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My drawing skills are in progress. For now I will write literature which is my hobby and creative passion I like to work with the most.

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Journal History


Ultimate Princess
She’s the light
Sailor V
but others
call her
Sailor Venus
light,metal and heart
of her planet
like a princess
An idol
she wants to be
A singer
with royalty
She has the style
for a princess
glows with her
behind the light
she shines
Light hearts
she uses
for her power
As sailor Venus
fifth member
of sailor scouts
from moon kingdom
she is a
by the Moon princess
Sailor Moon
and a great friend
towards her
and the rest
carries a passion
to be
a sailor scout
an idol
for everyone
to admire
even as
Sailor V
she’s known for
in the games
A strong
sailor scout
that protects
from the evil
and harm
That’s her
like a princess scout
A sailor Princess
of Venus
Princess Venus
Princess V
could be the
Ultimate Princess
as sailor venus
shine her planet
with light
and love
She’s ultimate princess
Sailor Princess Venus
Ultimate Princess
Ultimate Princess
Enjoy my poem 

Sailor Venus or Sailor V 

since she wants to be an idol so i gave her the title of A princess since that's her style of liking. 

Art Of Sailor Venus belongs to :iconathena-chan: 
Ultimate Thunder
She’s confident
skills of cooking
tries to
be herself
are scared
by her
because of
her height
she’s tallest girl
in the school
she has
a bright
in her life
in other hand
she’s strong
so brave
she’s a sailor guardian
Sailor Jupiter
the planet
of thunder
and storms
she uses
her power
to fight
the forces
of evil
with the
Moon kingdom’s
sailor scouts guardians
she’s the ultimate
lighting strike
her power
is thunder lighting
of jupiter’s planet
She’s part
of the moon kingdom
As a guardian
She’s ultimate thunder
In Sailor Guardians
She isn't
scare of anything
when she’s
A sailor scout
of her
With thunder
Green kind
she is
Ultimate Thunder
Ultimate Thunder
Enjoy my poem 

Sailor Jupiter as Ultimate Thunder. Sailor guardian. 

Anime: Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal.

Art Of Sailor Jupiter :iconathena-chan:

Danganronpa: Trigger happy havoc: Six Trial  
Chapter 6: Class Trial (Final trial)


This is the first Game of Danganronopa series.

Here’s the heads up. This may contain spoilers of danganronpa. Remember Danganronpa is a video game in psVita before it was turn to an anime. So it’s a lot different. Don’t read it unless you have play the game or Watch the anime. I play both games of danganronpa trigger happy havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. I also read the novel from the second game. Yes it’s call danganronpa/Zero. You can find that novel story in the second game after beating the danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. I will mention more details of danganronpa’s novel. Don’t worry i WON’T spoil it. Just what’s the plot of the story. Only little details.

On to the Story.

Normal POV/Makoto’s Thinking

The Trial was real. Wasn't a dream. Nor a nightmare. This was real. The nightmare becoming real. Fear was rising up and scares becoming deep. So afraid. It alerts us all. A murder just happen at this school. That wasn't suppose to exist. No not just a murder. So many murders. It turn everyone insane. They have lost it. There are gone. Lost themselves. Everything gone down hill. I blame it on that thing. The headmaster. Monokuma. That insane teddy bear of Monochrome color black and white. The eyes of different partners. An eye shape of bat’s wing and the other normal size stuff animal’s eye.

This time he will save everyone as much as possible. Makoto will do his best to save each of his friends. All this mess started ever since, They arrive in this ‘School’ as he calls it. This isn't a school. It’s a freaken nightmare. Scare of living hell. Not a safe place. This living nightmare becomes real. Worst thing is in order to get free is to kill each other not get caught. Such a cruel thing. Now is to get out. Out of this living nightmare for good. And that’s what makoto will do.

Makoto’s Pov

This is real. He seem so nervous for trial. Mostly worried. It is life and death situation. He had to do this. Everyone is depending on him. To save them all. Not to be killed. Unless someone done it. Just to escape. To be out of this nightmare. He felt the pressure going on. He’s not going to give up so easily.

‘It’s the last trail....’  he thought ‘We can finally be free and be out of this mess.’ No more kills to escape. He has to outsmart them in this trial. It’s the key to freedom.

They all have to work together to survive to escape. Along with his friends he had made and the evidence he collected all together for this trial. He will prove this headmaster wrong to put it to the test. He has all evidence to destroy this trial for good. He has hope and friends. Now the real deal starts. To get out of this hell Academy.

His thoughts were cut off when the elevator gates open at it’s stop. Everyone walk out towards their trial booth. Then he saw the headmaster. Monokuma. That evil stuff animal with a bat wing shape eye and normal eye smiling big on his face showing off his teeth.’I hate his guts’ makoto thought to himself. He can’t show too much emotion or he’ll be distracted. The trial is more important than anything.

They all have to escape. Back to the real world.

Monokuma laugh as he spoke “Ok everyone!! time for the last trial and off you go” laugh even more “This could be more interesting” laugh evilly as he walk to his thorn chair.

As everyone else was ready to get it over with and leave the place for good. It brought painful, sad, but some good memories. The only good memories makoto had to meet new friends before everything came crumbling apart. He will miss those friends that lost their lives. It wasn’t their fault. The real person to blame here is Monokuma. He deserves to die for all he has done. Including bringing sorrow and pain to his friends. He will defeat monokuma even if it cost his own life to save all his friends.

He’s the hope for everyone. Making them see there is hope to get out of this.

“So let’s get this trial rolling!!!” the headmaster said excitedly and he is interested only in the killing. It won’t happen this time. No more. They will escape and get out of here. We all have to work together.

Throw any evidence we got. Find out who is this Ikusaba Mukuro. He finally remembering something about Sakura Ogami saying to Junko something about she didn’t look like the ones in the pictures in magazines. She reply that it was edit with computer. ‘What’s all the photo’s we got? And that notebook ‘Two Despairs?...’ he shook the thought out of his head. The Trial is more of the real deal.

Trial 6: the Final Trial (Goodbye Despair)

Everyone gather and ready. Makoto look at everyone who was a bit lost of focus and surprise of those photos. They have to be fake? Monokuma is trying to trick us all. This isn’t the best time.

“Those...” one of them spoke. it was Aoi. She look pretty shaken up. “Those photos..... Are they r-real?” Monokuma stood there with a soft laugh “Maybe” Everyone look at their photo. Makoto look at his. Something wasn’t right. he knows what it is.

“Don’t listen to him!!” he yell at everyone “ he’s trying to trick us” Aoi “But Makoto you aren’t in one of the photos that I have” looks at him as Makoto said,

“That can’t be. I have a photo with everyone.” he shows his photo as everyone else does. His eyes quickly study them very carefully. “That’s impossible” Aoi reply with confusion.

Makoto stood thinking then went into deep thought. “I don’t seem to remember this at all!!” one of them shouted. That was Yasuhiro. He seem to lose it but panic.

Makoto finally got his answer “Amnesia.” he said then look at the others “The reason we don’t remember is because we have Amnesia.” everyone listen close

“Is that why we don’t remember anything from these photos?” Aoi said curiously as everyone was thinking themselves. Makoto nod his head and stare at the head master “Because the headmaster is Junko!!!” the bullet of truth blast to the headmaster “How can the headmaster be junko?” Yasuhiro said in a bit of shock.

Makoto spoke out “Each photo shows the 16th student and junko is in it.” he sends out a truth bullet to the headmaster who panic. he fell back but stop moving. Something was wrong.

“Are you broken again?” Byakuya said in calm tone. he didn’t show emotion but he knew what was going on. Monokuma start to shake then smoke pop out as A figure was standing there.

“The girl in the photos are” Makoto shout out “Junko Enoshima!”

Everyone with their mouths open and eyes wide in shock

“Wow Makoto didn’t know you were  so smart.” All eyes on her. Most were in shock but inside anger. Watching their own friends die and turning against each other . Aoi was glaring at her with fear and anger. He can’t blame her. She saw her best friend sakura die.

“But who was the one that died?” question Yasuhiro trying not to show fear.

“That was the 16th student” said Kyouko calmly.

“So All this time...” Aoi stutter as she spoke. Byakuya glare at them then spoke

“Yeah. Ikusaba Mukuro is the sixteen student.” Everyone was in shock. Junko chuckle calmly

“She was my older sister.” she turn to a calm tone “She was part of the plan all along.”

Everyone all shout “Sister?!!”

Junko look to Makoto

“How did you know?”

Makoto said, “On top of the hand had a tattoo.” then he added “Someone attack me in my room the other time.”

Junko look at Makoto “You figure it out. How smart of you.”

Makoto glare at her “So you use your sister into this?” Junko chuckle more “That was the plan all along.”

Byakuya spoke out “What plan?” Junko change to another person “To bring you all here and bring despair for everyone.”

Aoi shout out “So you brought us all to make us kill each other!!!”

Junko turn back to her normal self

“That’s right.”

This changes everything.

“Then how do we get out of here?!” Yasuhiro shout in a panic matter.

Junko said, “The only way to get out of here is finish this trial and you will be free. Then I’ll execute myself.”

Makoto thought through “The video I saw” Everyone look at him “When I was with kyouko” Yasuhiro spoke “What video?” Makoto explain and what they all said. They were shock. “And we answer all yes.”

Things just got a whole lot  strange. What is this place?      

As Time passes.

Makoto got the clues right at Junko. He’s not going to let her win. “HA HA HA!!” Junko laugh insane as Makoto strike the bullet at her with truth bullet as the final blow.

Makoto look “It ends here.” he spoke to himself and Junko look at everyone “Well time for execution.”

Everyone got their votes in. The despair ends here, Makoto and his friends won. Junko went to the spot and press the button. It was her time. A deal is a deal. No more despair.

Normal Pov

They won. Everyone gather at the emergency entrance. Well the exit that was lock up. Makoto spoke “We did it.” start to talk with everyone. Aoi sob in joy “We sure did.”

Kyouko Kirigiri smile calmly to herself before speaking

“If you ever need something..” she turn to everyone “Let me know.” put her cell phone into her pocket after exchanging numbers from everyone.

Byakuya stood his cool as always “Same goes for me. If you need anything. Let me know.” He said as he adjust his glasses. Touko lookaside “Same here.” she spoke out.

Aoi smile “Yeah. Lets all keep in contact.” She spoke with confident. Yasuhiro was now happy this was over.

“Agree. hope we can see each other again.” That’s right. In this place, they grew  friendships not let the madness of despair get to them. They step out into the world. Everything seem normal so far. Nothing  knew expect they watch murders happen at that school.

Everyone was out and alive. That’s good news. Makoto went back to his house. As his friends went back where they came from. Now back to the reality. He knows his parents are alive. The worries are his sister. He will keep his sister safe. Away of despair. That goes for everyone.

Makoto didn’t seem what to do. Everyone must be looking for there love ones. His parents are at work. Then he heard his cell ring. He peek at the caller ID. It was yasuhiro. He pick up the phone “Hello?” An excitement voice shouts to his ears “Hey Makoto!!” he said, “Come to the park and hang out.”

“Ok.” he hang up. Then dress himself. It’s been a month since we got out of there. The school life is normal. He was surprise some of his that he were at his school. He shook the thought as he left the house. He walk to the park that was 3 blocks away from his house.

(This little ending contains a spoiler of the danganronpa game’s secret ending Expect the two characters i pair up with like Aoi with Monodo and Kyouko with Byakuya)  

To the park

Makoto saw yasuhiro waving at him as he walk towards him “What is it that you call Yasuhiro?” Yasuhiro look at him “ Oh if you want to hang out with me and everyone.” Makoto was confuse a little of what he said but he spoke “Everyone? but didn’t they-” he saw familiar faces. That includes the ones that were murder.

“What?!” he was shock and look at them. Somehow Aoi and Monodo holding hands. That includes kyouko and Byakuya but that was behind there backs.

“You're alive.” Makoto felt like crying. Aoi went to him as she told “It’s ok, Makoto.” They couldn’t blame him. He felt bad for his friends being murder. All because of her and the despair.     


They were all there. Sakura,Leon,Monodo,Kiyoraka,Sayaka, Chihiro, and Hifumi. Chihiro was dress differently. He was wearing boy clothing. He seem happy. “Your different, Chihiro.” Makoto said to Chihiro.

Chihiro nod as he spoke “Yeah and it took Hifumi time to realize I’m a guy not a girl.” Hifumi seem shock and nervous. They all laugh. All went to BBQ restaurant and ate together. Makoto is happy to see his friends again.

Nothing will stop their friendship. Not even despair. As long as they count on each other. They will make it through anything.

Makoto is glad and out of the mess. Out of that awful despair.

The End  

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc: Final Trial
Enjoy my story

Art Of the Danganronpa Trigger happy havoc belongs to :iconradiomagic: 

It took me time to finish this because i had some other stories i had to get done. Sorry it took forever :iconapikachua:

Here's your last christmas gift and birthday gift ^^" 

And I'm entering a contest of Danganronpa that :iconshadowterra345: started a week ago. So Wish me luck owo. I'm putting my story
for the contest.  

As for the novel of danganronpa If here's the plot. 

Plot: What happens makoto got the escape device from the monomachine in the monkuma's gift shop of Peek hope's Academy. And it changes everything for him. Will he get caught if he had the device? The novel of this is in the second game of danganronpa 2: goodbye despair after you finish the game. You get the chance to read the novel that one of the staff of the danganronpa video game put together. 

That's about it. 
There are some people who are getting to fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who's paying attention, copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends".

this from :iconrexygal:

Ultimate Moon
she's the moon
Of the light
A princess
The moon kingdom
She is strong
Fill with love
A great passion
To her heart
She has great
That admire
And glad to
Be friends
With the princess
The princess
Had her eyes
On something else
Her eyes
Her heart
A prince
From earth
Her feelings
Are strong
For him
And it's love
That she had
She's the moon
Of love and justice
Will protect
From harm
She's the
Ultimate Moon
She's the moon's
And princess
Of the kingdom
She's sailor Moon
Ultimate Moon
Of light
She is
Ultimate Moon
Ultimate Moon
Enjoy my  poem 

This is sailor moon and my first poem of the series. Well anime series of salior moon crystal. She is the Ultimate Moon. Sailor Moon. The princess of the moon Kingdom. Sincerity. 

art of sailor moon belongs to :icondkstudios05:
Ultimate Water
She’s smart
very kind
to her heart
Has the brains
of a genius
studies hard
in her school life
works to
the max
helps her grades
she’s also
something else
A guardian
to the princess
from the
Moon Kingdom
her element
is water
from the planet
She’s the
water type
her power
is the water
of the planet
she uses
that power
to fight
in her battles
along with
other sailor guardians
from the
moon kingdom
she is kind
to heart
her new
best friend
gives her
to stand tall
to herself
and overcome
her fears
she’s the
Ultimate Water
by gift
and power
she was chosen
the sailor guardians
she is
Ultimate Water
Ultimate Water
Enjoy my poem

Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal 

Art Mercury belongs to :iconathena-chan: 
Ultimate Fire
Shes the fire
Of the planet
She's the guardian
Of moon kingdom
She's friends
With the princess
She brings
The fire
Through her anger
To protect
Her friends
Heats on
Those flames
Are to fight
With her strength
Her bravery
She's the ultimate
Heat of her
As sailor guardian
Uses her power
Talent skills
To battle
With her
As the guardian
Of moon kingdom
She will
Bring those
By her fire
She's the
Ultimate Fire
Her sailor scouts
Are different
To the planets
She's the fire
Planet Mars
Ultimate Fire
Planet of fire
The Ultimate Fire
Ultimate Fire
Ultimate Fire
Enjoy my poem 

This is Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal. 

She is the Ultimate Fire 

Art of Sailor Mars belongs to :iconyukiusagi1983: 
Ultimate Detective
she seeks
the answers
to this
of her
Own father
was he
at risk
to save
her friends
and her?
get her curious
she puts things
to puzzles
like detectives
in cases
to get the
these cases
But this
A different matter
lives depends
on it
No one
wants to die
by this
living nightmare
She helps
her way
to get
the clues
that he
And willing
to escape
She has use
her talent
the skill
shes good
Being the detective
Finding out
the clues
to this
She has the mind
of a
find out
putting the puzzles
shes is the
Ultimate Detective
by gift
and talent
to her skills
as the defective
she is
Ultimate Detective
Ultimate Detective
Enjoy my poem 

Thanks to :iconmayuraloover: for suring me that I correct my poem because I did had a feeling that I miss spell something wrong.  

I'm doing a danganronpa series I know i did kingdom hearts and final fantasy but I did kinda forget some final fantasy characters. ^^"

Here it is Kyouko Kirigir as ultimate Defective  

Art of Kyouko Kirigir belongs to :iconseireiart: 

I will post another poem of a danganronpa character. Well Junko but two different poems. If you have't play the game on ps vita then don't bother to read my next poem because it might contain spoilers of the game and the character of Junko as well.  
Ultimate Decoy
It was set
from the beginning
they switch
as the other
saw everything
and did the
by using
that toy
of stuff animal
to do the
dirty work
but it was her
all along
Her older sister
only wanted
the love
of the sister
she dear
so close
with her heart
It had
A murder twist
she dress
as her
and got murder
Being the
of the plan
went well
but die
as a tool
for her sister
not sibling way
Younger sister
didn't care
but to
will madness
turn everyone
each other
Bring everyone
and the world
total despair
It’s sad
she was use
from the start
as the
Ultimate Decoy
to plan with
making her sister
happy but
it didn't mean
she was
the decoy
Ultimate Decoy
Ultimate Decoy
Enjoy my poem 

This is another danganronpa character from the first game. Danganronpa trigger happy havoc. 

Art Of Junko Belongs to :iconseireiart: 

~SPOILER ALERT!!!!!~ Warning: If you haven't play the game yet don't read this poem yet unless you saw the animation of this that's base on the game danganronpa trigger happy havoc. The spoiler alert is down below after the whole danganronpa details that i mention. 

The anime of this is call Danganronpa:Animation

Manga: Danganronpa The Manga

Novel: Danganronpa/Zero. This novel of danganronpa you can find it in the second game of danganronpa 2: Goodbye despair when you finish the game. Plot of novel is What happens if Makoto claim a device that will allow them to escape that he got out from the gift shop.   

This is Junko's Older sister Mukuro Ikusaba. In the very beginning they switch places as the plan was processing. So junko's older sister is dress as her younger sister in this moment.  
Ultimate Warrior Light
He’s the one
to protect
the princess
of light
his own kingdom
and everyone
of this battle
tournament mess
he will risk
his own
through the darkness
spread it
with light
because he is
The Warrior of Light
Ultimate Warrior Light
he has the
heart of light
to stop
the darkness
and evil
from reaching
their hands
to cause chaos
or harm
to others
the light
to protect
this battle
of the princess
has gone wrong
he has to
stop this
it’s too late
he may need
the help
of everyone
he has to
light out
the darkness
and chaos
he is the
Ultimate Warrior Light
The Warrior Of Light
his armor
is made of
the light
his power
is the light
Not by talent
nor gift
he was with
the light
be warrior
with the light
Ultimate Warrior Light
Ultimate Warrior Light
Enjoy my poem

Warrior Of Light as Ultimate Warrior Light 

I know i said i ended the little poem series but i forgot some final fantasy characters that I adore in dissidia012. 

So stay tune for that 

Art of Warrior Of Light belongs to :iconergonis:

The Beginning of Ultimate Fantasy first poem of it here: Ultimate Hero

Most recent one Ultimate Copy Cat:Ultimate CopyCat 

Another Kingdom hearts story: Kingdom Hearts 358/2days: Friends Are Important
Ultimate Despair
She was behind it
she plan it
enjoy murdering
by using
her robot
Teddy bear
As the other
try to protect them
she change
the whole game
the school
wasn’t safe
it was a murder
A living hell
for all
she trap
into this
Until one
Makoto Naegi
Student with no
by call
Ultimate lucky student
That’s now
Ultimate Hope
for everyone
she only brings
there can
only be
two despairs
one a sacrifice
the other
Murder everyone
with the despair
she is the headmaster
but the despair
for all
created this
for them
to suffer
she is the
Ultimate Despair
likes to see
people suffer
in misery
in horrible way
with fun
in murder way
she’s the despair
Ultimate Despair  
Ultimate Despair
Enjoy my poem

art of junko belongs to :iconseireiart: 


Warning: If you haven't play the game yet don't read this poem yet unless you saw the animation of this that's base on the game danganronpa trigger happy havoc. The spoiler alert is down below after the whole danganronpa details that i mention. 

The anime of this is call Danganronpa:Animation 

Manga: Danganronpa The Manga 

Novel: Danganronpa/Zero. This novel of danganronpa you can find it in the second game of danganronpa 2: Goodbye despair when you finish the game. Plot of novel is What happens if Makoto claim a device that will allow them to escape that he got out from the gift shop.   

Junko is the headmaster and was behind all this. She is the ultimate Despair 
Ultimate Sky Pirate
He is wise
by his choices
just wants
to battle
through this
Little tournament
they enter
by two
in different sides
and Cosmos
he was
with Chaos
but he wasn’t
really the
bad guys
he was fighting
against them
all the time
he fights
with the light
the light
from cosmos
May be
a sky pirate
by heart
he isn’t
like others
Bad pirates
He is
the ultimate sky pirate
from gift
not talent
at things
risk himself
to fight
through this
as the sky pirate
he is
Ultimate sky pirate
by the dreams
he always wanted
travel through
the skies
of his homeland
the pirate
he is
by heart
with the skies
Ultimate sky pirate
Ultimate Sky Pirate
Enjoy my poem 

Vaan the sky pirate from final fantasy 12 

Art Of Vaan Belongs to :iconuzumakiramen: 
One i'm doing my friend's story which is very late and almost done. I have to watch the anime of danganronpa to refresh my memory because I've been kept update with the game even though i have play both games of danganronpa. 

Two. I'm doing a poems of danganronpa because the game series is awesome and so much feels epic thrilling action. Love the characters. Some i do pair with the characters i like a lot. 


I'm still going to do fantasy ultimate series poems. I finally realize i've forgotten some final fantasy characters qwq. Forgive I will continue it. That also includes the final fantasy 15 characters that I know much little about but do know the names.  Oh type zero as well. Yeah i perorder the game owo. But didn''t know there was going to be a collectors edition -w- thannkyou sqaure enix for that unexpected surprise move you did there -w-. Ehhh i want that collectors so badly qwq!!!!!! 


Has anyone notice or still get updates on what I submit here in deviant art? Because lately I realize the number of deviations has stop counting or changing numbers to the post I submit for my deviations. hmm is deviant art still updating??  
has anyone notice that whenever you submit your art work or literature the number of deviations doesn't change? what the hell is going on??  
The Vampire
He didn't chose
to be this
he was bitten
by a vampire
From a pack
The leader
did it
to him
he is a monster
because of this
being involved
in this mess
another person
was turn
his friend
who had
a crush
on him
became a vampire
Another monster
A bad villain
he never wanted
this immortal
it’s the vampire
he is
turn as a vampire
by the leader
he is trap
in this
whole mess
not going back
A vampire
young looking
The Vampire
The Vampire
Enjoy my poem 
This is another book fiction character from the imortal instruments 
Simon Lewis the vampire 

Art Of Simon Lewis belongs to :iconsmarspd: 

A CreepyPasta Story.

Laughing Jack works at Jack in a Box.

Theme: Jack in a box

Plot: What happens if laughing jack works at jack in a box. 1. The workers think jack is a good mascot for the job. 2. He’s good at flipping burgers and killing people into the burgers without realizing it. 3.He’s good at cosplaying.

By the way. There in the our world so people think their cosplay. I wonder how it goes for them.

Ps. Slenderman is the manager of the place as he disguise with jack in a box head with a mustache.

Normal Pov/Laughingjack’sPov

A casual Day as usual while laughing jack is sitting there bored at the cash register while thinking how to kill the next customer. As he makes if no one is looking when he does that.

‘No one will know there ‘Little Surprise’ in there burgers’ he chuckle evilly inside as he thought to himself.

He would laugh more like he usually does but he is at work. His laughter will be subscious to others including slender man. Well he won’t care as much because he hardly kills people pulse he is quite rivals with jeff. He’s got a lot in mind.

He’s so bored that he won’t leave until 8 o'clock back home. Slenderman caught him once sneaking out.

‘Try to be stuck in a box for 13 years!!! why don’t cha!!! it’s not cool!!!’ he shout in his head as he yawn to himself.

‘I wonder how William is doing at the institution? Maybe bored to death in class by that stupid annoying robot teacher’ sighs then he hears customers  come in.

‘oohh time for the kill’ he laugh evilly inside with evil grin smirk.


He heard them talk then recognize their voices. It was eyeless jack and ChibiLiz. ‘Fuck!!! Why are those douche bags doing here?!’

he turn around as he smile but still evilly inside

“How am I help you?” he said

then he heard squeaky voice of a little girl

“So pervy man works here?”

he chuckle a bit but more evilly “So what you want?” she thought for a bit “Hey here’s a free burger” Eyeless Jack grabs it and unwraps the burger

“Mine has kidneys on it” before ChibiLiz can respond to him.

He went and ate the burger without pay.

“Hmm Ej-senpai?” he got irrigated by that tiny kid voice “What you-” he realize chibiliz wasn’t small anymore but grown to her OlderSelf. Laughing jack look at olderself

‘Hmm she isn’t bad...Wait?!! what am I thinking?! I don’t like her?!!... Do I?’ confuse to himself as he doze off while his two ‘friends’ he calls them talking to eachother.

EyelessJack’s Pov

He blush like crazy. Good thing he was wearing his mask. Whenever ChibiLiz turn to her grown form. He’ll freeze and stutter. The beauty of hers was amazing. Well she is nice when she wants to be and emogoth dark clothing with black boots. “Hmm do you realize you forgot to pay, right?”

Yeah he didn’t. He eat the burger of kidneys on it and the warper.

“Oh hahahaha” laugh nervously as he took out his wallet. barely had any money.

“Hmm How much was it?” he said curiously ask her and she reply

“Don’t worry i’ll pay for it besides it was eight bucks” took out her wallet of anime character of Grell. She hand laughing jack 20 dollars to him.

“Ok i’ll get the 4 with a sprite” laughing jack laugh

“Alright then that’ll be 14.68 that’s also includes Ej’s burger”

she nod as she pay for it “I didn’t know slendly is the manager here” Slender man gives a stare from the kitchen

“Jack!!! stop ripping off my costumers!!!” laughing jack look “awww but that’s no fun” Olderself was shaking her head as she got her food then sat down. Ej was playing with his thumbs then he heard OlderLiz call to him

“Yes?” turn his head aside as she wasn’t looking

“Do you want anything?” shook his head “No I’m fine” he blush even more

“Why is your face red? Do you want me to turn back to my chibi form?”

he shook his fast

“No, No, No, No, It’s fine”he grab a fork beside as he play with it. He was so embarrassed by her. His own heart was pounding. He didn’t pay attention that older Liz was finish with her food. She look at laughing jack annoyed then said,

“Laughing jack stop being a perve!!!”

laughing jack was annoying Liz as usual but she was in her chibi form. Then she whacked him with a rubber hammer. He went down and fake his pain

“OW!!! That Hurt!!!” slender man heard then said

“You know i can kick you out right?” chibiliz gave him the cute eyes again

“But slendly-senpai he was being a perve to your niece” she pouted at him. Then slender man got embarrassed as he turn away

“No harassing my employees” she looks at him “I only hug him” smiles cutely

“Yeah it was just a hug” laughing jack smirk then slender man left. Olderself walk to the exit as she said

“Are you coming?” he stare at her “Uhhh” she added “I can go home alone” he reply shoutly but not mad “NO NO I’m coming.” not waiting her to go alone driving but this town is strange well doesn’t want to feel lonely without her being at his side.

He walk out but he went and tell her. he forgot something as he return a girl with Monochrome colors look at him “Hey, you have a crush on my cousin?” Eyeless jack look at her “Umm i don’t know what your talking about.” He look to the side blushing.

That’s Liz's cousin Niki. She is a human but monster like vampire. Not a vampire but a mind control that makes people fear have nightmares with their fears. Often she gives good dreams to the children that behave well. She’s emo punk with different color pants,black and white hair with redish boots.

Normal Pov

Before he can reply more he saw some guys checking liz out while she talk on the phone by the car. They whistle at her as they kept checking her out.

‘I wanna steal there kidneys tonight and kill them. I’ll ask jeff to tag along with’ he thought to himself as the heat of jealousy was building up on Eyeless Jack.

She walk a little but end up being clumsy as to hit one of the guys with her hand as the other punch to the face. He laugh at that as Niki said

“Dude your crushing on her so hard, Man” he turn to her with his eye brow up “What?!!” he hesitated  to talk but spoke “No No I just like her like her but nothing else” Niki can tell he was scare to admit that he likes OlderLiz.

“You like her in friendship way or relationship way”

he was nervous as he reply

“I don’t know”

she ask him

“So, You don’t know even know but when she turns into chibi” she pause a bit “What do you think of her?” he thought for a bit “Like a child”

Then she replies “That’s her time limit of power and that’s is why she acts like that”

She explains why due to someone taking her body’s soul she was trapped in a plushie doll,she got her body back, and She is cruse of being a chibi but still grow up to her form. No magic has effect on it. Only a rare spell can fix it. No one knows about not the witches.

Laughing jack came over then said “How’s Niki doing?” with creepy smile “Oh hi laughing jack, Still bugging my cousin?” he laugh a little “What makes you say that?” eyes move back and forth

“Well you keep bugging her and be a perve to her” Laughing jack kept quite as she spoke “You like her?”

Laughing jack “Hmm I don’t know but I just like to tease her.”  she shook her head then heard liz complain about her power out. Yeah her time limit wore off. Jack went behind her then she freak as she went hide to eyeless jack

“What?, I’m great with kids”

Niki gave him “Really?” look

“Oh yeah, then try play with my niece Kiki” He put her on top of his shoulders as he play horse with her.

Little did laughing jack knew, Kiki likes to give people pain. by pulling the hair too hard. Laughing Jack whimper in pain by that hard pull.

“Did I mention she likes to pull hair?” he shook his head

“No you didn’t!!!” yell a bit in pain

“More horsey!!!” cheer kiki.

Niki seem to enjoy this. After all the fun last, Laughing jack put her down “That’s enough horsey for today”

she pout but yawn a bit.

“Here’s a little gift” hand her a lollipop as he smile creepy to her

“Hmm ok” taste the lollipop “It’s sour”

he chuckle evil “No it’s something else” Kiki chew on it then blew a gum and pop on laughing jack’s face


he whimper in pain by the salt flavor in the lollipop.

“Go back to your mom or whatever she is” kiki walk to niki as she look to laughing jack

“She’s my niece laughing jack” Niki said to him as she had her niece in her arms and her sister took her and left.

NoOne’s Pov

~To the house~

Liz was cooking in the kitchen. She was making spaghetti. Well two pots. One with kidneys and the other with nothing on it. She never made pasta but she was trying her best. Niki was watching her and eyeless jack as he help her cook dinner. She carefully left the kitchen to the living room as she pop out one of her books and began reading. Jeff was back home from a mission. He look to see Nikki. Nikki was reading a book then walk to her.

He wasn’t exactly friends with her at first but seem to get along pretty well. He knows about her cousin’s cruse and good friends with Nikki,Eyeless jack, and chibiLiz.That was about it. He is rivals with slenderman. As laughing jack, he is very annoying. He just wants to kill him in the spot. He sat on the couch as him and Niki start to talk.

Niki did know about jeff. Through the stories in the internet from the creepypasta site. She did face jeff once from a camping trip. Yeah he tried to kill her but something stop him. Yeah he would kill anyone for his entertainment. The question is Why not Niki?

This remains a mystery

~To the kitchen~

Liz was cooking garlic bread and finish cooking the spaghetti. Then smiles start to growl as she turn seeing the annoying clown laughing jack. She hates his guts and mostly a preve he is. Laughing jack wasn’t ready what she had in mind. He put prepper on the spaghetti she made with no kidneys. She got piss off then threw the pot of prepper jack spaghetti on him. Eyeless jack was laughing his butt off. Niki and jeff was scare for their lives. They have seen her piss off before.

~Dinner Time~

Niki was handing out the dinner and the bread also. OlderLiz was piss off and went to eat in her room. Eyeless jack was eating his food but wonder where OlderLiz was. Niki did mention she wanted to be alone in her room while she eat her dinner there.

Eyeless jack took his dinner went to OlderSelf’s room then knock on the door.

“Who is it?” she was sounded annoyed but heard she was calming a bit.

He took a breath and spoke out “It’s me Eyeless Jack” she reply “Come in”

he open the door then close it with his foot as he sat on her bed with his plate of food.

“Still mad?” she nod her head to him “Yes I’am” He look to her “Wanna play a game after dinner?” she agree and after dinner they both play a game. League Of Legends. She had her headphones on and eyeless jack was watching her from behind.

Niki was watching them as she saw jeff walking towards her

“Yeah he is crushing on hard on her”

Jeff agree as he also notice that eyeless jack was starting to care for her since they meet. Jeff chuckle then grin

“Well he hurry up and get over it”

she look at him

“Give it time”

She explain what happen and jeff was listening

“So laughing jack gave your niece a lollipop?”

she nod her head

“Yeah those lollipops”

Jeff shook his head and how he hated laughing jack for being annoying. He sigh as he wrap his arm around niki “But did you tell her about us?” niki blush and she nod her head “She was happy for me” jeff smile and kept hugging niki close.

Then laughing jack knock on the door

“Who is it?” liz was curious and then laughing jack answer

“It’s a little girl” tricking her but she got more piss

“Go away prevey man”

she heard him groan and said

“Come on please?”

she got piss more and threw a piano at the door towards him. He crash into the wall down the hall. Eyeless jack was sitting there with wide eyes as he wrote down on his notebook

“Never piss off girls.” he wrote down and put it back on his pocket. Niki sighs then looks

“Wow i’m not gonna ask”

The End      
A creepypasta Story
Enjoy my story 

This was a gift for :iconstormdeathstar9: and hope you like it. It was a birthday gift so yeah. 

Happy birthday owo 

A creepypasta story: Secret Couple

Pairing: Jeff the killer and Niki (OC character)

Plot: No one in the under world or our world knows that a couple is together. A serial Killer with a human like monster in Monochrome Color in black and white. Only her hair is black and white and pants with redish boots. They became a couple 4 years ago and kept it secret. In the underworld, No creature, No person, or monster can’t be together nor married from the other world. Human World. Jeff and Niki kept there relationship hidden away. The only person who knows is ChibiLiz and she will kept a secret for two people in love.
Wonder what happens to the couple who are surround by danger itself. How long will there secret last? Find out in the story

Normal Pov

Niki was reading her book as usual and jeff was taking his shower. Niki was finally alone with jeff. Her cousin ChibiLiz took eyeless jack with her to the market to get food for dinner. Then the sound of turning out the open door and clothes being put on. Foot steps came down stairs as she saw a pair of white eyes look at her. It was jeff was with no shirt. Shirtless and has six pack. The abs that girls like. Niki just stares at them and blushes. Jeff walk towards her as he lean close with his hand on top of the couch.

“Where’s my shirt and sweater?” he ask her husky. she blush red behind her book. she kept her cool. She peak up at him.

“In the dryer. I wash your shirt and sweater. It had some blood stands on them”looks up at him. She heard a chuckle from her as he lean forward to her as their stomachs touch.

“Your enjoying yourself”he slowly brush his lips to hers and push the book down. He uses his reflexes to throw the book to the coffee table as he kisses Nikki. Nikki was surprise by jeff and wraps his arms round her.

The kiss got deep. They never kiss like this. It’s rare since they have to keep this secret from everyone.

His skin was rough but soft in some places. He has a lot of scars. She gently kisses those scars while jeff close his eyes. The kisses of healing with love.

Suddenly, Nikki broke the kisses as she was pull to a kiss with jeff’s lips. Lips press together. Hungrily with passion as jeff push her down more on the couch. She was breathing hard from catching her breath. This was interesting day. The two make out on the couch, his hand went under her shirt stroking her back, and bodies rubbing each other. Stuck there like glue.

Moments later, jeff was dress in white sweater and his shirt under. He was cuddle up with Nikki who was still doze off from the make out. He left some hickeys for her in secret places.

“My My someone still is in there little world” he nuzzle her hair then cheek then plant a kiss on her cheek. She blush red again and turn to him.

“I can’t help it, jeff” smiling to him. He smiles with his eyes soften to her. “Well you do look cute when you blush” he grin a smile showing his creepy smile but it was actual smile. Which is rare.

“I wish to do this more often though” she lower her head down. Jeff knew what she meant. They were keeping their relationship a secret. Due to there safety concerns. If they ever find out Nikki will be scent back to the human world for good and have no memory of Jeff. That goes for ChibiLiz and Eyeless Jack too. Nikki fear for that.

She will cry her eyes out just for falling in love with a serial killer that change his ways a bit but still does do missions. She look away a bit sad. She couldn’t stand the thought of losing what she dears most. Jeff notice her sadness getting bad. He can’t stand her being sad. He doesn’t want to lose her. Neither doesn’t she want to lose him. There hearts are connected.

Jeff the killer’s Pov

he was concern of her. He worries for her. Sure he has been with others but they try to kill him. And then there was Nikki. The experiment human monster who her step dad was crazy about and lucky escape out of there. She had no one but her cousin. Her mother left them because of the step dad being crazy of human experiment.

Now Nikki is here with serial killer name jeff the killer, Who he meet at a camping site 4 years ago, and fallen in love with her. Now this stupid rule of the underworld is crushing them down. Makes them scare. Jeff didn’t care. All he wants is to be with her at her side. He hug her in his arms tightly. Trying to calm her down.

“Jeff...” he look down at her “What is it, Nikki?” Nikki was pause to her words but she manage to get them out “When we first meet...” she try not to sob in her own words “hey don’t cry.. i’m here” he wiped the tear off  then he let her continue she spoke “Why didn’t you kill me back there?” he was shock of her question before he can think his own words took over

“I didn’t want too” he said with serious look but his eyes soften to her gaze “I didn’t want to kill you because i was interest in you” she looks at him “but in the stories say...” jeff cut her off by smashing his lips to hers. He kiss her hard passionately with every kiss he can give her. He even slip his tongue in the kiss as he heard her moan and kept going for it. He broke slowly as saliva connect to there mouths.

He had his forehead against hers as he look to her “The stories may say that but I can change it” smiles to her “I may be the serial killer but i won’t kill the person that stole my heart” she smile and pull him down for another kiss. This time was longer and deep of a kiss. He enjoy every minute of her. Then a growl of hunger interrupt them. she blush a bit.

Jeff gave her a teasing grin smile “Someone is hungry” she nod her head. Jeff got off from her and pull her close to him. They walk to the kitchen hand in hand. Nikki grab all the cooking martials as she look down at the cooking book “Hmm pasta sounds nice” smile as she start to get everything ready. Jeff help her cook and watch her. He knows how to cook but he likes to watch his girl cook delicious food. He is happy to be with her.

Nikki’s Pov

She was making spaghetti sandwich with meatballs. Well a meatball sandwich of spaghetti. Jeff likes his meat so juicy and red tomato sauce. She enjoys cooking.

She remembers when she was in her teens that she like to cook with her mother. She enjoy her company as she was taught to cook. She wishes to see her mother but not like this. She isn’t how she use to be. A human girl with black hair and wears dresses. She smiles a lot. The time will come for her. Maybe introduce her to her boyfriend who is  serial killer but well.. hmm it’ll take some time. Nikki wonder if her cousin and eyeless jack ever made it back.  She heard a knock on the kitchen door.

“We're back” OlderLiz came in with bags in her hands as follow by eyeless jack. Nikki spoke out “Do you need help?” she shook her head and place the bags on the counter “No we got it. Eyeless jack is helping me with the stuff” Nikki nod her head to her as she return to finish her cooking. She caught an eye on them. She smile. It reminds her how jeff and her start to get along well then 4 years later. They are lovers.

Normal Pov

Dinner was served and everyone was eating. Nikki was sitting beside jeff as they sneaky hold hands together  under the table. She smile inside as she was talking to her cousin. They both secretly hold hands. ChibiLiz smile at them both because she knew of them. There a couple. A secret couple into the human world but for the underworld is top secret for them. Keeping it low. She knows their secret. There a couple in secret.

Secret Couple.

The End  

A CreepyPasta Story: Secret Couple
Enjoy my story 

I wrote this for myself and fun. So yeah. Enjoy 
There is someone reporting one of literature watchers I follow here in deviant art.

That is :iconoblivion-time:

her work has been lately taken down for no reason. All my five years of being here in deviant art I never seen this happen. Mostly when something is reported is usually the deviant art staff doing that. I see is someone who dislikes things than later reports it and gets taken down from the creator who wrote there story. 

Please help!!! 

She has lost it and I don't want her to stop because of someone reporting her work because of there disliking. This is far enough!!! 

dont give up oblivion time!!! 

Dont ever let someone stop you from doing what like to do best!!!

Everyone please help her and find who the hell is reporting her work for no reason!!! She never broke any of the rules here either!!! It's insane!!! 
The Gift
She wasn't
to this gift
she had
Every dream
or vision
she had
she will draw
each time
a marking
or a person
she never seen
maybe there
just dreams
she randomly has
but this is
too real
she is already
in this mess
The world
of shadow hunters
as for evil demons
to other bad guys
many more
she has the gift
that no one
her skills
of drawing
of anything
A new power
she is
train to
A shadow hunter
just like
her mother
she was
trying to protect
her own daughter
from the evil
harms her
and her brother
The bad guy
who wants to
kill and rule
shadow hunter
is her dad
she has to
stop him
with her power
of the gift
she has
gift with power
of art marking
and skills
from shadow hunters
she is gifted
with that power
The Gift
The Gift
Enjoy my poem

Yes i also like to write poems outta of the books i read from. Mostly the characters that I like and enjoy in the story ^^. I'm not picky with characters i like all the characters i read from my favorite books by the authors i read from. 

Art of Clary Fray belongs to :iconpalnk: 
The Anchor
The eyes
of target
the eyes
of his
then hits it
with it’s power
he is a shadow hunter
even has
a sister
he is the older
he is protective
as well
towards her
with guys
he might
like them
but to his
dear sister
A different story
he will strike
them down
if they hurt
by any chance
of an
Hawk eye
in his
waiting for
the target
before striking
got the mark
now it’s
all done
the anchor
of shadow hunters
of bullseye
and hawk eye
he’s got both
he never
misses it
he gets
what it hits
by one chance
A perfect chance
he is the
of shadow hunters
The Anchor
The Anchor
Enjoy my poem
This one is Alexander Lightwood aka Alec. 
He is the Anchor. 

He is from the series of The mortal Instruments.

Art of Alec Lightwood belongs to :iconawkwardly-social: 
There are some people who are getting to fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who's paying attention, copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends".

this from :iconrexygal:


scareygirl15's Profile Picture
liz estrada
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
i write poems and write stories also even draw i'll upload soon some and i love anime alot ^^ big fan of naruto and naruto shippudden my favorite anime couple is sasusaku :) and my crush is itachi uchiha because i think hes cute and hot ^^ ^///^

Favourite genre of music: metal rock,Kpop (Korean pop),techno, Krock (Korean rock) and JPop also Jrock (Japan rock and Japan pop)

interest: anime,cosplay,roll playing writting and reading novels,playing video games :)

Likes: Anime,cosplay,roll play and manga

Anime Couples: Sasusaku,NaruHina,Cloud x tifa, soulMaka, Kiari and sora, Aqua x Terra, Roxas x Namie, Obito X Rin, PainKonan, IkutoXAmu, Yuna x Tidus, Zack & Aerith

Anime Guys i like: Zero ( vampire knight) itachi uchiha, Sebastion (Black Bulter) , soul,Axel,Reno, and vincent valentine,sephiroth, Ichiru ( Zero's twin Brother) , Riku ( Kingdom hearts) Cloud ( FFAC) Cecil ( Final Fantasy IV) Kain (Final Fantasy IV ) and Notics ( Final Fantasy Versus XIII).

My Friends I meet in Real Life
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My Youtube:…

Levi stamp by Superpluplush

I Love Anime Stamp by LiMT-Art Marshall Lee Stamp by leoncilo99 Sims 3 by EmmaL27 Tim Burton Stamp by iZgo Lance Fan Stamp by Saiya-STORY

Riku stamp by SitarPlayerIX Amuto Stamp by seashellskeeperObito x Rin stamp by Lesya7 sasusaku and naruhina stamp by jack29nightmareStamp - Terra and Aqua by fazzygrl Confidential- NOT ANYMORE! 2 by Lady-Autobot17 Serah and Snow Kiss by Paravenger Lightning x Noctis Stamp by LinaLeeL

SasuSaku Stamp by kathynorrisart Itachi Stamp by swingthisway Final Fantasy VII Stamp by Final-FantasyVIIClub Final Fantasy Stamp by winter-ame Kingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ame Naruto Stamp by Knuczema-the-Echidna STAMP -PeinKonan- DO NOT FAV by akatsukiXakatsuki Sora and Kairi Stamp by AngelShizuka CloTi STAMP by Iwonn Stamp-Can't live without books by Rittik SoulxMaka Stamp by AdryJustend Yuna x Tidus stamp by onebecamenone Zack x Aerith stamp by onebecamenone shingeki no kyojin: petra x levi (rivetra) by SakamakiJustine shingeki fan stamp by ilaaaria Zack Stamp by Xx-Syaoran-kun-xX
Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by hakutan Eren Stamp by RevivalSnK Non Support of Yaoi Yuri by TechouNoPenki
Hate the Watermark? Stamp by Aazari-Resources Anti-Hentai by HatakeMirukon Lemon fanfics... by epicwhamo99 D'espairsRay stamp by diabolikal-lily

(Pewdiepie and cry button supports as being both fans not yaoi)


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