so over
was off
heard about
this guy
he survive
the nightmare
peaks hope academy
Later on
A party
was held
gather their
trust on
not to be
The Victim
on murders
will be
if that what
he meant
to say
He isn’t
the real deal
That’s not
Byakuya Togami
It’s someone
plan the whole
to murder
or one of
from the group
it changes
the wrong
it may been
who was
for the
to defeat
with hope
and courage
should die
and madness
kill everyone
in misery
Whose worth
in this
type of
it’s messing
with their
This one
got murder
by someone else
the blame
on him
the plan
must of
turn the tables
A different person
for the murder
Not a plan
they hope
it was
under that
It’s sad
to see
someone else
to die
in the despair
for their
the person
is the
of someone
A master mind
will impersonate
to get
what they want
this nightmare
of horror
That key is
to murder
without notice
The person is
Ultimate Imposter
Master of Disguises
Well talented
and master wise
It is
Ultimate Imposter  
Ultimate Imposter
Enjoy my poem ^^

Ultimate Imposter 

The master mind of all disguises. 

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair  

Art Of The Imposter belongs to :iconabysmaljack:
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Kill La Kill soundtrack CD
  • Watching: tv
  • Drinking: water
Holy shit!!! 

I survive day 0!!! 

And not not only that... 

Im all rest for my anime expo adventures and can't wait to meet the voice actors as well. ^^ 

I have my list already to go who I want to meet up with ^w^ 

The line was of course huge and had tents set up for shade also and we had a group of friends saving our spots at the anime convention as well. 

I cant wait for tomorrow OwO. I'm so excited ^^ 

anime expo hype!!! 

And 3 poems are coming up today because I forgot to post them before I left to anime expo ^^" so opps ^^ hahaha ^^" 
Ultimate Chef
He cooks
And creates
His talent
By food
By his
Cooking skills
He is
A true cook
The top
On his
A chef
Ultimate Chef
As the chef
To the group
He has to
Amaze them
With his
Until this
Whole despair
He keeps
Into his cooking
He tired
To protect
His friends
For not
Being killed
He was found
The guilty
Only wish
Was to
Cook for his
And live
Not be
In total
All he wants
He is
A chef
A master chef
Ultimate Chef
Ultimate Chef
Enjoy my poem 

hanamura as ultimate chef 

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.

Art of Hanmura belongs to :iconlieutenantsoso:
Ultimate SwordsWoman
She's part of
The mafia
The boss
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
She puts her
In the line
For him
Whatever happens
She puts
The blames
On herself
Even if
Causes her
Own life
To end
For good
She will
Risk it
All for him
To protect him
Guard him
With her
She doesn't care
Only to
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
From any
Or harm
Rather die
Than live
Just for
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
She is the
Master with
Carries it
With her
At all
Never lets it
For no reason
Always on
Handle a
To cut off
Those who
In danger
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
The mafia
Next in line
To run
The family's
to be
A guard
She must
Be ready
For anything
Battle with
Her sword
She's good
At handling
Sharp weapons
Of swords
A swordswoman
First hand
As one of
The swordsman
But a woman
Skill with
Ultimate master
A swordswoman
Peko Pekoyama
Is the
Of swords
Ultimate Swordswoman
Ultimate SwordsWoman
enjoy my poem 

Ultimate SwordsWoman aka Peko Pekoyama

Art Of Peko Pekoyama belongs to :iconhanariku-chan:
Ultimate Mafia
In the family
Of the
Has their
Own ways
To handle
The problems
And run the
As the son
In the family
Next to run
The family business
He must
Step up
His game
And make things
His ways
For everything
To go
With his
There will be
Less problems
For him
To face
He can handle
In his
Makes it
A lot
Handle all
Of the company
As the
He is
As a
Tough boss
The business
Has to
Run easy
The problems
He'll do anything
To make the
Brighter and bigger
Great success
The bigger boss
Runs it
It runs
In the
Including his
Makes it
With her
It can be
All done
In seconds
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
Is the
Ultimate Mafia
In the
Mafia boss
Ultimate Mafia
Ultimate Mafia
Enjoy my poem ^^

sorry I didn't post my 3 poems on saturday i went out for the day and i had a great time with my friends at the outing. 

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu as Ultimate Mafia from danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. 

Art Of Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu belongs to :iconhopelo:
Ultimate Gamer
She plays
Lives like
The video games
They are
She's good
At gaming
She's kind
At heart
Her friends
To her
She will
Do anything
To keep them
Chiaki Nanami
The Ultimate Gamer
Master of gaming
In her
Video games
She lives
The life
Of a
Puts her life
As video games
And her
The stuff
Animal bunny
She treats her
With kindness
and feels bad
When monokuma
Bullies her
he is fill
With evil
And despair
One day
They heard
There's someone
Who is
A betrayal
to the group
For them
This was bad
She knows
Who it is
It's her
But she was
Suppose to
Protect them
From the despair
As in games
She will
To save
Her friends
It crushes her
Poor heart
To do that
No choice
It has to
Be done
Maybe she
Can escape
Horrible Nightmare
She has face
These things
Video games
It seems
she runs for it
With her
Behind her
The despair
Trying to
Run off
The danger
She tired
Says her
Final goodbyes
To her friends
An awful
Way to
Say goodbye
As its
The end of
Level in games
She is
A gamer
Barely shows
The fear
That's her
Chiaki Nanami
Ultimate Gamer
Ultimate Gamer
Enjoy my poem ^^

Another poem of dangnronpa2:Goodbye Despair. 

Chiaki Nanami as Ultimate Gamer. 

She is from the video game of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair 

Art Of Chiaki Nanami Belongs to :iconwinda1312: 
Ultimate Dancer
She's talented
In transitional
Of her
it's in her
To empress
Her family
Of her
Dancing skills
it's important
To her
It runs
In the family
Of hers
she must keep
In the
Family tradition
It was
All fun
For her
Until this
Came to be
It was all
Safe and sound
It was destroy
By despair
It crush her
Worry her
Only to escape
To murder
Her friends
She doesn't
Like that
She rather
This mess
With her friends
That's her
Only hope
For her
To be
In her place
She must
Dance away
With her emotions
Holding on
To her
it calms her
Keeps her
Away from
The problems
Just dance
Every emotion
Showing others
How she feels
By reading
Her friends
Is what
Keeps her
Stay away
All despair
And madness
It saddens
Her friends
That her
Didn't expect her
To go
So soon
It wasn't
Her fault
It was
Someone else
all she wanted
Was to dance
Her last
And spend time
With her friends
As the best
As she could
The island
Might of been
At first
Became her
Worst nightmare
It was good
Have meet
New people
That became
Her friends
Her skill
Master talent
Is to
Of her family
Hiyoko Saionji
Is the
Ultimate Dancer
Ultimate Dancer
Enjoy my poem ^^

Another Danganronpa poem Of Hiyoko Saionji as the ultimate Dancer. 

Hiyoko Saionji is from danganronpa2:goodbye Despair 

Art of Hiyoko Saionji belongs to :iconwinda1312:
Ultimate Nurse
She's skill
In the field
Of medical
And centers
She's good
At taking
Care of
Those in need
That's her skill
The nurse
In the group
And her
We're drag
To a strange
Middle of nowhere
Now she
Is scared  
For her life
The panic nervous
Get to her
Like fear
She's in fear
Wants to
Get out
And go
Somewhere else
That isn't
Her home
It was safe
Until he
Came along
The real
The old
Pecks hopes academy
They all thought
This place
Was safe
The only rule
To escape off
Is to
Kill one
Not let
Anyone notice
Who did it
The Madness
Got to some
Of the group
Not just
Mikan Tsumiki
who was
The most
Her other friends
In total
So ill
That wasn't
In time
All What
Want was
To heal
From whatever
It was causing them
Not to
Feel well
she did
Her best
not to
Let despair
Take her down
It control
She try
To stop it
she's only
A nurse
With medical
The master
Of her talent
Mikan Tsumiki
Ultimate Nurse
Ultimate Nurse
Enjoy my Poem ^^

Mikan Tsumiki as the ultimate Nurse from dangronpa 2:Goodbye Despair 

Art of Mikan Tsumiki Belongs to :iconseireiart: 
My Inner Emotion
If I hide
any longer
I will break
cry out
A mighty
long fall
to my
or that
I hate
remember by
I rather
inner emotion
I’m hiding
There’s so
in me
all the emotions
Right now
and lost
deep thoughts
maybe confuse
those are
what I’m
what’s around
express them
not let it
to my
breaking point
My inner Emotion
inside me
I’m tired
with it
my own
I scream out
for the help
my own
of my
crying here
breaking through
My inner Emotion
My Inner Emotion
Enjoy my poem ^^

I will add the drawing later after I'm done coloring it so more and fixing it :)
Hope is coming
The despair
Is coming back
It wants to
Take over
The world
Bring the
to everyone
Make them
Live in
Total despair
Without wishing
On their
Own lives
Just watching
Them all
Kill another
There's a few
That won't
Let it happen
Not bring
Total despair
And someone
will lead them
To put
A stop
To it
Once in
For all
He is
Makoto Naegi
part of
The future foundation
he and his friends
Are putting
The despair
Back in
It's place
Not let it
Take control
Of their
or anywhere else
He save
All his friends
From the despair
The nightmare
That everyone hates
To remember
A few got
For the killer
To escape out
They lost it
All hope
Flush down
Didn't care once
Others lives
and one
For their friends
Not letting them
Be torched
By despair
now his friends
are working
To bring this
To an end
Makoto is
The hope
For everyone
He is
Ultimate hope
He let's everyone
Hope is coming
There will be
No more
They will save
From it
Hope will come
They'll be save
despair isn't
A way to live
Have hope
And courage
To keep you
From falling
Despair and madness
Until then
Just say
That hope
Is coming
Our way
Everyone will be
May be
Just an
Average boy
with a normal life
But he is
A gift
Special gift
He never
Gives up
He tires
Won't back down
until the
Fight is over
He won't stop
or let
Win this
He has hope
And courage
That it will
Come to
An end
For now
Everyone hang on
Because something
Is coming
Hope is coming
Hope Is Coming
Enjoy my poem ^^

another of Makoto Naegi from danganronpa series 

art of Makoto Naegi belongs to :icontriedg13: ^^

Link to :icontriedg13: artwork of Naegi Makoto…

thankyou for letting me use your art work of Naegi Makoto ^^ and go check more of :icontriedg13:'s artwork. There are really amazingly good.
Hard Working Levi 

Plot: Levi works very hard at the dojo of his martial arts class and never seems to have a break at all from working. Wonder if Liz will get his attention and drag him away from his work for awhile? Maybe for the rest of the day? Let's see what happens to the humanity's strongest from overworking himself while his girlfriend sits there worried of him. 

On to the story.

Normal Pov/Liz's Pov

Saturday morning, 8:00clk am. 
I was sleeping so peacefully through the night then morning came by. My eyes open as got out of bed then notice I didn't notice Levi around. It sucks that he often stays up late doing his work and not take breaks. Or at least rest for awhile then later keep working. Take breaks.

 'He told me that when I got off from spring break now summer vacation? God Levi why do this to yourself.' 

I thought to myself as fix my messy hair up before leaving the room. I walk out as shut the door then walk down the hall to Levi's study. The poor thing won't rest until everything is finish. I feel bad for him. I finally reach his study then open the door quietly as possible not to disturb him. 

"Hey Le-" 

my eyes landed on a sleeping Levi facepalm on his desk. He must be exhausted from all the work he has done. 

"You moron..." 

mumble to myself then got a blanket out of the closet near by and put it over him. 

"You gotta take a break sometimes. I don't like it when you push yourself like this. You told me not to push myself through my studies." 

I wrap my arm around his waist then pull him away from the chair as walk out to towards the bedroom then lay him flat on the bed. 

"Rest now Levi." 

reading his face expression he open his eyes as look towards me 

"Let me finish my work damit.." 

He mumble out a bit then reach out to me and pull me down towards the bed. 

"no.." I said as almost spoke into a whisper to him


My eyes wonder up to his as my voice came to a serious tone

 "I said no. You need to rest." 

then added on

 "You worked all these past nights and..." 

I stop myself there and look away from him. I could scent that he was looking down right at me with concern. If only he knew I worried about him and show that I care also about his health and him. My mind was questioning all of these until Levi cut me off when he spoke 

"and? Tell me." 

Now I'm stuck and my throat felt dry as I try to speak

 "I'm worried about you Levi..." 

That was said as turn my back on him and not facing him. 


He spoke to me as started to stroke my hair


I stood quite not bother to answer him as some of hair fell in front of myself

 "Liz talk to me..." 

he wrap his arms around me as brought me closer to him. I felt like crying but fought the tears that were pouring out bit by bit. 

"I'm not going to yell at you if that's what you're wondering." 

My body turn by itself as now facing him with my head looking down on him. 

"I worry so much about you... You told me in my spring break not to push myself so much because you worry about me." 

I look up at him

 "why can't you see I worry about you as well." 

Levi stood quiet and pull me into a hug.

 "I'm sorry. I will try to not work out myself even if I have to get things done however..." 

whip my tears away without him noticing it 

curious as pay attention to him while he was talking to me. 

"For now on I will take breaks but I want to you to take naps with me as well." 
I smile up to him

 "Gezz Levi... Now you want to take the naps with me again?" 

tease him a little as he look away blushing 

"w-well it isn't fair that you sometimes have to finish a book so late at night sometimes...." 

I pout at him

 "no fair." look a bit away as heard him chuckle

 "My cute little author..." 

now my face is on fire as he tilted my head up and brought his lips towards mine. 

It started all soft and gentle at first then it went to deep passion heat kiss. oh how I miss these moments of Levi and me kissing. Now my body's  heat up from this and can't stop blushing either. I enjoy kissing him so much it makes all the worries I had go away. It's like it replaces the bad with the good again. My arms slide up on their own as wrap around his neck making the kiss more deeper. Levi grin through the kiss as sneaky as ever he slip his tongue which let out a soft moan and now I can feel my face on fire. No literally it's on fire from blushing too much and maybe the kissing as well. Maybe... . As thinking while being kiss by Levi I slip my tongue through as we battle dance through the kiss. I never wanted this kiss to end but I need to breath some how damit the need of oxygen. I slowly pull away but still had myself close to Levi. He look down at me as I was catching my breath

 "I miss kissing you..." whisper right into my ear and my face turn on fire again. 

'Thanks so much Levi.' 

thought to myself then I manage to pull him close to me as kiss once more then pull away a little 

"I miss kissing you too Levi." 

Levi smile small as he pull me closer to him 

"Maybe I should often take breaks for now on." 

I chuckle at that and smile to him

 "that will be a great idea. You and I can spend time together." 

Levi had his poker face back on

 "Tch.. you mean We are spending time together for now on." 

I nod my head then got poke on my forehead
I look up at him


I said confidently without hesitating to say it. He was surprise as a smirk grin on his face 

"But am your moron, shity brat." 

Now I blush again then suddenly my stomach growl. It was almost lunch time I guess and Levi didn't rest much either.

 "Someone's hungry." 

I look away blushing

 "and? you too I heard yours as well." 

Levi look away with a small blush on his cheek 

"dam you with your sharp hearing." 

A chuckle escape from me then turn to a laugh.

 "Yeah Yeah laugh all you want because I was planning to make you lunch as well but I had second thoughts on it." 

I stop laughing then said

 "Tch meanie..." 

Levi's eyebrow twitch a bit from that as I chuckle again

 "no need to Levi. I'm going to order us the lunch we always get at that sandwich place." 

Levi look down at me 

"no I want to cook us some lunch and I was just kidding of what I said." 

A small smile appear on my face. I guess I couldn't stop smiling for some reason but I was happy. We both got up from bed as head towards to the kitchen down stairs. Levi rarely cooks these days. Ever since the dojo was going under construction to upgrade more of the place. Levi was in charge of the paper and handling everything to make everything go smoothly while Erwin is doing the other things for the dojo. Levi hates working with Erwin at random times but I keep telling him not to let his anger of him get to him easily. I'm always there for Levi even If I'm doing another project of books I will still be there to help him out.

I snap back reality as sitting on a stool tall chair and look up at him

 "umm what is it?" 

Levi sigh then said

 "do you want bacon and sausage?" 

I look at him

 "both please. And do you want to make that banana French toast again?" 

smile at him then he nod his head

 "yes please and I miss those as well." 

I chuckle as got to the fridge and took out the ingredients for the banana French toast. I got started on it then mix everything together and pour it onto the bread. 

"Easy there." 

Levi said next to me cooking the bacon and sausage

 "I won't over cook it again. Just letting everything combin so it'll taste good." 

Then I turn to see it all brown and crunchy then place it on the plate with the rest of them.

 "All done."

 I smile then look to see the table all set up and the food place on the table.

 "Levi..." I stood their with the plate of banana French toast as walking towards the table. 

"You didn't have to do this. I mean I would of done it..." 

My voice trailed off as being speechless. 

"No I wanted to do this. I know I need a break from all the work but it won't stop me to do others things." 

A smile spread through my face and a heat of a blush then went to join him to eat some brunch. Breakfast and lunch together. 

Levi's Pov

He felt good for doing this. He was sure tired from the work he has done for the dojo but didn't stop him to impress his love one. She has done so much for him these couple of weeks and at least he can return the favor to her. 

'It feels good to make it up to her.'

He thought as he starts eating with her and talking about their daily routines. Oh how much he misses talking to her and spending time as much as he can with her. Ever since they meet and got together in Christmas that last year. It change him for good. 

Levi Ackerman the fearless strongest fighter and sensei in the survey corps martial arts academy is dating the youngest writer and student from the Titans university. This all happen at random. It all started at the building of the university community center. Levi was training his students as usual and that's when a girl walk in all dress in dark clothing and mix color pants with a kitty handbag on her back. She seem shy and wondering around. That's when one his students Armin recognize her and went up to her as he hug her. Levi didn't care as he was too focus on his students then he yell out for Amrin to come back for some training. Then the girl turn around as walk off to leave and one of her friends call her up. It was hanji. She seem to ask her something that made her shake her head and try to leave with an excuse as that's when Levi step in and save her from hanji. he won't forget that moment. 

"Thankyou." with a smile on her face then turn to walk away and exit from the building down stairs. 

Levi smile small as he was listening to Liz talk and answer a few to her. They both enjoy their breakfast and lunch together. The small talks, laughs and so much more. Levi was enjoying his day with Liz so far. They were both cuddle up on the couch while watching tv together then Liz ask him

 "Levi?" Levi look at her with his grey eyes "what is it?" she said to him "do you wear glasses when you do your paperwork from the dojo?" Levi was a bit surprise himself

 'did she see me sleeping with my glasses in my study?" He wonder to himself as trying to make an excuses but Liz cut him off
"well I thought you look very handsome when you wear glasses like that..."

she blush a bit then added

"I mean you look..."

she clear her throat

"What I'm trying to say is... You look cute in them?" she blush again as trying to hide it away from him. 

He chuckle at her

 "oh so I look more interesting with my glasses now?" he whisper in her ear husky as stroking her hair and gently kiss her cheek then forehead. 

"Seems like I'm attractive when I wear my glasses." Levi made her sequel as he hug her close to him. "So got anything else that makes me more attractive?" teasing her with a grin smile. 

"L-L-Le-Lev-Lev-Levi..." she stutter " it was just a compliment and a question." trying to cover her tracks. However Levi is too smart for that as figure out already from her shyness. 

"Does it make me look...." 

he whisper again in her ear as softly whisper "sexy?" 

Now he brought her to a blushing face. She looks cute when she blushes a lot while Levi is teasing her romantically. 

"Levi..." her head turn away a bit from him. "Yes Liz?" Liz stood quite for a bit then said "you sure do enjoy teasing me a lot don't you?" Levi kiss her lips quickly as grin a smirk "You got that right my little brat." licking her neck a little. 

Liz blush more then try to move away but Levi didn't let her. he is too strong for her to escape. "Don't runaway my brat." now kissing her neck as she starts to squirm off away from him. 


she turn to face him then lean closer and smash her lips against his. He never let go nor did she. They're both stuck together in each other's arms. Levi went for it as sneaky enter his tongue to the kiss making her moan and breathless. Now went to the French kissing which he enjoys the most with her. This time it did left her breathless when they broke the kiss. 

"Feeling amuse my little brat?" teasing her once more "yeah and I did enjoy our heat up kissing moment." 

he cuddle her close to her as heard a phone ringing. Liz reach for her cell next to the small coffee table beside the couch and look at the caller ID. The reaction that she gave was seem to bother her as she sigh. 

Levi ask "who is it?" he look at her "it's Hanji and texted that she will 3 way call with Erwin as well." She answer the phone "hello?" she scout herself close to Levi as she talks to hanji.

"hiiiii lizzzz!!!!" she pull away from the phone. Then another voice was heard in the other line "Stop with the yells hanji." 

Levi straight up heard that as his eyes grew serious.

 "Get to the point hanji I don't have all day." 

Levi almost laugh to himself when she said that as trying to keep his cool while she takes the call 

"Would you like to come to a sleepover party next Saturday with the girls?" 

Liz pause a bit to think before replying to her

 "whose house? And what time?" 

hanji chuckle in the other line 

"at mikasa house of course I mean no one trusts to come at my house only Erwin." 

Liz grin a smile 

"so you only trust Erwin to come at your place? Tell me more since he's in the other line hanji."

 A sound of crashing and falling to hear hanji scream also stuttering words that Levi couldn't catch on 

"l-Liz I uhh well I didn't mean... What I was trying to say is..." Liz began to laugh and respond to her "I will text mikasa and I'll let you go. Bye" 

She hung up before she could say anything else. 

"That was interesting." 

she look up at Levi who was grinning a smirk 

"wonderful my dear Liz. I taught you well." 

She giggle at him 

"thank you Levi-sensei. try not to work so hard on yourself and relax more often. Maybe we can have these moments together." Levi sigh 

"I promise not to push myself too hard. I mean working hard isn't that bad but I just want to get things done to able to spend time with you more." 

Liz smile at him as felt touch to his words 

"I'm flatter. Don't push yourself you hard working man. I worry for my precious sensei Levi as well." 

she pout at him cutely. 

"Aww my own student worries for me that's so sweet." 

he hug her once more before kiss her cheek.

 "It's ok to be working hard but not hard working you know? No extreme working to the end." 

he nod his head

 "I promise not to put myself in that position. No more hard working for me in awhile." 

she gave that look to him


Levi smile small 

"ok never again." 

she lay her head on chest and a small yawn escaped from her

 "someone's a bit tired." 

she nod 
"oh yeah." 

she snuggle up as her eyes were close. Levi smile as he got up with her and carry her to their bedroom. 

No ones Pov

He reach to the bedroom as place her on the bed gently. she was all snuggle up with the pillows near her and Levi place the sheets on her. 
"Sleep well, Liz." he lean close to her and kiss her forehead. "Don't over work yourself Levi..." she mumble to him in her sleep. 

"Tch you worry too much about me." look down at her "but that because you love me so much I will be worry as well for you." he smile to her then head towards the bathroom and hope on to the showers. 

He took a quick shower, got dress in comfortable clothing and lay on bed while sitting up. He was doing some work and he was finished with it. Everything is all set and can't wait for what comes to the future of the dojo. A pair of arms wrap around his waist and snuggle to him. 

'Liz is sure dreaming peacefully. She's so cute when she's sleeping.'

A calm smile and hug her close. Levi is a hard working man when it comes to things like this. He is always on top and ready for anything. He will do it without rest not be lazy like others are. But now it changes everything. He has someone that cares about him not wanting him to stress himself out. Levi may be the fearless toughest strongest person he is but someone has already claim his heart. That person is Liz. He is thankful for that. 

The end.

Hard working Levi
Enjoy my story ^^

art of Levi Ackerman belongs to :iconakarimarco: 

link to artwork of :iconakarimarco:…
The Quiet Voices
Each moment
Soft whispers
I hear
To my own
Just listening
A soft whisper
All the voices
Going through
My head
Is only
That I hear
it's like
Is talking
To me
Their so much
To the
In my head
They don't
Talk to me
I just hear
The Quiet Voices
To me
there aren't
only whispers
Or quiet voices
There my voices
The little girl
In my head
Keeping me
Not break
To my point
These winds
I hear the air
going by
The Quiet Voices
The Quiet Voices
Enjoy my poem ^^
Silence Screams
I'm tired
Of it
Staying so
To myself
Hearing my
Own screams
In me
It frustrates me
So much
Drives me
So crazy
I wanna break
From my own
Not be
So quite
About everything
I wish
I can just
Scream out
My own voice
But it's all
Silence screams
All the tears
Dry as ice
The skin
Of mine
Is pale
To snow
Like I
Have no life
the light dim
So blue
It's all
Part of
My Silence Screams
I'm tired
Holding it
All in
Not saying
Or speaking out
I just pause
Stop myself
not say
A thing
It frustrates me
So badly
I wanna scream
All the words
I hold in
shout out
It's all
So quite
No one
I'm just
The quite girl
In the
That says
Doesn't speak
For herself
Just stays
So quite
All of this
It bothers me
I wanna break it
Not be
In my own
just break
Break out
From this
Silence Screams
Silence Screams
Enjoy my poem ^^ 
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Recently like last week on a Wednesday night but next day I saw the post of a friend of mine mentioning one of my dear friends Dainel James LaCour pass away. he was nineteen and was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy at the early age of five. He lost his ability to walk at the age of ten and was put to a wheel chair. 

it it saddens me he's gone but he will want all his friends and myself to be happy and enjoy life. I will post some poems but I want to give myself some space and hope you guys understand that. I had a very difficult week and it wasn't easy from the news I recieved about my friend. 

He he was only nineteen and barely graduate high school. May my friend Daniel rest in peace. He will be dearly missed by all his friends and family.
Humanity's Strongest
He wise
May be
Not the tallest
In the
Survey corps
But he is
To others
And dead serious
Towards everyone
He is tough
And strong
He is
One of the
In the
Survey corps
He is
Strength of Humanity
Humanity's strongest
He will
Risk everything
To destroy
Those monsters
That took
His dear friends
From him
By saving him
It still
Pains him
Not to mention
His other
That got crush
To bits
He will
Kill them
Burn them
Bring them down
To hell
Make them all
What he's been
The life
Of his friends
He battles
Through this
As much
As he can
Not showing
No emotions
He is
Cold stone
To heart
Deep inside
He has
A caring soul
For his
Even those
Around him
He won't let
Anyone die
So easily
and that's why
He remains
The strongest
In the
Survey corps
The captain
Of the squad
And group
He has to
Be strong
At these moments
be the captain
He is
Showing no
Always be
And tough
The Strongest
In humanity
For their
May the past
Of his
Haunt him
That makes him
Than ever
Levi Ackerman
Humanity's Strongest
Humanity's Strongest
Enjoy my poem ^^

art of Levi Ackerman belongs to :iconakarimarco:

heres the drawing of :iconakarimarco:…
Ultimate FortuneTeller
He tells
the small
like the
would tell
read through
the people’s
in their way
he is
the master
to his
good at
the skill
he is
the ultimate
fortune teller
the future
to there
own ways
he is
for his
and himself
trying to
use his
to find
A way
A random
fortune telling
can solve
he hopes
his friends
and makoto
to figure
things out
He is
telling the
to predict
the future
he tells it
for everyone
it amazes them
so much
he is
Ultimate Fortune Teller  
Ultimate FortuneTeller
Enjoy my poem ^^

Yasuhiro Hagakure as Ultimate FortuneTeller

art of yasuhiro Hagakure belongs to :iconbunnyloz: 

i really like the style of this!! ^^ it's so adorable and cute!!! I love chibis!!!! OwO 

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Oh my god !!! This amazing!!! 

Sqaure Enix kept there promise to us!!! 

Not just about the remake of Final Fantasy 7 

but kingdom hearts unchained X!!  

Not only that....

oh my god!!! 


We got to see more gameplay footage. Also they relieve one of the worlds as well. 

Tangle is one of them so far. It was amazing!!! 

I cant wait for more details of the game this winter ^^

sony and square Enix did amazing!!! 

Sony kill it!!! 
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Holy SHIT!!!! 

Oh my god!!!! 

The hype!!!! 

Its too strong!!!! 

Im so happy!!!!! 

Final fantasy 7 is getting remaster and coming to ps4!!!! 

Im so happy and excited!!!! 

Tomorrow is going to be more exciting because of square Enix!!!! And Nintendo!!!! oh my god!!!! Man!!!! I'm so happy!!!! 

Im crying of tears of joy right now!!!! 
Farewell Humanity
Went to
And everyone
Or insane
it was all
And normal
Less than the
Fear around
Nothing to
Worry about
The safety
Behind the walls
We're certain
To everyone
Will it last?
Keep us all
From them
The monsters
That eat
All of us
That's when
Turn to
A big mess
They broke in
War started
Fear raise up
Grew more
All around
It was
Attack us
Our humanity
The world
We use to
Or fear
Now it's gone
A farewell
To the
We once
To ourselves
It sicken
To the core
We have to
Take it
Back to us
Bring them
To our feet
Kill them
Don't let
The humanity
Be a
To us
No goodbyes
To the
Must take it
Run back
What's ours
We won't say
Farewell To humanity
Nor goodbyes
There's no
It's time
To take action
The time
Is here
We fight
Go after them
Fight for
And humanity
It's not the
Farewell Humanity
Farewell Humanity
Enjoy my poem ^^

art of Levi Ackerman belongs to :iconkyarorainart:

attack on Titan poem ^^ enjoy 

for humanitly!! 
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Holy shit!!! 

I survive day 0!!! 

And not not only that... 

Im all rest for my anime expo adventures and can't wait to meet the voice actors as well. ^^ 

I have my list already to go who I want to meet up with ^w^ 

The line was of course huge and had tents set up for shade also and we had a group of friends saving our spots at the anime convention as well. 

I cant wait for tomorrow OwO. I'm so excited ^^ 

anime expo hype!!! 

And 3 poems are coming up today because I forgot to post them before I left to anime expo ^^" so opps ^^ hahaha ^^" 


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liz estrada
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
i write poems and write stories also even draw i'll upload soon some and i love anime alot ^^ big fan of naruto and naruto shippudden my favorite anime couple is sasusaku :) and my crush is itachi uchiha because i think hes cute and hot ^^ ^///^

Favourite genre of music: metal rock,Kpop (Korean pop),techno, Krock (Korean rock) and JPop also Jrock (Japan rock and Japan pop)

interest: anime,cosplay,roll playing writting and reading novels,playing video games :)

Likes: Anime,cosplay,roll play and manga

Anime Couples: Sasusaku,NaruHina,Cloud x tifa, soulMaka, Kiari and sora, Aqua x Terra, Roxas x Namie, Obito X Rin, PainKonan, IkutoXAmu, Yuna x Tidus, Zack & Aerith

Anime Guys i like: Zero ( vampire knight) itachi uchiha, Sebastion (Black Bulter) , soul,Axel,Reno, and vincent valentine,sephiroth, Ichiru ( Zero's twin Brother) , Riku ( Kingdom hearts) Cloud ( FFAC) Cecil ( Final Fantasy IV) Kain (Final Fantasy IV ) and Notics ( Final Fantasy Versus XIII).

My Friends I meet in Real Life
:iconrexygal: :iconraydaraartisabang: :icondragoonzia: :iconmayuralover: :iconstormdeathstar9: :iconcelebi9: :iconapikachua:

My Youtube:…

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I Love Anime Stamp by LiMT-Art Marshall Lee Stamp by leoncilo99 Sims 3 by EmmaL27 Tim Burton Stamp by iZgo Lance Fan Stamp by Saiya-STORY

Riku stamp by SitarPlayerIX Amuto Stamp by seashellskeeperObito x Rin stamp by Lesya7 sasusaku and naruhina stamp by jack29nightmareStamp - Terra and Aqua by fazzygrl

Confidential- NOT ANYMORE! 2 by Lady-Autobot17 Serah and Snow Kiss by Paravenger Lightning x Noctis Stamp by LinaLeeL

SasuSaku Stamp by kathynorrisart Itachi Stamp by swingthisway Final Fantasy VII Stamp by Final-FantasyVIIClub Final Fantasy Stamp by winter-ame Kingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ame

Naruto Stamp by Knuczema-the-Echidna STAMP -PeinKonan- DO NOT FAV by akatsukiXakatsuki Sora and Kairi Stamp by AngelShizuka CloTi STAMP by Iwonn Stamp-Can't live without books by Rittik

SoulxMaka Stamp by AdryJustend Yuna x Tidus stamp by onebecamenone Zack x Aerith stamp by onebecamenone shingeki no kyojin: petra x levi (rivetra) by SakamakiJustine shingeki fan stamp by ilaaaria

Zack Stamp by Xx-Syaoran-kun-xX

Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by hakutan Eren Stamp by RevivalSnK Non Support of Yaoi Yuri by TechouNoPenki

Hate the Watermark? Stamp by Aazari-Resources Anti-Hentai by HatakeMirukon Lemon fanfics... by epicwhamo99 D'espairsRay stamp by diabolikal-lily

Ax by TheArtOfNotLikingYou

(Pewdiepie and cry button supports as being both fans not yaoi)


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