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SNK: Wings of Freedom by ElinTan
by ElinTan

it's very beauitful and amazing too. The background reminds me of final fantasy in a way but its amazing :). When i look at this art it ...

You expected this. STEHPANO in Saints Row 3 by TheOnePhun211

They put alot of work into it. I'm a big fan of pewdiepie. Yes,I'm a girl who is a bro army ^^ and i'm a gamer as well. You should send...


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Journal History


Ultimate Magic Card Wizard
she’s known
for her cards
talent playing
this is different
uses it
for battle
help fairy tail wizards
in anything
will do anything
keep them
all safe
using the cards
get them out
of danger
That card wizard
Cana Alberona
daughter of
Gildarts Alberona
strongest wizard
fairy tail
knows cards
by heart
best ways
use these cards
her own energy
cast spells
in the cards
chose by master
fairy tail
guild runs this
lead jobs
work help
through anything
good changes
grows up
sees her father
hasn’t know
truth yet
crushes inside
not tell
he is father
of her
The Daughter
Strongest Wizards
one of the best wizards
in all fairy tail
toughest man
brave fearless wizard
her magic
is in
by father
hardly around
see or talk
other wizards
faces toughest jobs ever
keep himself
going forward
Cana keeps herself
rarely gets drunk
keeps her cool
under control
unlike others
pass out
after drinking
too much
Cana is her
own person
Magic Card Wizard
plays ticks
magically fools
which cards work
their magic
Cana Alberona
The Magic Card Wizard
Ultimate Magic Card Wizard
Ultimate Magic Card Wizard
Enjoy my poem ^^

Another fairy Tail Poem 

Cana Alberona 

Ultimate Magic card Wizard 

Art Of Cana Alberona belongs to :iconrosenkreuss: 

Link to Cana Alberona artwork by :iconrosenkreuss:…

Ultimate Body Magic Wizard
He is top
Most powerful
Them all
nothing can
Stand his way
The strongest opponents
he's never face
In his missions
he's look up to
Little fire wizard
Who wants to be
The best wizard
And strongest
Just like him
Gildarts Alberona
be look up to
all fairy tail
whole guild
the little shadow
always looks
when he walks away
from the guild
for another
her name
is Cana
no one knows
Her last name
Expect the master
who knows
about the two
This wizard
casts spells
using the body
His whole body
is his weapon
Train himself
be stronger
give his all
ever his lose
crush him
Made heart
Go shatter
crumble down
dearly pass on
cry out
those tears
torn by
his own heart
Such a lose
energy magic
Magic body
takes action
ready for battle
get job done
Make it out
give it all
Mighty body magic
from a fairy tail wizard
no one can
stand chance
Around this beast
of a wizard
magic wizard
chosen body
makes him
no strongest wizard
The Body Magic Wizard
Gildarts Alberona
Ultimate Body Magic Wizard
Ultimate Body Magic Wizard
Enjoy my poem ^^

Another fairy Tail Poem 

Gildarts Alberona 

Ultimate Body Magic Wizard 

Art Of gildarts alberona belongs to :iconcrazyname15: 

Link to Gildarts Alberona artwork by :iconcrazyname15:…
Samurai’s Heart
Nothing stops them
being together
Fight along
both them
in this
nothing stops
Peace and love
and her
Samurai dinosaur
good ability
great combat
sense of style
his name
ever since
He had meet
His heart
never stop
beating nonstop
race going on
inside body
blush flush red
on his face
thinking of her
across mind
can't get it out
Because it's love
from the heart
Love from Katsurou
Samurai warrior’s
How feels
in one
brings joy
see her
all happy
that’s all
what he cares
her happiness
being away
harm or hurt
no more
he will be
cinder block
amor knight
warrior samurai
he is
will do anything
keep her
at his side
and alive
because without
the world
in her
he has nothing
truth about
swordsman's heart
Katsurou passion heart
beloved heart
with love
Katsurou has
Samurai’s Heart
Samurai's Heart ~Art Trade~
Enjoy my poem ^^

I'm doing this art trade with my best friend :iconrexygal:

and this is my first art trade ^w^ 

Hope you like the poem I wrote about Rexy and her boyfriend Katsurou.  

Oc of rexy and katsurou belongs to :iconrexygal: 

The poem is written by me aka :iconscareygirl15: 
Finally Free
I feel less
of a puppet
being control
chain up
long ones
never end
attach to something
is it
that are
the chains?
which are attach
on me
so many questions
few answers
to me
know everything
what’s going on
overall cases
makes me
want to be
out of these
get out
not be
by anything
rather be
my own person
only me
the way I am
not something
or someone
I’m not
tear up
burst out
these melt
Finally broke
these chains
out of control
from this
never return
back what
I was
my ways
I want to be
by others
in the eyes
no one
is perfect
can’t hide
any scars
because everyone
their own
hide it
whole world
have confidence
brave on
face on
serious side
bright up
crawl out
under theses
have broken
all the shells
now I can
finally say
I’m free
broke out
these chains
not anymore
break my misery
throw it away
smile out
emotions run
how far
I’ve gone
to be
right here
not anymore
a puppet
nor trap
I’m free
Finally Free
Finally Free
Enjoy my poem ^^

Another poem of my own. 

Fairy Tail poems are still a go and will upload 3 at a time due to returning tomorrow to college studies yay owo 
Ultimate Water Wizard
inside us
around us
water moves
no escape
it’s the way
for everyone
water is
that is
at all
is element
every time
she is
all the time
day goes
water can
dark grey
sunshine light
she is there
being gloomy
has a heart
she is
a wizard
fairy tail
after wisdom
from ice wizard
Gray fullbuster
start over
uses water
for good
that’s her element
Water Wizard
that’s her ultimate
magic wizard
she is
of element
Ultimate Water Wizard
Ultimate Water Wizard
Enjoy my poem ^^

Juvia Lockser 

Ultimate Water Wizard 

Another Fairy Tail Poem 

Art of Juvia belongs to :iconlaw67: 

Link to artwork of juvia by :iconlaw67:…
Ultimate Magic Eyes Wizard
shine out
that she is
An evergreen wizard
turns others
into stone
not move
at all
she’s witch wizard
to the eyes
makes her
to others
who approach her
face on
the magic eyes wizard
name is
magic eyes wizard
cast her magic
one look
by her eyes
will attack
leave it frozen
to it’s feet
part of
thunder legion
along with
fairy tail
everyone looks
up to
like their
his own
and children
never felt that way
being treated
like family
around everyone
who is among
best good friends
all around
takes heart
what’s worth
use magic
for good
not evil
change ways
thunder legion
really is
pride and strength
becomes wizard
to be
Thunder Legion
Magic Eyes Wizard
Ultimate Magic Eyes Wizard
Ultimate Magic Eyes Wizard
Enjoy my poem ^^

Another Fairy Tail Poem 


Ultimate Magic Eyes Wizard 

Art of Evergreen belongs to :iconhoueikin:

Link to artwork of Evergreen by :iconhoumeikin:…
Ultimate Possession Wizard
he uses
with his
the dolls
follow him
at his
and words
work together
as a team
get job
and fast
Dress as
a knight
cover from
the face
has an
mix with
crazy behavior
A cool chill
be around with
tiki dolls
those are
of a wizard
is that
with possessions
any object
in hand
make it
than ever
he is
Thunder Legion
along with
Freed and Evergreen
the way
freed as leader
Thunder Legion
Possession Wizard
Has the magic
make anything
against other
fight off
that Bisklow
through the way
because he is
Ultimate Possession Wizard
command any object
attack anyone
use his magic
tiki dolls
magic he has
makes objects
fire back
could be anything
besides dolls
at his power
Ultimate Possession Wizard
Ultimate Possession Wizard
enjoy my poem ^^


Ultimate Possession Wizard 

Another Fairy Tail Poem 

Art of Bickslow belongs to :iconjedsaru: 

Link to :ionjedsaru:'s art of Bickslow…
Ultimate Mage Dark Wizard
use to be
in a guild
of blue Pegasus
where his friends
former teammates
were there
thunder legion
he is the leader
once there
they didn't feel like
where they
were getting at
so they went to
the thunder wizard’s
Fairy Tail Guild
where his grandfather
runs it
wanted all
the power
the guild
in a iron
will conquer all
went as plan
nothing stop
other one
to speak up
that is
fire wizard
change the ways
for them
not everything
is all
about power
earn it
by gaining
all what is
from this
everyone is family
not the bad guys
tick them off
fire wizard didn’t
back down
so easily
defeated them
his words
on each one
of them
not just
thunder wizard
but his friends
and him
as well
A light shine
through shadows
made them think
see a brighter side
a way to get
so they join
the fairy tail guild
made good things
out of it
Second chance
Freed Justine
he has
use in good
mix kind
from to wizards
dresses style
talks fantasy
around everyone
his eye
has the dark magic
uses in
anyone comes
in his way
fights his might
never gives up
Freed Justine
fairy tail wizard
Part of
Thunder Legion
fairy tail
he is
Ultimate Mage Dark Wizard
Freed Justine
mage dark wizard
Ultimate Mage Dark Wizard
Ultimate Mage Dark Wizard
Enjoy my poem ^^

Freed Justine 

ultimate Mage Dark Wizard 

Art Of Freed Justine belongs to :iconr-a-ven:  

Link to freed justine artwork by :iconr-a-ven:…
so far
feels empty
can’t be
able reach
has gone
limits down
my quiet voice
speaks out
yells out
A greeting
from the other side
carry on memories
tell that
I’m sorry
not being
the friend
last forever
doesn’t matter
my voices say
every tiny response
how I feel
not stuck
in dark
winds blow further
let me be heard
can talk
how I feel
stand tall
hold breath
let out
all might
within me
i say
from far side
other side
tell how I
really feel
being left
so far behind
not a friend
here’s to
last greeting
before I leave
move forward
never speak again
nor gain
My voices
loud and clear
through strong winds
in this windy day
shout out
freak out
my screams
from far side!!
not the friend
you use to know
tired holding back
break shell
not let this
bring me down
here’s my last
I say this
once more
enjoy my poem ^^

it's been awhile since I written one of my own ^^. 

fairy tail poems are a go and will be posted as soon as possible. I got 7 stack up now. 
Ultimate Thunder Legion
they were
top wizards
call themselves
Thunder Legion  
work with
the grandson’s
whose more
father figure
to Laxus
make sure
he’s in
right path
is Freed Justine
along with
two members
Bickslow and Evergreen
may look
good guys
at first
now change there
what the master’s
has done
of his
who use to
A fairy tail wizard
he had change
kick him out
never to be seen
never be
like him
Be better than him
A true wizard
with good heart
passion to be
by friends
who are family to
everyone else
Role model
look up to
be those
The thunder legion
can change
for the good
never be
show off
only care
face worthy
in all
the lands
the group
Ultimate Thunder Legion
there top
like the rest
who go travel
there task
arrive home
Now thunder legion
helps at home
true thunder legion
everyone will
talk on
because four
of them
Ultimate Thunder Legion
Ultimate Thunder Legion
enjoy my poem 

The Thunder Legion 

Ultimate Thunder Legion 

Laxus,Biisklow,evergreen and Freed. 

Art Of The Thunder Legion belongs to :iconblanania:  

Link to the Thunder Legion artwork:…
Ultimate Thunder Wizard
element of thunder
all in one
shocks anything
just a blow
around him
he is
the master’s
treates him
like a real
to his
own son
who is
his grandchild
dearly loves him
the father
never cared
for the child
he had
with his lover
left behind
saw sadness
inside him
wish he can
from his dear
Element Thunder Wizard
is top
in fairy tail
part of
thunder legion
hot head
that is
he has a heart
shows it
weird ways
for others
all his friends
who are
brothers and sisters
he’s the thunder wizard
Ultimate Thunder Wizard
Ultimate Thunder Wizard
Enjoy my poem ^^

Laxus Dreyar 

Ultimate Thunder Wizard 

Art Of Laxus Dreyar Belongs to :iconmr123goku123: 

Link to Laxus Dreyar by :iconmr123goku123:…
I saw the trailer of Suicide Squad...  my reaction was What the fuck did I just watch.... that's about it... if there trying to be like deadpool.. it isn't working out well... please deadpool save us qwq 

ps. it's the second trailer for the movie just to say.
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So Far I have done...

1. Danaganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Poems (Done) 

2. Kingdom hearts Short story: (Done)

3. Final Fantasy 7 remake Poems: (Done) 
4. Kingdom hearts short stories first one is done. 
5. Sneak peak of upcoming story: My strongest Fighter:  My Strongest Fighter ~Sneak Peak Story~
If I ever wonder..
Someone that is strong not scare of a thing?
A fighter through it's struggles 
Will he know me?
Remember me at all...? 
So many questions 
I need to woman myself up and just go in before my cousin Armin freaks out on another thing of his class. He told me his sensie is scary looking. Gives serious looks to other like going to murder them all. The strict ones. I understand. There like my professors from the university of titans.
Let's see what Armin is doing. 
Hope he isn't dead beat to the ground again. It isn't his fault that he is nice to others but is very smart too. 
I'm not sure why he join this class at all. 
I got out of the car then went into the building walking a little fast paced due to my worries for my cousin Armin. We both grew up together since kids. He didn't had an other siblings only family members. More like cousins. Related family members. This building is huge almost feels like I'm about to get lost. I stood

6. Danagronpa short stories Dangonpa Another Episode Ultra Despair Girls Short story: Done.

7.  Fairy Tail Short stories: (second one: done) 

8. Kingdom hearts short stories: 2 short stories (First one: Done)  

9. RWBY-Short stories: 3 short stories (have started) theme: Christmas  pairings: Ozpin and Glydna Goodwitch, Black and Sun, and Winter and Qrow. 

10. The Shadow Knights Chapter 4 (Done) 

What I have started: 

1.Kingdom hearts 2 short story: (Second One: Just Started)

2. Danganronpa short stories: Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair story: (Have started) 

3. Kingdom hearts Poems: Kingdom hearts 3 poems (Started)

4. Final Fantasy Type Zero: (just started) 

5. Fairy Tail Short story: third short story: (Started)

6. Fairy Tail Poems. (ongoing) 


 What's coming up soon...

1. New Story: My strongest Fighter Chapter 1 (In the works)

2. Final fantasy 13 and part 2: (Listing/coming soon)

3. Lightningreturns: (lightning poem done but not started on the rest listing) 

4. The chronlices of Nick Story: The Dark Sisters Chapter 2 

5. The Strange and The Uchiha: A mysterious Love Chapter 14 

6. Short Stories base on: Kuroko No basket, Attack On Titan: Junior High, Fairy Tail, 
  • Reading: Assassination Classroom,Skip Beat
  • Watching: Fairy Tail Season 2 and Kuroko no basket Season 2
i wasn't too aware of this but... i'm just gonna post the link and yeah... 

ManGlenn is a SEX OFFENDER .::PROOF::. 

there and the rest is in that journal 
Well this story is for a friend of mine.

Concern it as

Late birthday gift but Christmas gift as well.

This will be a comedy romance between the two characters from kuroko no basket

Kagami and Kuroko.

Let's begin ^^

To the school’s gym.

Lunch Time

Everyone practicing at the gym and done with few minutes of practice now heading to lunch at that restaurant place to pick up three orders of food thai,chinese,and Japanese food at one of the team player’s family restaurant. The coach turn face rival player Atsushi who seem cool off from practicing with his ex-former teammates from middle school.

“Hey is she coming?” he look up to her “Yeah she’s on her way by now.”

Atsushi smile among his own thinking about his girl Amaya Tiku who recently transferred from another school in the UK to Japan at his school.

“How are you guys doing?”

Atsushi finish drinking water from the bottle “Good and we went on a date last week to Korean BBQ restaurant around her area. It was good place to eat.”

Coach smile at him

“I sure to recommend that to hyuga for our next date night.” chuckle to herself felt an arm go around her made her face the tall captain of basketball team leadership four eye guy with glasses. Hyuga from basketball team Seirin high school.

“You ready to get the lunch?” nod at him “sure I just hope kuroko and Kagami don't mess up the gym while we're gone for getting the lunch.”

Hyuda couldn't agree more he barely know those two by now to trust them look out for the gym while they head in getting the food. Other half of the team races to get the lunch at the school's cafeteria.

“Hey!!” Monomi shout race to her childhood friend Anomie went to say hi as other two girls walk behind her towards the team.

“Whoa I guess the whole teams that you guys face are all here for the day.” Alex smile cross arms around her chest. She is kagami’s master who train him in America to become a better basketball player then join a certain club of any sport he has a passion in just like basketball.

Alex train hothead temper hype fearless serious basketball player Kagami Taiga under her wing. Even his childhood friend tatsyu that he’s call brother and best friends as the two rings represent the symbol of brotherhood in friendship.

Until that happen, tatsuya grew jealous of his best friend brother kagami being better player than him cause took impact on tatsuya also the one thing that stands in his way bond grew into over last few years. In moment all jealousy anger hate mix emotions brought eat him alive as a monster emotions attack him strike down all strength left lifeless on ground by himself no one to help him or hear his cries pour out his heart.

A grave pain dig made pain worse not give room breath no windows around open up for air release out oxygen needed that the human body require. Alex felt glad ever since the two plays against each other realize the bond was powerful enough overcome both of them see friendship can take an effect on people such ways it can. Two boys took the impact strike never underestimate powerful bonds in friendship or any kind will haunt you for life until it’s confirmed broken or remade new again. Only win she will accept is the two being friends again like old times being kids now grown up young teenager boys in high school now going to College soon. No one but kuroko and Alex knew how the bond between them effective those through years apart now face closure forgotten about the past replace with new memories.

Light has shine through darkness creating a beauty sunny day for them and everyone to enjoy on today’s gathering.

“Hey kuroko” kuroko face her look “What is it?” Amaya answer kuroko eat a pocky then share the box with Atsushi “Do you think your other friend is coming?”

Short blue boy smile small

“Yeah they said there on the way and told me drag out kise from his photo shoot he had today.”

Amaya could tell how calmly this one laugh himself not show it much to others about kise-san being drag out of his photo shoot by his own teammates make his people at photo shoot have a laugh never forget those moments then retell them the next time he comes for another shoot session this following week. He can’t image laughs got to him left kise embarrassed too.

“Kise is annoying at times.” grouchy says Atsushi eat the chips that Amaya gave him a few minutes ago “He better bring some food as well for everyone to share.” munch on chips grab a hand full but amaya stop him

“Hey I want some too atsushi..” gave a cute pout at him which made flush face red almost if to apply makeup on someone who is getting ready to film or a photo shoot made color makeup flush compact within skin mask beauty collaborate more with other makeup.

Atsushi rarely share his food with anyone else eats foods on his own until he meet Amaya from this school that kuroko and kagami go to together. He would leave right after school just to have lunch with her during volleyball practices along a cousin of hers who is in same team as her along cousin’s siblings are twins.

Amaya’s lunches are amazing from all hard work put into it make foods come out well and good enough to eat enjoy them with everybody around eating the delicious foods that Amaya makes aside cousin who makes boom deserts after the meal has been served and can cook too. All live separate homes not her cousin, she lives on her own and the twins still live at her parent’s house now since second years in high school.

“Sure here you go.”

her fragile hand grab pocky from the box and place it on mouth tip before chew on then move more into the mouth being eaten rest chocolate stick cookie. Atsushi never felt so delighted to such a person with kindness that miss him out long misery years stuck in own darkness looking basketball and others worst ways with that shine sun light again bright days better than last time. Things are better now since the lost impact the rest of generation miracles at the winter cup shown the open door seeing kuroko and the rest of the team at seirin high school basketball team work together as whole team win the cup at winter games.

Doors of Teamwork and always remember teammates are always behind you in any need be there support leader carries on victory for the team. That’s what kuroko wanted to show his old teammates what basketball really means behind the shadows seen in wrong way not good kind signs in a loving sport everyone comes out watch the players on the court running back and forth score against other team they're up against. Everyone having fun playing basketball love to play this sport on and on share stories to others who might be interested in this sport that person plays and experiences challenges through one sport than others.

Nevertheless kuroko had the little bright light all this time through years playing basketball since the 5th grade beginning where he finally meet his former teammates also best friends with Aomine one teiko middle school’s best basketball player lasted when the new coach assign the lead coach to train them to be the best at basketball never be defeated once ever given powerful skills awaken in an earlier state. That will be teenagers in middle school at young age not only kuroko quit the team but chosen a school away where a sport of basketball can be play fair unlike others who point down right at them by pity words to put in shame made feel useless worthless no waste times discussion such matters.

Glad the war on basketball is at peace and quiet for a long time well expects the upcoming games soon now they have to practice more to be stronger than ever not too much by limit. Now focus on gathering get together on a sunny bright day off from all working hard on playing basketball and eat a lunch with friends to catch up on things before doing another practice later on with the other teams.

“Hyuga should we get going?” Aida ask him finish up put her things all together before setting off to pick up their food while other half of the team gets the lunch from school’s cafeteria.

“Alright let’s go.” all nod and follow on separate ways then teams went to get supplies to make the BBQ later on after a practice game that Amaya and her cousin are willing to do meanwhile the guys work on focusing technique and skills to strengths.

Now it’s Kuroko, number 2 and Kagami alone waiting on the rest to get back from getting the food they have order for lunch. Kuroko went on ahead practice his shooting hoops use phantom sixth skills combined misdirection passes to vanish drive into a whole phantom shot away mislead other opponents not notice him behind everyone’s shadow stay far away from their presences not let them notice him too long. Kuroko is smart at his hidden skills in basketball no one doesn’t until he had join seirin high school basketball club go from the rookie to the best player within the whole team.

Ever since he joined the team no one knew what kuroko capability is doing for seirin’s basketball team unlike Generation Miracles who are extremely talented and well skilled pass through other plays with their training and practice during the years pay off as to carry on that for other teams around Japan who will need them to be part of any Basketball team first beginning move on forward to victories and experience toughest players in all Japan’s greatest High school basketball team ever.

That was until the second day of practice learn kuroko’s skill not be notice by others and show his hidden basketball talent with no one looking his way not pay attention what he’ll do next during games. He’s the master unknown unnoticed stand out person who can surprise anyone unexpectedly and throw them off never expect the next moment he will do next or when will phantom strikes out nowhere scare his enemies away scare scary cats away disturb the rest of sixth phantom ghost.

No one can expect where the phantom ghost will appear surprise everyone by appearance not give a single clue were approach next time phantom will ever appear next either behind or misdirection presences vanish out nowhere ghostly way strike back with all they got surprise everyone not just the players the whole world. That ghost phantoms do exist be fear by him behind every shadow of light itself.

More the lights bright up the shadow become darker than ever difficult spot new darkness against old tiny light rest between two elements. Area cover in darkness makes the shadow resistible until has new host light waiting arrival takes place old light even stronger one that stands out rest old lights shines even brighter and shows strength improve best leads team victory makes them all happy inside glad do best put the best team ever shine bright happiness.

They will all become the best in Japan one day and show the world weakest can shine too than the ones who are already too strong see on weak become the best effort put the sweat blood tears and team support on team play willing make all dreams come true once it’s all accomplish.

Fair Chance to create new opportunities in whole sports world make an effort put hard work pour into best places see themselves shine chances are there hold on carry with support and good people no one feel useless, worthless, lifeless own way part pieces together depend team earn wins work hard train practice each day and night pour all days work through games get victory everyone wants and needs forward from the past replace all memories as refresh a new start chapter be proud never disappoint again and don’t change for something isn't right become yourself not somebody you’re act to be in character at times. With that is how kuroko feels when someone is changing bloom out shells broke half way through crack spot already over never be same person since meet very beginning only care wins nor team effort and battle by yourself always on own pace deal things alone because rely on others award get that spot right away useless a waste of time look weak among others around who are too strong weak are just weak nor have gust be stronger like they are. Everyone have opposite’s styles captive motives known well secret hidden power built up level skill a good number reach limit smash the scores up and feel proud again with a good team of friends in hand.

“You throw like a girl still.”

Kagami cut Kuroko’s thinking not let him get into doze off miss the ball again made it roll got chase after number 2 start playing with basketball and kuroko behind number 2 getting the ball.

“At least I’m trying to become better and stronger in my own way.” He said confidently and less emotion put in his voice guess that made him tick off a little bicker off his mouth and number 2 kept barking then start chasing him around the gym.

Adorable husky puppy ran around gym happily cheerful pet can be usually hyper and excited at times sweet puppy rescue by sixth phantom unknown kuroko testyu taken his time take care the lost pup and make him feel at home also have a companion along sides cheering him on and flit up spirits in everyone for love of basketball like another sport around the world and show passion love support about basketball sports.

Number 2 is the adorable puppy cheerleader and excites everyone around them.

“No number 2 you can play with the other balls around the court.” Kuroko trying to switch balls with his dog number 2 rolls on basketballs lots of times during practice hours. Who knew number 2 can be so special just for husky little puppy like him who could abandon him and leave him all by himself? Whoever it was selfish person no heart and glad kuroko took action and taken the dog under his wing.

“Bark!!” number 2 happily bark another then ran up to kagami who ran for his life.

“No!! Get away from me!!” he pleaded ran on foot his legs are long enough keep up pace but little guy won’t stop for nothing to get the attention. That’s number 2 for ya being all cute and adorable in front everyone else he meets or sees.

“Ahhh!!!” he scream more in mercy felt the end of the world to him try escape this adorable puppy out the way.

“Kagami…” all could said to him in this matter “watch-” he fell backwards and landed on the pile extra basketballs short blue hair ran to his care see if he might of injured himself somehow “out.” Knee down his level since he was taller than kuroko really is make him feel less of height level giant to a small version of one.

“You alright?” lean in forward check the small wound on his head

“I’m fine-” something wet touch his nose seem soft then he look up again saw the dog between then bark at his face

“I’m guessing number 2 likes you kagami-senpai” he back away quickly as possible like he saw a rat most likely didn’t scream at all kind of girls do when they see something move or gross in a way.

“G-Get that dog away from me!!”

he ran towards the locker room to get a first aid kit and from away it look like they were kissing or inch to kiss almost that certain episode of Sherlock where everyone thought the main character actually got murder all fans in show think theories solve clues see he wasn’t murder or got kill easily. An exciting mystery solve case matter time through days get hype find out truth what actually happen that day realize made his best friend think that he was dead on spot.

Turns out well played the scene so much could of made such a big hit wonder how everything sets up characters differently there are more than just one special detective in fields solve crime mysterious catch the bad guys quickly play the tricks from the books.

Sight seem interesting point of view someone else watching them far off across the entrance gym stare right one on floor other left hand side knees place gyms floor, however easily discover the situation so quickly girl sigh quietly annoy out her mind.

She isn’t stupid at all figure out what’s actually going on here at the gym right in front eyes follow along blue eye hair boy slowly steady her gaze back at her step in walk up to them closely look figure out everything.

“So this is the gym.”

Look around where equipment athletes train practice upcoming events or games also train in spare times during between classes get brain going knowledge other rival schools gone through victory everyone wants congratulate team trying there hardest battles such a sport effort and pressure on through real events in basketball. Could be any sport maybe favorites too not only the clubs around here and hobbies too?

Could be other things corp. daily life do anything desires give opportunity that is possible change ways what the actual sport can be shine light through awful darkness behind and remain peace from there. End it all there for the better good. Person analyzes room like crime scene has happen solve mystery needs solve right away no cost nothing block way search answers solve this puzzle piece unknown mysteries.

“I’m surprise to see you here too.” Look at the blue hair boy “Kuroko.” Calm and serious as she can be put her cool out into the world. Isn’t quite modest of her to do such certain days like this show whole world cool style spice unlike popular kids around this school.

“Maki…” kuroko simply said straight out “Nice to see you too.” Stare at her “Is a tall guy with glasses around? He’s a good friend of mine he is dating the coach in seirin high school basketball team. He’s the captain and number 4 on jersey shirt. Black hair looks seriously grumpy face expression.”

Kuroko and Kagami narrow eyes at her seem she talks about hyuga the captain that way when he isn’t around to be guess how describe a person’s appearance.

“You describe hyuda differently than other people.” Kuroko went up to her “Well back then he was you know not in place but it’s a way I describe people since I remember faces more than names.” Admit to him only good reason she remembers people by faces but if it doesn’t ring a bell made go away never return ever again.

“So who was that red hair guy?” telling him about Kagami who ran to the locker room to get something patch his head being hurt.

“Oh that guy his name is Kagami Taiga.” Maki seem calm kuroko tell her the name red head person almost tan like but would guess Half Japanese and Half American his style basketball taught over there differently than here in Japan. All countries have style every sport each is the same and styles players have different being played right in games or play offs seen by the eyes of people to the whole world.

“He’s strong for a basketball player from Japan to America.” Grin a smile confidence sure basketball player kagami to become best sports player in whole Japan and the school. The high school Of Seirin is changing the ways of sports in basketball shine light at Generation Miracles some have been brought change ways style skill and team play built up climb mountain reach top win victory feel have accomplish battle climb rocky mountains each step sure have fallen down a little but gotten stronger more learn experience how keep climbing the mountain all strength needed.

Maki Bane is originally from America and move to Japan due to her Father and Mother transfer for work reasons had to attend school daily life here in new home of Maki. First she didn’t quite seem to wonder how everything works until dump to kuroko out nowhere freak out of course like rest do when seen a ghost or be scared by someone.

Two didn’t meet again until the winter cup was finally over but did see each other in the middle of the games some places where they train in the summer prepare winter cup games get ready big show completion sports. Good thing isn’t like the others Olympics every 4 years training butts off show off whose going to win the following awards represent their country or state the world is watching who wins support them all the way to top.

“When will hyuga get here?” text her on phone slip into her pocket with kitty key chain smiles around also a cover of a bunny in two colors pink and white. “He’ll be right back with the food we order to eat for lunch.” Maki seem catch on easily when kuroko info about team Captain is out to lunch with the whole team split others get some lunch at the school’s cafeteria might ran into Japanese Lunch rush squish together in huge crowd all school clubs gather in one place.

“Can’t believe I got hurt today..” they heard angry mumble words grumpy old person would do get mad for no reason maybe like random kids being rude looking do nothing to the old man yells grumpy looks at them.

“Huh?” Redhead tall school student look straight forward at Maki

“Who is she?” ask blue hair boy eyes blue sky in light blue color in those bright sunny days make everything beautiful with those special occasions. A perfect day for right date weather go out somewhere enjoy moment two lovely couple view scenery features surroundings picnic day or go to a fair ride the roller coasters then go fairest wheel view city whole Japan at evening get good amazing views whole lovely bright lights in Japan describe everything be so perfect in Lovely moments two loving couples to spend more time together until death comes over them.

Like no other time limits make it out alive from huge Japanese lunch rush get food is needed for small gathering. It was different than his birthday last month and everyone celebrated kuroko’s birthday to his new teammates who are his friends then his old friends back in middle school now gather around catch up one another. It was fun and misses the good old days with them. The best present ever.

Kuroko smile the image of the gathering all over again turn away smile himself remembering good times and now.

“The name is Maki Bane.” Watch kagami sit down on bench nearby bleachers were everyone watches them play the practice games or majorly practice level up skills learn new moves from time to time.

“I heard you’re from America also?” question at her “Yes I’m originally from there and move here for my parents work transfer.” Kagami process information while had an ice pack over bump on top of his head. Kuroko hold the dog on his head that kept wagging his tail happily as ever.

“I see I’m Kagami Tagia.” Smile at him small kind of like kuroko usually does around his friends and teammates.

“Nice to meet you maki.” Spoke in English to her which made her giggle a little look at him

“Don’t have to speak English in front of your friend he might not understand us what we’re talking about.” She responds in English as well to him

“Yeah I agree.” Went back on speaking Japanese which kuroko made a confuse seem not on understand the language well compare they are experts because both come the same place and speak it well than the rest of them.

“I understood a little.” Kuroko told them

“what?!! How?!!” he shout at him “Kyoshi taught me a little of English.”

Mouth wide open that left redhead speechless before he said anything maki took over “I see” she turn to kuroko “He must be a good teacher than.” Smile cool among her without them looking but kuroko caught the site of her smile and didn’t say anything. “Yes he is.” Number 2 bark again a way to agree with kuroko and a voice call for Maki “Oh so you came already.”

Maki turn to see Captain of Seirin High School Basketball Team arrive with the rest of the team behind him and the coach who he had his arm wrap around her shoulders.

“Hello Hyuga.” Coach puzzle look back to Hyuga then to Maki. “Who are you?” question ask her “I’m Maki Bane and Hyuga’s cousin.” Everyone went in shock expect Hyuga who stood there with a poker face some of his teammates question him a lot why not have mention anything about family members to them or hinted that fact he has other relatives in his family. How annoying it seems to be on everyone ranting and kuroko wasn’t too surprise either find out the truth. He didn’t have a reaction to anything hearing news hyuga and Maki being related.

“Oh ok and yeah he hardly talks about his family I guess because I have known him for so long now.” Smile at Maki in a friendly way give a sense glare at her which threw over head avoid problems. “He has talked about you a lot lately.”

She mentions to her “He has?” Nod her head “You are his girlfriend right?” Now she has done it being a little jealous that there guest was only being friendly not planning to take her boyfriend away from her or do anything just approve that there together and being a couple.

“Oh hmm” nervous now “I ‘am his girlfriend and good thing he has talked about me in front other people.” Nervous laugh escape from her voice try not to sound like got struck by lightning left speechless of words not let her speak more.

This day keeps getting more interesting than ever more people are coming and becomes a gathering party kind of kuroko’s party brought more people with after street basketball near a park there Monomi set up little get together for kuroko’s Birthday. Light brown hair girl walk in with purple tall boy eating a pocky attach to his mouth.

“Hello.” The girl smile and saw Maki standing there next to Kuroko.

“Maki…” saw her straight forward “hello sister.” Didn’t hesitate speak out to Amaya wear a poker face in mind test sister of company by the other student from the Yosen High School and part basketball team there. Now knows Amaya is dating Atsushi from Yosen high school and basketball team also belongs in Seirin High School Volleyball team and part student.

“Maki has a sister?!!” one basketball teammate screams out surprise as everyone not too surprise find out someone is related to other person in this room.

“Yeah she’s my other cousin as well more like older sister too.”

Hyuda spoke organizing the food on the tables with the rest doing what they’re doing as everything is being put together for today’s gathering.

“Yeah we are related by my aunt who is my mother’s sister so that makes it up for everything.”

Amaya sit next to Atsushi by set up tables near a tree almost behind bushes view flowers around school’s area.

“So what had happen when we were gone?” Maki quickly cover for the two basketball students who were about to say something

“Oh Kagami was being chase by number around the gym because he wanted to play with him.”

Point out the dog who wag his tail in front everyone stare right down look adorable which made all awe at scene puppy husky being cute as ever it would be.

Oh this is so cute to witness and can’t stop being adorable causes the team pay more attention to number 2 adorableness.

Atashi faces Maki seem quite among her own self she notice him looking at her.

“Maki is nice to see you again.” Not so amuse just nod at him “Nice to see you too Atashi.”

Answer calm as ever leans back on her chair decide listen close the talks about everyone’s day. The gathering had started all food being cook seem become a good time spend with all friends bond close than ever entire day being friendly one another.

Even in the court, they all rivals at one point play hard win with the whole team work together towards goal leave everyone good mood victory learn skills, team play, corporation, trustworthy, respect and bravery show fearless team player has train through hard work small task gain speed recovery experience how games pay off knowledge teach one another about game plays in sports.

That’s how everyone wins in order fill happiness onto victory by winning games whole teammates around. Give credit to them. Seirin High School was less of type school for young sixth phantom kuroko who quit his old basketball team due to a promise he had made with a friend have meet since elementary school kept their promise until finally play against each other have fun while doing it.

Everything fell apart could can’t take it anymore with all this pressure going on witness promise broken torn stab right in front his eyes anger to sadness kill pour heart spirit stole smiles away fade gone forever. A whole darkness had swallow light inside trap it forever until something could make tiny light shine again.

Everything took time make light brighter and newer this time. Kuroko felt that way when the teammates he had call friends push him away no single care about the team work or teammates rely each other get job done win together not just in your own way.

That is the door that Anomie couldn't open on his own due to not relying teammates around him dependent only himself. Don’t care about anything else or anybody just lead everyone victory no care in this world do work by yourself with no one at side keep an eye on you no more.

A certain shadow saw everything happen with no words speak upon them nor step up say anything to this world shine out swords strike down pity ones on ground have no right say anything about their hopes towards dreams they have want for so long gather together fix puzzles one by one. Now everything has change.

A better future for everyone face hopes through sports everyone dreams to be good in spend training hours practice one sport become great at it within talent and skills combine together make effort put team spotlights. It’s true everyone has their opinion about basketball have different points views to pros to cons such sports other than basketball.

Behind all this team abandon true light all along was there dear friend kuroko push out picture no care or attention such a hopeless person like him because he does nothing just pass around the ball to best players never get to shine out the light within him nor be spotlight with the rest teammates generation miracles.

Time took years fix everything together again put effort bring back old times about basketball gathers everyone who loves basketball so much want play all day maybe bond with others who share same combinations adore basketball very much unlike anyone else who does. Dig dear passion love the sport play all day big hearts along.

Phantom sixth has shown them no mercy take own actions between rival teammates doesn't know them anymore unlike he does stop the evil plans despair within hearts use to be light in all until darkness eat each friends up swallow poor souls for love of basketball nothing is important to them careless about such a sport just go for the wins and end quickly as possible make other teams give up easily not have time fight back order gap the huge gap between desire and earn victory with whole team being happy not feel just the happiness within winning all the time waste as washing away something doesn't have reasons. Kuroko may have battle along aside by himself so long that other teams wanted to help him and change ways of basketball just as much like he does.

Both wanted the same. Reach the top to show off top schools that there are chances lower class schools can shine break gaps between climb up win victory with a shock surprises audiences whole crowds see lower warriors can fight stronger than battle top warriors small amount hope inside all warriors who want the same but different than the top warriors don’t really care comrades throw weak aside let them be useless not worthy fight the beast without top warriors around stop them keep going on next prey crowd beast area battlefields.

Basketball is Vikings fighting through crowds trolls, monsters, bosses, rivals and all armies kingdom gather at war fight to the very death risk lives themselves then others deal fight conquer fears towards living hell nightmares. That’s how everything of just a sport feels. To the top players. Kuroko is different. He plays basketball because is fun also gains friendship towards other who enjoy playing basketball like he does and those be friends out of a sport.

Kuroko’s job is shine light change differences in basketball everyone’s sake not only his own sake. Let all dreams come true in basketball hope make it where they want to be. Everyone shine abilities through shadows of each generation miracle member never fear anything on the way not care if they are stronger than person is travel pass them will solve their clues surpass top warriors go on to the next task bright another area with new hope.

An old light but much better one indeed break those shadow monsters cause fall down no stopping now to their destinations score more points leave everyone happiness of victory as a whole team no one left behind shadows brought in light outside dark rooms buried within the fears gather all one place never let it out only someone can do change ways something else make futures brighter than ever again.

Overall, kuroko has done his job bring all old friends closer than ever before no drafts created nor push behind swallow by shadows of darkness who suck hopeless life out person meanness leave worthless thing squash down a tiny bug crawls lifelessly no life left tired carried burden heavy stone bricks as grudges deep dig emotions burst through crumble shake violently no words spoken free stuck dry on the throat never like this has been seen before.

They were all push to the limit thy process become players in sports very best can be possible to be one like rest of basketball players. The special treatment push limits further than ever gain the power put best players ever in history best of the best in Japan.

This specific treatment discover hidden abilities were remain lock in for a purpose reason not use wrong ways only study ability right ways be use in such a sport combine team play with their own play get victory earn to winning team that wants move on forward next round defeat next rival teams.

And that’s how kuroko to stop this by going to another school who has passion for their love of basketball enjoy playing as a team and whole again. Get the bonds gather stronger and test it out in team work. In the next around, Kuroko hopes will be stronger than ever to defeat toughest teams out there outside of Japan and meet new faces includes see his friends make it as well take them on once again with all the strength given through battle basketball sports.

Today’s gathering should be a thing talk about out once in awhile only this day. Basketball has there light back again. All thanks to sixth phantom Kuroko from Seirin High school basketball Team.

In the shadows, he is still part of Generation Miracles in a way nor compare to his friends who have great talents than he ever does but will surpass them someday show not only the phantom needed himself can do the skills talent otherwise increase ability in them. A great day spends with all his former teammates as friends today not rivals on the basketball courts.

Splendid day worth gathering only friends can hang out once in awhile. Maki sits there smile among herself as her hand almost near Atashi which made her a little blush move away eye contact to kuroko who was talking to her and his friends as well.

‘I wonder what will the next adventures will be for kuroko and everyone else. Who knows can’t wait to go on for another adventure and explore. Maybe exploring isn’t so bad because to write more is go on adventures explore them yourself helpful tool write anything that is missing to the story.’

Maki look at kuroko

“Are you still up for next week?”

kuroko smile nod “Yeah I can’t wait for another gathering like this.”

It’s rare for Maki to make plans but isn’t so busy like usual most of the time.

Oh well until next time.

It will be more fun.

The End.                                                                            
Kuroko No Basket: Awkward Moments
enjoy my story ^^

This was a very late gift for a friend so I hope she likes it and i did my best on writing this so yeah ^^ 
Ultimate Panther Swordsman
Before Fairy Tail
He was a knight
For the Royal
Exceed Kingdom
A guardian
around castle
never left
his place
he meet
the wizards
who came
into the
Exceed Cats
show them wrong
are friendly
at heart
depends how
they treat these
good friends
one another
he learn that
the hard way
by battling
A wizard
made of iron
use to be
a bad guy
for fairy tail
change his ways
he has
a chance
a better person
what they all
been through
seconds chances
are real
a better
Panther Lily
found it
a friend
Metal iron
in fairy tail guild
they train
battle off
than they
more stronger opponents
the greater
worth fighting
get through
he is
panther swordsman
only one
who may
look small
once it
your opponent
Now real battle
starts here
is real
nothing possible
can happen
there are ways
nothing small
can’t compare
big rivals
show them wrong
here’s one
An Exceed Swordsman
who is
A cat
part human
in some way
Panther Lily
Ultimate Panther Swordsman
Ultimate Panther Swordsman
Enjoy my poem ^^ 

Panther Lily 

Ultimate Panther Swordsman 

Art Of Panther Lily belongs to :iconanimefreek4lyfe: 

Link to Panther Lily Artwork by :iconanimefreek4lyfe: 
Ultimate Royal Exceed
her royalty
is pride
being unworthy
she is
part of
royal family
doing her
in the
A Royal Exceed
she’s the daughter
of the queen
she send all
exceed children
down to earth
for safe keeping
stay away
from the dangerous
they were
up there
in homelands
it wasn’t
good place
to be
sake of the children
it had to be
hard on everyone
all children
were gone
job is done
there safe
everyone faces
with the rest
safe somewhere
the daughter of
she will miss
her daughter
so much
pains her
as well
has the power
have vision
current  events
before it happens
she has full
in her bloodlines
show she is
be something
for support
with her
in training
Wendy Marvell
she keeps her
on check
at her
like a mother
would to her
Wendy and Carla
mother and daughter
that’s the bond  
between them
she has royalty
for an Exceed Cat
Royal Exceed’s
Queen’s daughter
Ultimate Royal Exceed
Ultimate Exceed Cat
Little blue cat
all around
bright spirit
good heart
best friends
Fire Wizard
Natsu Dragneel
he is always
so happy
nothing stops
it’s spirit
being all
around this
Exceed cat
All blue
This blue cat
because it is
all the time
he’s a cheerful
best friend
for natsu
in crime
off on
meet new faces
become friends
like he is
was born
all alone
rise by
and his childhood
loving adorable
blue Exceed Cat
maybe he isn’t
he’ll find
in the
comes true
Exceed Cats
just like
Happy is
he’s a wizard
as well
part of
Fairy Tail
Happy feels
to be
in this
be with his
best friend
Fire Wizard Natsu
who wants to
be the
best wizard
like the top
in the
fairy tail guild
he is
Ultimate Exceed Cat
of him
is a mystery
finally meets
like him
All different
blue exceed cat
loves fish
meets new faces
his comrades
through anything
gives his all
help out
he can
Exceed Cat
Ultimate Exceed Cat  
Ultimate Exceed Cat
Enjoy my poem ^^

Ultimate Exceed Cat 

Happy ^^

Art Of Happy belongs to :iconpein87: 

Link to art of happy by :iconpein87:…
Ultimate Knight Wizard
she’s best
S class
and heroes
taken the job
what the man does
nothing will
stand in
her way
get to where
she wants to be
will put up
A fight
to victory
As the knight
she is
A wizard Knight
nothing like
those fairy tail
that’s heard
for children
to be tell
during bedtime
This is
a whole
the books
Knight’s name
Ezra Scarlet
of all
Fairy Tail
Doing what’s best
keep herself
held high
before all
she was trap
some friends
she knew
one of them
seem closet
dearly to her
childhood friends
until he change
of him
made her
so afraid
worried lose
her dear friend
like this
she did
gotten separate
away from them
ended up
by her eye
got healed
by a healer wizard
to fairy tail
be taken
care of
she train herself
get her friend
look for her
missing friends
through years
known together
even get him
old self
S-class hero
Ultimate Knight
Ultimate Knight
Enjoy my poem ^^

Ezra Scarlet as Ultimate Knight 

Art Of Ezra Scarlet belongs to :icondesignerrena:

Link to Art Of Ezra Scarlet from :icondesignerena:…
Ultimate Celestial Wizard
Just normal girl
at heart
good heart
for adventure
protective around
those that
she cares
so dearly
wasn't a wizard
she got
those horoscope keys
only a specific
carries those
there call
Celestial Wizards
the keys are
Celestial Spirits
Each spirit
has gone through
difficult task
there place
as celestial spirit
help the wizard
in there
be better
at battlefields
her name is
Lucy Heartfilia
daughter of business
Mother wizard
in bloodline
that she didn't know
one of spirits
train her
beside her
along the way
Celestial spirit
help lucy
become stronger
than ever
depend the spirits
give each other
is wise
tells her own
writes it down
for others
to know
the adventures
she put up through
and tell experience
by Celestial wizard's
point of view
learn about them
enjoy the times
such good people
who are dear
family she ever
in first place
before her life
took her down
torn everything
left her
had to raise
on her own
those around
Now it's her
shine out
Tell her
At everyone else
show the
she can be
Celestial Wizard
show others
Celestial Wizards
they can shine
show their strength  
become strong
Lucy Heartfilia
Horoscope Wizard
but is call
Ultimate Celestial Wizard  
Ultimate Celestial Wizard
Enjoy my poem ^^

Lucy Heartfilia 

Ultimate Celestial Wizard 

Art Of Lucy Heartfilia belongs to :icondesignerrena: 

Link to Art of Lucy Heartfilia by :icondesignerrena:…
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If I ever wonder..
Someone that is strong not scare of a thing?
A fighter through it's struggles 
Will he know me?
Remember me at all...? 
So many questions 
I need to woman myself up and just go in before my cousin Armin freaks out on another thing of his class. He told me his sensie is scary looking. Gives serious looks to other like going to murder them all. The strict ones. I understand. There like my professors from the university of titans.
Let's see what Armin is doing. 
Hope he isn't dead beat to the ground again. It isn't his fault that he is nice to others but is very smart too. 
I'm not sure why he join this class at all. 
I got out of the car then went into the building walking a little fast paced due to my worries for my cousin Armin. We both grew up together since kids. He didn't had an other siblings only family members. More like cousins. Related family members. This building is huge almost feels like I'm about to get lost. I stood

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Anime Couples: Sasusaku,NaruHina,Cloud x tifa, soulMaka, Kiari and sora, Aqua x Terra, Roxas x Namie, Obito X Rin, PainKonan, IkutoXAmu, Yuna x Tidus, Zack & Aerith

Anime Guys i like: Zero ( vampire knight) itachi uchiha, Sebastion (Black Bulter) , soul,Axel,Reno, and vincent valentine,sephiroth, Ichiru ( Zero's twin Brother) , Riku ( Kingdom hearts) Cloud ( FFAC) Cecil ( Final Fantasy IV) Kain (Final Fantasy IV ) and Notics ( Final Fantasy Versus XIII).

My Friends I meet in Real Life
:iconrexygal: :icondragoonzia: :iconmayuralover: :iconstormdeathstar9: :iconcelebi9: :iconapikachua:

My Youtube:…

Levi stamp by Superpluplush Naruto stamp by Okami-Moony

I Love Anime Stamp by LiMT-Art Marshall Lee Stamp by leoncilo99 Sims 3 by EmmaL27 Tim Burton Stamp by iZgo Lance Fan Stamp by Saiya-STORY

Riku stamp by SitarPlayerIX Amuto Stamp by seashellskeeperObito x Rin stamp by Lesya7 sasusaku and naruhina stamp by jack29nightmareStamp - Terra and Aqua by fazzygrl

Confidential- NOT ANYMORE! 2 by Lady-Autobot17 Serah and Snow Kiss by Paravenger Lightning x Noctis Stamp by LaraLeeL

SasuSaku Stamp by kathynorrisart Itachi Stamp by swingthisway Final Fantasy VII Stamp by Final-FantasyVIIClub Final Fantasy Stamp by winter-ame Kingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ame

Naruto Stamp by Knuczema-the-Echidna STAMP -PeinKonan- DO NOT FAV by akatsukiXakatsuki Sora and Kairi Stamp by AngelShizuka CloTi STAMP by Iwonn Stamp-Can't live without books by Rittik

SoulxMaka Stamp by AdryJustend Yuna x Tidus stamp by onebecamenone Zack x Aerith stamp by onebecamenone shingeki no kyojin: petra x levi (rivetra) by SakamakiJustine shingeki fan stamp by ilaaaria

Zack Stamp by Xx-Syaoran-kun-xX

Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by hakutan Eren Stamp by RevivalSnK Non Support of Yaoi Yuri by TechouNoPenki

Hate the Watermark? Stamp by Aazari-Resources Anti-Hentai by HatakeMirukon Lemon fanfics... by epicwhamo99 D'espairsRay stamp by diabolikal-lily

Ax by TheArtOfNotLikingYou

(Pewdiepie and cry button supports as being both fans not yaoi)


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